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Latest Rise Of Civilizations Guide:

In this Rise Of Civilizations guide we will provide tips, tricks, and strategies of Rise Of Civilizations APK, so you can develop a beautiful village since it is a challenge.


The rise of civilizations is a game that challenges your strategy. From the depths of darkness to the highest of legends, you will be the author of the history of your civilization. Epic wars and the conquest of the world are in your hand. Explore an unknown world, get up as a great leader and help your own people.

Rise Of Civilizations Guide

Without further introduction, this is the best and updated Rise Of Civilizations guide, tips, cheats and strategy available for iOS and Android.

Daily missions and objectives:

This is a good hint in the rise of civilizations guide. This game gives a lot of quests for you. There are 2 types of missions you can follow when reviewing the parchment menu which is on the left side of the screen.

The main and side missions help you focus on the most important tasks. You will never be overwhelmed by the crazy amount of tasks you have to do if you keep to the strict game plan set in the missions tab.

By the way, there is an additional benefit to completing the daily objectives. As you mark the completed daily goals off your list, you will get all types of rewards and earn points of activity. Reaching certain score limits for activity points means that you unlock different types of chests. So be sure to complete each daily goal so that you can exit your current game session with a lot of rewards earned in your Articles tab. Do it all again the next day.


As soon as you have the opportunity to join an Alliance in the rise of civilizations guide and cheats, be sure to join an active one. Alliances are usually filled with a ton of members, but they are not always active. Partnerships offer many benefits, such as numerous chests, new forms of technology beneficial to develop, additional territories to build and manage, and help among members themselves.

Rise Of Civilizations Guide – Strengthens several commanders:

Rise Of Civilizations Guide and cheats

In the beginning, you will only have access to the main commander. But eventually, you will gather more powerful Commanders for your kingdom. You should focus on updating them all equally. It is good to have a main Commander who can be sent with your troops to defend against the barbarians and other enemies. And it’s also a smart move to leave a strong Commander at home who can properly defend your Wall.

Make sure you participate in the Expedition Mode: completing quests in that way helps you get the kind of rewards that can be exchanged in the Medal Shop. The commander sculptures are used to update your commanders and unlock several new abilities. Also, knock down the gifts of the barbarians with the necessary elements to help level up their commanders. Level Up Commanders give you access to talent points, which are used to unlock several advantages for them. Make sure you unlock the types of skills that benefit the main attributes of a particular Commander.

The best rise of civilizations commanders:

What is the best Commander of Rise of Civilizations?  In this complete rise of civilizations guide, we show you all the best commanders.

Keep in mind that the commanders in Rise of Civilizations are not equal, some are better at attacking barbarians or other players, while others are better at gathering resources to progress faster. You can divide them into categories and choose a superior hero of each.

Something extremely important: when it comes to commanders, not only their base statistics matter, but also their skills and talents. Talents are really important because they are easier to improve, depending on the level of the commander.

Choose the best talents according to the type of commander since it will make them even better. At the same time, making bad decisions will make your commander not reach his potential.

Commanders for resources: Rise of Civilizations Guide, Tips Tricks

Cleopatra VII:

She has the “Recolector” trait, which means she is better at collecting resources. Once you unlock your second ability, you will also receive a boost to the speed of stone collection, while your third ability increases the load capacity of the troops.

Gaius Marius:

Gaius Marius

He also has the collector feature and gets a bonus by pooling resources from his second ability. As with Cleopatra, the third ability unlocks the extra cargo capacity for the troops. Gaius has the advantage of being a bit easier to start because it’s not as weird as Cleopatra.



Another Gatherer commander with similar abilities is unlocked like the previous two. This one gets a bigger bonus when it comes to collecting wood.



Better in general since it has no specialization and gets a little more in terms of collection speed for all resources (more compared to the non-preferred resources of the previous ones).

Joan of Arc:

Joan of Arc

I left it for the last time because it is a bit more difficult to enable, but the advantage is that starting with your second skill, you get a big boost in both the speed of the Meeting (more than in the previous one) and the ability to load. In other words, she is the best collector of the game once you unlock her second ability.

In the end, when it comes to collectors, if you have the luxury of choosing one to focus on, I would recommend Joan as your main collector and Sarka as second. If not, simply work with what you have in the previous list.

Commanders to attack: Rise of Civilizations Guide

It would be a bit more normal to further divide the Rise Of Civilizations commanders guide into offensive PvP and Barbarian, but this would complicate things a lot. Normally, commanders with good PvP statistics are preferred over the long term, but at the beginning, those who have bonuses against barbarians are better, since that is what will fight the most.

With this in mind, here is the best Rise Of Civilizations guide for commanders to use to attack:



Better specialize against the barbarians, she has a strong active skill, but that would be all if you’re fighting other players.

Minamoto no Yoshitsune:

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

This is slightly better in PvP since it only unlocks the bonuses against the barbarians with the third ability, and otherwise gets marching speed and attack attacks to the cavalry units. Good to use as a support commander too.



Better in PvP than others, but it is probably better to use it as support and nothing else. Similar to Minamoto but with lower bonuses since it is a more common hero.

Julius Caesar:

Julius Caesar

Definitely the best attacker in the game: incredible abilities, incredible hero. Although it is difficult to get. Really hard to get.

Federico I:

Federico I

Well as a supporting commander, mainly thanks to his second ability, but I would not concentrate on him as my main commander.

Cao Cao:

Cao Cao

Another great commander, but also hard to get. This one is also good against the barbarians thanks to his second ability, but he can be a great commander for PvP battles thanks to a massive active skill and great statistics.

Richard I:

Richard I

The ultimate support of Rise Of Civilizations guide commanders: excellent even with only the first skill unlocked, but even better if you manage to unlock their second and maybe improve them a bit.

Hannibal Barca:

Hannibal Barca

Another great commander with interesting bonuses. You get, with your second ability, bonuses if you have three different types of troops in the army, and it’s worth it. Great commander that can also be used as solid support for mixed armies.

Commanders for Defense: Rise of Civilizations Guides

Charles Martel:

Charles Martel

A really solid commander to keep in his garrison to defend his resources. Good skills, and the more you have unlocked, the better he will get.

Yi Seong-Gye:

Yi Seong-Gye

More than a support hero that a defender, is still a great option to defend Garrisons if you have no other options.

Kusunoki Masashige:

Kusonoki Masashige

Similar to the commander above, he is a great defender or main defender. You need it for higher levels since the second and third skills are what makes it so good.

Sun Tzu:

Sun Tzu

One of my favorite defenders, since it starts with great skill and then gets even better. It also focuses on improving the infantry, which is what you probably will have more at home.

The good thing about defending the commanders of Rise Of Civilizations is that some of those that are excellent for attacking (but more than for support) can also be used here, so in the end, you do not have to work to level up as many commanders. Richard I, Hannibal or Frederick I are all good support commanders who can also be used in defense.

Rise of civilizations guide – Buildings and town hall:

As you regularly update your City Council, you will acquire new buildings that can be built within your kingdom. Depending on your level of City Council, each of your buildings will have a new maximum level for which they can be built. The best thing is to make sure that each of your buildings reaches its maximum level of updating before choosing to update the City Council. That way, everything will be fairly balanced and prepared equally for the next level of update.

Rise of civilizations cheats – Troops:

troops cheats and guide

Your commander will never have to go alone to battle. You will be able to recruit companions at your side by continuously updating your Archery Range, Stable, Barracks, etc. These types of buildings are what you should focus more on improving and training.

Having access to more powerful troops means that it will be easier for you to defeat the barbarians, complete battles in the Expedition mode and help your Alliance during the skirmishes of the war.

Do not forget to click on the up arrow near the VIP Level icon to see the types of items that your troops can instantly improve. Having additional statistics improvement for your troops during external battles and defending the kingdom is always a viable strategy.

Rise of civilizations hints – Resources:

Rise Of Civilizations Guide - Resources

When it is time to send your Commander and troops for adventures, you will have some exploration options at your fingertips. You can choose to fight against groups of barbarians to obtain various rewards. Or you can decide to go to different resource pools to gather those resources for your kingdom. Make sure you are the Commander and that the troops are up to the task; Even if you send them to gather more resources, probably the barbarians will go to battle.

Rise of civilizations tricks – Explorers:

Scouts are the type of unit that can be sent to explore the earth and clear the fog present in it. Do not forget to put them to explore from time to time. Through your efforts, you will gather more information about the kingdoms of other governors and their troops. Doing so will help you gain new allies that can help your kingdom’s construction efforts. Dispersing more fog makes you have a clearer idea of everything that exists in your world.

This is one of the best rise of civilizations guide. 


Improving your buildings usually takes a long time to complete. You can trust the members of your Alliance to help speed up the process. In addition, you can use your gems and several acceleration elements to reduce the time of completion.

Never waste your gems in this process: the way forward is to use Alliance help and use acceleration elements. Later, when you’re in the middle of updating buildings that have an incredibly long end time, you’ll really have to rely on the building upgrade options mentioned above.


In addition to the rewards you get from completing primary and secondary missions in rise of civilizations guide, there are other rewards that you should never forget to claim. In the upper right corner of the screen, near the Commander icon, there is a piece of paper pinned to the wall.

Make sure you click on that tab so you can see all the other rewards you can claim by completing several achievements. You can win all kinds of other elements simply by recruiting a certain number of Commanders, reaching new levels of VIP power and the kingdom, updating your City Council to new levels, etc.

VIP Gems:

Gems are the most valuable currency of Rise of Civilizations. You only have to use your gems to level up to a VIP level. Raising your VIP level includes a lot of kingdom building benefits, plus you can open an exclusive daily chest with appropriate rewards for the VIP level.

We hope you have found this Rise of Civilizations guide, tips, tricks, and strategies.

Top 7 Rise of Civilizations Tips & Tricks:

Top 7 Rise of Civilizations Tips

In this Rise of Civilizations guide, we will teach you about how to improve quickly. With these Rise of Civilizations tips and tricks, you will see how you progress continuously.

Increase the VIP level:

This Rise of Civilizations guide gives us bonuses and we recover the action points, food, wood and collection speed. Use your gems to increase the VIP level before investing them in the accelerators, since the VIP will give us more power than improving a building or collector building.

Obtain VIP rewards:

Every so often, the exclusive VIP box appears full. If you open it, it will give you specific rewards. This is very important because they will help us with rewards like accelerators and others, to keep moving forward quickly. Each day you will increase the VIP points with these chests and Rise of Civilizations guide and cheats.

The commander who defends the city:

When they attack us they will want to steal resources from us. Therefore, touching the wall we will see three options. Select the commander who has the defensive ability, in this way you are securing your city. Do not neglect the abilities of each commander. To learn everything you need from the commanders of the rise of civilizations guide from above lines of the article.

Improve the level of troops:

Whenever possible, improve the level of the troops. This rise of civilizations guide should be a priority. Not only improve the level but always have recruited troops. This will also give us points and we will have more power.

Join an Alliance

This is the fifth tip of this series of the rise of civilizations guide. Since you start the game, the most advisable thing is to join an alliance in the Rise of Civilizations, and in this way, you will be able to receive a lot of help from experienced players. Also, take advantage to donate, since you will get rewards with the missions. The more active you are the faster you will grow and be a reliable leader.

Collect resources on the map:

Whenever you can, collect resources on the map. Once you are in the general map press the magnifying glass icon, this way you will see several options such as crops, trees, stones, gold, etc. With this function, you will be able to collect resources that will be very necessary. Choose the appropriate commanders for each case. If you have to attack, look for an attacking commander, as well as other resources.

Level up your commanders:

This trick in Rise of Civilizations guide is very important. Level up the commanders you use the most. Mostly a commander of each skill comes up to have a wide variety with a skilled commander in each skill.

By following these tricks in Rise of Civilizations guide, you will be able to advance very fast in the game. So share this Rise of Civilizations guide with your friends.

Rise of Civilizations Beginner Guide Tips & Tricks:

If you have just started, this Rise of Civilizations guide will help you enormously. The rise of Civilization is an Android and Ios strategy game in which you will have to take control of a city, choose an elite commander and improve the different facilities to be stronger every time.

The rise of Civilizations is actually a very complex game because it will force you to pay attention to many things at the same time. Your goal in the game is to increase your power in the city and defend it from potential attackers since any other player can try to take your resources. But … you’ll also have to improve from within.

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s take a look at our complete rise of civilizations strategy guide, full of tips and tricks.

Rise of civilizations guide – how to find the ideal commander?

In Rise of Civilization commanders lead armies in battle. But on that alone, they also provide the troops with a statistics buff, as well as talents and abilities. Finding the ideal commander can be really complicated and even more so when you realize that once you have sent the troops to fight you can not change commander. But you can do it once you have returned home from the commander tab (there you will also see their statistics, etc).

You can recruit commanders directly from the chests. To do this go to the tavern and click on the recruitment icon. You will get a chest that you can open to get the ideal commander. There are two types of chests: the silver one that contains the poorest commanders and items and the gold one that has the best ones. The silver ones are free every so often but the gold ones are really incredible.

Who are the best commanders?

Commanders have different types: you have an attack, support, infantry, knights, archers, defenders, leaders, etc. From the statistics of the commanders, you can see which one is the best and which one to shoot. It is true that there are commanders who are really powerful, but the key is in how you use them and how you have built the facilities,

Despite this, the favorites of the community are Cao Cao and Minamoto no Yoshitsune precisely because they are powerful attackers and Pelagius in defense. We, after spending a lot of time in the game, have fallen in love with Scipio and especially with Gozen, who is an archer with a simply lethal attack buff. We already list the complete Rise of Civilization guide for commanders.

Rise of Civilizations tricks – how to improve buildings?

Improving the buildings is another of the most entertaining parts of this game (in case it does not come only with having to defend against enemy attacks, you should also focus on developing your city). To improve them you will have to collect different materials such as stones, wood, and food. This will also be necessary when you want to train the troops, perform some kind of investigation and other tasks.

Be careful because other players may want to attack your city and steal all resources. We recommend that you improve the walls and that you always have a good army to defend yourself. You can increase the power of your city by training the troops and improving the barracks. In this way, it will be difficult for them to be able to help you.

Rise of Civilizations cheats – daily tasks:

What to do day after day to improve the empire? Easy, daily missions. There are daily quests of all kinds and all of them have different improvements and rewards. We recommend that you take a look at it and that it is the first thing you do as it will guide you in the right direction and also help you in the collection of resources.

The next thing you have to do is train the troops. The more troops you have trained, the better. So make sure you do it constantly. Increase the number of troops until they practically do not fit and train them while you are sleeping, in the bathroom or at work/class. Then send generals to command the battles against the barbarians for you. In this way, you will get resources, awards and also with a minimum effort.

Rise of Civilizations tips – get FREE stuff

There are a lot of free things you can get in Rise of Civilizations such as rewards, resources or even GEMS. And to achieve this you will not have to make any hack, but only cure it. The first thing you have to do is to always check the game’s message tray where you will get a lot of letters full of prizes to welcome you to the game.

In the tavern, you will find the silver chests of which we spoke before, and you can also link the game to google and facebook to give you new prizes. If you join an alliance you will be given free gems, as if you are completing the daily missions (which gives you a legendary chest) or general missions. Finally, if you go to the store, in Daily special offer you have a free box.

Rise of Civilizations tricks – keep an eye on your items:

As you play, you automatically pick up tons of objects, especially at the beginning. Make sure to check them constantly as they will eventually be useful.

Do not rush to use them either: in most cases, all elements that do not become other elements are better for use later in the game: impulse resources, additional resources and even the activation of new units or XP for your generals … all this will become useful when in reality the lack of such resources or when you find an awesome general you want to level up quickly.

Rise of Civilizations guide – Get more than one incredible commander:

Even if you start with a general based on the nation you have chosen to be your starter, very soon you will have much in your hands and it is a good idea to work on leveling more than one as you will eventually need them.

Some commanders are better than others in different areas – while some are more focused on the attack, others are better used when defending their empire or when gathering resources. This is exactly the reason why you should try to level up and have at least one for each occasion.

However, do not start doing this too soon: you should concentrate on taking your general to the highest possible level, and only then start sending others to battle or level up using the XP improvements of your inventory.

Final verdict:

We hope you like this Rise of Civilizations guide and tips for better gameplay. This guide will help you to play this game very well like a pro.

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