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In this article, you can explore the game by best left to survive guide, cheats, the wiki about how to kill zombies easily.


LEFT TO SURVIVE: Zombie Survival Shooter is an action Android/iOS game with the strategy elements was released by My.com B.V.

In this left to survive guide and tips, you will learn the main secrets and tricks of the game.

We will talk about the tactics of the story company, and the specifics of the battles in PVP. We describe the strategy of building your base and collecting free resources.

You can play this game [Left to Survive] on a computer/laptop via Android Emulator [Bluestacks] and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. 

Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game & start to play.


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left to survive guide and tricks you can get complete beginners help about how to play and get different resources.

Game Description

The beginning of the game is similar to the introduction to the post of an apocalyptic film: the character of the player during one of the attacks on the street saw a wounded plane.

Probably, in it, there is food and water necessary for life? Get to the plane and explore it. If the pilot is still alive, then you can try to fix the transport. This will prolong the life of the character.

The next page is the appearance of the character on the map. At the same time, the player is undergoing training and 1 task.

The equipment icon flashes on the right. Before the shot is required to aim. The game takes place in the near future, not too bright because zombies are attacking the hero right away.

They not only hinder further advancement but also strive to tear the prey to pieces.

If a player hits a zombie in the head, it not only causes him tremendous damage, but also throws the dead man back. 

During this time, you can have time to reload the weapon.

For its destruction it is required to resort to a trick: it is necessary to look around, if there are tanks with explosives on the road – you should shoot at them. 

Exploding barrels inflict damage to several opponents simultaneously.


You should also need to know hidden secrets about base; so read the below left to survive guide and secrets.

This is the place where the player builds and develops the infrastructure. Of course, any superhero needs a fortified shelter, which provides resources where you can earn money, modify weapons.

So, the player in Left to Survive will have a base. To begin with, it is necessary to figure out what buildings are and what they are for.

Of course, a novice will, as the game progresses, build available buildings, then improve them. Thus, at one moment, he will lose important resources that need to be spent on another.

Therefore, experienced players advise the building to be erected, not in turn, by opening buildings, but by necessity.


Gives food, the most important resource in the game, without food, the character and the inhabitants will not last long. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to erect this building.

Also, food is useful during the quests of the Company. To pass tasks without delay in the game plot, it is necessary to have a certain supply of food. If it is not, the quest will not open.

Improving the farm is required first. Do not forget that the farm – the most priority construction.

The city center:

It is the building, without which the rest of the buildings and the modification of buildings are impossible. In a word, this is the heart of the camp.

It is necessary to improve the center to the extent possible because the level of the structure affects the discovery of new types of weapons.


A place where scrap metal is produced. It is required to upgrade absolutely any weapon. This also applies to the helicopter that the player will have.

As the game progresses, gamers will need more powerful weapons than they have at the start of the game. Also, modified equipment is useful on PvP.

Spending scrap metal, you must remember that it is not given for the job. Therefore, it is necessary to think through every improvement.

It is necessary to raise the level of only the equipment that really gives good results in battle.

Oil Derrick:

Oil is needed to improve the center. In the tasks of the Company, there are maps on which you can find a lot of different materials. They are required for the manufacture and modernization of items.


The structure produces components that are necessary for the improvement of buildings. If a player cannot find the required materials on the maps for a long time, the Factory will help to create them.


Items produced and found, scrap metal and other things will be stored here. Therefore, it should be built immediately after the factory.

Of course, each building has its own warehouse, but it is not large; over time, the player will not have enough space for the materials.


A warehouse for oil like the storage, the tanker needs to be improved as they are filled. It makes no sense to spend money on expansion at the start of the game when there are not a lot of resources.

Defensive Towers:

The game has 4 types of defensive structures:

  1. Machine-gun tower
  2. Rocket
  3. EMP
  4. Anti-aircraft gun

First of all, they should be placed in the corners of the camp, but so that the line of fire of one defense complex intersects with another.

When attacking an enemy, fire on it should be carried out continuously. It is necessary to do so that, moving away from the missiles, the enemy fell under heavy machine-gun fire.


There is a helicopter on it, where the player will complete the missions of the game. As the strength of the site increases, the strength of the helicopter increases, new tasks appear.

In the game, everything is interconnected. Each new structure opens a number of missions in the Company or allows to improve other buildings.


If a player seriously and intends to play a shooter for a long time, it is advised (but not necessary) to purchase a bank for real money. For a certain period of time, he will bring the player gold.

Additional Characters

The hero needs helpers & also known as survivors. These are people who survived the apocalypse. They are scared and they seek refuge.

Each character has its own unique skill. When a player learns how to correctly distribute people, then buildings will begin to work more efficiently. For each building, you must assign one person.

Where To Get The Survivors?

The first person to appear at the player is an engineer. It will come after the construction of the City Center.

It must be sent to work in one of the existing buildings. It is better to place it on the Farm, it will increase the production of food.

In it, you can see how to get people, how to find their elements, what tasks you need to perform. Often the survivors come across in the chests.

If a person is not given any information, therefore, the character is not available at this stage of the game.

You can get survivors easily by following the left to survive guide and cheats.

The abilities of the characters:

Abilities make it possible to speed up production or increase the safety margin of buildings.

For example, an engineer enhances the construction. That is why the production of food is increasing.

For buildings that do not produce resources, strength will be increased. Beginners should start the game to send assistance to the production premises.

How to distribute people?

In the future, survivors should be sent to work on those premises that produce the missing resources.

For example, a player does not have enough oil, so a new resident should be sent to the Oil rig.

Throughout the game, it should be remembered that the Farm is a priority structure that requires additional workers and improvements.

Increased strength:

The more reinforced the building, the less it will take damage during an attack. But, if an enemy attacks the camp with powerful weapons, the buildings will still be destroyed.

Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to improve and accelerate the production buildings.

Increase strength is necessary gradually and as far as possible. But to focus on this at the start of the game is not worth it.

Game Resources

Here is the list of game resources. Read the below left to survive guide and walkthrough to get these resources:

  1. Cash is the game currency necessary to buy equipment, to modify it. You can get cash upon successful completion of tasks.
  2. Gold is necessary for the improvement and development of equipment, equipment, and buildings. It is given for completing various quests. This money is premium – class, so you need to save it, and spend only on necessary things.
  3. Cans – required for the successful completion of raids on enemy bases. They appear automatically once a certain period of time.

How to get free gold:

  1. Commercials will take a little time away from the player, but for watching them you can get gold and other bonuses.
  2. Special tasks should be performed (at the top of the screen there is a plus, there you can click the button “get more for free”): load the utility, pump the hero to a certain level and others.

Spend Resources

  1. The boxes – many things that can fall out of the boxes, the player will find in the course of the game.
  2. Purchase of materials – almost everything can be obtained during the passage of missions and raids on the camps. Some ingredients are not needed at all.
  3. Take care of medicines and grenades that come across during missions. They will come in handy on PvP.
  4. It is not necessary to acquire a weapon that does not add health points to the character when shooting. The game has a lot of “vampires”, which are very useful. It is worth looking carefully at the characteristics of the trunks when buying.
  5. Do not spend resources on a deliberately difficult mission. It is better at this time to earn money in more suitable quests.

How To Improve Equipment?

In the left to survive guide and hints, you must improve your weapons. This allows you to expand the capabilities of the Company’s missions in the battles of PvP. Also, need to upgrade the helicopter.

To swing the iron bird is necessary as soon as possible. This will increase the likelihood of a successful attack on enemy camps. A successful takeover guarantees a reward, and these are additional resources.

The numbers of critical damage are painted in a different color than the main damage.


First of all, it is necessary to increase the volume of the weapon cage. Cartridges may end at the most inopportune moment, and to go into hand-to-hand with a zombie is not the best attack.

The longer the hero hits the enemy, the higher the chance to drop him from one turn. You do not need to spend precious seconds on reloading.

Rate of fire:

It must be increased after increasing the size of the store.

This is a good indicator, thanks to which you can stay alive. The more a character releases cartridges, the higher the probability of a critical strike.

Bullet spread:

It is an important criterion for a firearm, especially for a shotgun. The more closely the bullets fly, the more damage the player will inflict on the enemy.

An aimed shot will not only increase the damage but also reduce the time of the fight.

Critical damage:

Although the probability of critical damage is minimal, sometimes it passes.

Therefore, it is advisable to increase it. Of course, this does not increase the chance of his application, but if he passes, it will result in a big loss for the enemy.

Almost all the weapons in the game are recommended to be upgraded in this order.

This will enable the Company to complete its mission quickly and without any special losses, it will help to win PVP and PVE contractions.


The store is divided into several parts:

1. “Shop PVP“, It is must update stocks on each battle.

2. Boxes can be purchased and open a variety of chests with useful bonuses (they drop randomly, but you can see exemplary rewards).

3. “Heroes” – in the tab there will be a character with whom the player is running at the moment. The character having 4 different slots.

Also in the store there is a button “Watch advertisements”. You should not ignore it, because a certain amount of gold is given for see a video.

It is required to see an advertisements when there is such an opportunity (after fights or attacks).


However, for weapons improve, you can easily use the “Improvement instant/instant improvement”. In this case, only gold will be spent. This should be done when there is a shortage of basic resources or time.


  1. They can be interchanged from time to time at the request of the player. You can perform the action as follows: you must select a quest, then click on the symbol with 4 arrows and select the desired mission.


In left to survive guide and hints, you can explore the company secrets.


In the lower right corner of the screen is the icon “Company”.

In order to start the passage, you must click on it.

In the menu, you can see the available regions. At the start 1 area will be opened. In general, the “Company” only 6 areas.

The complexity of the game increases with each open region.

Difficulty levels Symbols on the map, connected by a white dotted line, show the main story missions. They are traversed alternately.

Symbols are painted in 3 colors:

  1. Green color means easy execution.
  2. Yellow – medium difficulty.
  3. Red is a challenging dynamic task.

The tasks used only the weapon, which was indicated in the description. The complexity does not depend on the level but on the desired trunk.


In order for the task to become available, it is necessary to have equipment of a certain power.

In order to increase the strength of the barrels, it is necessary to increase its characteristics (attack, rate of fire, reload rate), or to upgrade it.

This can be done by adding 1 star, which simultaneously enhances several characteristics at once. It can be purchased at the store or assembled from parts.

It is necessary to constantly improve weapons, develop the camp, move forward. Then the game does not seem difficult.


After the player has chosen a mission, quest data will appear on the right of the display.

Here you can read the name and description of the quest, see the reward for its passage, the weapon that is needed to complete.

You can also put a machine gun in front of the campaign (a special slot is provided for it). The player presses the “Start” button and transferred to the mission map.

To complete the task, the game will require a certain amount of food. If the player has failed the mission, then for re-execution you need to give the food again.

For the full passage of the region, the player is given an additional reward. 

Perhaps this will be the new survivor, who is recommended to be sent to work in the camp.


There are additional tasks in the region. They also need to go with a certain type of equipment.

Mainly involved: shotgun, sniper rifle, machine gun or machine gun. Sometimes on the quest (near the task) there is a number that shows how many times you can complete the task.

The bonus for doing is always the same. If the number is absent – the task is a one-time.

After the last task in the region, there will always be 1 mission available that will help the player earn cash.

Types of missions:

  1. Story – This is the main mission, open in turn. Next will be available after passing the current one.
  2. For an automaton, this is a minor mission, it will open after a certain story mission. You can perform the task only with a gun.
  3. For a shotgun – this is a minor mission, walk with a shotgun.
  4. On the money – this is an additional mission, can be performed an indefinite number of times. The reward is money and experience points.
  5. Bonus – this is a secondary task in which the player is given the opportunity to use any type of weapon.

Special Zombies

During the execution of different missions, the player can meet specific dead. They have unique skills.

If a player doesn’t kill such a ghoul with lightning speed, then the zombies will deal with the hero without any particular problems (they should not be allowed to go too close to the character).

Demolition man:

This monster becomes much more dangerous after death because it explodes. From him should keep as far as possible, do not let the character.

If the monster falls next to the hero, the explosion will take almost all the character’s health points. It is advisable to shoot the monster in the stomach, this is his weakest point.


This zombie will constantly want to spit acid on the hero. It should stay away from him and shoot right in the head.


According to the players, the most disgusting ghoul – he is constantly in motion, with a sudden rush at the character, attacks, jump back.

This horse is better to throw in a jump. With the right attack, the undead just falls under their feet. If he is close, you can finish off the undead machete.

Fat man:

Very slow ghoul. The weak spot is the head. It should be put before he gets to the hero. If a player lets a zombie to the hero, then it is better to run away. The monster deals a lot of damage to the character in the melee.


left to survive guide and walkthrough
left to survive guide and walkthrough of pvp

In the game, the gamer not only passes the Company but also beats with other players. The bout brings a reward and an asterisk, which is added to the player’s rating.

Once in 14 days is considered a rating of players. It depends on the received reward. The higher the level, the better the bonuses. Fights are held in the modes “1 on 1” and “2 on 2”.

You can enter the battle mode with a real player through the button located in the right corner of the display. In the menu, you can read information about the player’s hero.

In the game are seasonal competitions, which last 14 days. For each victory, the player has a rating. As soon as competitions end, participants receive bonuses.

To see which rewards you can get, click on the yellow button. It also shows the time before the end of the competition.

Through the menu, you can go to the PVP store, where things are purchased for special combat tokens. Periodically, store products are updated.

Tips For PVP Mode

It is important to shoot at tanks with explosives during the fight, when the opponent is near them. 

The player is recommended to quickly run through the places where explosives are located. Do not forget that after the explosion, the barrels will stand still again. 

It should pick up red boxes in which the player can find the right things (grenade, medicine). 

All found items should be used only in this battle. After a duel, items found on the battlefield disappear.

On the battlefield, you should constantly move and not stand in one place. The enemy does not sleep – can throw a grenade to the character.

If you linger for a long time, then your opponent can calmly aim and shoot the hero in the head.

The head is the weak point of any character in the game, so if you shoot, then in the head (when there is a possibility).

The winner is the person (squad) who, within a certain time, committed the most number of murders.

How To Become Stronger In PVP?

If you compare the battles of players in Left to Survive with other similar games, it can be noted that in this game, success in battle depends not only on the power of equipment and the reaction of fighters.

To win a fight you need to take into account several points at once.


It should be before the battle to check whether the first-aid kit character. If a player has detected the absence of medications already during a battle, then he must survive until the first appearance of first-aid kits.

It is necessary to take in battle the most powerful weapon that the player uses to perfection.

No need to drag a machine gun, if only a couple of times shot from it, at a time when the gamer from the machine gun (shotgun) hits the enemy directly in the head.

Orientation on the map:

It is very important to know the map, to move correctly and to predict the movement of the enemy.

For example, if a player wants to check the situation from behind the cover, you must first adjust the scope to strike immediately.

Even if the player perfectly knows the map and the entire trajectory along which the opponent can move, it is still not recommended to sit in one place.

No one has canceled the grenades, and it may arrive at the most unexpected moment.

The shelter of the enemy:

Do not rely on your superiority without knowing your opponent. If the enemy hid in a place familiar to the player, then this does not mean that he will not be able to fire on the hero.

Some items on the battlefield can be shot through (for example, wooden boxes). Yes, and the enemy can jump out at any time.


Many top players enter PvP mode from computers.

This gives more features: a more accurate viewing of the space, the usual management, the finger does not cover the floor of the screen.

Therefore, if a player wants to win battles, it is recommended to install the game on the PC.

Also, the speed of any computer is higher than the speed of the most sophisticated phone. An extra second delay may be worth the victory.

If a player is struggling with a computer, then it is recommended to set up a convenient key (on the mouse or keyboard) to recharge.


Recommended for “2×2” mode. One player hides in the shelter and sits there for a long time.

The second, distracting the enemy, firing a little further, but so as to see a partner.

As soon as opponents try to smoke from the shelter of the overwhelming enemy (they will become less attentive), they will look out of their lair – here they are worth taking them “lukewarm”.

But this tactic is only available for two players who have not jointly fought together (usual people from the same clan).

In this mode, it is advised to be careful with the grenades (so as not to hook the ally).


In left to survive guide and wiki you can get information about how to raid on enemy base:

Raid Preparation

In order to carry out attacks on the camps of the enemy, it is necessary to open a helipad.

In the right corner of the display, there is an icon, by clicking on which you can enter the corresponding menu.

Here is the information:

  1. The power of the helicopter. Strength depends on the installed weapon.
  2. A slot for a machine gun.
  3. Slot for rocket launchers.

Improving the base and raising the level of the city center, the player can make purchases in the store for a combat vehicle for cash, gold or various parts.

You can upgrade open arms. Pull with raising the level is not worth it.

The level of the site for the iron bird is directly related to the possibility of improving the machine itself and its weapons.

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In the combat log (the button is located on the right on the display) all carried out attacks and battles of PVP mode are noted. Here you can choose the enemy.

To find the camp where the attack is worth, boxes are spent.

During the search, data on the opponent’s camp will be displayed: power, number of defenses, the reward for a successful attack.

It is recommended to choose those camps where there are few towers and rocket men.

Actions that affect the bonus:

  1. The destruction of the urban center.
  2. More than 80% of enemy buildings were destroyed.
  3. The player gets a good prize for the complete destruction of the camp of the opponent.

By completing one of these points (best of all), the player will receive a 100% reward.

Tips For A Successful Raid On The Base

It is worth remembering that the player will not have a lot of rockets, but cartridges can be spent as you please – they are endless.

Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to take a break by shooting from it. It is better to give him a break than to withdraw the main weapon from the battlefield.

It’s not necessary to kill every person.

Enough to kill the rocket men in time (they hurt the helicopter painfully), the rest of the camp population does not pose a threat.

Flying up to the base of the enemy, it is necessary to aim at the destruction of the towers.

They can spend a couple of precious rockets.

Then you want to destroy the building.

It is better to start from the farm and city center (if you want to annoy the enemy).

Received for successful raids tokens, it is advised to spend on parts that help open the surviving people, characters, equipment.

Also, the player is given oil and various materials.

During raids on enemy bases, it is worth remembering that the player will not control the helicopter.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to shoot buildings from the first call, as well as follow the enemy’s defense. It is necessary to follow the trajectory of the bullets sent.

Final verdict:

In left to survive guide, hacks, cheats, and tips you can explore the complete game information about how to play and how to survive easily. Also, include PVP guide and tips

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