Lineage 2 Revolution Diamonds Guide

Apkguides will explain how to get red and blue diamonds in Lineage 2 Revolution and how to spend them easily, both blue and red.

Lineage 2 Revolution Diamonds

How to get blue diamonds? 

Blue diamonds are obtained by paying for them with real money. Although it is the only currency admitted in the post-trading. What in the first place will reward us with Mileage points for each purchase we make. And secondly, it will give us the opportunity to win blue diamonds without paying for them, since the objects we sell there (marked with a blue diamond symbol on the bottom right) will pay us in blue diamonds.

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How to get red diamonds? 

Red diamonds do not require paying for them, although obviously they can be purchased. But we can get them in the following ways:

  • Arena: There you can get both to improve our best ranking, as per daily reward for our current ranking.
  • Activity points: By completing daily tasks and exceeding 200 activity points, we can get another 30 red diamonds.
  • Monthly login: Some days of the month, simply by connecting we will receive red diamonds.
  • Main mission: It is totally random, but in some, we will receive red diamonds as a reward.

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How to use red diamonds?

There are many uses, but the most popular are:

  • Accelerate the growth of our character
  • High-level equipment boxes
  • Additional attempts in the sand
  • Autocomplete elite dungeons

Although there is one that does not use so many people we consider it very useful, and it is resetting the daily attempts of the mission scrolls. They are very useful, among other things to get a lot of Adena

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