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Lego Star Wars APK [current_date format=’Y’] Download (The Heroes of Fun)

The Lego Star Wars APK is an android as well as a computer video game consisted and inspired by the Lego Star Wars Cartoon Series. This is an epic game story to entertain you with the experience of Stars Wars with exited episodes.

Story Line

There round about six different exiting episodes are available in Lego Star Wars APK. You will star with the first episode, The Phantom Menace.

After that, you will make progress through other episodes. The story of Lego Star Wars consists of the epic content of Star War’s Experience.

Installation Guide: How to Install in [current_date format=’Y’]?

  • Before starting the installation process it’s important for you to know that either there is available space in your device and computer to store its APK File Setup.
  • The File Size of Lego Star Wars APK is about 1.44 GBs, which is a large file size.
  • If you are installing Lego Star Wars’ Setup in your desktop computer, then its size will be 735 MBs.
  • Download the Lego Star Wars set up from Google Play and start the installation.
  • It is recommended that after the installation you should restart your device.
  • If still the issue of installation is existed then update the device
  • Restart your device and play Lego Star Wars.
  • To improve the speed and performance of this game, try to close all the background applications running in the device background.


Technical Information

  • Lego Star Wars APK was designed by the Libraries & Demo
  • The available Latest Version of the game in the application market is 1.8.60.
  • The compatibility of Lego Star Wars APK is with 4.0 or above Android Version.
  • The file size of this version is 3.17 MBs.
  • The application code of the game for technical information is (com wb Lego TCS).

Interested Features

Lego Star Wars APK

The developers have introduced the following feature to enhance the quality of your experience.

Abundant of Stories

The exiting stories of six levels or episodes of Lego Star Wars are waiting for you. Each level has a different epic story and after that, you would move to the other with a new adventurous story.

More than 120 Characters

More than 120 characters are available in Lego Star Wars APK, which will double the adventure of gameplay. You can choose your favorite characters such as Jedi knight, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Han Solo. There is an exciting fun of characters.

Heroes with Different Powers

Each character of Lego Star Wars APK, either it is evil or good, has its different powers and strengths. You can choose your character according to your needs.

You have a wide choice for characters. Destroy the enemy’ empire with the Light-saber and use the Force Push for an extra thrill.

Optional Game Control

Lego Star Wars APK offers its followers two different modes. The Classic Mode and Touch Screen Mode, you can choose one of them, according to your taste.

Application Permissions

The following permissions are required to run the Lego Star Wars APK in your device or desktop.

  • Access to the internet connection and its sockets.
  • Access to the Network Information and details.
  • Write in permission to read and access the device’s internal as well as external storage.
  • Permission to customize the Audio Settings.
  • To control the Wake-up setting of a device to stop the screen off during the game.
  • Access to the Wi-Fi Network.
  • Device or administrator permission to run the Com.Android.Vending, license.
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