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Marvel Contest of Champions

MCOC is an online action and free to play a game that is being played all around the world. If you are into action games then this one is worth it for you. So try that is filled with new challenges with each passing step and an unlimited exhilaration.

There are a number of characters in the game that plays against each other and you need to choose your character.

It was originated on 10th December 2014 for Android and IOS and published by Kabam while developed by Kabam and Raw Thrills. It comprises of both single-player and multiplayer modes.

How to Play Marvel Contest of Champions?

It is an action and is one of the best Marvel games. Its all about fighting against the superheroes but it’s not the end, there are a number of other features and challenges that will excite you to play this game.

If you are a newbie and are looking for the best guide for this game then yes you are at the right place.

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Marvel Contest of Champions Guide & Tips

It’s a fighting game that takes place in a Marvel Universe against the superheroes or characters. There are more than 150 characters in the game who fight against each other. You need to choose your desired character.


Few of the strongest characters in this game incorporate:

1-Hulk 25.32%

2– Quake

3– Captain America

4– Spider-Man

5– Spider-Man

6– Yellowjacket

7– Electro

8– Red Hulk

The main thing that should not demotivate your attention is Crystals. There are unlimited crystals in the game that you should collect in order to call for a new character or to strengthen your existing character.

Few of the major Crystals that have more worth are as follows:

Alliance Crystal

These crystals can be purchased from the Alliance store every day. You can purchase 1 Alliance crystal each day from your gold that you will collect as a reward by winning the game. It helps to increase or uplift the Champion’s energy.

Arena Crystal

This crystal is infamous for giving a wide range of gold means it doesn’t give you a healthy reward yet there are chances that you get 5-star heroes as a reward.

Quest Crystal

It is given to you at the end of the quest. After defeating your enemy and winning the fight you will get this crystal as a reward. It provides you energy and IOS-8.

Yellow Crystal

You can claim this yellow crystal after every 24 hours that provides you 2 or 3-star heroes.

Remember that you can now gift this crystal to your friends also.

MCOC Character Guide

There are a number of available heroes & villains in this game. At recent, there are almost 153 playable characters, 1 temporary character, and 38 non-playable characters while there are chances of more characters in the future.

There are many characters that are not present in each and every layer while few can be unlocked with the earned crystals.

Every Hero/Character is Allotted to One of Six Classes

  1. Mutant
  2. Tech
  3. Cosmic
  4. Science
  5. Skill
  6. Mystic

In certain journeys, utilizing the hero/character of a specific class will get the player through “doors” that square different ways.

There are additional connections between the classes, and everyone has a bit of leeway on others. The hero or which has a class advantage over their adversary increases a class reward, boosting their base assault by a specific rate during the battle.

Three-star legends and 4-star saints increase a higher level of harm contrasted with 2-star legends.

MCOC Mastery Guide

Mastery points are the points that make this game easy to play for a player. To earn maximum mastery points, you need to level up to level 60 where you will get maximum points while gaining special rewards & you can also get these points.

The right masteries cost a lot of units while the wrong masteries cost more units. They will also help you to fight against stronger opponents or enemies.

After reaching level 6 each player will get a mastery point with each passing level. To earn the mastery points you need to build your Mastery tree.

It consists of Offense, Defense, and Proficiencies.

Offense contains 13 points, Defense contains 9 points while Proficiencies contains 10 points.

It enables you to modify your ongoing interaction methodology and increment the viability of your group.

For instance, on the off chance that you are playing with a hostile group you can devote all authority focuses to expand the harm managed by your bosses, or include some safeguard and make a crossover assembly.


The FAQ on Marvel Contest of Champions

What are the Classes in the MCOC?

It consists of a total of 6 classes incorporating Cosmic, Mutant, Mystic, Science, Skill and Tech. Each character in this game belongs to a specific class according to the power of the character.

How Many Characters are in the MCOC?

At now, there are almost 153 playable characters, 1 temporary character, and 38 non-playable characters while there are chances of more characters in the future.

How to Get Thanos in a Marvel Contest of Champions?

Thonas is one of the characters that are hard to acquire and its really hard to beat this character in the game as it appears not to fight in fact to rule.

How to Get Units and Crystals in a Marvel Contest of Champions?

By griding a lot of Arena crystals you can get units in a faster way while crystals are obtained as a special reward that you will get by defeating your enemy.

Final Verdict

So MCOC is a platform that will keep you excite and entertained.  By playing it’s Challenging games it will boost up the challenging side in your personality.

I hope this guide for a marvel contest of champions game will answer all your questions. Still, if there is any need to ask something feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to answer them.

Thank You

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