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Mafia City Troop Guide & Strategy

The mafia city is a planning-based game by Yottagames. You will encounter peace and stability in the mafia city troop game.

Mafia is all about surviving no matter you fight alone or fight in the alliance. In the game, the player plays the role of the boss who aims at looking after the base and updating it in order to defeat the enemy.

Let’s have a look at mafia city troop setup, levels, and tricks to progress faster in the game.


Mafia city troop will be the best choice for you if you like playing games similar to Clash of Clans and Clash of Kings. All you need to in this game is take control over the enemy city, build and upgrade building trains and troops.

To progress in-game lastly you need to finish the daily quest as well. You have to go along with the following steps to win in mafia city troop games.

  • Follow your daily available quest and work to complete them.
  • To fasten up your progress, resources and power upgrade your building as much as you can.
  • In order to achieve high-level troops, train and upgrade your troops.
  • Attack and defeat your enemy troops.

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Building Guide for Mafia

There are various buildings that are introduced in the mafia city troop game and each building has its own specific role.

Let’s consider the several types of buildings and their role as well:


In mafia city, troop game Mansion is the most important building that shall be a key to unlock new buildings when upgraded.


You can upgrade the mansion only when you achieve all the requirements that include a specific amount of cash, assets and wall level.

Invest Center

In order to increase your power speed resources all you need is to go to the invest center, and from the given properties select a single property and invest.


Enemies fighting bring wounds with them. The wounded ones are treated in the hospital. Firstly you send your troops to attack the enemy and after that send the injured ones to the hospital so that they heal and get ready for the next attack.


If you want to enhance your training speed and training capability you can do it just by upgrading all the clubs you have built in the mafia city.


The radar is very useful for a successful attack. It is used for spying purposes. With the help of the radar, you can know the name of the opposite crime leader as well as his destination.

You can also spy on the number of players in the defense crew of the enemy. To keep a better eye on your enemy upgrade your radar.


The numbers of crew you can send for attacking the enemy depending on the diner. To send more people you need to upgrade diner.


For putting a good fight and for survival the safety of resources is very purposes. Vault is used for this purpose. Upgrade your vault for more safety of your resources.


In the mafia city smelter is used for the production of metals. In order to produce as well as save more metal upgrade your smelter.

Mafia City Troop Setup

Under this heading, we will highlight various mechanisms that will help you in the formation of troops. Giving tips on troop formation is a very complex process because it is not necessary that one right formation works in a similar way for other formations. Below you can explore the mafia city types.

Types of Troops

In mafia city troop the game consists of 4 main troops followed by two sub troops. Let’s have a look at the 4 main troop and their subcategories.


The two sub troops of bulkers are:

  • Tankers: are known as defensive bulkers
  • Combaters: are known as offensive bulkers.


The two sub troops of bikers are:

  • Riders: is for male bikers
  • Assaulters: is for female bikers


The two sub troops of vehicles are

  • Assault Vehicle: are offensive vehicles.
  • Carriers are defensive vehicles.


The two sub troops of vehicles are:

  • Gunners: are male shooters.
  • Snipers: are female shooters.

Depending upon the range of troop, all four troops are divided into 2 categories

The ranged troops: troop having range 1 is named as the ranged troop. Tankers, Carriers, Combaters & Riders are placed in this troop.

The Malee Troops List

  • Assaulters
  • Gunners
  • Snipers

Note: Assault Vehicles have a range of more than 1 and are classified under this troop.

Mafia City Attack Strategy

Mafia city troop make itself different from other strategy game as like other I do not bind the player to build the army I provide the players with the army consisting of Bikers, Gunslingers, Berserkers, various vehicles, and others.

All you need to do is choose a target and decide the unit that will you use in attacking.

Mafia City Best Attack Formation

The troop is lined up in a fixed order consist of the following eight layers:

  • Tankers: Forms the first layer of troops
  • Carriers: Forms the second layer of troop
  • Combaters: Forms the third layer of troop
  • Riders: Forms the fourth layer of troop
  • Assaulters: Forms the fifth layer of troop
  • Gunners: Forms the sixth layer of troop
  • Sniper: Forms the seventh layer of the troop
  • Assault Vehicle: Forms the eighth layer if the troop.

There are various formations that are listed below:

Bulker and Rider Formation

Are used for elite and normal troops.

Tanker and Rider Formation

Similar to the above formation, this formation is best for elite and normal troops.

Tanker and Combater Formation

This formation can be used against the above two formations. This formation goes best with elite troops.

Tanker and Shooter Formation

This formation can be used against tanker and combater’s formation and go well with elite troops.

Mafia City Troop Levels

The mafia city troop game has a total of 10 levels. At every level, the power, defense, load, speed, and attack of the troop varies.


Mafia city troops can be accessible anytime anywhere on your android/iOS phone.

Are you interested in playing the best strategy games on your android phone? If yes, then there is no need to struggle just download the amazing mafia city game from your play store and enjoy playing the game anywhere anytime.


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