NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball GuideNBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Guide


One of the best sports game that raises the most passions worldwide, and especially in the United States.

This game was developed by Electronic Arts and it is a very good basketball video game for mobile devices, and we would dare to say that it is one of the best sports games on iOS and Android platforms.

Next, we are going to show you a series of tricks and tips for this game.


In this game we will have to choose a team of the competition and try to take it to the top: a classic premise but that not many times is easy to carry out.

NBA Live Mobile manages to do it, although it needs to improve in some aspects.

The reason is that why NBA Live Mobile achieves this goal, supported by a very interesting playable proposal that we will detail later.

It invites us to improve our team with the so-called “Live Events” free of charge; and auctions, to redeem the rewards we get for our victories and sell the players that we believe do not fit our team.

These “Live Events” will allow us to play online in turns (two quarters each against the CPU) in front of other people. They are entertaining matches because they have the tension of not knowing what the other player is doing.

In addition, we will have challenges such as a five-point drawback in two minutes, etc.

Now, the NBA Live Mobile problem is that it shares with many other games so that it is difficult to move forward without using micro-transactions, which hinders the normal development of the game.

But going directly to the gameplay related to the games, we find a powerful game graphically speaking, with many animations for many players and a very good sound.

We see that we have a few control buttons, in addition to the joystick to move the player: in attack we can penetrate the basket to sprint, pass the ball or throw.

For the shots, we will have an indicator that we will have to stop at the exact moment to make a good basket throw.

In defense, on the other hand, we will have only one button to block the rival throws and another to mark the rival player who carries the ball that must be kept pressed at all times.

In conclusion, from the playable point of view, we believe that NBA Live Mobile is a very good title and that it has enough potential to be the best sports game in the entire mobile landscape.


As soon as we start playing we will have to create our team, which can include all types of NBA players. The important thing is to choose players with skills that can be combined to make a good team, and we will get players as we play the game.

At first, get all the players you can and don’t worry about selling. Try to buy players that do not cost more than 500 coins and have a valuation of 65 or more, logically the more valuation and the lower the better cost.

It’s easy to sign superstars, but at first, you won’t be able to pay them, so examine the available players and look at their positive and negative points, combine the players of your team to compensate for their weaknesses, and take advantage of the aspects where they are better during the parties.

When we have built a decent team, it is time to try it on the court. In NBA Live Mobile, attacking is not very complicated, but when defending remember that you will have to press the dial button when the opposing player is in front of us and does nothing to try to steal the ball and if there is a pass in front of Press it to try a robbery.


If you do not feel like playing the game directly, simply click on the icon in the upper left corner to activate the automatic mode, and you will see how your team starts playing alone, something very useful to get money effortlessly.

And if you see that the game gets complicated or you just want to keep playing, turn it off whenever you want.


Do not forget to use auctions to get cheap players and sell them expensive, since there are people who do not know their real value and puts them at very affordable prices.

Buy them and then sell them at a higher price and earn the difference. Check the prices of the best players to know when they are cheap.

The key to getting cheap gold and silver players is to watch when the auction house is updated. It usually does every 5 minutes, so as soon as it is updated, immediately search for silver gold players and buy the ones you see cheap before anyone finds them.


One of the most important things you will have to do in NBA Live Mobile to get money is to make the achievements of the game. There are games where they are embellished, but in this game, we will get great prizes by making them as cards and coins.

So whenever you can take a look to get them. In general, if you play the game frequently, it will be easy to get them, so try it.

On the other hand, once you get certain complete equipment we will get a prize. Sell ​​it and we will get many coins.

Also when completing the different seasons in the game we will get many coins, so it should be what we do at the beginning of the game since at the beginning our team will be very lazy.


NBA Live Mobile is more complex than it may seem at first glance, and despite being a mobile game we have many complex movements at our disposal to get the most out of our players.

These are the most important we have found:

Turning Movement

The turning movement is done by pressing the Penetration button twice while moving forward or backward.

We can make the turn more quickly if we do it at the exact moment to dodge the defense, opening, for example, the possibility of a medium distance shot if we press the Shot button immediately.

Pass Between The Legs

To make this move, press the Penetration button once when we stand and cross the ball between the legs.

Hands Pass-Through The Back

We can do it if we go in one direction and quickly change to another, however it is quite difficult to perform, so it is more useful and simple to make the turning movement in its place.

Stealing Ball

As we discuss on the start of the guide, we do it by pressing the Marking button when the attacker is in front of us without moving, then our player will attempt the theft.

Fading Or Feint And Suspension Shot

To make this shot, we haggle towards the bottom or sideline and press the Shot button.


To make a hook we press the Shot button with its back to the basket.
You haven’t downloaded NBA Live Mobile yet? Don’t worry, here are the links to download the game for Android on Google Play and for iOS on iTunes.

Also, if you know more tricks for NBA Live Mobile do not forget to leave them in the comments, and if you liked the tricks, share it on your social networks.

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In NBA Live Mobile, players are classified by metal, gold, silver, and bronze. Out of these categories are elite players or special events that will show their names in red.

In the game, we will see that the players are identified with a number that marks their overall ability. If we want to know your specific skills, click on the player and we will see his score broken down into 6 categories: speed, dribble, 3 points, shot, defense and pass.

In NBA Live Mobile there are 5 differentiated groups in which we will have to include players. These groups are:

  1. Pass and defense
  2. Speed ​​and dribble
  3. Speed ​​and defense
  4. Defense and shooting
  5. Shot and 3 points

We can know which players can be used in each group by the color of the icon on the player’s card. Depending on which group we include it, we will obtain some advantages or others.


The most difficult part of NBA Live Mobile and that makes a difference when it comes to winning or losing in our opinion is a defense. That is why you should always include the following in your device:

1. A Good Shot Blocker

It is not so easy to know who are good blockers in NBA Live Mobile since it is not a clearly visible statistic, but normally those long-arm players will be good at blocking shots. Keep this in mind when forming your team since this will be very important in your defense.

2. One Or Two Good Rebounders

If you have good rebounds in your team, you have many points guaranteed by taking advantage of those lost balls through counterattacks, as well as avoiding second moves from your opponents, so always include one or two players with good rebounding ability.

3. A Good Ball Stealer

It is certainly necessary to have at least one good player that we can use to steal opposing balls and start the attack of our team, do not leave your team without a player of this profile.


Final Verdict

In this article, you can explore this game by complete step by step guide and tips. Just read our guides on and play this game like a PRO player.



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