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March of Empires Guide, Hints, & Secrets:

Explore latest and 100% legit march of empires guide, cheats and tips for coaching and reigning.

In this march of empires guide and strategies, you can learn about how to fight, get the best leaders & build the best castles.

March of Empires Guide
March of Empires Guide, Cheats, & Strategies

There are so many strategic games available for mobile platforms, but this is the perfect one.

Gameloft has recently announced a title that could deserve the attention of the most avid gamers, it’s called the March of Empires and it will be an exclusively multiplayer RTS.

March of empires war of lords guide

The march of empires Apk is the new strategy game of Gameloft. It’s free for iOS and Android & you can easily download march of empires war of lords from google play store and iTunes.

Discover how to make your empire win all the battles and grow more than ever with this March of Empires guide for beginners on

We know that at the beginning it is difficult to become big, but the glory is something achievable if you follow the advice that we mention below.

We will help you to understand how the march of empires game works, to build with head, to form alliances, to spend your gold with head and to choose well the path of your hero.

All this and much more below, in our march of empires guide for novice rulers.

Learn to build

In march of empires guide, during your first steps in the game, you will see that you are offered the option of building a multitude of buildings at no cost and with the possibility of accelerating the creation process.

In the March of Empires guide, we recommend that you raise them all until you get your castle at level 4, which will be when you will start to need a constant flow of resources.

You must also understand that you need to touch all the clubs.

In the March of Empires guide, we recommend that you focus on having a solid attack accompanied by a good defense.

At the same time, your production buildings should receive improvements and it is important that you also spend on the rest of the improvement sections.

Therefore, if you want to start growing you will need to join an alliance.

In the March of Empires guide, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible, that way you can take part in raids.

In addition, ask for help and come to the rescue of your allies to earn extra points of experience and other resources.

march of empires guide
march of empires guide, hints and secrets
March of empires guide
March of empires guide, help and cheats

Choose well

In the march of empires guide, we recommend you start with the Sultan, thanks to the fact that it has extra slots for its troops.

Which gives a numerical advantage in battle with respect to the rest of the rivals.

Another option is the King, to have a time reduction bonus to start attacking.

If you want to gain resources, you must not stop completing missions.

There are a lot of daily challenges that you can meet to take extra money, and you can also make adventures to expand your coffers.

Keep in mind that the difficulty curve will grow, so it is pertinent that you do not neglect the improvement of your troops.

It is also important to know what is the best way/place to spend your money.

In the March of Empires guide, we recommend that you do not start spending gold until you have played a couple of days because that is when the truly important buildings will begin to appear.

It is also important that you investigate, and even if it costs time it is a tremendously useful upgrade.

March of empires guide
March of empires guide

Farmer troops

It is important that you be able to create a constant flow of attack troops.

To do this, keep a few kingdoms at your fingertips that you can constantly attack to obtain resources, that way you will always have a source in which to invest to create new units.

March of empires strategies: War of lords

Gameloft is a well-known manufacturer of role and strategy video game and now you have this game for Android and iPhone.

In  March of Empires: War of Lords choose your favorite race and then try to invade new territories, unlock bonuses, defend your castle against enemies while strengthening your structure.

Follow the missions and adventures

The first advice in the march of empires guide is to follow the missions as they indicate the right direction.

You can complete a series of longer quests and adventures where you will find unoccupied resource areas on the March of Empires map: War of Lords  where to send troops.

Make sure you have an army at home, and be able to be good because many overlook it and you should not be helpless.

The longest adventures are the most interesting, even if they occupy a lot of time.

Upon your return, you will get a good reward.

Try to be versatile

When it comes to general strategies you should look for a balance.

This means that you must focus on compensating your attack, defense and building maintenance, which is what matters most.

If you focus on one facet you will probably end up in failure.

March of empires cheats

Build quickly

The best thing to start soon is that you can finish the constructions first.

You should climb the houses, farms and resource buildings as soon as possible.

In reality, everything essential must be built and upgraded to level 3 as soon as possible.

Then the timers will take a lot longer.

With the castle at level 4, you can put more farms, houses, and buildings of resources, besides being able to improve them.

The resources are basic and the game since where there is no can be removed.

Join an alliance

March of Empires: War of Lords has a strong social component and it is highly advisable to join an early morning alliance.

It may be tempting to join one to use the help button, understand that the partnership goes much further than this.

Do not spend a lot of startups

You may think that spending your gold coins at home is a good idea but it is not advisable.

If you wait a few days you will give more usefulness.

Start worrying more to learn the dynamics of the game that you will already have where to spend.

Choose your empire wisely

Of the 3 empires of March of Empires: War of Lords there are all pros and cons.

Although I personally like the Sultan more because he has the biggest team that will later translate into a greater force in combat.

In second place I like the king of the mountain, especially for the most active players.

FAQs of the March of Empires: War of Lords

How to play march of empires war of lords?

If you are new and want march of empires guide for better gameplay then you are in the right place. Here you can explore the game by game walkthrough and wiki + hidden secrets, hints, and cheats.

How to switch accounts on march of empires?

Here you can learn about how to create and manage multiple accounts? So if you want to use 2 accounts on one device in the march of empires then this videos is good for you:

How to get gold in march of empires?

If you want to earn free gold coins in march of empires then you are in the right internet community. These gold coins are good to buy a lot of cool stuff and you can speed up your progression significantly.

  • First, make sure you join an alliance. Go to the alliance page. Choose one of the open alliances and you are done. You can change an alliance later.
  • You can enjoy free daily coins by activating your VIP. So, VIP level 1 gives you 20 gold every day. On level 20, you can enjoy 300 gold every day.
  • You can also get gold coins by completing special quests.
  • With the Royale Lottery, you can earn a massive amount of gold coins.

How to increase might in march of empires?

Here you can find the best ways to increase might points. For faster might points you should explore the video:

How to attack in march of empires?

When your attack is good then you are maximum chances to win the battle easily. Here is the complete march of empires guide for attacking: video

How to play march of empires on pc?

The march of empires game is published for Android and iOS platforms. There is no any mode available for PC. But you can play this game on PC by Android emulators. You can download free Android emulators and enjoy a game on PC.

How to build a regional wall in march of empires?

Once you control a region, there is a number of special buildings that are inside those regions that you can level which influence your stats and stuff.

Final verdict:

In this march of empires guide & strategies, you learn about how to play, how to get gold, how to attack and much more.


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