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Score Hero Guide & Walkthrough [current_date format=’Y’]

Here you are going to discover game tips, tricks & walkthroughs [current_date format=’Y’] about how to play & clear different levels.

Score Hero is a free-to-play online multiplayer soccer game where you need to goal to win the match. However, a few of its features or contents are not free in order to utilize them you need to do the payment in real.

The score Hero originated in August 2015 for IOS by First touch games and after a few months it was available on google play and now is being played all over the world. It comprises of various seasons and it’s 34th season has just launched with additional challenges and content.

How to play Score Hero?

Are you a newbie and still struggling to play this fun filled-game? then yes you are at the right place as this article will surely limpid all your questions regarding this game.

Score Hero Guide [current_date format=’Y’]

There are different levels of the game and with each passing level, new challenges are waiting for you. It likewise consists of various teams and you have to select your desirable team.

It has astounding graphics and controls that make it worth playing. In order to play this game with your friends, you need to join the club. As the match starts to try to focus on your goal.10


Before making a goal draw a line in a curve manner and make sure to hit harder so that goalkeeper couldn’t save the ball. If you are in a team then make sure to give a chance to each player.

With each victory, you will be awarded a number of prizes and trophies with the help of which you can unlock various worthy features that will help you to cross the difficult levels of the game.

There are a few features that need real payment but don’t be in a hurry in making payment. Save your cash for more difficult features.

Score Hero Tips & Tricks

Score Hero Guide
Score Hero Guide For Unlock Last Level

Everyone can start playing this game but in order to win the 3 stars and unlimited offers you need to be a champion that is firmly not easy for everyone and especially when you are not a football lover.

In order to become a Champion of score hero, you need to follow a few steps that will surely help you out.

A few Score hero secrets to becoming a champion incorporates:

1- Be Cautious at the start

One of the foremost tips that anyone can give you regarding this game is to be safe, be clever or be heedful at the beginning of the game because you are not known by anyone so in order to make your place you need to be attentive and selective towards your goal so that you can become a champion of this game.

2- Make Strategies

Any kind of game needs various strategies or master plans and remember that you can’t play a game by sticking to a single strategy so make as many game plans as you can but make sure to must have a single plan at a time before making your next move.

3- Make Money

There are many useful features that need payment to get unlocked and with each victory, you will get money as a reward but try to make more and more money to unlock as many levels as you can.

A tip for making additional money is to watch the ads every once in a while and to connect your game with Facebook.

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4- Practise

As we all know that practice makes a man perfect so try to practice it more often. Try to master hitting the ball from every corner and make sure that the other player is attentive in which direction so always pass the ball from the opposite direction.

5- Free Rewinds

When you get enough money don’t utilize it in rewinding otherwise you will waste it. During the game, you will get free rewinds so you don’t need to purchase them. Save the money for better use that will come your way.

Latest Version of Score Hero [current_date format=’Y’]

Score Hero has just released its new version with additional features. A few of its key points are as follows:

Release Date: 12th September 2019

Current Version: 2.27

Size: 97M

Requirement: 4.4 and up Android

Elements: Digital Purchases

In-App Products: Rs 140 – Rs10,200 per item

Features of Score Hero [current_date format=’Y’]

Out of the unlimited features of Score Hero a few of them are as follows:

1– It’s a simple game with a number of tough challenges that attract the player to give it a try.

2– It comprises a number of bonus points, Rewards, and Trophies that you can get a chance to win on a daily basis.

3– You can choose your own desirable team for a match and can also customize your player as you want to.

4– This is a multiplayer game so you can invite your friends to your team.

5– Special offers are given to the players during each specific event i.e Valentine’s day or Christmas or any other event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest level of score hero?

Score hero has a number of levels and with each passing level, it becomes more challenging and difficult for a player to goal.

How do I change my race in Score Hero?

Once you have started the game you can’t change the race However you can reset your career by clicking on a reset button.

How do you score a post on Score Hero?

When the ball hits the post before passing the goal or it hits the post and rebounds. This is how you score a post.

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Final Verdict

So Score Hero is a platform that will keep you excited and entertained and it’s a treat for those who love sports games. Hope this article will answer all your questions regarding Score Hero.

Still, if there is any need to ask something feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to answer them.

Thank You

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