Pokemon Platinum Edition GuidePokemon Platinum Edition Guide

Pokemon Platinum Edition Guide

The game was first announced in the 05/2008 edition of CoroCoro Comics as the third edition of Diamond and Pearl without a name. It was officially announced on May 15 on the Japanese Pokémon website and in Coro Coro Comics’ 06/2008 issue, after scans from that issue had surfaced in the days before, revealing the game early on. The game was released on September 13, 2008, in Japan, on March 22, 2009, in the USA, and on May 22, 2009, in Europe. You can download its English version from Downloadroms.

About Pokemon Platinum Edition

The story takes place in the fictional region of Sinnoh. The idyllic from the two-leaf village dating protagonist embarks like its rival from the neighborhood on an unforgettable journey across the country to its by Prof. Yew received Pokédex complete and Champ the Pokémon League to become. Pokemon Platinum Edition story begins with the protagonist and his rival wanting to search the Lake of Truth for a red Gyarados after seeing a television report about it.

Once there, it occurs to the rival that unfortunately neither he nor the protagonist own a Pokémon and therefore cannot defend themselves in an emergency, let alone catch the Gyarados. On the way back to the settlement, their paths cross with those of the one just from the Kanto region returned to his homeland, Prof. Eibe and his assistant Lucia or Lucius (depending on the gender of the protagonist).


A quick look into the eyes of the two youngsters is enough to recognize their potential. And since they bring this with them, the editor is ready to give them two of the Pokémon he has brought from Kanto, in the hope that they will learn more about how to use Pokémon and that they will develop a close relationship with their partners. After he met his mother’s approval in an intensive conversation in this regard and obtained her permission, it is clear to the protagonist that he and his Pokémon want to go out into the wide world.


So he goes with his freshly baked partner Pokémon to the neighboring Sandgemme to take up Prof. Eibe’s suggestion to collect as much data as possible about the Pokémon living in Sinnoh. For this purpose, he receives the latest model of the Pokédex from the visibly enthusiastic evolution theorist.

After taking a tour of the village, he got some basics for being a Pokémon trainer from Lucia / Lucius, and he is already on his way to the bigger city of jubilation. After a visit to the local coaching school and a small scavenger hunt arranged by the Pokétch Society, he observes a middle-aged man, who is almost too inconspicuously dressed, shadowing people who appear suspicious to him.

He introduces himself to the protagonist as a private detective with the code name LeBelle, who claims to be investigating a gang of criminals who steal their Pokémon en masse from trainers. His journey takes the protagonist to almost all areas of the region, from the floodplains of Flori to the daring bank to the snow-covered Blizzach.

He meets countless other trainers, tramps, anglers, teenagers, and many other unique people who sometimes give him an object or advice on the way, and also teach him some virtues. In return, on the other hand, you have to do them a favor

every now and then and bail them out. Still, others simply fight with him, including the rival, with whom the protagonist inevitably often unexpectedly clashes. After all, both have set themselves the same goal:

The conflict with Team Galaktik finally culminates in the truest sense of the word in a final battle at the spear pillar on the top of the huge crater mountain, where sudden events seem inevitable: Cyrus has the cratered mountain with the last henchmen who remained loyal to him (among them Commander Mars and Jupiter ) to force the Pokémon Tobutz, Vesprit and Selfe, made into defenseless puppets under the supervision of his researcher Charon, to summon Dialga and Palkia to throw Sinnoh into chaos.

Fortunately, the plan gets out of control more or less than the one aroused by all the commotion Giratina comes to the surface, Dialga and Palkia have driven away and Cyrus is dragged with him into the world of war, where the protagonist, accompanied by Cynthia, follows them. Thanks to the lake trio, the two of them can find their way through this inhospitable place and pursue them. In this way, the protagonist succeeds in both stopping Cyrus and taming Giratina. He then travels with Cynthia back into the real world, and the Distortion World later on in the spring path lying vagina source can be accessed.

Cynthia advises her companion to fight for the last medal needed to participate in the Pokémon League in the Pokémon Arena in Sonnewik. Once there, the surprise is great when Cynthia identifies herself as a champ. So the two fight one last fight, which demands all the passion and understanding for their Pokémon from both the protagonist and Cynthia and from which the protagonist emerges as the winner. With that, he moves into the Hall of Fame, a place where only the boldest and strongest of all trainers are allowed to immortalize their names, which is where the main story of Pokémon Platinum ends. Then the protagonist finds himself again visiting his mother in Zweiblattdorf.

After receiving the National dex at the latest, all areas of the Sinnoh region that have remained blocked can now be entered, with the exception of New Moon Island. New adventures, features, and stronger coaches are also waiting for the player. The combat zone and a short side quest on the Kohlberg should be emphasized here. Furthermore, many legendary Pokémon such as Cresselia, Arktos, Zapdos, and Lavados are now roaming the country.

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