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My cafe guide & cheat:

In my cafe guide, we will show you the best tips and advice you can have to improve your progress in the history of My cafe. Some tips in my cafe guide will probably already know you and some will help you improve your skill in the game.

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My cafe recipes and stories restaurant game is offered and delivered by Melsoft games.

Overview of my cafe:

Currently, my cafe is one of the best simulation games of restaurants because the recipes are almost endless and you have many possibilities in the game to grow your business from 0. In my cafe guide, we will give you some pills to improve your performance in the game a legal and very effective way.

My cafe recipes offer hours of totally free fun and also hides secrets that you will find little by little. For example, here in my cafe guide, you can discover all the recipes that exist in the game. In addition, you can also see how to earn more rubies and keep improving your cafeteria.

My cafe guide: Tips and tricks

My Cafe Guide

How to make money easily in my cafe?

My cafe recipes and stories are probably the best simulation game of restaurants. Making money is not easy, let alone getting clients. The beginning is a bit slow, but as you unlock customers and objects, the addiction is maximum. Also, unlike other similar games, each character has its own story, which you can only reveal as you progress.

The employees: My cafe guide (hints)

My cafe guide [on apkguides] tells you that your workers will also quickly make all the orders that you can not complete and with it, you will get more money and less dissatisfied customers, which in the end is what we most need. But did you know that you can also upload your statistics?

That’s right, you can upload some skills to your employees to get more performance from these, for example, Ann. There is a super important skill that can offer you is to increase the price of products, with this, you can configure your menu in order to offer a little more expensive food and with it more benefits.

You will also have the opportunity to give ANN an ability to give you gifts, normally these gifts will be new condiments to make new recipes.

Hiring waiters:

My Cafe Guide and tips

Always try to hire the waiters who need the most function in the game, not those with a specific ability that does not contribute anything to the game.

By following our my cafe guide remember that Ann will offer you every few hours new waiters that you can hire, if you do not like them, just wait the time required to find new waiters.

Taking out commands:

It is likely that sometimes ANN is in a hurry, it is best to try to get all the work you can among you. With this best my cafe guide, If you see a customer asking for something and Ann does not arrive, click on what the customer is asking to proceed to make the recipe.

With this, you will improve your cafeteria a lot. In addition, you will also gain the ability to prepare commands.

My cafe guide: Hints and strategies

Conversations with clients:

In many occasions, you will open a chat with a client. My cafe guide helps you to complete missions in an easy way. Sometimes clients will tell you certain things that are indifferent.

Others will give you missions or some clients will give you the opportunity to perform certain actions to get free gems. This is a good way to obtain gems in a free way to further boost your cafeteria.

Always try to talk to your customers, since they will provide you with a great source of help for your business, be it with gems, with ways of decorating or with missions.

Most important clients:

My cafe guide helps you to discover the most important clients. As we have already mentioned, customers are a fundamental part of the game, they help you to progress and improve. For example, we have:

Fernando: Will help you decorate your cafe and help you get VIP points.

Margaret: It will help you decorate.

Koffsky: I will share some new recipes.

It is very important to always talk to them because they will be an interesting source of gems that we can not waste.

 Special Spices:

Some special recipes will need you to incorporate some special spices, with which you can sell much more expensive and thus get more money with our legit my cafe guide. There are several ways to get these special spices and this is with:

  • Stand to buy spices:

To start getting spices, you will need to mount a Stand to buy the Spice Box.

  • The daily gifts:

By connecting every day, you will get gifts with those that may contain gems. If you raise the skill of your waiters of the gifts, you will have more possibilities to obtain spices.

  • With the Phone:

Apart from the fact that the phone allows you to get more customers, you can also buy new special spices, an improvement for your business.

  • Koffsky:

It will give you special spices on many occasions.

  • Fernando:

You can buy gifts from Fernando with whom he will give you some special spices.

My cafe guide to decore your cafe:

When you go to decorate your place, always keep in mind that you have to do it with a unique setting, if you decide to go for the French decoration, keep that style and do not place other decorations of different styles because customers may feel annoyed.

Most decorations offer a benefit to your local, whether in the form of income, reputation among other things. Remember that customers will give you clues so you can improve even more the decoration of your cafeteria.

How to get diamonds in my cafe?

The best way to get diamonds in the game consistently is to see ads. But there are many other methods totally free. And if you are able to keep an eye on all of them, you will never have to spend real money on diamonds again.

 How to get rubies or gems in my cafe?

There are several ways to get rubies:

  • Serving orders directly with style machines
  • Exchanging them for coins at the cashier
  • Through special telephone orders
  • Through festive tasks and rewards

Final verdict:

With best and updated my cafe guide you will improve in the game my cafe and can earn great revenue.

You can write your feedback in the comment section.

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