Magic Rampage Guide For BeginnersMagic Rampage Guide For Beginners


It is a game that combines RPG with thrilling action.

Magic Rampage Guide
Magic Rampage Guide & Walkthrough
Platforms / OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Android
Google Play: Download from Market Play
Developer: Asantee
Language:  English & Rusian
Price: 100% Free

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Nice graphics.
  • The original style of the game.
  • A large number of levels.
  • Search for caches.
  • Good arsenal.
  • Donate independence.


  • Not detected.

How To Download & Install Magic Rampage On PC?

There are many ways to install this game on PC/desktops. Just follow our magic rampage guide and tips to install the game on a Windows computer easily.

  • For installation, you need to select an emulator, focusing on the technical characteristics of the computer.
  • Then download Magic Rampage to your computer for free through the emulator.
  • Run the below instructions and guides on a PC.

System Requirements

To play Magic Rampage on a computer, see the system requirements.

You can check through the “Properties” or “Settings” of your PC, you can use programs, for example, AIDA64.
Minimum requirements Recommended Requirements
Platforms: Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista (32/64-bit) Microsoft Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
Intel / AMD,
with virtualization enabled in the BIOS,
with a frequency of 1.8 GHz
Intel / AMD,
with virtualization enabled in the BIOS,
with a frequency of 2.2 GHz
Memory: from 2 GB from 6 GB
Disk space: from 4 GB and more from 4 GB and more
HDD / SSD: HDD SSD (or hybrid)
Video Card: Intel / Nvidia / ATI, with support for DirectX 9.0c and higher, updated drivers
(check: ATI, Nvidia )
Intel / Nvidia / ATI, integrated or discrete, with DirectX 12 support,
current drivers (check: ATI, Nvidia )
Rights: admin rights admin rights
The Internet: high-speed access (broadband access),
from 128 kbps and higher
The high-speed access (broadband access),
from 128 kbps and higher

How to Run Magic Rampage On a Computer?

You can run an android game on a computer with a Windows system only with the help of an emulator. Currently, there are many such programs. We will analyze the most basic.

Emulators run files with the apk extension, so if you already have a game, then using the option “add apk file” you can run your file. Or by dragging and dropping into the emulator window. All emulators support such functions.

We will focus on the method of downloading the game through Google Play.


For all emulators, the first steps are the same:

  • Download the installation file and run it (the program will do everything at the initial stage).
  • Google account data must be entered into the settings (you can create a new one – the programs make it possible to do this in your interface or on the site );
  • Find the game in the built-in application store – the official one – and download the game to your PC.

Two different accounts in the mobile and in the emulator – are not synchronized.

If the game does not appear in your region, only by adding your apk file you can start the game.

Consider the most popular emulators.

Magic Rampage is a modern platform game with epic battles and powerful bosses. A huge variety of weapons and quests.

Nox Emulator

Nox App Player is an android emulator that allows you to run and use any android application on a regular computer We install, enter the account information and find the game in the directory.

MEmu Emulator

MEmu App Player is a popular Chinese system for launching games from the Android platform on the Windows operating system. The program will help in testing applications, playing in the Google system, without having a gadget. The easiest emulator installer to download. Very similar to Knox.

Droid4X Emulator

Droid4X is a full-fledged Android emulator that is designed to run mobile applications on a computer running Windows. Everything is very intuitive and quick to install.

BlueStacks Emulator

A software that allows you to run applications developed for the Android operating system on Windows computers. Play your favorite Android games and use your favorite Android apps right on your computer with BlueStacks.

How to configure the management?

To configure, go to “Settings” in the emulator and reconfigure the standard control. And so all emulators immediately transfer control.

Magic Rampage Modes

There are several modes in Magic Rampage. And it’s up to each user to choose which one they like best.

  • Campaign: The main story of Magic Rampage. Many levels that you have to overcome one by one in splendid isolation.
    • The number of levels is regularly replenished, so in fact, the game is conditionally endless.
  • Competitive: Randomly generated level. You and your opponent are on it (you can choose a random one, or you can call a friend).
  • Survival: The most dangerous levels. The equipment here is cool, and gold can be earned decently.
  • Confrontation: Fight with friends in the arena, check whose development strategy is better.

Have you accumulated enough gold? Spend it at the store! Weapons, equipment, elixirs will never be redundant. The main thing is to choose wisely.

And do not forget to pump your hero so that he “matches” the new things. Then you will have no equal on the battlefield.


As with any self-respecting RPG, Magic Rampage has a character creation menu. It is from him that the game will begin for you.

Magic Rampage Guide For New Players
Magic Rampage Guide For New Players

However, the features of style and graphics dictate their conditions. So we choose one of the options for the head, body, and boot. The choice is small, but a flight of imagination still gives.

After deciding on the class of the hero. The weapon depends on this decision, and how it will be used, and the skills that need to be downloaded. So think here before making a decision. Well, after that you can go in search of adventure.

So, the locations are quite bright and interesting, the camera works in the “side view” mode, everything around is flat, two-dimensional.

Each level is new challenges, monsters and a huge number of adventures. You have to travel through forests and swamps, castles and dungeons.

Magic Rampage Guides & Tips
Magic Rampage Tips

In order to get to the next stage, you have to go through the previous one. It didn’t work out – you still have attempted. No variation in choice, no opportunity to return here later when you become stronger.

Passing levels are not easy but very interesting and exciting. In addition to monsters, there are traps that need to be discovered before you get into them. So in addition to destroying enemies, you will have to show your detective skills.

Otherwise, you risk burning, drowning, running into spikes and finding even a large number of options for your death. Which, of course, is interesting in its own way, but will again throw you to the top of the level.

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Top 4 Menu Items

  1. Achievements: Here you can see the received and not yet open achievements. And the conditions for their receipt.
  2. Prize room: Here you can get some coins or gear for the achievements. It’s a little strange decision for me to make a separate room for this. Something like cases.
  3. Bank: We throw things from one game profile to another for a certain number of coins.
  4. Multiplayer mode: He is not there yet. But they really promise to add. Judging by the frequent content updates, it is just around the corner.

The most common criterion that excites me in all games is to earn game currency. Often, if the currency in the game is hard to get and requires a lot of time for farming, I simply do not go through even a quarter of such a project.

Fortunately, in Magic Rampage it is not difficult to get coins. There are several ways, the simplest of which is to carefully and quickly go through the level while finding all the secret places in it.

As a result, we get coins collected from the level and 2 fat bonuses – for three collected diamonds (yes, diamonds again) and for passing without taking damage.

Final Verdict

Magic Rampage is one of the best games in the genre of platformers with a mixture of action RPG. The game, with all its friendly and vibrant graphics, is actually quite difficult in passing and overthrowing Bosses.

Therefore, players who have not previously encountered a similar genre may experience problems in a particular situation or a misunderstanding of the mechanics of the game. Just read the complete Magic Rampage guide and secrets about how to earn/get and play?


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