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Resident Evil 2 Guide, Tips, Secrets, Strategies & Hints

In this article, you can explore the complete resident evil 2 guides, tricks, analysis, and different faqs.

Resident evil 2 history

The plot of the game is placed in the year 1998, specifically two months after the events of the original title.

Raccoon City, a fictitious American city, has been transformed into zombies and other creatures due to the Virus T. Read How to kill zombies?

It is a pathogen developed by the Umbrella company, dedicated to the creation of bio-organic weapons.

The protagonists of the story fall on Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, where both will have to collaborate together in this nightmare to survive.


Resident Evil 2 is a model remake of the classic horror game. The authors managed to carefully update the familiar story about the misadventures of a very young Leon Kennedy in an ominous police station.

The most serious changes have undergone graphics, but otherwise, a new game in a good sense resembles a surrender-horror of twenty years ago: when enemies are tenacious, there are always shortages of cartridges and it is necessary to think over their actions in advance.

To alleviate the plight of those who also ventured into Raccoon City adventures, we prepared a series of resident evil 2 guides, walkthrough with tips on how to go and help with solving puzzles.

Main characters of resident evil 2

Leon S. Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy is a rookie cop who arrives in Raccoon City to work in the area’s department.

As soon as he arrives he realizes that things are not right, given that he was not aware of the spread of the virus.

While Leon stops in a business district and gets out of the car to inspect a body in the middle of the street, he is attacked by several zombies.

In his escape, he runs into another survivor, Claire Redfield, and from there they will have to collaborate together.

Claire Redfield

He arrives in Raccoon City in search of news of a family member.

This is the younger sister of Chris Redfield and throughout history will end up becoming the best friend of Leon.

In its plot will discover more truth about the intentions of Umbrella, and also about his family past.

Differences of resident evil 2

  • The new graphics engine that allows textures in high definition and a visual impulse.
  • Different positioning of the camera, similar to Resident Evil 4.
  • Redesign of the maps.
  • Slight changes in dialog scenes.
  • Kinematics created from scratch.
  • Inventory options inspired by Resident Evil 7.
  • New voices of the characters.
  • New game modes
  • A completely changed interface for the main menu and other interior menus.

Before you start a resident evil 2 guide and walkthrough, it is recommended that you must read the 14 interesting things about Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Before starting to play Resident Evil 2 remake for PS4, Xbox One and PC we provide a best 10 tricks and tips that you should know, and that will make things easier for you.

10 interesting things

1. Concentration before firing

If we keep the focus on a target for a few seconds, it “closes”. In this way we not only have greater precision, but the projectiles will do more damage to each monster.

Every time we move abruptly this concentration is lost and it is necessary to aim again.

2. Each monster, a weak point

Look closely at the creatures that you have before because almost all of them show their weak points.

As it is popular culture, the zombies fall with shots to the head. The monsters of the sewers have a yellow eye, which is their weak point (they only show it after receiving some impacts).

And for their part, the NEST laboratory plant men have a series of bulbs distributed throughout the body, which we can burst with bullets.

resident evil 2 guide - zombies
resident evil 2 guide – zombies

There are also weapons that are more effective against certain creatures; use acid grenades and flamethrower against vegetables. Incendiary grenades and cartridges are the best things to shoot down the zombies.

3. Time affects the range

If we want to achieve a higher rank at the end of the game, the game will take into account the time it takes.

Maybe in the first round, you need more time to explore, but we must bear in mind that the passing of the minutes will affect the qualification and the objects that we will unblock when finished.

Clarifications range from B (the lowest) to S + (the best range that can be achieved), and the times depend on the character and the A / B scenario.

4. The licker is blind

Do not forget, maybe one of the most dangerous creatures that appear in  Resident Evil 2, the licker, are blind and are guided by sound. We can avoid some confrontations (very painful) if we walk slowly by his side.

5. Equip secondary weapons

Secondary weapons (knife, grenades and stun grenades) can be used in two different ways.

Either to attack (holding the L1 button and hitting with R2) or as a last resort, when a zombie pounces on us. It is convenient that we always have one of these weapons equipped, to avoid an unexpected bite.

6. Keep the ammunition

Resident Evil 2 remake has taken this key element of the original “survival horror”.

There are many confrontations that can be avoided by running.

Especially the crawling zombies and the Cerberus. Nor does it make sense to spend ammunition with Mr. X.

How to find the improvements for weapons?

7. Save the game whenever you can

In easy mode, Resident Evil includes a self-saving function, but in normal and hardcore mode, we have to use the classic typewriters.

This time the number of saves is not limited by ink cartridges, so it is convenient to save the game every time we pass by a machine.

In addition, the storage rooms are safe rooms, where zombies do not enter, so we can take a break.

8. Use the trunks and order the objects

The management of the inventory is one of the playable elements that increase the difficulty in the remake of Resident Evil 2 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Keep in mind that the objects accumulated in the trunks can be recovered in different locations, so do not be afraid to store weapons and ammunition.

To make it easier to navigate the menus, you can sort the objects by class.

9. Explore all objects

Some objects have keys written in the base, are mechanisms hidden in themselves or hide essential information to solve some puzzles.

So every time you pick up an unusual item (from a photo frame to a trophy) it’s best to give it a spin to discover everything it hides. So you can save many unnecessary trips.

This is one of the interesting things in resident evil 2 guide and walkthrough.

10. Create ammunition

In Resident Evil 2 we find three types of gunpowder scattered around the stage (at the box office and in some tables and cabinets).

  • Normal
  • Quality (white with Claire, yellow with Leon)
  • Big

The pumpers can be combined two by two, to create different types of ammunition, as indicated below:

1, Leon

  • Normal + normal: gun ammo
  • Normal + quality: shotgun cartridges
  • Quality + quality: magnum ammunition

2. Claire

  • Normal + normal: gun ammo
  • Normal + quality: acid grenades
  • Quality + quality: submachine gun ammunition

Walkthrough & hints

resident evil 2 guide
resident evil 2 guides and walkthrough

In the beginning, we see the trucker driver listening to the radio waves of policemen, they report strange infected people in the city. A little later, he will kill a girl, come out to examine her, and she will bite him.

On our jeep, we stop at a gas station, in the building we will hear a noise. We enter, the wounded seller will point to the back room, where we will see how the zombie will bite the policeman.

We have in our hands Matilda’s Pistol, we shoot the zombies.

From the locker take the key. Use the key on the locked door, back to the store.

Inside there will be a couple of zombies. We run out to the exit, there we will meet the girl, we shoot at the zombies behind her back.

Outside, a whole crowd of zombies, together we sit in someone else’s patrol car and leave.

During the trip we get to know each other, the hero’s name is Leon Kennedy, the heroine is Claire Redfield.

Leon came to work in the police, and Claire is looking for his missing brother. Entering Raccoon City.

Below you can explore the detailed resident evil 2 guides;

Graphics settings for a weak PC

What parameters are best used to achieve the “golden mean” between graphics and performance?

resident evil 2 guide - graphics setting
resident evil 2 guide – graphics setting

The new Resident Evil 2 is a very beautiful game, but not every PC can cope with its maximum graphics settings.

Thanks to the RE Engine, on which the last part of the series was created from scratch, the user can interact with any parameter affecting the image quality, as well as select the optimal settings for themselves.

The vast majority of graphics options in RE2 are a kind of “post-process effects”, and therefore do not significantly affect performance.

Parameters such as Glow, Glare in the Lens, Depth of Field, Motion Blur, and Grain are additional visual features that have little or no effect on the frame rate.

Everyone decides for himself whether to include any of the above functions or not.

If you set all available parameters to the maximum at the same time, this can lead to a fuzzy image.

Thus, the game at the maximum settings for someone may look worse than at the lowest. In this resident evil 2 guide and walkthrough, we will discuss the main graphics options that affect the graphics and performance.

The most demanding graphics options in the game

By right, the “heaviest” parameter that affects the frame rate can be considered “Image quality”.

In fact, adjusting the percentage of the parameter (from 50 to 200%) you increase or decrease the frequency of rendering (rendering).

Setting this value to a maximum, you actually double the rendering resolution, and also reduce the frame rate by half.

“Quality of bulk rays” is the second important parameter affecting performance. We will talk about him separately.

The last parameter we chose is Caching Shadows. Affects frame rate negatively only when turned off.

It not only significantly increases performance, but also activates dynamic shadow caching for moving objects.

Drawing mode

Only two modes are available – regular and interlaced. Interlaced rendering mode is a “television sweep” method when each frame is divided into two half-frames, and even and odd lines are reproduced in the broken fields.

Typically, this technology is used to eliminate redundancy in the frequency of transmitted frames.

This mode will slightly reduce image quality by drawing dashed lines and creating a composite image. If you need a beautiful picture, then choose the normal mode.

  • Performance impact – 0/5
  • Effect on graphics – 5/5

Image quality

We have already described above how this function works.

If you have good iron at your disposal, then increase the quality of the image as needed.

Otherwise, it is better to set this option by default (100%). Reducing this parameter to the minimum will result in a blurry, fuzzy background.

resident evil 2 guide - graphics help
resident evil 2 guide – graphics help
  • Performance impact – 5/5.
  • Effect on graphics – 5/5.

Vertical sync

Vertical sync (VSync) is a parameter that equates frames per second with the refresh rate of the monitor.

Due to this, the picture becomes smoother, the “jerks” of the image are removed.

The graphics processor is a bit “offloaded”, but at the same time, an order of magnitude more resources of the CPU is involved.

We recommend enabling vertical sync only on a medium power PC.

  • Performance impact – 2/5.
  • Effect on graphics – 2/5.

Texture quality

At maximum settings, all the textures surrounding you will look clearer, and this will have almost no effect on performance.

It is worth noting that this parameter largely depends on the available memory of the graphics processor.

Therefore, we recommend selecting this value based on the amount of video memory. If you overdo it, then with high probability you will get an unstable FPS in addition with a fuzzy picture. By the way, the game itself warns about this.

  • Performance impact – 0/5.
  • Effect on graphics – 2/5.

Texture filtering quality

Texture filtering, also known as anisotropic filtering, mostly affects the clarity of texture when viewed at an angle.

We did not find any features at the maximum value: in some places, the details became more pronounced, and somewhere else the opposite. In any case, this had no effect on performance.

  • Performance impact – 0/5.
  • Effect on graphics – 2/5.

Mesh quality

This parameter is designed to increase or decrease the number of polygonal grids that make up the textures in the game. The effect of the parameter on the visual quality is minimal, but its maximum value does not affect the performance.

  • Performance impact – 0/5.
  • The effect on graphics is 1/5.

Shadow quality

As the parameter increases, shadow rendering will improve. I must warn you that this will also reduce performance.

Shadows in any game consume a large amount of video memory, and Resident Evil 2 is no exception. We recommend setting the parameter to a medium, or at least a high value.

  • Performance impact – 4/5.
  • The effect on graphics – 3/5.

Contact shadows

This feature will add to the game “atmosphere”, as it affects the rendering of the shadows of each part at the points of contact.

In other words, if you activate this parameter, then all touching objects will cast a shadow.

From the negative: it will slightly reduce the FPS, and also slightly load the processor.

  • Performance impact – 0/5.
  • Effect on graphics – 4/5.

Reflections in screen space

The function “Reflections in screen space” allows you to see the reflections in real time, especially in puddles and other wet surfaces.

At the moment, it works poorly on other planes, and also consumes a lot of video card resources. We recommend disabling this option.

  • Performance impact – 4/5.
  • The effect on graphics – 3/5.

Subsurface scattering

This parameter is directly related to the quality of processing the skin of characters.

Truth be told, in some cases, it looks much better when turned off.

Given the considerable drop in frame rates and processor load caused by subsurface scattering, we recommend turning it off.

  • Performance impact – 4/5.
  • The effect on graphics is 1/5.

Bulk ray quality

One of the most demanding graphics settings in the game, but perhaps the most atmospheric.

Three-dimensional illumination of rays allows you to create cascading lighting effects (effects of incident rays on the surface).

Of the four available modes, we recommend staying at an average, or turn this option off at all and “enjoy” a high FPS.

  • Performance impact – 5/5.
  • Effect on graphics – 4/5.

Quality of particle lighting

Changes the quality of the lighting of particles such as dust, water, glare, and others. Most likely, with the function turned on during the game you will not notice the difference, but it also will not cost you performance.

  • Performance impact – 0/5.
  • The effect on graphics is 1/5.

Surround light

Changes the rendering of shadows cast by ambient lighting. This is especially noticeable at the edges and other points of contact of objects.

If you are not using the most powerful processor and video card, then we recommend staying on the full version of SSAO.

In other cases, you can try the technology HDAO and HBAO +, but it will cost you performance.

  • Performance impact – 3/5.
  • The effect on graphics – 3/5.


The function only makes the light emitted by objects brighter and richer.

This does not affect the performance (no frame will be lost) but also add to the atmosphere.

RE2 is filled with darkness, so it’s foolish to refuse this parameter.

  • Performance impact – 0/5.
  • The effect on graphics – 3/5.

Resident evil 2 remake opponents guide

A detailed description of all opponents in the game: features, strengths and weaknesses, effective combat tactics in resident evil 2 guide and walkthrough.

In Resident Evil 2, you will meet with several types of opponents, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

All of them differ in speed and strength of attacks, as well as in susceptibility to damage inflicted.

Of course, the main enemies in the game, as before, are the living dead. Alone, they are almost harmless, as they are rather slow.

Almost all enemies can take the hero by surprise and pounce on him.

Since the mechanics of the game does not allow fighting to be hand-to-hand, in this case, it would be good to have with you any additional weapons: a combat knife, a light or a hand grenade.

If there is no such weapon, then the hero will certainly take damage, and in some cases will even die.


As we wrote above, ordinary zombies are the main local population, and therefore the most common opponents.

It’s not always necessary to fight with them: it’s better to get around lonely ghouls, but if there are optimal conditions for this (basically, bypass tactics can be hindered by lack of space).

If you met with such an enemy in a narrow corridor, it is better to lure him to an open area or lure him into a large room. Otherwise, you have to get rid of it.

To kill a zombie at the usual level of complexity will need to spend from three to seven rounds.

Always aim at the head. No matter how slow zombies are, in some moments, especially when you try to aim the gun at the head, the ghoul dramatically changes its trajectory, and, accordingly, the bullet flies past.

Consider this factor.

The hardest thing is to deal with three or more opponents at once.

If you see that the battle is inevitable, and there are too many dead bodies, in this case, it is better to spend one hand grenade and “pick up” several at once.

Another unpleasant fact about a zombie: even if he fell, it does not mean at all that you defeated him.

The next moment, passing by, he can easily grab the hero by the leg and cause damage.

Our observations have shown that a zombie is considered defeated only when its head has split into two parts, or the body does not respond to shots.

The so-called “sleeping” zombies are scattered around the police station and district. If you do not make noise (running, shooting, explosions), then most of these enemies will not be dangerous. In some game scenes will have to use explosives and ring the bell, after that, all sleeping will wake up.


Lizun is a living organism infected with the T-virus, which has been strengthened after a series of experiments.

This is a fast and strong opponent. Lizun causes serious damage and lives only in the police station.

His flaw is a vision: he is completely blind and oriented to sounds.

In most cases, you do not even have to fight with such a creature, it’s enough not to make noise and not to use running.

If you need to go along the corridor, and Lizun blocks the way: wait until he changes his location.

Most often they climb walls and wait for the victim. At this moment, step by step, you can pass unnoticed right below it.

They do not know how to break the door like a zombie, so you can hide from them using this trick. When lizun notice the hero, then for a split second will be next to him.

To kill a mutant, a few shots will not be enough. It is best to use a shotgun and aim at the head.


Infected dogs are found several times per game: in the basement and in the underground parking (playing for Claire, several can be found on the way from the police department).

Their main advantage is speed. With a regular gun in the dog is difficult to aim, so we recommend using a shotgun for the first shot, then finish off with a pistol shot.

Mutants in the sewer

Such creatures have several types of attacks. When the hero is close to the mutant, he, in turn, can grab him or strike with a tentacle.

If you move a short distance and remain in the water, the monster will release a few larvae. Damage from the larvae is small, but there is a chance to get poisoning.

When the mutant grabs the hero, at this moment it is better to carry with you any additional weapons. Otherwise, it will lead to death.

The best tactic of dealing with them is to lure closer to a place where there is no water (for example, a small concrete climb).

Shoot the yellow cocoon on the right tentacle, and then in the opened eye.

Of the weapons, we recommend using a flamethrower at close range and a simple pistol for long distances.

Zombies in the laboratory

Found in the underground laboratory (most in the greenhouse of the eastern wing).

Represent reinforced ghouls. You can kill by shooting bubbles on their body, or using fire.

Usually, for the kill, you need to spend a large amount of ammunition. We recommend not to kill such enemies only if they are a serious obstacle.

Resident evil 2 remake passage for Leon on hardcore difficulty

Detailed passage and resident evil 2 guides of the storyline of Claire Redfield at the maximum level of complexity after the final for LEON.

Before starting the game, we advise you to familiarize yourself with general passing tips and resident evil 2 guide;

Save ammo:

This is perhaps the main advice that can be given to a newcomer in Resident Evil 2. As we have already said in the resident evil 2 guides and cheats, one of the main ways in which the game makes you nervous is the constant shortage of resources.

And almost the main such resource – cartridges.

Therefore, before you start to shoot at the next zombie, think – is it really necessary? Or maybe you can just get around it? Believe me – if you think first, and only then shoot, the game will be much more comfortable in the end.

Do not be greedy:

The world of Resident Evil 2 is very inhospitable. Around death, blood and guts on the walls.

Therefore, it is nice when the universe still presents some small gift, and you find a healing plant, a box of ammunition, a spare knife or something else useful.

But do not rush to grab everything that comes to hand, and before that, also think a little bit.

How much do you need this particular item right now? What is the probability that he will be in dire need in the near future?

Because of a place in the inventory – also a valuable resource. It is not enough of it, and the one who spends it thoughtlessly will eventually drive itself into a corner.

Always be alert:

Horror love to make players unpleasant surprises, and Resident Evil 2 is no exception.

Therefore, try not to relax especially, even if you enter the already cleaned room – with time, monsters will return to many of these rooms.

  • Do not make noise
  • Do not be lazy to barricade windows

If you have already passed the game for Leon, then it’s time to look at the story on behalf of Claire.

The greatest challenge to the player provides the mode “Hardcore” with much more tenacious opponents and limited preservation. Therefore, it is on its basis that the following text is written.

Police station

You start the game in the courtyard of the police station. Go through the improvised cemetery, on the bench to the right you can take the tape.

The door below is still closed, go straight. After reaching the gate, pick up the pliers and watch the scene with an exploding helicopter.

On the way back, take the red and bluegrass, go back and open the locked door in the passage. The case is complicated by the awakened ghouls, but almost all of them can be circumvented.

Pick up an automatic revolver and cartridges to it, as well as the key to the yard and hand grenade.

East wing

Climb up the fire escape. Run past the two burning ghouls in the gallery. We will need an access card to get the rocket launcher in the storage room.

Also, read the article “red stone” and take the board.

Go down to the first floor of the east wing, a zombie will immediately appear from the window.

Open the door to the eastern office and lure the zombie standing inside the corridor.

Here, prick the window to the left, otherwise, another ghoul rushes into you. Boards and cartridges for the revolver, by the way, can be taken in the back room, in the far left corner of the location.

Search the eastern office. Here you can find cartridges, a light grenade, gunpowder, high-quality powder, a handle and color ribbon.

We take everything we need, and through the caretaker’s room (here we grab a piece of notebook ) we go to the restroom, which is next to the basement entrance.

Put all the unnecessary in the chest. In the recreation room, we collect cartridges for revolvers, cartridges for PP, high-quality powder, and a fuse.

Return to the gate that leads into the hall and inserts the fuse in the shield. On the way back, also pull out the combat knife from the wall, and in the toilet take the healing spray.

Claire’s hall is no longer a safe place. Three ghouls will attack you right away, one of them is officer Marvin.

At the place where Marvin was sitting, take a notebook with a torn page, also a medical spray and a tape.

West Wing (first floor)

In the reception are the cartridges and green grass. Enter the corridor on the first floor, but be careful: Lizun will immediately attack Claire.

We advise you to retreat so that he loses the location of the hero, then, without using the run, pass by him. Ammunition is very small, so the fight with him – not the best idea.

Run along the corridor to the command post. As soon as you find yourself inside, the creatures will start jumping out of the windows in the corridor.

Do not waste time: pick up the ammo, event report and ground floor map. Open the door with the chains with the pliers, then throw them away.

In the back room, take the device (detonator) on the table, green grass, boards, and a light grenade.

You leave into the corridor, and then into the door to the left (storage room). Insert the access card to get a grenade launcher and two cartridges to it.

The dial on the digital panel 106 and 109, take the film (optional) and cartridges for the revolver.

Read the note on the table on the right and head to the western office.

Here, as before, two ghouls are sleeping. We try not to wake them. We take gunpowder, report on the operation and read the note for the beginner.

The combinations of letters do not differ from the passage for Leon: the lock on the right is MRG, the lock on the left is NED.

We will get a loading accelerator for the SLS 60 revolver. Open the safe in the office of the commander (left 9, right 15, left 7), take the hip bag and cartridges from the locker.

Run to the stairs. At the photographic laboratory, take the green grass, boards, and in the room itself colored tape, gunpowder, and red grass.

From the chest, take the round knob and turn off the steam supply in the shower room on the second floor.

West Wing (second and third floors)

Break the lock on the locker in the locker room (two charges for the rocket launcher), the password is CAP.

Two more take-ups in the next locker. Grab the casket on the shelf with towels.

In one of the cabinets in the shower, there is gunpowder, and in the next corridor, there are two more charges for rocket launchers.

Lizun is not in this corridor, you can safely use running.

Here you can explore the 2nd and 3rd floors resident evil 2 guides and walkthrough.

You go to the STARS office. There are many useful items: a battery for a detonator, red grass, a medical spray, high-quality powder, charges for a rocket launcher, a light grenade and ammunition for a revolver.

From the documents: a memo and a note from Leon.

As soon as Claire leaves the Special Forces office, she will meet with Tyrant for the first time.

Do not waste precious cartridges on it and run to the first floor, to the photo lab. Apply the battery to the detonator, then go up to the third floor and activate it.

Tip: from now on, the Tyrant will pursue the hero. If you simply run away from him, then you will not get any advantage.

You can temporarily hide from it in safe places: there is a photo lab in the west wing, a lounge in the east wing, and a secret room under the statue in the lobby.

If you run away to one of these places, the Tyrant will lose you and start a search: he will walk on the floors and open all the doors in a row.

If you meet with the boss face to face, then wait until he tries to attack, and dodging, run away from him.

This will give you a head start in a few seconds, because the Tyrant, by virtue of its mechanics, is not able to quickly turn around and follow the hero after the strike.

Also, try not to stay long in a confined space. This will lead to an inevitable meeting with the Tyrant. Our tests have shown that if the tyrant is “dropped”, it will hold motionless for exactly 30 seconds.

We walked around it and opened the door to the recreation area, where the statue of a unicorn is located. Pick up the box here and inspect it in inventory. You will receive a film “statue of a lion. ” 

To get a medallion from a statue of a unicorn, use a combination: children, scales, a worm. At the booth on the right, look at the map of the second floor.

Go to the library, pick up the red book on the table at the exit and climb the stairs to the second floor. We are interested in the door to the pantry, where the statue of the virgin.

Activate the detonator on plastic explosives, then use the combination on the statue: ram, harp, bird.

The explosion will delay the Tyrant a bit, as the cabinet will block access to the library door. Search the premises for the presence of ammunition, gunpowder, and boards. Where to get ammo?

If you stay too long in the pantry, the Tyrant will have time to go around and find you in the corridor. When this happens, it is better to go around it in the storeroom and down the third-floor corridor to the first floor.

In the corridor do not forget to take the key “spikes”, as well as break the lock on the locker to get ammunition for PP. Password – DCM. Also, on the table at the stairs, there are cartridges for revolvers.

In the darkroom, show the film and save progress. Now you need to get to the hall.

The easiest way to do this is through the western office, but be careful, sleeping zombies are awake. It remains to get the last medallion of the lion. Use a combination of a developed photo: a crown, fire, a bird.


Activate the statue of the goddess, will open the passage under the ground. It is too early to go down.

Climb to the east wing balcony and open the safe in the waiting room to get a large store for JMB Hp3 ( the gun itself can be found later in the trunk of the patrol car in the underground parking lot ).

Insert a stone in the found box to get a police badge. Get down to the secret room under the statue.


Save the game, then equip the pistol and cartridges to it, and also take a couple of therapeutic agents. Do not forget about the additional weapon: a knife and a few light grenades will fit perfectly.

Go down the elevator and then down the stairs. Pick up a hand grenade, insert a police badge in the gun table, take a silencer for the QM11 and follow the hardware.

Do not forget to take the token back! See the cut-scene, after which you need to fight with the mutated Professor Birkin.

What do you need to know before the fight with the boss?

He has three so-called “phases”:

  1. The eye on the right hand is open, the mutant moves quickly and attacks as it approaches.
  2. The eye on his right hand is hidden, the scientist slowly drags the pipe on the floor behind the hero, but still attacks as he approaches.
  3. The mutant disappears, and after a while attacks from the back (a kind of splash screen), after which it swings the hero’s pipe.

To kill this creature – run around the obstacles and shoot at the eye on his right hand. If he hid his eyes, then make a few shots in his hand. He will show up again.

At the location, you will find revolver cartridges, one red and two green herbs, as well as a hand grenade. Collecting ammunition and herbs is better to do when the mutant disappears for a while.

East wing

Open the door to the elevator control room. In the locker, pick up the stock for rocket launchers and activate the elevator to the office of the chief of police. On the balcony, take the green grass and go into the office.

Read the copies of the emails, the taxidermist’s journal and take the cartridges for the PP on the table. Save and exit to the room on the right.

In the room with the collections, there is a ribbon, a bas-relief and a letter from the repair shop.

There is also a locked door for which you need to find two parts, as well as solve the puzzle. We study the bas-relief to get the heart of hearts.

Exit to the east wing and go down to the first floor. If you captured boards, apply them on the first window to the right. Open the door to the interrogation room: pick up revolver cartridges, tape and a portable safe.

Go to the glass, where from a few seconds lizun breaks.

For us, in the next room, there is nothing useful, except for gunpowder (note with the code for the safe is already useless ). We recommend avoiding the battle with the lizun and leaving the room.

Go up to the third floor. Collect boards, light grenade, and revolver cartridges.

Put all the unnecessary in the chest and again go up to the pantry. In the first room, find a large gear and cartridges for the rocket launcher.

Open the door to the next room with a wrench, take the knife, as well as the box with the detail. Examine it and get the first part of the switchboard.


Pick up a plush toy and study it in your inventory to get an engraved block. Go to the table and insert the missing block to the rest. To solve this small puzzle, use our screenshot.

Shelter - resident evil 2 guide
Shelter – resident evil 2 guide


Take the scissors and use them on the taped passage. Now you need to push the shelf rack, go upstairs and get out the window.

Go through the room with the beds and go down the stairs to the main door. Read Tom’s diary and go through the door on the right.

In the next room, pick up the color ribbon on the shelf with the boxes on the left and save. Go to the shelf with the keys and interact with it. Watch cut-scene.

Once in the corridor, run at full speed to the second floor, into the bedroom. The police chief will start looking for Sherry.

Hide behind a small locker to the left of the door. When he comes to inspect him, move left. Move as the boss moves. When he comes back, he stumbles.

At this point, go around the bed and turn right. Go straight, and before the door to the bathroom hide under the table to the right. Sit here until the cut-scene begins.

Grab the key in the door and run to the exit. Do not forget that all the doors will have to be opened manually.

Go down the hall, but there is no point in opening the main doors. Again, run into the room with the corpse on the table and watch the screensaver.

Sherry Rescue

You got a magnetic key card from the parking gate. Take the elevator down and use it.

At this time, the Tyrant will appear right behind you. Run from it through the underground parking until the gate is fully opened.

Run forward along the street, on the left side of the zombie break the lattice. You should not spend on them ammunition, there is enough space to deceive them.

Run forward until you find yourself in the parking lot. Get rid of the dogs (at your discretion), and through the basketball court go to the main street.

On the basketball court, it is better to linger for a few seconds so that the dogs from the street move inside.

This will delay them a bit and make it easier to go further. Come on the bus and pick up a hand grenade.

In the street, infected dogs are still running. Move “zigzag” and try not to get unnecessary injuries. Pick up to the gate and watch the cut-scene.

Go to the shelter and run into the room Sheriff. Go down the stairs that lead to the shelter and run straight.

When you come closer to the baby, Tyrant will reappear. Run forward and take the elevator.

Battle on the platform

Birkin mutates faster. To destroy the creature – just shoot at the numerous eyes on his chest and stomach. How quickly you will shoot them, as quickly they will grow.

A mutant has several types of attacks:

  1. If he is near a hero, he swings his paws.
  2. If the hero is at a great distance, then the mutant takes on acceleration and deals critical damage.
  3. Jumps on the hero from the wall or from the roof of the train.

In fact, not getting caught by his paws is quite simple, but it will waste precious time. It’s just that you are in motion all the time, and when he jumps from above, press close to the train.

A minigun (400) ammunition is enough to take about 70% of health from a boss, provided that most of the cartridges get into the eyes.

We recommend first firing conventional weapons: a submachine gun, as well as an automatic revolver. The disadvantage of the latter is that it recharges for a long time.

If you do not have time to deal with the monster before the timer expires, you will die ( we checked ).

After the battle, see the cut-scene. On the train, they will give you control again, and even select a typewriter with a chest.

On the right, you can pick up cartridges for the revolver and it is not clear why a combat knife. The next battle and the battle is difficult to call. Of course, if you just stand, then approaching the monster will kill Claire.

To win, we had one clip on the PP MQ11 ( 24 rounds ), six rounds on an automatic revolver and two extended JMB Hp3 pistol rounds ( 52 rounds ).

HDR mod for resident Evil 2 remake

With resident evil 2 guides you can extend the dynamic range for any display;

Initially, HDR effects are available only on a limited number of screens — especially advanced models that support this technology.

However, the community of gamers has recently begun to release special mods for popular games that allow you to enjoy the benefits of an extended dynamic range on any monitors.

After all, the computer itself can make all the calculations.

IMPORTANT: The following mod for the remake of Resident Evil 2 only works in DirectX 11 mode (you can switch in the graphics settings).


  1. download the archive with the mod;
  2. unzip the files into the game folder ( C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ RESIDENT EVIl 2 BIOHAZARD RE2 \ or C: \ Games \ Resident Evil 2) );
  3. run the game.


You must manually delete the following files from the game folder:

  1. the folder the HDR,
  2. HDR.ini,
  3. dxgi.dll,
  4. dxgi.ini.

Resident evil 2 remake cheats

The right combination for lockers and safes in the police station and in the sewer;


Western office:

  • Location: police station, first floor of the west wing.
  • The correct combination: left 9, right 15, left 7.
  • Utility: hip bag.

Waiting room:

  • Location: police station, second floor of the east wing.
  • The correct combination: left 6, right 2, left 11.
  • Utility: muzzle brake on the gun “Matilda” (Leon) / increased holder for a pistol JMB Hp3 (Claire).

Room with a sewage pool:

  • Location: average level of sewage.
  • The correct combination: left 2, right 12, left 8.
  • Utility : shotgun stock (Leon) / fortified box for SLS 60 revolver (Claire).

Lock codes on the lockers

Locks on the table of Leon:

  • Location: police station, first floor of the west wing (western office).
  • The right combination: the lock on the right – MRG; the lock on the left is NED.
  • Usefulness: a large holder for the “Matilda” (Leon) / loading accelerator for the SLS 60 revolver (Claire).

Locker locker in the shower:

  • Location: police station, shower room on the second floor of the west wing.
  • The correct combination: CAP.
  • Utility : shotgun cartridges (Leon) / incendiary ammunition (Claire).

Lock locker on the third floor:

  • Location: police station, third floor of the west wing.
  • The right combination: DCM.
  • Usefulness: cartridges for a revolver (Leon) / cartridges for a submachine gun (Claire).

Locker lock in the monitor:

  • Location: average sewage
  • The correct combination: SZF.
  • Usefulness: cartridges for a revolver (Leon) / cartridges for a submachine gun (Claire).

FAQs on resident evil 2

How to solve all the puzzles and riddles?

The puzzles in the Resident Evil series on the PlayStation have always been an integral part of the game, and the developers decided not to deprive fans of the fun.

In the new updated Resident Evil 2, some puzzles may seem simple to users, and some will enter into a stupor.

In most cases, not the puzzle itself is difficult, but the path to it. In addition, re-passing changes some puzzle solutions.

In this resident evil 2 guide, we will tell you about the whereabouts of all the riddles in the game, and also tell you how to solve them.

Find three medallions

Already at the beginning, it is possible to find two or three medallions, making simple combinations on each statue. By the way, it does not matter in what order you install them.

Lion Statue

This statue is located on the second floor of the police department hall.

Lion Statue - resident evil 2 guide
Lion Statue – resident evil 2 guide


  • The first passage: Leo, Branch, Bird.
  • The second passage: the Crown, the Flame, the Bird.

Unicorn Statue

The statue of a unicorn is in the restroom, and you can reach it through the library.


  • The first passage: fish, scorpion, Aquarius.
  • The second passage: twins, scales, worm.

Statue of a maiden

This statue can only be reached after an active detonator is on hand.

The device itself is under lock and key in the command post (pliers are needed), and a battery for it can be found in the office of the STARS squadron, in the office of the unit commander.

The statue was located on the third floor of the department, in the storeroom next to the library.


  • The first passage: a girl, a bow, a snake.
  • The second passage: a ram, a harp, a bird.

Puzzle in the basement (Leon)

In the passage behind Leon, there is a small puzzle in the parking lot in the prison area.

You will find a switchboard to activate the power of which, you will need to adjust the voltage.


  • Activate the third and then the fourth switches first.

The electronic panel in an insulator (Leon)

Having received two parts for the electrical panel in the insulator, you need to close the circuit. We have prepared a screenshot with the right decision.

Electronic panel on the door (Claire)

As you progress through the storyline, in the room with the collections you will need to insert two parts (similar to passing for Leon) and close the circuit.

We have prepared a screenshot with the correct location of the wires.

Puzzle at the Shelter

In Claire’s story campaign, for a while, you’ll manage Sherry — the daughter of Annette and William Birkin.

To get out of the room you need to take a plush toy and inspect it in inventory. Use the resulting dice on the desk and make the right combination.

How to pick up gags in the form of a king and queen and get additional weapons?

On the lower level of the sewer, in the storeroom with supplies, there are four switches. In one of them, there is already a queen-shaped gag.

Take it and insert it into the next switch. On the second floor, take the plug-king and jump down.

Insert the ring-shaped plug into the third switch and collect the unique weapon (flamethrower or electric gun), then install the queen-plug into the very first switch. Go around the lattice on the left and take both figures.

Chess Puzzle (Sewerage)

Having caught the gags in the form of the king, queen and rook, return to the locked door in the monitor. Their correct location may vary depending on the first or second passage.

-First pass:

  • The wall at the door: the bishop, the rook, the knight.
  • Opposite: king, queen, pawn.

-Second pass:

  • The wall at the door: the queen, the elephant, the king.
  • Opposite: knight, rook, pawn.

How to find the improvements for weapons?

A detailed description of the location of all the improvements for the various guns in the campaign of Leon and Claire.

First improvement:

The first improvement you will find in the western office, at the very beginning of the game.

To do this, read the letter from Leon’s desk and make the right combinations for the two padlocks.

Inside you will find an enlarged holder for the Matilda (Leon) / loading accelerator for the SLS 60 revolver (Claire).

Second improvement:

In the lobby of the police department, go up to the second floor and proceed to the waiting room (east wing).

This room is always open, no matter who you are playing.

There is a safe in which you will find a muzzle brake on a Matilda pistol (Leon) / an increased clip for a JMB Hp3 pistol (Claire).

Third improvement:

Near the parking ( map P1 ) there is a room for shooting ranges. In the room on the table, you will find the yellow box, after studying which you will get the best key to the patrol car.

Go out to the parking lot, examine the key in your inventory and open the trunk. Go to the desired machine and take from the trunk butt for the “Matilda” (Leon) and a JMB Hp3 pistol with a laser sight (Claire).

Fourth improvement (only Leon):

When the gates to the underground parking lot are open, you and Ada will reach the gun shop.

In the store, on the far shelf on the left, you can pick up a long barrel for a shotgun.

Fifth Improvement (Claire Only):

In the underground parking (map P1) there is an elevator control room in the Police Chief’s office.

When you open it with the key “tambourines” (you will find in the morgue nearby), search here the only locker. You get a butt for a grenade launcher.

Sixth improvement:

On the average level of sewage, in the room with a sewage pool, there is a safe. Inside is the butt for a shotgun (Leon) and a reinforced box for the SLS 60 revolver (Claire).

The seventh improvement:

In the Underground Complex location (under the statue of the goddess), which can be accessed immediately after solving the puzzle with medals, there is a glass table on the lower level. To open it, you need to find the box:

  • In the first passage of the casket is located on the second floor of the western wing, in the shower.
  • In the second passage, it can be found in the interrogation room on the first floor of the east wing.

To open it you will need to take the red book (in the library for all passages) and combine it with the statue’s left hand in the gallery, on the second floor of the east wing.

We study the received scepter and insert the red stone into the box to get a police badge.

Using a token, open the glass table described above, from which you will receive: parts for the Thunderhawk revolver(Leon) and a silencer for the MQ 11 submachine gun (Claire).

Eighth improvement:

Developers hid the most inaccessible improvement in the STARS office, in the table, the commander of the special forces unit.

The fact is that the game is scripted, and until you show the right film – the improvement cabinet will be inactive.

The film “Secret Asylum” can be found in the workshop, on the middle level of the sewage system (here the ghoul lies in the middle of the room).

Through the workers’ recreation room, we go up to the photo lab of the police station, display the film and get two photos.

The top photo indicates the cache we need in the STARS office.

We go into the office and search the table in the office of the commander to get a wooden box.

After studying it in inventory, you will receive an improvement for the Thunderhawk (Leon) or for an MQ 11 Submachine Gun (Claire).

Ninth improvement:

You will find the last improvement in the bedroom, in the laboratory.

Before this, you will need to find a modulator (during the first passage in the pantry of the eastern wing, during the second passage in the main shaft) and restore the power supply.

In one of the lockers pick up the item for a flamethrower (Leon) and a capacitor for an electric gun (Claire).

Explore the HDR MOD

How to get through Tirana on hardcore?

As you probably already guessed, you can kill Tirana only at the very end of the game.

He appears in certain places to create an atmosphere of tension, and to the very end of the game, you need to run away and deceive him.

The hardest thing is to cope with it on the “Hardcore” difficulty level when there are very few cartridges and first-aid kits, and sometimes ghouls of dead people interfere with hiding.

How to play 1-Shot Demo for more than 30 minutes?

Almost immediately after the release of the demo version of Resident Evil 2, the craftsmen released a trainer that allows you to reset the timer counter. Be careful, in some cases, this can lead to account blocking on Steam!

How to blow up C4?

The explosives in the storeroom on the third floor of the western wing can be exploded after you find two items: a detonator and a battery to it.

You will find a detonator on the ground floor, in the back room of the command post (you need to come there with pliers), and a battery is on the second floor of the west wing, in the STARS special forces office. Combine items and set the charge.

How to open safes?

The game has three large safes, locked drawers with combination locks, as well as two portable safes. You can read about the right combination of safes and drawers in resident evil 2 guides for safe everything.

There are no specific combinations for portable safes, as they are always random. Use the pick method to open them.

How to kill zombies?

The answer to this question is quite simple – shoot in the head. Although, in some cases, it is better to save ammo and shoot the ghoul’s leg or arm.

How to get a shotgun?

The shotgun is locked in the armory (storage room), to open which you will need to find an access card.

She is on the second floor, in the gallery (room with the statue). Use the access card in the armory to get a shotgun (Leon) or a rocket launcher (Claire).

Where to find a handle for a jack?

The H- shaped handle is located on the first floor of the west wing, in the recording room (archive). To get here, you need to find a club key (passing for Leon), or a heart-shaped key(passing for Claire).

  • You will find the key in the pump room, immediately after returning to the police station from the basement.
  • A heart key will be available when looking at the bas-relief in the office of the Chief of Police.

Where to find the buttons?

In resident evil 2 guides, you can find buttons easily. The buttons lie inside the portable safes, which you can find as you progress through the game.

One of the two safes always lies in the laundry room, on the second floor of the west wing ( a tambourine key from the morgue is required ).

The second safe changes places with a casket: during the first passage it can be found in the shower room on the second floor of the west wing, and in the second in the interrogation room on the first floor of the east wing.

Where to find a flash drive?

USB flash drive for access to the armory STARS you will find by opening the box with red stones.

During the first passage, the box will lie in the interrogation room on the first floor of the east wing, and in the second in the shower room, on the second floor of the west wing. After that, you have to solve a small puzzle.

Where to find the valve?

The valve will need to shut off the flow of hot steam in the shower. In any of the adventures, you will find it when viewed from the eastern office, in a small separate room, on the table.

How to get all the keys?

In total, when passing through storylines, you can find four main keys and several additional ones:

  • The key “Peaks” – you can pick up on the table, on the third floor of the west wing ( relevant for all passages ).
  • The diamonds key is in the second cell on the left wall in the morgue ( relevant for all passages ).
  • Trefovy key – on the stand in the pumping station of the police stationrelevant for the passage of Leon ).
  • Hearts key – can be obtained when looking at the bas-relief, in the office of the Chief of Police ( relevant for passing for Claire ).
  • The key to the patrol car is in the yellow box, which can be found in the basement, on the shooting range ( relevant for all passages ).
  • The key to the yard – this key is needed to get to the police station when you repeat the game.
  • The key card for the parking gate is in the isolation cell ( Leon ), in the office of the Chief of Police ( Claire ).
  • The key to the sewage system is hanging on the stand, in the passage through the lower and middle channels.
  • The Key to the Shelter – during the gameplay for Sherry, you will need to get this key to escape from the shelter.

Where to get ammo?

Cartridges are scattered in various places in all locations. They can also be crafted with gunpowder. Read the walkthrough to create the ammunition.

How to craft cartridges and first aid kits?

An interesting fact, but the mechanics of crafting cartridges appeared only in the third part of the game (in the original RE2 there was no such possibility). You may not need it on a low level of complexity, but on medium and hardcore passing, you will not go far without medicines and cartridges.

Gunpowder and ammo

In the game, there are only three types of gunpowder: regular, high-quality, and also usual in a large package.

The last type with the signature “a lot” is just gunpowder but in large quantities.

When mixed with other types of gunpowder, you get more of those or other cartridges.

Recipes: Leon

  • Gunpowder + gunpowder – pistol cartridges;
  • High-quality powder + gunpowder – shotgun shells;
  • High-quality powder + high-quality powder – cartridges for revolvers.

Recipes: Claire

  • Gunpowder + gunpowder – pistol cartridges;
  • High-quality powder + powder – ammunition for a grenade launcher;
  • High-quality powder + high-quality powder – cartridges for UZI MQ 11.

Read how to set the graphics?

Herbs, their properties, and combinations:

During the passage of RE2 on your way, there will be three types of grass: green grass, red grass, and bluegrass.

  • Green grass – restores one degree of health.
  • Red grass is useless by itself, but in combination with green ( H + K ), it will completely restore health.
  • Bluegrass – removes an infection from the character.
  • Red + Blue – will cure the infection and for some time will make the character more resistant to damage. Mix with green grass to fully restore health.

Final verdict:

Here you can easily explore the complete game by resident evil 2 guides and walkthrough.


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