Lineage 2 Revolution Adena Farming Guide

Lineage 2 revolution Adena farming guide – farm diary of gold:

Below we will show you all the ways to get Adena in Lineage 2 Revolution to the farm daily and get large quantities.


Lineage 2 Revolution Adena Farming Guide

The Modena of the game is the Adena, although it may seem like gold, it is the name given to it in the game. We will need it for practically everything, so it is important to know how to get it.

And the reality is that we have a thousand ways to get Adena in Lineage 2 Revolution. So we summarize all of them below and later we give you quick lineage 2 revolution Adena farming guide on Apkguides.

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How to get Adena in Lineage 2 Revolution?

You can get Adena easily by the following guide:

Daily login: 5 minutes after being connected we will receive 5,000 gold and at 15 minutes another 10,000. So in total just by staying 15 minutes connected per day we will earn 15,000 Adena

Monthly login: For each day that we connect, we will earn up to 50,000 admissions per day. The daily prizes vary, but in general, there is a lot of Adena.

Adena Dungeon: In easy mode, you can earn 50,000 Adena a day, and in normal mode 70,000.

Daily Dungeon: In addition to much experience and chests, we will earn 10,000 gold a day.

Tower of Insolence: Also a lot of experience and more than 10,000 Adena a day.

Elite Dungeon: You can also win between 10,000 and 20,000 Adena a day.

Arena: In the sand duels we can get up to 25,000 gold and two chests if we get more than 50 points. The recommendation here is only to fight against weaker rivals.

Daily activities: We will obtain between 7,000 and 10,000 daily Adena.

Daily Quests: By completing the daily missions we can earn between 10,000 and 20,000 gold a day.

Weekly Quests: And with weekly missions, we can earn more than 30,000 gold a week.

Clan Check: If we belong to an active clan we can earn more than 30,000 Adena a day simply by checking in daily.

Clan achievements: Although where we will win more with the clan is in the achievements (achievement), where we can accumulate more than 300,000 of Adena.

Parchments: We can get up to 280,000 gold a day with the BA scrolls.

Sell equipment: There is no specific figure, but the more missions we make more equipment to sell we will have.

Level up: Each level rise will give us gold or Adena as a reward

Main quests: All main missions have a reward in variable Adena.

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Tips to get Adena in Lineage 2 Revolution:

In addition to what they will get simply by playing, such as prizes for logins or doing main quests. The main thing is to focus on three things:

  • Adena Dungeon: It is the mission or dungeon where more gold or Adena we will win by playing.
  • Clan: Look for an active clan, nothing is comparable neither in rewards nor in Adena to what we get as part of a good clan.
  • Scrolls: Always have resources to evolve scrolls C and D in A and B, along with the clan is the most lucrative in terms of Adena. Read the quick lineage 2 revolution class guide

Final verdict:

This Lineage 2 Revolution Adena Farming Guide is good for L2R game lovers. This will help you to the farm daily easily.

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