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Klondike adventures is a fantastic game for all Android and iOS users. You have many adventures to do in this game. Travel to the time of the gold rush with Klondike adventures.

Klondike adventures guide and hints

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Klondike adventures is offered and developed by VIZOR APPS LTD.

With the latest and best Klondike adventures guide you can explore the wilderness of Alaska with the valiant Kate and Paul, a wise adventurer. You can build a secure and prosperous city in these vast cold lands.

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Klondike Adventures About

The Klondike world is full of exciting expeditions, hidden treasures, great opportunities, and challenging quests!

With Klondike, adventures welcome to the era of the gold rush! Go on a journey to the north and become a true adventurer.

  • Complete challenging quests yet enjoyable! Help explorers Kate and Paul solve the mysteries of the inhabitants.
  • Turn a deserted resort into a flourishing city! Build factories, extract resources, and build everything you need for expeditions and quests.
  • Start your own farm in nature! Raise animals and harvest crops to make food and clothes for you and to trade with the locals.
  • Enjoy breathtaking landscapes and landscapes! Every corner is filled with wonders and mysteries!
  • Meet exceptional characters and listen to their captivating stories during your travels!
  • The wilderness of Alaska contains many secrets and thrilling adventures. Play Klondike adventures now by following our Klondike adventures guide now and enjoy your gold rush experience!

Klondike Adventures Guide, & Help [current_date format=’Y’]

When you play Klondike adventures, the entertainment you will begin to enter several walks that will impact you value participation with an incredible story that overflows with the missions and prizes that were opened. With our best Klondike adventures guide, you will begin to improve the farm and the structures. Similarly, you can start to refresh most of the things and structures.

Examine the North:

As you play Klondike adventures you will begin to examine the wild motifs in the era of the gold rush and start entering into various battles. You will start finding various exceptional things and fortunes covered through the beguilement. As you play the worry that will begin to show signs of improvement puts through the entertainment with the brave Kate and seek astute Paul.

Through the Klondike adventures guide, you will get on a stacking empowerment journey with a respectable history that will help you to know more experiences about the characters.

Furthermore, you will begin to develop your home and add more ornaments to it through entertainment and you will begin to freshen the house to make it more noteworthy and with more places to stay in.

In klondike adventures, you have to complete orders and take care of all the things such as feeding animals, selling products in the market, growing your farms, and completing quests.

Basic steps to follow:

  • Complete orders to earn stars and coins.
  • Buy new buildings with coins.
  • Get unlimited emeralds and energy by completing main quests.
  • Uncover hidden locations and unlock new locations.
  • Build new buildings for the home.
  • Make new items and level up.
  • Complete all levels and chapters.

How to unlock different features of the game?

In the beginning, most of the features of the game are locked. You have to unlock the features of the game by leveling up.  To level up, you need EXP stars. These stars can be earned in two ways.

  • By completing orders
  • By completing quests

You need the energy to complete quests. But you have limited energy. So you have to focus on completing orders to unlock awesome features of the game. For completing orders and checking out the items you have to deliver. For this, you first have to develop your farm.  Plant seeds, feed animals and prepare your orders.

Develop your farm to level up:

Start building your own particular farm, complete orders, and get EXP stars. Plant different types of bodies and make the perfect salary by offering them, or you can start doing the particular things of them. You play the entertainment that will begin to grow the spots are planted.

You will begin to add several things to convey more plants and manage them. As you play the delight you will begin to use Klondike efforts to cut and open each of the bodies through the detour and in addition make each thing arranged.

You will start to freshen up the farm with more things to transmit the best bodies through joy. You have the possibility of adding more fertilizers to make the best lands, and also you will have the possibility of configuring all the planting devices.

How to unlock new locations in Klondike Adventures?

You can unlock new locations by completing all the remaining quests. There is an exam board icon at the left side of the screen, tap on it, then tap on character and tasks. When you complete the set of tasks you can claim your reward.

Klondike Adventures Tips [current_date format=’Y’]

Klondike adventures guide

1. How to get free energy?

  • Get unlimited free energy points:

There are many ways to get unlimited free energy in the Klondike adventures game. You can get one energy point after every 1.5 minutes.

  • Get energy from boxes:

These boxes contain different precious items such as energy points and resources to generate energy. Some boxes are small and some are big. Mostly these boxes are hidden behind the rocks and bushes. You look for the boxes, tap on them and get free rewards.

  • Get energy from bags and generate energy:

You have to look for bags to get energy and other rewards. You can also generate energy by using the furnace. Go to the market and buy a furnace.

By using the following items in the furnace you can generate energy.

Plum: You can get it by cutting bushes and grass.

Chanterelle: You can found it in chanterelles, grass, and bushes.

Apple: Obtained by cutting grass and bushes.

Honey: you can get honey by completing the tasks in expedition locations.

  • Earn energy by playing mini-games:

You can also earn free energy points by playing mini-games. Build a sweet shop but for this, you required level 7.

  • Uncover new areas by cutting bushes:

You can uncover new and hidden areas and obtain treasure boxes. By cutting bushes and grass you can uncover new and hidden areas and get unlimited resources.

Get Rewards From Trading:

You can get unlimited rewards from trading. You can trade with traders and get free energy points, bonuses and rewards.

Make developed factories:

Through the preoccupation to play, you will begin to assemble several assembly plants and also start doing several things to make developed factories. you will begin to change the station sold in a city. Be successful, and in addition to start digging for things and start doing everything you need through the detour.

Build several modern offices that will make you prepared to trace several 34 of the brand. All the things are done that will help you through your main goal. You have to update the management plants to recognize the place’s older.

Help different characters:

Unmistakable characters are sitting there tight for your help. You will start to get more trips from each character to the side of the storyline rule. Each character will require an excellent mission to do.

They will begin their age to give them what they need. After making an impact on their requirements that you will get benefits from those that will help you continue with your own story.

You can encounter some characters that will open mystery sets and empower you to find lost fortunes to full with the golden things. There are also unprecedented things that will help you as you move through the entertainment and you will use them to overcome hard missions in the game.

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  2. Can someone tell me how.to move ore & such item from inventory to make nails etc. I’m playing on kindle and have items in inventory but don’t know how to move them. Thank you

    1. You need to have a Foundry. Once it’s fully built you can tap on it and have small windows available to drag ore into.

  3. I am at level 32 now, but since level 24 I don’t get any new items anymore. Am I doing something wrong, Am I too impatient and have to wait until level 100 to get new types of buildings or so?

  4. Game is locked up and lookin to connect to server; is there a way to unlock? ID:1604-Gm5 and connecting to server… show on intro screen.

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