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Lords Mobile Guide: The Beginners Guide & Tips

lords mobile guide

Lords Mobile has positioned itself as one of the most popular strategy games on the market. Lords mobile game has won several awards that value him as the best in this segment. In addition, the lords mobile game is one of the favorite game all around the world. If you are also interested in this game, it may be interesting to know some tricks lords mobile guide.

In this way, you will be able to play better and thus progress faster in the game. There are perfect lords mobile guide, tips, and tricks on apkguides.com

lords mobile tips and tricks

Lords mobile guide & tips:

These lords of mobile guide and tricks will change the way of playing.

The basics:

At the very beginning of the game, you have to undergo training. Just follow the prompts of the assistant – here you will get information about how to build, train and speed up the queue.

lords mobile guide and new tips

Regularly send troops for resources, open chests (mysterious box, Guild gifts, quest rewards for the day and the Guild, VIP task), make sure that research is done and buildings are improved and also complete the quests of the day and the guild.

Try to participate in all events and do not forget to look in the news section to be aware of the ongoing actions.


Between kingdoms, you can move up to the 5th level of the castle inclusive.

lords mobile guide - kingdoms

Further free movement is possible only within the same kingdom. Starting from the 6th level, the movement is only paid and with certain restrictions. It is better to place the castle closer to your guild.


In this point of lords mobile guide, Immediately it is necessary to determine in which direction you will develop. Select the main type of troops: infantry, archers, cavalry or siege weapons.

lords mobile guide - army

The latter is not recommended to be developed as the main type of troops since they are needed only for the assault of the walls. What type of remaining to develop as the main – you decide. However, it should be noted that the principle of “rock-paper-scissors” operates in the game: infantry is strong against shooters and weak against cavalry. Arrows are effective against cavalry and will not work against infantry.

The cavalry, in turn, is strong against infantry and weak against shooters. All three types of troops are strong against siege weapons.

lords mobile guide - army and troops

The number of soldiers should also be taken into account: do not create an army more than your hospitals can accommodate. If you are attacked, the hospitals will go no more than what they are designed for. If the army is larger, the remaining warriors will die. If you attack, only 60% of the troops will go to the hospital.

There is a limit on the maximum number of soldiers that can be sent to the attack – 375 thousand. To create such troops you will need: a level 25 castle, five Heroes of the 8th rank, which you need to include in the squadron, and activate the subject “Army: size bonus (50%)”.

In the lords mobile game guide, there are also divisions. They are extremely convenient for quickly sending troops to the battle. They will save you time because You do not have to choose the type of troops, the number of soldiers and suitable heroes.

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This is the first point of lords mobile beginners guide to get a lot of buildings. We may not give much importance, but the reality is that they are an essential part of the game. In addition, each building has a function, so it is good to know what each of them serves. We explain this below:

  • Castle: The most important building in lords mobile guide, because when we raise it to the level we can unlock more buildings and heroes. All strategy must revolve around this building, which will be the key to our success in the game.
  • Nursing: On this site, we can heal and recover wounded soldiers. Everyone who falls in defense can recover here.
  • Barracks: Place where we are going to enter our soldiers. When this barracks is better, we will have the possibility of training more soldiers.
  • Stages of hero: Thanks to this site we get heroes.
  • Farm: Food is produced and allows a certain amount to be stored
  • Sawmill: Place where wood is produced and stores a certain amount
  • Quarry: Here the stone is produced and a certain amount is stored
  • Mine: Produces mineral and can store a specific amount
  • Mansion: Produces gold that also helps us to accelerate training in the barracks
  • Warehouse: Here we can store everything we want in large quantities
  • Academia: The site where technologies are researched and developed
  • Workshop: Merge materials to forge teams of heroes
  • Trading post: Used to send or receive resources from our allies
  • Embassy: We receive troops in it, the better it is, the greater the number of troops to receive
  • Battle room: Joint attacks with allies can be carried out here
  • Prison: The enemy leaders are imprisoned here
  • Altar: By executing enemy leaders we can obtain temporary enhancers
  • Treasure Chamber: Here you can deposit gems that will give us profitability, also in gems.
  • Shelter: Protect our troops while we sleep
  • Coliseum: Here we will be able to win gems with our heroes.
  • Barco: This is a store where they sell items, which are updated constantly
  • Watchtower: It is responsible for informing us of allied movements, enemy attacks, explorations … The higher it is, the more troops we can receive in it.
  • Wall: They are our defense, which will protect us from enemy attacks. We can use it to display heroes and traps in it.

Building and recruiting troops:

Construction and improvement of structures are one of the main aspects of the game. There are best lords mobile guide for building and troops. First of all, it is worthwhile to attend to the construction of the estate, and several at once to mine gold. In addition, they also speed up the training of troops, which will subsequently be very useful.

But the troops themselves can be trained in the barracks. In it, the player will be available four classes of troops. It is best not to neglect any of them and try to replenish both the infantry with archers and cavalry with siege weapons.

However, it is worth setting a certain vector of development and determining the type of troops as a basis. This role is not suitable unless the siege weapons.

Otherwise, each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Cavalry is effective against infantry, but there is little that can counter the riflemen. Long-range units are well opposed to cavalry, but inferior to infantry. Siege weapons are the weakest of all, but they are also needed to storm the walls.

Any combat unit in the game may be injured during the battle. To save the soldiers will need a hospital and it is better to build several of them at once. Definitely not worth creating an army more than hospitals can accommodate. After all, those who do not have enough space in them, after the attack of the enemy hoof kicked back. And creating new units is much longer and more expensive than curing the wounded.

It should be remembered that the army consumes a lot of food, so you need to attend to the construction of the required number of farms. Lack of food will not affect your troops, but new buildings will be difficult.

Of course, for all buildings and improvements, resources are needed that can be easily obtained by military actions. But in no case should not neglect their own extraction of resources.

Lords mobile guild: Guide of what to research first in lords mobile

lords mobile guide - guilds

In the lords mobile guide and tricks, we will meet with various guilds present. get information about lords mobile guide how to get death knight. They have an important function in the game since being part of one gives us advantages. Also, by being in one, we will not be attacked so often and we will be able to progress at a higher rate. These are the advantages that they give us:

  • Accelerators: Being part of it the construction and research times will be much shorter.
  • Guild objects: Earn coins to buy at the store.
  • Resources: Here we can give and receive resources among members of the guild (Commercial Position)
  • Defensive reinforcements: Similar to the previous one, but in this case, we can give and receive troops among members of the same guild.
  • Joint attacks: We can accumulate troops of several different members to launch a joint attack and defeat the enemy more easily.
  • Guild Missions: Access to exclusive missions

How to get new heroes in lords mobile game?

If we play this and as we have said in the lords mobile guide, one of the main objectives is to get heroes, as many as possible. With the normal use of the game, we are going to get heroes. Although there are a couple of good ways to achieve this, which may be of interest to many of you:

Get heroes in the statue:

We have to go to the golden statue and there we simply have to start some normal dungeons. Each time we complete one, we will get a different hero. For what we have to do with all possible dungeons. This way we will get as many heroes as possible in Lords Mobile. It is a very common way of obtaining them, although it is not the fastest.

When you are inside the statue, you will be given a choice between two options (Normal and Elite). In the second one, we have to overcome dungeons like in the first, but there are more heroes available. So we will unlock a greater number of heroes in it.

Get heroes in the helmet:

When we are playing we will see that we get an icon of a helmet with horns. If we click on it, we go to a new section where we can unlock heroes. In the menu on the right, we must click on the helmet icon with an interrogation symbol and we will see several heroes. We must look for the one we want and we can try to achieve it.

To do this, we must use the buttons on the right, blue or red. They will ask us to collect 10 pieces of each, so it is a somewhat more complex task. But it’s a very effective way to get heroes in Lords Mobile.

How many levels are in lords mobile game?

There are many levels in the lords mobile game. You can reach level 60 by following our lords mobile guide and tricks. These tips will help you to increase your game level easily without spending a single penny.

Upload the level heroes:

lords mobile guide - get the heroes

We have already obtained heroes, but the next step and no less important is to make them rise in level. We have to play with them to be better and get this level rise in Lords Mobile. Although there is a way to make them climb level fast.

It is about secondary missions. In the missions that are in the main story we can get experience, but in the missions that are outside of this main story, the experience we are going to get is much greater. So it is convenient to go to them.

When it comes to raising the level of these heroes, we must remember that it is also important and necessary to climb all the castle buildings. By doing this we will have more life and we will obtain better statistics. And this will allow us to advance at a faster pace in the game.

Where to find materials?

In Lords Mobile guide, we need to find materials because in this way we will be able to equip our heroes. But being able to find them is not something simple. Because although the process of finding them has no complications, finding the specific types that we may need at each moment is somewhat more complex. Because there are certain types that only appear in some events.

Without a doubt, this is an added difficulty for the game. We can find them in several places like the administration. In addition, we can collect them and they are also in the missions of the guild, although here we find more basic materials that are not difficult to find. To find the special materials we will have to look for special game packages or defeat monsters.

lords mobile guide - get materials

We can also get them with the gems chests of the market. But in this case, it is basic materials, so it is not something that is necessary in most cases. Although it is good to know that we can also find them there.

Types of materials:

Each of the different resource tables releases different materials. Keep in mind that the higher the level of the resource, the more likely you are to find items and materials of better quality. Here is a list:

  • Amber – Rocks
  • Old bark – woods
  • Coal – Vena Rica
  • Copper Copper – Rocks
  • Feather – Wood
  • Fur skin – Field
  • Lava Mud – Rocks
  • Linen – Field
  • Records – Wood
  • Metal-rich vein
  • Minerals – a rich vein
  • Platinum – Rocks
  • Vines – Field

Lords mobile monsters:

As we have said, we have monsters in Lords Mobile. If we attack them, we will have the opportunity to obtain special materials. These are materials that in many cases we will not be able to achieve otherwise. So it is advisable to attack these monsters. By lords mobile guide, you can get the best information about monsters.

lords mobile guide - monsters

The list of this type of materials is quite broad. Therefore, whenever you have an opportunity it is good that you attack one of the many monsters that we find in Lords Mobile. Since we will obtain in this way special materials that will be of help to us when advancing in the game.

You can find materials in the administration, collecting and in the missions of the guild, although these will only be basic materials. The special materials will be given to you by monsters and special game packages. The gems chests of the market always have standard materials, so they are not as recommendable.

Lords mobile monsters list:

  • Ancient Blueprints-Mecha Trojans
  • Horns of the Beast – Snow Beast
  • Beast of the blood – Beast of the snow
  • Paw of the Beast – Snow Beast
  • Bloodsucker – Sabrefang
  • Chopped Chifre – Noceros
  • Corrosive Toxin – Mega Maggot
  • Corrupted Soul – Grim Reapers
  • Crackling Hide – Noceros
  • Crusty Horn – Blackwings
  • Cursed Skull – Grim Reapers
  • Devil Horn – Hell Drivers
  • Electric Horn – Noceros
  • Festive Bell – Snow Beast
  • Frostwing Claw – Frostwing
  • Fossilized egg – Blackwings
  • Heart of Frostwing – Frostwing
  • Frostwing Horn – Frostwing
  • Frostwing Scale – Frostwing
  • Gargantua Eye – Gargantua
  • Gargantua Fang – Gargantua
  • Gargantua Locks – Gargantua
  • Ghostly Shadow – Grim Reapers
  • Bright eyes – Blackwings
  • Gryphon Core – Gryphon
  • Gryphon’s Egg – Gryphon
  • Gryphon Quill – Gryphon
  • Honey jar – Terrorthorn
  • Iron Bolts – Gargantua
  • Jade Orb – Jade Wyrm
  • Vial de Rayos – Noceros Hi
  • Worm tail – Mega Maggot
  • Maggot Teeth – Mega Maggot
  • Mega Barb – Mega Maggot
  • Mega Egg-sac – Mega Maggot
  • Metal waste – Hell Drivers
  • Mutated brain – Hell Drivers
  • Oily Spring – Wick Troy
  • Prehistoric skin – Sabrefang
  • Refined Powder – Trojans Mecha
  • Rusty Horseshoe – Mecha Trojans
  • Saber Tooth – Sabrefang
  • Wild Claw – Sabrefang
  • Slimy Scale – Blackwings
  • Smoldering Core – Hell Drivers
  • Tattooed skin – Gargantua
  • Terrorthon Seed – Terrorthorn
  • Pollen of Terror – Terrorthorn
  • Terrorteeth – Terrorthorn
  • Terrorvine – Terrorthorn
  • Terrorwing – Grim Reapers
  • Wyrm Gut – Jade Wyrm
  • Wyrm Horn – Jade Wyrm
  • Scales of Wyrm – Jade Wyrm
  • Wyrm Spine – Jade Wyrm

Research: Lords mobile guide

Research in Lords mobile game, like construction, should always be done. They allow you to discover new units, traps, improve the speed of construction and resource extraction, and much more. All studies are conducted at the academy. In addition, it is worth exploring the creation of sets of talents that will depend on game preferences. You should not miss anything and invest in the production of traps and the extraction of resources, and in the health and protection of the army.

Lords mobile guides and cheats:

In Lords Mobile, you will have to create your own kingdom, build buildings and create troops that fight against enemies. It is a really addictive game that you can download for free given links at the end of the lords mobile guide article.

lords mobile guides and cheats

In this lords mobile guide, we will explain how to get heroes in Lords Mobile and how to improve their level so they are totally unbeatable. We will also teach you to enjoy the adventure with a couple of strategies that will make you completely invincible. It is no use to enjoy the game to the fullest if you then throw down your castle and with it all the progress you had made with the heroes.

How to unlock heroes in lords mobile?

lords mobile guide - unlock heroes

Unlocking the heroes in Lords Mobile is relatively simple: you only have to advance naturally in campaign mode. The campaign/story mode you will have to go through different dungeons and beat yourself with a lot of monsters and enemies. At the end of each one, we will meet a boss. The boss unlocks a different hero that is related to the story.

But there is another way to achieve it. If we look at the screen, at the top of the right we will see that there is an icon of a helmet with an interrogation. When entering the helmet we will see that 10 heroes appear blocked. To unlock them we will have to unite the 10 pieces that each one asks for.

Top 4 lords mobile tips: Lords mobile guide

lords mobile guide and tricks

  1. Not get bogged down: When you start the game you will see many things throughout the screen. Do not worry, follow the tutorial step by step and you will see how quickly you leave doubts.
  2. Do not hurry: Lords Mobile and all related games are not games to run, they need their time to move forward. You have to be realistic and know that you will not reach the level of the TOP players in a week of play, or in two. For this, enjoy the process and make friends.
  3. Gems: We advise you not to invest the gems that the game gives you in the army, constructions or in buying resources. Your objective should be the VIP level since it will give you advantages to progress faster.
  4. Map: On the map, you can see all the players and monsters that you can hunt. Your objective must be to attack those monsters to have rewards. Between hunting and hunting continues to collect resources, it is the most important thing to move fast.

Lords mobile guide & passing secrets to win:

lords mobile guide and secrets

Lords Mobile game is a new multiplayer online game is now available for Android and iOS devices. In lords mobile Apk, you will collect “exotic” heroes, train your troops and, by doing this, create an impressive empire and fight off other players, defending your kingdom.

There are guilds you can join to help you along the way, and before you attack your opponents, you can follow them to start a perfect tactical attack against them. You can even lock up your opponent’s heroes in prison and force them to help them out, or, say, free them with play money. So we list the best lords mobile guide and secrets for you:

Lords mobile troops, and food:

From the very beginning, you should focus on training as many troops as possible. But in order for these troops to fight to their full potential and not starve, they need food. Yes, you should prioritize food production along with troop training, and compared to other resources like gold, wood, stone, and ore, food should be at the top of your priority list. Continue to build farms when you expand your kingdom’s land, and focus on capturing external farms so you can collect even more food and keep your troops in a state of growth and satiety.

The enemies:

Speaking about the features of the game, IGG emphasized the ability of players to spy on the enemy. We will also refer to this process as intelligence, as the idea is to look at your opponent’s setup in advance.

This will allow you to make more informed decisions when choosing troops for battle, but in most cases, you can bring all your troops, especially when things get too close for comfort. The old proverb of strength, found in numbers, refers to Lords Mobile, so continue to train these troops to have a strong offense against your “enemies” or opponents.

What is a war of wonders in lords mobile?

War of Miracles is an event that occurs when you are part of a guild, and when guilds fight for bragging rights as the top guild in the game universe. Do your best in these events, but keep attacking opposing guilds, killing their troops and plundering their resources to give them less advantage when the next War of Miracles takes place.

Lords mobile talents points:

Talents are the most universal means for obtaining benefits for all aspects of progression and strength. If you are aiming to be effective, plan to reset your talents and change them to best fit your current situation quite often.

The cheapest way to get talent back is to buy with guild coins of 90k. I would never suggest spending gems to reset your talents, which means that you have to have several discharges hidden at any time in the event of an emergency.

There are two talent tree paths, Military and Economic

The economy tree will be a priority for each player level 45:

The situation of each player will differ depending on the variables, for example, where their guild bush is located, which resource nodes are basic, how often the guild members help by sending resources, and how the player has built their building resource ratio on the available slots of the building. Adjust your available talent points to your needs, if you read the tips, this should be understandable. Construction and research should be taken as a priority for all players of any assembly.

The combination of the tree “Tree Warrior” and “Economy” will be used for level 45 +:

Once you reach level 45, you will have enough talent points to gain an I & II training rate in the Military Tree, as well as research and construction of I & II in the economy tree. This will allow you to achieve maximum efficiency if you have the necessary resources. Use the assembly along with the power mechanism to make sure you have enough resources to meet your needs. If you are building Bruiser, do not forget to increase the priority of your resource building due to the high cost of upgrading your hospitals.

Lords Mobile cheat codes

We try to update old codes to new ones.

Code 600 gems – FY5BQW73

200 Gem Code – MPJH3Y6F

These were our lords mobile guide and tips for passing the new mobile game Lords Mobile.

FAQs Of Lords Mobile:

How to create your own guild in Lords mobile?

An unprepared and inexperienced player should not immediately create his own guild.

A better solution would be to join one of the existing ones.

When your city reaches the 25th level, and you will have a strong army and a constant flow of resources, only then will it be possible to think about creating a personal one.

Becoming the leader of the guild, you will be able to attract allies and guide them in the war.

Remember that for the continued existence of the guild in it must be a sufficient number of players.

If within 2 days the players will be less than 11 – the guild is closed. If, nevertheless, you have grown to create a guild, remember:

  1. You can recruit no more than 100 people in your guild. The more powerful the participants, the more powerful the guild itself.
  2. Think up for your guild is not too long name (up to 20 characters) and write it in Latin.
  3. The motto also cannot be longer than 20 characters, but it can be written in any language.
  4. You can choose any of the 43 available languages and set it as the main guild.
  5. Create an original logo using the selection of the background, color and various characters.
  6. The label must be in English and cannot exceed 3 characters. Allowed and punctuation marks.
  7. When players buy boxes with gifts in the store, each participant receives awards. Also occurs after winning a fight with a monster.
  8. Earn experience collecting keys that can be obtained after activating payments to buy or hunt a monster.

How to fight?

The winner in a battle is one who has a more profitable type of army, whose army is better trained and equipped, has a higher level and is superior in numbers.

An important point is an intelligence. She will help:

  • Understand whether siege weapons will be useful to you. If near the walls of the enemy there are no traps and an insufficient indicator of health, then there is a chance to win.
  • Chew on an inexperienced player. Experienced never put siege weapons for protection.
  • To know what type of troops prevails in the opponent’s army. This will help reorganize your own troops and send a “counterweight” to the battle.

How to use hero bonuses?

Bonuses should not be bought for the whole army at once, but only for one type of troops.

To do this, you must equip the hero in accordance with a certain type of troops and adjust the skills so as to give the army an advantage.

If you distribute bonuses little by little to the whole army, you will lose an important concentration of power.

In addition, you can always make adjustments if you see that the enemy is stronger.

How to tame familiars?

  1. Go to the sacred tower.
  2. Click the Covenants section.
  3. Choose the desired pact.
  4. Move the slider.
  5. Click Merge.
  6. In a few hours, you will receive a certain number of covenants, which will be displayed in the menagerie.
  7. Go to Aviary and put familiars on the domestication.

How to pump familiars?

Pumping familiars is a snap.

It is necessary to simply raise the pet level in the Aviary, it can also be done with the help of Fragments (for one Fragment – 10 experience).

Familiars go through three stages of their development: Cub – Young (20th level) – Adult (40th level).

Runa is tied to each pet, having collected enough of them, you are transferring the familiar to a new stage of development.

Remember: your hero level must be above the familiar level. When you raise your pet’s skill level, you get bonuses. That is, skills can be pumped in three ways:

  1. Button Skills
  2. Runami
  3. Shards

How to pass the test 6.6 in Lords Mobile?

In this chapter, the boss is Level 47 Spy, who appears in a fight not once, but twice.

He kills at least one hero.

For the passage of this chapter, it is necessary to take 4 melee tanks and one healer: The Healthy Man, the Child of the World, the Oathkeeper, the Death Knight and the Prima Donna.

All heroes must be pumped to level 47 or higher. Use the freeze. Save energy for the third fight.

After defeating the first boss, three more will appear.

The first thing they will kill the Diva. You need to throw all the forces in her defense.

How to get 6.6 elite in Lords Mobile?

The main boss in this elite subway is the Level 54 Shifter, they are helped by Armored train, Bandit of dreams, Mole shaman and Outcast (tanks and arrows).

This chapter in lords mobile guide takes place in such a composition: the death knight, the child of light, the prima donna, the black mark, the killer of demons.

In the first fight, you need to quickly navigate and use all skills to the maximum.

In addition to tank opponents, guns will shoot at you. Copy energy before the last fight where the boss will appear. Kill the top four and the boss.

After that, a second boss will appear, to which all the forces should be directed first of all.

One hero usually always dies, so it is very difficult to complete a chapter for three cups.

How to get the elite subway 6.9?

The boss is a child of light on level 56, his assistants have a tree of the same level.

Send such a combination of heroes into battle: Child of the Light, Diva, Lighter, Bumgilda, Death Knight, even if they are several levels lower.

In the first round take care of the prima donna. Wait for Boomgilda to recharge and destroy one of the enemy’s long-range fightings.

In the second round, immediately attack 5 heroes in the center, then scatter them and destroy the mage with Bumgilda.

At the end of the battle, try to save energy.

In the third round, shoot a Lighter, freeze and finish off with Bumgilda. Repeat these actions several times, aiming at the destruction of all the little heroes.

First, those who attack the tanks, then one who attacks the Prima Donna.

The second opponent will charge her. In the resulting pile shoot Lighter and Finish Knight.

How to complete chapter 6.18?

Chapter 6.18 is the final stage in which the Mentalist named Rasmus 53 should be destroyed.

For him you will receive 10 medals and the opportunity to subsequently hire him.

He is assisted by Stormurger, Glaciate, Bird of Rock, and Harpy also 53 levels.

Go to the enemy with such a set of heroes: Bumgilda, Child of Light, Death Knight, Primadonna and Black Mark.

On the first wave of the battle, you don’t really need to do anything, just pay special attention to opponents of ranged combat.

At the second stage, it freezes and scour, use the Black Mark for a fight.

After the boss has appeared, you should immediately kill the flying girl, whose kiss will wrap your hero against the enemy.

With the next do the same. Try to attack a bunch of opponents.

This chapter is difficult to complete without loss, but nothing is impossible.

How to pass level 8.8 normal?

In the eighth cage of lords mobile guide, wiki, and walkthrough, you will meet a serious contender – the Falcon, with assistants who will have a Prima Donna and a Singer of the Seas, who are at level 62.

Set against them the Knight of the Roses, the Diva, the Child of the Light, the Killer of Demons and the Lighter of 57 levels.

Destroy first of all the girl who can take your hero captive.

In the second battle there is an interesting feature: if you destroy one of the totems on the battlefield, then the heroes standing next to it are frozen. In the third round, there will be a boss.

Attack immediately Falcon and Singer of the seas. In no case do not touch the opponent’s Prima donna so that she does not heal. She will remain “for a snack.”

How to pass level 8.9?

You will meet an interesting set of opponents in this chapter: The Knight of the Roses (boss), the Prima Donna, the Child of the World, the Spy and the Messenger of the Seas 63 level.

Expose, as opposed to pumped to the maximum: Bumgilda, the Knight of roses, the Primadonna, the Black Mark and the Lighter.

They will be able to win, even if they are pumped 5 levels less.

At the very beginning, do not allow a kiss that will wrap the Lighter against Bumgilda. Otherwise – Bumgilda will be killed.

You can start the game again until the kiss arrives at the Prima Donna or the Black Mark, then all your heroes will remain alive.

In the second round, kill the girl who gives out kisses, and then continues the fight on the situation. Give all the heroes recharge before the third battle.

Final verdict:

In lords mobile guide on APK Guides, you can explore the complete game with all elements. After our lords mobile tips and cheats, you can play the game like a pro player easily.

Useful links:

[button color=”black” size=”medium” link=”https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igg.android.lordsmobile” target=”blank” ]Download Lords Mobile For Android[/button]

[button color=”black” size=”medium” link=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lords-mobile-war-kingdom/id1071976327?mt=8″ target=”blank” ]Download Lords Mobile For iOS[/button]

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