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Simcity 4 Guide, Strategy & Tips

The SimCity is one of the oldest, order-bearing game series. This urban planning strategy appeared in those gray days when economic simulators could be counted on the fingers of one hand, if not on the ears of one head.

However, we will not assume that all our readers with bated breath followed the ups and downs of virtual urban planning.

That’s why we will describe the game from the very beginning in SimCity 4 guide, wiki, and walkthrough.

The main charm of this game is in its truly limitless possibilities. Educational games and best tips will help you acquire only the most necessary knowledge.

You will learn much from your own experience – creating, developing and destroying cities.

Simcity 4 guides and walkthrough

For those who want to find out more than SimCity 4 is fundamentally different from the previous parts of the series, we will tell you that:

1. In the game, you can build several cities in the neighboring sections of the map. You can specialize them – for example, to create an industrial center with residential suburbs.

Between cities, it is quite possible to establish an exchange, transport network, etc. Roughly speaking, from the mayor you become the governor.

2. You can run there your characters from The Sims, who will tell you about their hard Sim life. Long live the link between town and country, and the friendship of all Sims in a single project!

3. From now on, almost all buildings have a range. There are still a lot of changes in the model of the city and its elements, which can be traced implicitly, little by little.

Urban planning basics

The principle of most economic SimCity 4 guide and strategies is the same: you have some amount of money that you spend on the development of your object and on fighting all sorts of misfortunes.

Customers appreciate your efforts and reward them with payments to your treasury.

In addition, for individual achievements (a certain level of your mayoral rating, the number of people, etc.) you get a “reward” – the ability to build additional, particularly remarkable buildings.

Simcity 4 guide - Urban planning basics
Simcity 4 guides and secrets – Urban planning basics

The game is in real time, however, you can at any moment say: “Stop, a moment!” – and give all the required orders in one fell swoop, and then restart the clock.

The speed of these same hours can also be changed as needed.

The main tool with which you work in your city is construction and landscape works.

In addition, you are given the right services to personally command, such as the fire brigade (a dubious honor for the mayor).

The cost of land is a key parameter that determines our income. It reflects the outcome of our struggle to meet the needs of citizens.

Why the price of land increases?

Roughly speaking, the price of land increases from pleasing citizens of objects – parks, stadiums, museums, attractions, the general welfare of the city – and falls from all sorts of troubles, such as rising crime, pollution, noise, problems with transportation, diseases, lack of educational institutions, etc.

Moreover, the dependence is not reduced to the elementary “they added a stadium – everything became better”. You can do it better by following our Simcity 4 guides and cheats.

In general, the task is not to build the necessary buildings in the right proportion, but to choose the right place for them.

In a prosperous city should be an elite neighborhood for prosperous citizens, and decent sleeping suburbs, and even penny slums.


Residents vary in their tastes and characteristics. Their main parameter is income, but there are others that will be discussed in due time. In accordance with these features, different residents need different conditions.

Everything is as usual, but … the city is a somewhat more complex and interesting structure than a resort, a factory or even a zoo with dinosaurs.

There is an even opinion: It is not confirmed, but also not refuted by the facts.

In other words, attention is also drawn to the beauty of the layout of the quarter.

It is difficult to say whether this is so, and if so, what computer people understand by aesthetics.

However, it can be said with a high degree of confidence that the citizens do not like it when all buildings are oriented in the same way.

Buttons 7 and 9 on the numeric keypad allow you to rotate the building; use them.

In fact, no one, but several cities participate in the game.

Choosing a territory for development, you can build a city in each of its quadrants. It makes sense to specialize these settlements: pick up an industrial center, a cultural and educational center, break up an agrarian region.

It is very interesting to build neighboring policies together with a friend and work out their interaction; the game allows it.

The main problems of the city

We will talk about them in detail in the chapters on the relevant buildings in SimCity 4 guides. For now, let’s outline them in the most general terms.

Residential, business and industrial areas:

Everyone wants to live somewhere, most agree even to work somewhere else for it, and some are capable of buying something with the money they earned.

To this end, we are planning neighborhoods – residential, business (trade + offices) and industrial.

Unlike municipal buildings – power plants, prisons, etc. – these houses are not erected right away, only the land is allocated for them, and the buildings appear gradually, as the clientele arrives.

Technical problems:

From the very beginning of construction in Simcity 4 guide (if you create a city from scratch) you will need energy supply.

Without electricity, even the beach does not work. You need to take care, firstly, about the generation of energy (that is, about the power plant), and secondly – about its transfer.

Energy is transmitted freely between neighboring built-up areas, but if it needs to be transferred through an empty zone, then it will be necessary to build transmission lines.

Most power plants generate pollution, thus creating an additional problem. In addition to electricity, buildings need plumbing. Do not interfere and means of disposal of garbage.


Residents, sadly, do not want to run to work by jogging, and therefore they need to be close to the road (live no more than 3 cells from it).

Accumulations of roads create pollution and other troubles. A large city also needs train stations, airports, etc.

Security issues:

You just leave these dirty tenants for a minute – and they immediately begin to hurt, steal, kill and forget the included irons on their dress shirts.

And because they need hospitals, fire brigades, and cozy, comfortable police stations.

For the soul:

Tightly eating bread, the city dweller burped and demanded spectacles. And he does not want a clean and righteous share of a laborer – he wants education, culture, and in general something big and clean. You can live without it, enjoy life – never!


Occasionally they happen themselves, but they can be called at your request and then heroically defeated by firefighters and the police.

Naturally, modest fires and tornadoes usually occur, but you are free to cause a meteorite to fall, a volcanic eruption and even a robots attack (yes, Godzilla from the old SimCity was more sympathetic).


With the help of our SimCity 4 guide, wiki and walkthrough unlimited tips, you can build the best buildings for your city.

Let’s start listing all that you can build in your virtual city. Some of these buildings are built no earlier than you reach certain parameters – this will be described in their description.

All buildings require a certain fixed amount when they are bookmarked, most also need monthly payments.

All these figures will be given in the description of buildings. Note that in fact, the cost of construction is usually a little higher: it takes into account the necessary landscape works (leveling the site, etc.).

Note that the building does not have to work at full capacity.

You can always, by opening the window of the building with the help of a button in the form of a question mark on the main panel, reduce its funding to the desired output.

At the beginning of the game in Simcity 4 guide, it is highly recommended to do this with most buildings: schools and power stations that are idling quite capable of making you fly into the pipe.

However, the action is also not free: the curtailment of funding concerns, in particular, repair, and after a while, the semi-disabled building may begin to collapse.


As mentioned above in Simcity 4 guide for the beginner, residential, commercial business and industrial districts are not built up by us but only marked.

Well, and the building depends on how attractive the place turned out to be: whether there is any transport nearby, whether the view from the window is good.

All three types of quarters are also divided according to the building density: low density costs 10 per unit, medium – 20, high – 50. But the meaning of the densities is different.

For residential areas, low density is one-family private houses, high – skyscrapers; for commercial areas, low density corresponds, roughly speaking, to the stalls, and high density to supermarkets and office sites; But in industrial medium and high – plants of different sizes, and low density – agriculture.


The main problem with electricity: power plants dirty the environment.

Some are stronger, others are weaker, but, by coincidence, they cost more.

You need to look, of course, not just at the price, but at the price/output power ratio.

Consider also that small stations – windmills, although not so bad in this parameter, have another drawback: they take up a lot of space, and the land is your main resource, and besides – it does not grow over time.

In addition, “small” buildings are more vulnerable to fires and other misfortunes.

Larger environmentally friendly power plants with the same level of pollution and the same price per megawatt.

Of course, more efficient, but they will not appear right away, and by this time you will need to have a developed power grid.

Of course, the “outdated” coal station can be demolished.

And often the players do just that: they start with a “coal”, and at the first opportunity they switch to nuclear fuel and, regardless of costs, demolish old equipment.

Simcity 4 guide for electricity:

Simcity 4 guide - Electricity
Simcity 4 guide and walkthrough – Electricity

Power Lines (Power Line):

Price – 2 per month – 0.10 for each segment of power lines. At first glance it may seem that it is worthwhile to install a power plant in the far corner of the map – and everything will be in openwork.

However, note that a certain amount of energy is lost on power lines. And do not forget that sooner or later the city can crawl to those far-off lands.

Wind power plant (Wind Power Plant):

Price – 500, per month – 50, gives 200 units. (MW) energy. What is most pleasant – does not foul the environment.

Gas power plant (Gas Power Plant):

Price – 9 000, per month – 400, gives 3 000 units. energy. Contaminates less than a coal or oil station. However, in comparison with them, the road is hopeless.

Coal power plant (Coal Power Plant):

Price – 10 000, per month – 250, gives 6 000 units. energy.

The choice of a real man: This old oil lamp for a pittance will pump you half the energy of the city. Compare: a month a unit of energy costs almost four times cheaper than a gas one! But shit, infection, beyond measure, just a world champion in this case.

Oil Power Plant (Oil Power Plant):

Price – 17,000, per month – 600, gives 7,000 units. energy. Neither fish nor meat is suitable for crayfish: a kilowatt is more than two times more expensive than coal, and there is less dirt, but not too much.

The following types of power plants are not immediately available in Simcity 4 guide.

Solar Power Plant (Solar Power Plant):

Price – 30 000, per month – 1 000, gives 5 000 units. energy. Another completely harmless station, but it is not difficult to notice, it is not much more efficient than a windmill.

In addition, it requires the mayor’s rating of at least 55 and at least 3,000 residents of wealthy neighborhoods.

Nuclear power plant (Nuclear Power Plant):

Price – 40 000, per month – 3 000, gives 16 000 units. energy.

In general, the same garbage, but, firstly, it uses space more efficiently, secondly, the requirements are different – at least 85,000 inhabitants and at least 25,000 units of energy consumption, and thirdly – everyone guessed it – it can jerk. And then it will not find it.

Thermonuclear Power Plant (Hydrogen Power Plant):

Price – 100 000, per month – 10 000, gives out 50 000 units. energy. At least 4,000 employees of high-tech specialties need to stay in the city, as well as total energy consumption of at least 30,000 units.

We hope you enjoyed SimCity 4 guides and tips about electricity.


Plumbing, like electricity, is needed by most buildings. Water can be transported over distance using underground pipelines (Water Pipe); unlike power lines, they do not take up space and do not create other side effects.

Neighboring areas are connected by pipes without additional effort. The price of laying one segment of the water supply system is 11, maintenance per month costs 0.10.

As the pumps and towers are placed around them, a blue “coverage area” is outlined. Try to maintain the whole area normally, at least all respectable areas and the whole industry.

Simcity 4 guide - water
Simcity 4 guide and strategies – water

Water Tower (Water Tower): The simplest water supply system: at a price of 50, gives 2,400 cubic meters of water per month.

Pump (Water Pump): A little more cunning device: it costs 400, gives 20,000 cubic meters of water per month. It should be built because dozens of towers will not save enough space.

The water treatment plant stands apart: This expensive thing (15,000 for building, 350 per month) gives only 2,400 cubes per month but does not depend on water pollution.

In the well-off neighborhoods better to submit clean water in Simcity 4 guide.


People tend to shit, and this sad fact cannot escape. With garbage, you need to do something.

You can simply bury it: the dump will cost you pennies (50 at a time for each site, 10 per month), but in this area, you can put across: Simitsi is not Russia, next to a pile of waste (even underground) no one wants to live.

Do not forget that with the growth of the city waste does not decrease, but quite the opposite, and landfills are filled. But there is a more technological tool:

Waste Power Plant: This wonderful thing not only saves you debris, but it also gives you 5,000 units of electricity. Alas, all this is far from being in vain: 25,000 for building, 1,000 per month.

In addition, the process of waste combustion does not ozonize the air.

Recycling Center: Very useful structure, serving 20,000 inhabitants and reducing the generation of garbage in the entrusted territory by 20%. It costs 5,000 at a time and 350 per month. In my opinion, it pays for itself, and very much.


Discover best SimCity 4 guide and information about how to secure the city.

Simcity 4 guide - security
Simcity 4 guide, hints and tricks – security

To protect against all evils, a decent citizen needs a fire department, a police station, and a hospital.

All these institutions exist in the “big” and “small” version; the “large” has a wider range and a larger fleet of vehicles.

Notice the triangle icon with an exclamation point in the menu: it allows you to manually manage police and firefighters, which is highly recommended, at least during disasters.

Large and small police stations (Large, Small Police Station):

Keep crime in the service area from overgrowth and create an illusion of security among residents.

Large costs 800 and 250 per month, small – 250 and 125 per month.

At the same time, 4 cars belong to the big one, and there are “apartments” for 50 violators, and for a small one, these figures are twice as low.

The prison (City Jail):

It is necessary for the normal functioning of the land plots in any large city: after all, only little things should remain in the area, and serious criminals should be passed on. Price – 2500, 150 per month.

Contains up to 1000 prisoners; if you needed a second prison in the city, then in your city something is very wrong.

Large and small fire stations (Large, Small Fire Station):

They are intended, as it is easy to guess, to fight the fire. The price is the same as at police stations, but a large one contains only 2 cars, and a small one – one (and not a single prisoner).

Please note that you manage the activities of the brave firefighters yourself, giving them the order to extinguish one or another building.

The clinic (Medical Clinic):

It cares about the medical care of 500 patients, demanding for it 400 at a time and the same monthly.

Hospital (Large Medical Center):

An improved version of the same, the price – 1100 and 1200, respectively, the capacity – as many as 3,000 patients. In general, the rare case when the price/quality ratio improves dramatically.

For large (> 58,000 inhabitants) rich cities, with a mayor rating of at least 45, another medical building is available.

Research Laboratory (Disease Research Lab):

It increases the life expectancy of citizens. At the same time, as you might guess, they are deeply satisfied, not to mention that taxes pay longer.


With SimCity 4 guide for transport, To solve the problem of power supply or police protection is much easier than to deal with transport problems. They tend to remain sick for any city.

First of all, the road must pass no further than 3 cells from any dwelling, otherwise, no one will go to this distance. On the other hand, the road creates pollution and noise, and their excessive concentration does not please anyone.

Further, not all residents are so eager to drive in private cars. The popularity of the quarter will become much more if the bus starts walking there.

However, each bus station (Bus Station) costs 150 and 5 per month, which is not so little. Through it passes passenger traffic in 1000 passengers per month.

The roads themselves are of several kinds. Ordinary (roads) – with good coverage, giving to take acceleration – cost 10 at a time and 0.10 monthly for each cell; streets cost half as much, but you cannot develop decent speed on them.

Therefore, the typical structure is as follows: the central road, on either side of it, is blocks and streets leading onto this road. In general, as in life.

The road, among other things, creates a lot of noise, and in no way is recommended to drive them too thick.

It happens and especially “advanced” road – highway. Having such a highway connecting with the nearest cities is a matter of honor and prestige, but do not try to use it for intercity trips.

Not only does it make noise and stinks wildly, but it also costs as much as 600 (!!) coins per cell.

But transport is not limited to automotive.

Railway capacity:

Railway has a much greater capacity, at least in terms of cargo. Its installation costs even slightly cheaper than the usual road (8), but it is very noisy.

Railways make sense to carry around the city in an amount of 2-3 pieces, to connect distant areas of the city, and, of course, to connect them with neighboring settlements. People love to ride the train.

Simcity 4 guide - Transport
Simcity 4 guide and cheats – Transport

Consider that in order to use the railway, it is also necessary that there are stations on it.

Passenger Train Station:

It can be built for a hundred, requires 10 coins per month and serves 2,000 passengers.

On the same line, you can – and should – build freight stations (Freight Train Station), with the help of which the cargo will be transferred. They should be placed mainly in industrial areas.

As you can see, the railway is even a bit cheaper than bus supplies; why not replace it with roads everywhere? Yes, because personal rail cars, unlike cars, are so far rare, and not everyone is comfortable traveling by train.

In a large, developed city, it will be correct to build not a railway, but a subway.

It is in all respects an ideal transport:

It does not make noise, does not pollute, due to the high regularity it keeps large passenger traffic.

However, the laying of tunnels flies in a pretty penny: 150 per cell and this prestigious solution should be left to megalopolises. Another minor drawback is the lack of transportation of goods.

The apotheosis of freight transport – the seaport (International Sea Port). It is relatively cheap: 10,000 for construction, 300 per month – and 4,000 tons of cargo are shipped monthly and arrive there. For a developed industry – it is very valuable.

Culture and education

Simcity 4 guide - Culture and education
Simcity 4 guide, tips, and hints – Culture and education

Residents of our city differ not only in income but also in education.

This is very much affected, for example, in the set of available buildings, in the efficiency of production.

Even the crime rate decreases slightly among well-educated residents (maybe they just learn not to fall?).

Educational buildings:

As a rule, are inexpensive, but they cost a tidy sum on a monthly basis: you see, in the West, it is customary for teachers to pay well.

First of all, the child must be taught the basics from SimCity 4 guide.

For this, there is an elementary school. Its price is 300, and a month it eats as many as 400. 500 students study there.

During its construction, pay attention to the radius of the school bus, and do not forget to take a decent road to it.

High School:

The next educational institution. Her bookmark is 1050, 750 per month, and 750 students study there.

If every child without exception needs an elementary school, then the average is, in principle, not for everyone – but for the majority.


Provides education for workers of average qualification. It costs the city 3,000 and 1,000 a month, taught by 7,000 students.

Without it, education will stall at a level precluding the development of the serious industry.


It is a luxury that not every city can afford. Not only does it need 12,000 coins and 1,500 a month, and besides.

It occupies a huge area; it can be established in at least 15,000 cities with a 95% school education and a mayor rating of at least 42.

But in fact, only after its foundation, high technologies begin to develop, therefore every governor should strive to open a university.

A special institution, a private school, will not cost you a penny, because they teach there not at the expense of the municipality.

The Museum (City Museum):

It increases the level of culture and the attractiveness of the city for tourists, and also brings some income through exhibitions. It costs 1500 and 450 per month.

With the growth of culture in the city in Simcity 4 guide, new versions of buildings appear:

The Major Art Museum:

It is available if there are at least four museums, 12 thousand residents of the well-to-do and middle classes and a mayor rating of at least 45. It costs 13,000, but costs only 90 per month and is a source of income.

A large library (Main Library):

It increases the efficiency of all city libraries. It needs at least 5 ordinary libraries, a rating of 37 and a population of at least 34 thousand people.

Recreation areas

In SimCity 4 guide for recreation areas, in every true miser, it hurts the soul to spend the useful area of ​​the city, not to mention the hard-earned money on parks, gardens, squares and other furnishings that do not bring a penny of income.

However, they greatly increase the value of the surrounding area, and they need to be planned from the very beginning.

It makes no sense to list all these buildings:

There are too many of them, and among them, there are enough homogeneous ones (like different types of park landscapes).

Recreation areas can be divided into several categories in SimCity 4 guide and walkthrough:

The first will include gardens, parks, gazebos and other similar places: they improve the quality of the next quarters, reduce pollution and cost pennies.

Keep in mind that they need not only electricity (although they still require water supply!).

But they do not “carry current” through themselves, i.e. The parkway does not transfer power to the other side.

A separate place among these buildings is a playground, which is worth having in the amount of 1 per district.

There is also a beach, a very useful thing, although it is quite difficult to properly install it at the border of land and water.

2nd includes:

The second includes football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and other places of active recreation.

They are extremely pleased with the youth and, by the way, reduce crime (hehe); however, it is better that such a thing is not directly under the windows.

The ball, falling into the window, causes bouts of irritability, even in quiet retirees.

The most popular way of working with them is to install in the middle of a large park or slightly out of place.


Not to be confused with the stadiums. They hold competitions on a serious level, attracting a lot of spectators.

This has a very positive effect on tourism and on the mood of the population … categorically excluding those who are not lucky enough to live nearby.

Fans are damn unpleasant neighbors for the “civilian population“, and in terms of noise, the stadium covers all other human inventions.

It is better to place it somewhere among the parks in the suburbs, of course – connecting with the city a decent road.

The more educated your city, the greater the impact on the population of institutions for cultural recreation, like theaters. In addition, such buildings contribute to the development of tourism.

Finally, objects that are exclusively for tourists are set apart.

Many recreational buildings are classified as premium and are not given immediately – see the relevant chapter.


What a city without attractions? So, some kind of village. And there is nothing to poke us in the nose with its local history museum, four parks, and the university.

Tourists want to see something unique, for which it was worthy to overcome the distance.

Premium buildings

These institutions can be built, as a rule, in the singular – with special permission, which comes only to successful mayors in recognition of their merits.

The border between ordinary and premium buildings is fuzzy: some of the structures listed above – for example, a private school, an art museum, or a “tourist lure” – can also be considered “premium”.

Country Club – from the same series, but – not for free, people are more victorious than the merry entertainment of the regulars. However, a rich quarter is better to stay on the outskirts.

Resort (Resort Hotel) – puts the final point in turning your city into a tourist center.

The court (Courthouse) is not in every city; for some reason, prison is much more common. When the news of the construction of the court rushes, police stations begin to act with increased zeal, and the criminal elements immediately turn on the oven and begin to dry the crackers.

SimCity 4 strategy and tactics

SimCity 4 is played like this: they build the first objects, find out what the residents are missing, build it, look again what the residents need, add buildings, the city is growing.

Yes, it is this method that is best and quick.

Well, in SimCity 4, it is a bit out of place. Being in constant struggle with difficulties, you can win, but in the end, your settlement will not be a city, but … how to say it … a populated area.

The inhabitants will settle there out of fear that if they do not, you will come up with something worse. In general, you can survive, but the real city planner does not do that.

Simcity 4 cheats and tricks

With the following Simcity 4 guide and tricks for Simcity 4: Deluxe Edition we can create our dream city. The money will no longer be a problem when building any structure.

FAQs on Simcity 4

How to introduce the Simcity 4?

To introduce the tricks of this game we must create the city and enter the “mayor” mode, press CTRL + X and enter the codes you want from the ones below.

Cheats for Simcity 4: Deluxe Edition – Infinite Money

If you want to get infinite money in Simcity 4 enter:


Change names:

Do you want to change your name? Do you want to change the name of your city? put:

Change your name
Hellomynameis (nombre)
Change the name of your city
Whereareyoufrom (nombre)

Remove requirements (water, energy, etc.):

To eliminate the energy
Requirement Remove water requirements

Who is the developer of SimCity 4 game?

Maxis, & Aspyr are the developers of this game.

Who is the composer of SimCity 4 game?

The composer of this game is Jerry Martin.

What is the compatibility of the SimCity 4 game?

There are many platforms which are perfect for this game:

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Macintosh operating systems
  3. MacOS
  4. Linux

Final verdict:

In SimCity 4 guide, wiki and walkthrough; you can easily explore the complete game about how to build a perfect city and how to maintain the developed city.

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