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There was a time when everyone liked the Pokémon and was waited for the new series. But now the trend has been changed. Pocket Mortys APK is a video game, actually inspired by the Pokémon Series. This game has many adventurous themes and events for the adventurers.

Pocket Mortys APK is a choice for the lovers of Pokémon and action games. This game is a turn-based game like Pokémon. But there are some differences also have in it, such as the character of the game.

Story Line

The storyline is a bit similar to the Pokémon Series. Because it’s a turn-based game so, play on both sides of the game. Your basic and initial role is to play as Rick and on the other side, you will operate as Morty to fight and weaken the enemy’ mortys.

There are different types of Mortys available in the Pocket Mortys APK. Be careful to choose the appropriate Morty to fight with the enemy on another side.


Game Play Mechanism

The gameplay mechanism is necessary for the achievement of the highest level, which is the aim of every gamer. You should take these things into your mind to attain the achievement and success in the Pocket Mortys APK.

As we have discussed that there are different types of Mortys are available in the game, around about more than 70 mortys. Cat Mortys, Robot Mortys, Alien Mortys, and Muscle Mortys, these are some examples of the available mortys.

Try to choose the compatible mortys, against your enemy mortys. E.g. Rock-Type Mortys is more crucial against the Scissor-Type Mortys, and these both are more powerful against the Paper-Type Mortys. Ultimately, the selection of the right mortys is a key to successful gameplay.

Technical Info

Rick and Morty Apk Version [current_date format=’Y’]
Category Simulation
Rick and Morty Apk Size 94 MB
Developed By [adult swim] games
Offered By [adult swim] games
Requires Platform
4.1 and up [Android]
In-app Products You can buy other items
Free or paid? Download Free Version

What’s New in the Pocket Mortys APK?

  • Now the sustainably scoured Mortys’ sound is available in Pocket Mortys APK.
  • The option, to play as a multiplayer, permits you to play with your friends in a battle of your own selection.
  • Develop your Mortys’ Deck by customizing your favorite mortys and train them to play.
  • Around about more than 300 Mortys are waiting for you. Some new introduced Mortys are, Pickle Mortys, Car Mortys, and Cronenberg Mortys.
  • Other Interesting Features of Pocket Mortys APK
  • Now it’s possible for you to fight and get the adventure for different universes at the same time.
  • The adventures of destruction and action.
  • Customization and choice for many characters to create your favorite one.
  • Utilize the Multi-Tiered challenges to fulfill your curiosity.

Required Permissions

pocket mortys apk

It’s important for you to know about the required permissions by the Pocket Mortys APK, that what is going to use from your device.


Most of us don’t pay attention to this element, but it’s very essential for over privacy. Your privacy should be the highest priority. What are these required permissions by Pocket Mortys APK? We are going to share it with you.

  • Access to the switch of network sockets for on/off control.
  • Access to the detailed information about your network provider.
  • Access to the Wi-Fi network and connection, including their details.
  • Access to your internal and external device storage.
  • Access to read your contacts and social accounts.
  • Access to your device accounts.

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