In this article, you can explore quick mini golf king guide and walkthrough about how to play? how to get everything easily.


Mini Golf King is an interesting and 3D game in which players of this game can easily fight on the Internet against opponents from all over the world.

The Mini Golf King games, in addition, are from a single hole, so they rarely last more than one or two minutes.

On Mini Golf King to play online against players all over the world and browse different circuits as we win games.

By reading our mini-golf king guide you can discover the interesting APK game.

Not just golf. This is action-packed mini-golf with full fun and lots of adventures and thrills.


Mini golf king is offered and delivered by PINX


mini golf king guide and walkthrough
mini golf king guide and walkthrough cheats hacks

You can win a mini golf king game by reading the latest mini golf king guide.

 Play real-time online games on beautiful on your Android/iOS platforms. In this game, you can win & collect trophies to unlock top levels by following the mini-golf king guide.

Discover and improve golf balls, the gloves & clubs to customize your gameplay.

Join the weekly leaderboard and tournament for great prizes and fame.

Do some great tricks in Hole in One Challenge and Tour Challenge. You can also play with your Facebook friends!

With mini golf king guide, shooting is easier than ever.

Pull and release to hit the ball like billiards! Aim and shoot carefully to collect the most gems as you make the fastest path to the hole.

Control System Of Mini Golf King

Get all information about the game in this updated mini golf king guide.

The control system of Mini Golf King is intuitive and is well adapted to tactile devices: by sliding your finger across the screen we can adjust the direction and the power we want to give the shot.

Of course, the type of club we use in each throw will determine how much power we should print at the stroke.

The control system of this game is similar to the games of mobile billiards.

That is, you have to slip to determine the momentum of the ball and direct the shot to succeed in getting the ball into the hole directly or with a carom.


Collect Gems

Collect gems when you are playing the game by following the mini golf king guide.

Gems are scattered along the way. You can collect gems to increase your score. When you have enough gems you will be able to get gem chests.

Final Score

One of the most important elements to keep in mind when we are playing Mini Golf King is that the final score is very important.

It will not do us any good to get the ball into the hole before our opponent if we have not managed to get any gem along the way.

Each gem will provide a hundred points, so it is very useful to try to catch all that we can with each launch.

Unlock Holes

In Mini Golf King we will find more than thirty different holes, which we can unlock little by little, as we win games against other players.

All these holes, in addition, are divided into eight different scenarios, each with a theme totally different from the previous ones.

Overcome Difficulties

We will find here the usual difficulties of any minigolf, like ramps, absurd constructions or circuits that you can only overcome with blows and where the wind also affects.

At the same time, we will find gems and gems that will serve to increase your score as well as other aids and power-ups.


Exciting mini-golf duel in real-time online multiplayer.

Simple and intuitive controls: wipe and let go to strike.

Play against players from all over the world to get their coins and trophies!

Play on over 35 beautiful golf courses with lots of dynamic tricks and fun.

Get chests to find new and powerful golf apparatus and enhance existing ones: riders, irons, sand wedges, putter, balls and gloves!

Progress through advanced levels to the very top.

Play 3 rounds of the tournament, win mega prizes and become the golf champion!

Sink every putt and get special rewards in the Hole-in-One Challenge!

Travel through 50+ holes and get free stars.

Connect with Facebook to send and request gifts!

Play online games against other players in real-time.

Intuitive control: touch, slide, aim, and shoot.

Play against other players to take away their coins and trophies.

Play over 35 different terrains that contain all kinds of dynamic tips.

Unlock chests and discover new teams to play golf.

Make progress in stages and reach the top of the rankings.

Participate in special competitions to make a hole in one.

Connect to Facebook to send and solicit gifts.

 Conditions & additional information

Minimum operating system required: Android 4.0.3.

Integrated in-app purchases.

Get unlimited gold bars and tickets.

100% safe (free from viruses / Trojans).

Compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

No root/jailbreak.


How To Get The Soccer Ball Club In Mini-Golf King?

You can win a soccer ball club by playing tournaments and stages of mini-golf king. Do not waste chests because you can get unlimited rewards, clubs, and balls by opening these chests.

What Do The Gloves Do In Mini Golf King?

In mini golf king, you can get gloves which helps you to shoot balls exactly in the hole. Gloves increase the friction and prevent the club from turning.


Mini Golf King is full of entertainment and original minigolf game, which also has a beautiful graphics section.

A very funny title, which we can play online against opponents from all corners of the world. So you can get gems by following our Mini Golf King Guide & Walkthrough.

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  1. I have no idea how to obtain the clubs that jump over items. I don’t understand the stages and how to equip my bag. Can someone please advise on these concerns,
    Thank you,
    Little Bear

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