Lineage 2 Revolution Class Guide

Are you want to get information about the best classes of the lineage 2 revolution? Then yes you are on the right Apkguides community.

Lineage 2 revolution classes:

L2R is the latest smartphone MMORPG game which offers twenty-four kinds of heroes among the 4 best races of the inhabit like Dark Elf, Human, and Dwarf & Elf.

If you are looking to improve your performance on L2R Apk then let’s start.

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We will introduce you to the most popular and comfortable classes to start with, but the first thing you need to do is decide on the race.

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Quick Lineage 2 Revolution Class Guide


Reason for selection: fast level set and high critical damage.

Level: It is easy to build up, as this character attacks from a long distance, which means that it is good for automatic farming.

Dungeons: Hawkeye lacks management skills, and this is the result of clashes with flying opponents who are able to attack your base directly.

PVP: This character is good for delivering the final blow in large-scale battles, but for battles in the 1 on 1 arena, he is clearly weak.


Lineage 2 Revolution Class Guide and secrets

The reason for choosing: it is very difficult to kill.

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Level: Its main disadvantage is low damage, both physical and magic.

Dungeons: Usually in dungeons, there is no need for support, but the Bishop is useful during raids and boss fights.

PVP: As with most MMOs, support is a godsend for the team.

Silver ranger:

Lineage 2 Revolution Class Guide and secrets

Reason for choice: it is easy to increase the level, attacks well and moves quickly.

Level: Due to the ability to attack from a distance, this class is ideal for pharming.

Dungeons: Silver Ranger is not good against flying opponents in dungeons.

PVP: This class is similar to Hawkeye, but in PVP battles it shows itself better thanks to the speed of movement and fast attacks.

Temple knight:

Reason for selection: Temple Knight owns the Divine Shield, which creates immunity to any attacks for 5 seconds.

Level: Although Temple Knight has the passive ability to increase attack levels, it does not progress quickly.

Dungeons: The tank character is not very necessary in PVP battles in dungeons.

PVP: He can be considered a VIP character for the PVP arena, especially considering his use of the Divine Shield, which will allow him to control the crystal of the fortress.

Spell singer:

Reason for selection: a great magician with powerful AOE abilities.

Level: The ability to influence the whole area allows you to quickly build up the level.

Dungeons: This hero is good for passing dungeons, thanks to his skills.

PVP: Spell Singer deals massive damage per unit of time and has good control skills, which is quite suitable for arena battles.

Abyss Walker:

Abyss walker

Reason for selection: Very high instant damage.

Level: High damage, but low HP, which makes it easy for this character to die in automatic pharming, although its level is growing well.

Dungeons: A character with a high DPS is indispensable in dungeons.

PVP : Since this hero’s HP is low, he requires serious management skills from a gamer to participate in arena fights.

Blade dancer:

Reasons for choosing: The most popular class among Korean gamers, and they agree, do not hold experience in this type of game.

Level: Blade Dancer has two active buff skills, well suited for pharming.

Dungeons: This is a well-balanced class, which is good at everything, including passing dungeons.

PVP: Here you can say the same – the balance of parameters allows this hero to feel good in the arena.

Final Verdict:

Lineage 2 Revolution Class Guide will help you to find and change your class in the game.


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