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The game will allow users to travel the vast and colorful world on their own flying ship, fight monsters or tame them, turning them into their combat satellites.

In the course of their development, your pets will go through three stages of maturation, gaining stronger characteristics.

In combat, it will be possible to form a whole series of combo attacks, in which the whole group will be involved.

Such game mechanics will allow players to constantly increase the power of the squad to subsequently fight in the game bosses. Just follow the monster super league guide and walkthrough.

So let’s starts the Monster super league guides and cheats.

Monster super league walkthrough and hints

Monster super league guide
Monster super league guide, walkthrough, hints

Monster super league guide for beginners

Now I am going to explain the complete monster super league guide and walkthrough for all the beginners of the game. Read Dragon B7 and B8 guide

Sectors of the game

The game has the following 3 sectors:

  • 1.Aircraft
  • 2.Map
  • 3.Monsters (which is the same as the “Monsters” sector of the aircraft)


It is the sector where the game will always take you when you open it.

You could say that this is the most beautiful scenario of the game since it seems to come from a Miyazaki movie (as in Howl’s Moving Castle).

It also bears a striking resemblance to the floating island of Gorillaz at Feel Good Inc.

Finally, returning to the topic: both your character and all your captured astromons will wander freely in the huge garden of your aircraft.

At the top are the Missions and Bingo (a game where you get a gift card for every minute you are in the game).

If you want to get info about the performing actions then yes you are in right place. You can perform the following actions with the help of the monster super league guide:

Monsters: Will show you a locker of aLL the astromons you have captured so far. There you can see their statistics and current level, give them fruit to level them up or equip them with gems to upload their statistics.

In short, here you can manage all the creatures you captured.

Invoke: Its main function is the Incubator. There you can hatch the eggs that you have obtained in the game in some other way, in order to invoke a new astromon at random.

Take into account that each invocation costs gold and the amount varies depending on the type of egg.

You can also perform “mergers”, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED to do them at the beginning. So do not sacrifice your stars in mergers for now.

Challenges: They are divided into challenges of Captures [Monthly, Weekly, and Daily].

Store: Here you can obtain objects and game resources (such as astrogems) in exchange for real money.

Special store: In exchange for astrogems (the most valuable resource of the whole game) you can make random invocations of astromons.

It is advisable to always buy the 10 + 1 pack because it guarantees that the last astromon summoned will be alternative.

An alternative astromon is simply a monster with a color out of the ordinary.

In other words, if you put an “alternative” astromon first on your team, then your entire team will benefit from that astromon’s leader ability (eg a defense bonus + 20%).


It is where all the adventure areas of the game are located.

When you enter to fight in one of these areas, you will see that the fights are divided into rounds.

  • Each battle has 3 rounds.
  • And in each round appear between 3 to 4 astromons.

All astromon, except the bosses or floor bosses, can be captured with “astrophysics”.

It is important to note that you can have a maximum of 3 astrophysics in the battles.

Each astrofiche costs 500 gold and they auto-recharge at the start of each battle by default.

It is also worth mentioning that there are 3 types of “special” astromon that can appear at any moment of the battle:

  • Astromon “weird”
  • Astromon “superhero”
  • Astromon “legendary”

It is worth mentioning that each astromon on the list is more difficult to obtain than the previous one (the chance of a legendary appearance is less than 0.01%).

When one of them appears, the battle will be interrupted and a flashy animation will be shown as long as you do not miss this opportunity.

At the end of the battle, you will get experience, gold, a gem and rarely any surprise item (fruit, astrogems, skill book, etc).

Types of astromon

In monster super league guide and tips, we explain the 5 types of astromon;

There are 5 types:

  1. Water
  2. Fire
  3. Firewood
  4. Light
  5. Darkness
  • The water has an ADVANTAGE against the fire.
  • The one of the fire has an ADVANTAGE in front of the one of firewood.
  • The wood has an ADVANTAGE against the water.

Now, the light and dark have the particularity that both have advantages with their opposite type. That is to say:

  • The light has an ADVANTAGE against the darkness.
  • And the darkness also has ADVANTAGE against the light!

That is why when these two types of astromon face each other face to face, the one who attacks first will have the advantage in the fight.

Everything described above can be simplified in the following graph:

Classification of astromons

Astromons are classified by nature according to the number of stars they possess when they were born.

  • If the astromon you captured or invoked has 1 star, it is a NAT1.
  • If it has 3 stars, it is a NAT3.
  • If it has 5 stars, it is a NAT5.

The maximum level of stars that a star can have NATURALLY is 5, but these CANNOT BE CAPTURED because they never appear on maps (the legendary astromon are 4 *).

These NAT5 can only be obtained through invocations, either by hatching eggs or by buying the 10 + 1 pack (with astrogems).

Awakening and Evolution

All astromons have 3 evolutions. In order to evolve an astromon we first have to “wake it up” 3 times.

And each “awakening” is achieved by giving an astromon of its same species + a gold amount.

With each awakening, the astromon becomes stronger (its statistics go up slightly), and when it is done 3 times the option to evolve it in exchange for a gold amount will appear.

As an astromon evolves, it changes shape and its statistics go up considerably.


The ascent is simply to raise a level of stars to an astromon. That is to say that Miho, even being an astromon of 3 *, can get to be one of 4 * or 5 * through the ascents.

To do this you only have to raise the maximum level to your astromon (level 30 in the case of Miho) and then get stellar and elemental stones to make the ascent. The stones are obtained in the calabalozos.

I will not go into more details because I think it is something very easy to understand and perform in the game.

The maximum level of ascension is 6 *.

IMPORTANT: When you ascend an astromon, your level automatically restarts to level 1.

However, the limit or maximum level that your astromon can reach will rise to 10 levels. That is to say that if before its maximum level was 30, with the ascension it will rise to 40.

Contract of heroes

When you start the game, you will give the astromon “Victoria (light)” if you connect for 7 days in a row.

After that, you will be enabled the “Heroes Contract”, which is that they will give you a NAT5 if you connect for 15 days in a row.

The contract will give you a choice between Valkyrie (water), Odin (firewood) and Arturo (fire).

Every day that you connect, you will receive a reward for fulfilling the contract and finally on the 15th you will get the astromon you chose.

Of course, if you forget to connect one of those days, the contract is broken and you will have to start over.

This can be done if you decide to change from astromon to half the contract (eg, you initially chose Valkyrie and then decided that you wanted Odin or Arthur more).

The 3 astromons are very good, so you can choose the one you like the most.

Automatic battle x20

It is very likely that you have used this functionality, but I will still talk about it just in case.

If you’ve played an RPG, surely you’ve realized how mechanical and boring it becomes a game to level up each of your monsters, right?

Well, fortunately, the 4:33 team implemented a system of automatic battles for that … and it’s not a premium feature!

Thanks to this, all players can level up their astromons easily and without moving a finger in the process.

Just check the box that says “Automatic Battle x20” in the game area of ​​your choice and your astromons will automatically start fighting for 20 battles.

Then go to your kitchen for a fee of cereal, a little milk and get to do what you like while your stars fight.

Now, in monster super league guide, this battle mode will be INTERRUPTED in any of the following cases:

  • If the 20 battles are over.
  • If you’re all your stars are defeated.
  • If you see an alternative astromon, weird, superhero or legendary in any of the rounds (thanks to this you do not have to worry about your stars accidentally killing him).
  • If you run out of energy.
  • If you discover any dungeons.
  • If you press the “Automatic Battle” button on the right (that is, above the place where the astrophysics are).

As you can see, there are many advantages of this wonderful functionality, so you can take advantage of the times you want without spending a single penny (virtual or real).

Remember that you can interrupt the automatic battle at any time BEFORE the “Victory” message.

Capture rare stars, superstars and legendarios

I’m not going to lie to you: this is a matter of luck and these stars can appear in any round.

In addition, the level of difficulty of the map does not influence the appearance of these stars. That is to say that whether you play it in Normal, Hard or Extreme, the probability of them coming out is the same in all of them.

Next, I show the probability of running into each of these special stars:

  • Astromon Raro: 0.198%
  • Astromon Superraro: 0.025%
  • Astromon Legendary: 0.008%

As you can see, the probability of running into a legendary is very low. In addition, the rare and the superhero have a lower rate than usual to be captured (25%), while the legendary has a still lower rate (5%).

However, finding them and catching them is not impossible. I remember that one day three legendary astromons appeared to me in a day and, fortunately, I was able to capture them all.

So do not despair if you miss any of them since these astromons will always be available in the game.

Also mention that there are certain hours of the day (eg, from 8 pm to 10 pm) where they slightly increase the appearance rate of rare, super racial or sometimes legendary in certain areas of the game.

And by the way, every day Saturday, Sunday and Monday starting at 24:00 the game awards a bonus catch rate of 15%in all areas, so it is suggested to use those days to catch this type of astromones.

“Beginner’s luck” with the legendary

It is worth mentioning that all beginners ALWAYS appear a legendary almost by the beginning of the game.

The funny thing is that this legendary has a 100% chance of being captured, although in the capture screen indicate something else (like 15%).

Recommended places to raise the capture rate to the maximum

In my opinion, the following areas are worth raising the rate to the maximum (or at least level 5 ):

  • Lake Aria
  • Coast of Payments
  • Sanctuary of the Star

The reason? Very simple, because your rare stars are extremely useful.

Golden dungeon

It is the fastest way to obtain gold, although unfortunately your income is limited per day.

The more damage you cause to King Oric, the greater the amount of gold you will get at the end of the battle.

You have 3 tries x day to try to defeat completely the King Oric. If you succeed, it will give you 300 thousand gold (the maximum you can get per day in this dungeon).

Capture and release stars

This form I discovered in my beginnings and I used it a lot when I was not yet able to pass the advanced levels of the golem. It is a bit long but effective and easy to perform.

The method consists in simply capturing the stars of 1 * (the easiest) or those of 2 * in all your battles until filling the inventory.

Then go to the inventory, release all the captured stars and finally repeat the process.

IMPORTANT: Always wait for the 3rd round to capture stars, lest you get weird or legendary in the last round and have no astrophysics that instant.

Anyway, when an astromon is released, it gives us a random farewell gift, which can be a fruit, gold or even a tall egg. The amount of gold that can give us can be from 1k to 10k (not bad, right?).

In addition, every time you try to capture 100 stars, you will complete a challenge that rewards you with 20k gold. Then the challenge is restarted and you can regain the reward after another 100 capture attempts.

So, if you set out to do this for one or two hours, you can easily get together about 100k gold.

I suggest doing it starting at noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, since on those days there is a discount on the recharge of astrophysics + a bonus on the capture rate.

NOTE: the stars of 3 * and above can also be released , in addition to their farewell gifts are much better (more fruit, more gold and even astrogemas).

But I do not advise doing it with them because at the beginning the stars of 3 * they are very useful . If any of 3 * you do not like, then just use it in the Renaissance .

And if the Renaissance star does not like it either , only then release it (if you really need space in your inventory).

List of useful astromons

At the beginning, it is hard to realize if an astromon is useful or if it is worth focusing on it.

That is why I am going to leave a small list of astromons that I think are useful and easy to get.

Common stars:

  • Ardilius (firewood) : it is a good debuffer (that is, it is responsible for lowering the statistics of the enemy) and its active ability causes damage in the area. I would say it is the cheap version of Sun Wukong woody.
  • Algolita (water): is a good recovery star that will keep your team alive in long battles. Your passive “smash-shield” skill will not be very useful at the beginning, but it will gain utility later on when you reach the tower of chaos.
  • Latt (water): it is an excellent tank since its passive lowers the defense (something very useful against guardians and heads of floor), while its active lowers the attack to all the enemies.
    The best part is that you can catch many latt of firewood in “Mirage Ruins” and thus quickly evolve to its 3rd form (called Theria) to your water latt.
    As a curiosity: Theria de agua was the first astromon that amounted to 5 * and it was very useful!
  • Explore the types of astromon

Rare stars:

Seiren (water): the best healer and friend you could have on your computer. It heals itself with each attack and also heals all allies with its active ability.

As if that were not enough, it is not only useful at the beginning of the game but also continues to be very useful in advanced areas. What’s more, to this day I still use my faithful Nereida -a tear drops.

Mona (water): An excellent attacker who is very helpful when it comes to the farmer, since he charges 20% of energy (PH) with each attack so that in 5 turns he will always have his energy to the maximum.

Mona (firewood): a good tank because, like the mermaid, it heals itself with each attack. In addition, your actions will save you more than once by forcing all enemies to attack her, instead of your other stars, for 1 turn.

Cocomaru (firewood): a very useful attacker at the start thanks to his stunning ability.
In addition, thanks to the fact that there are books of skill for him, they make him a useful astromon in late-game if until then you do not have good firewood attackers.

Shellie (water): definitely the best “weird” water star for me. His 100% chance of lowering the enemy’s defense by 2 turns is simply great.
The bad thing is that you will only find it in the new continent (Celestial Waterfalls), but if you get to get an aquatic Shellie from an egg or in some invocation, I suggest you focus on it since it is extremely useful.

Farming of gems

The best gems are obtained from floors B7, B8, B9, and B10.

The easiest floor to the farm is the B8 since the enemies of that floor have less defense than the rest (although, as a counterpart, their attack is higher, especially the golem).

To make matters worse, all are in evo2 while on the other floors are in evo3. That is why it is advisable to try to unlock the B8 golem as fast as possible.

However, I understand that it is something difficult to do at the beginning, especially floors B5 and B6.

My suggestion is that you send friend requests to high-level players, no matter where they are from or what language they speak, since you can use the main astromon of each friend 1 time per day.

In this way, if you form a decent team with the help of a friend star at level 50 or 60 you should be able to defeat the turn-based golem until the B8 floor.

Try to have a priority to reach that floor, because once you are in B8, you will be able to defeat that golem and little by little you will build your team better.

So there will come a time where you will realize that you can leave in x20 on that floor, and you can farmer gems very easily.

In addition, bad gems can be sold and you will get gold quickly (that is the most used way by all to obtain gold).

A team suggestion for golem B8 is the following:

  • Water siren (alternative) raised to 5 *
  • Water or a Shellie of water raised to 5 *
  • Mona of water raised to 5 *

Ignore the lateral stars and focus only on the golem. The key is to lower the golem’s defense the first turn and then kill it without giving it a chance to counterattack.

With such a team, you should be able to knock the golem down in 2 or 3 turns.

If you fail to defeat him at that time, the golem will launch his special, which is devastating and will sweep the floor with your stars.

Finally, here is an image of my first team with which I could farm in golem B8 without problems:

Never to do in the game

This is one of the best points in super monster league guide and walkthrough.

Buy gold with astrogems

NEVER do that since astrogems are the most valuable resource of the game, while gold can be obtained in many ways.

I advise spending the astrogems only on 2 things: buy energy (you get 80 energy x 30 astrogems) and pack 10 + 1 (cost 600 astrogems).

However, you should buy the pack during the Festival of Heroes (which usually happens in the middle of the month).

This festival is that if you manage to invoke a nat5 in the 10 + 1 pack, the festival will give you heroic egg from which another nat5 will be born (guaranteed)!

Obsessing with improving a bad gem

In the beginning, it is easy to get carried away when it comes to improving gems with Tina, especially with our first 5 * or 6 * gems.

Which may not be good and would make us spend a lot of gold on something that is not worth it.

Attack a star before capturing it

This is a widespread myth since in pokemon the capture rate increased if the pokemon had a low life and suffered a change of state (like sleep or poisoning).

However, this is Monster Super League, not Pokemon, and attacking a star does not increase the chance of capture.

In fact, you run the risk of accidentally killing that astromon, reducing your chance to catch it to zero.

Buy many 10 + 1 packs

This is a mistake that I fell into for a long time.

If you already got a pair of stars nat5 in your first purchases or in one of the festivals, do not try to get more since you will only fill your inventory quickly.

And you will not know which stars to get rid of and which ones to keep.

So that you will always lack space and you will be in trouble on many occasions.

Instead, buy energy and use it to: level up your stars, farmer stones (stellar and elemental) in dungeons, gems and rare stars on maps.

So you will quickly take your stars to evo3, you will get good gems and you can also promote them to 6 *.

Merge stars

In the aircraft, there is a sector called “Fusion” where it is possible to combine 2 stars to obtain a different one.

Normally one would believe that the star resulting from the fusion is much stronger than those used to invoke it. Unfortunately, that is something totally wrong!

Catch exotic astromons in the monster super league

As you know, an “exotic” astromon is one that, for a limited time, can appear in ANY area of ​​the game. Of course, its appearance rate is low as that of any special star.

Some exotic stars are more difficult than others. This is something that 4:33 (the company that created the game) decides on each occasion.

They decide if the rate of appearance of the exotic of turn will be that of a rare, a superhero or legendary.

That is why some exotic people may appear more frequently than others.

Finally, in this post, I will give some tips to farm these exotic trying to be efficient and save the most energy in the game.

What will we need?

  • Astrogems to buy energy
  • Space in the inventory of astromons and gems
  • Special stars for fast mapping on maps
  • Choose our farming sites and raise the capture rate to the maximum
  • The farmer in “key moments”  to save energy (I’ll explain later)
  • And most importantly … a lot of time and patience on our part.

Special stars for fast farming

And what are these astromons? -You’ll tell me

Well, simply the stars that can load your PH quickly, without needing to receive blue spheres, and that its active cause damage in an area.

Now, here is a list of some stars in super monster league guide and walkthrough that you could use to speed up your farmer:

  • Mona (water, dark)
  • Carlabaza (light)
  • Seira (light, dark)
  • Avelin (light)
  • Fibi (dark)
  • Banshee (firewood)
  • Noelle (firewood)
  • Incubus (firewood)
  • Arturo (water)
  • Siegfried (fire)
  • Valkyrie (fire)
  • Jinn (fire)
  • Merlin (fire)

Choose our places of farmer

It is not necessary that we have ALL the areas of the game with the maximum capture rate.

However, it is important that we have at least 2 areas like this since the idea is not to farm in one place but to change the map once a special star has appeared on a map.

My suggestion would be that you raise the rate to the maximum in some of the following areas:

  • Ghost Forest (for a few months, it became my favorite place to farm)
  • Ruins Mirage
  • Coast of Payments
  • Magma cramps
  • Sanctuary of the star

Personally, now farmer more in Forest and  Coast than in other areas of the game.

The basic combination of stars

Anyway, here I leave a very basic and used combination for each type of astromon:

  • Attacker:
    1. Set value -> ATK, ATK, PV / def.
    2. Set ruin -> tc, atk, pv / def / atk (this set is only recommended if the total tc exceeds 60%)
    3. Set intuicion -> tc, atk, pv / DEF / ATK.
  • Defender:
    1. Set protection > pv, def, pv / def.
    2. Set of life -> pv, def, def / pv.
    3. Set conviction -> pv / def, def, def.
  • Tank:
    1. Set of life -> pv, def, pv / def.
    2. Set protection -> pv, pv, def / pv.
    3. Set conviction -> pv, pv, def / pv.
  • Recovery:
    1. Set vitality -> pv, def, pv / def
    2. Set of life -> pv, def, recup.
    3. Set protection -> pv, def, Recup.
  • Balanced:
    1. Arming him as an attacker, defender or tank according to your needs.

Farmer medals of the league

First, let’s remember a couple of things:

  • We start the day with 10 tickets
  • Any battle in the league costs 1 ticket
  • 1 ticket is automatically reloaded in 30 minutes
  • If we win a battle in the league they will ALWAYS give us 3 medals  (in high divisions the number of medals increases slightly).
  • If we lose or tie a battle in the league, they will give us only 1 medal.

If we spent our 10 tickets at the beginning of the day, then in 5 hours we would have another 10 tickets ready to be spent.

In that case, we could say that we have 20 tickets per day to spend in the league (if you are a casual player).

So, if we spend our 20 tickets every day, at the end of the week we will have a MINIMUM of 140 medals (assuming that we have absolutely LOST all our battles).

Dragon B7 and B8 guide


Here we find pure dark stars (dark) so that it does not occur to you to take a star of light because you will end up dead in the first turn unless you are an aggressor.

In the 1st round, we have a sensual and highly dangerous Persephone dark along with 2 random lackeys.


Here we find fireplaces and triangular gems.

This floor I consider a bit more complicated than b7 because it takes more time to pass it, besides that you need fire stars to defeat the dragon (on b7 there is more freedom in the types).

Final verdict:

In monster super league guide and walkthrough, you can explore the complete gameplay about how to get everything.

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