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What is Soul Knight?

Soul Knight is a free to play high-level action platform game that is all about collecting the magic stones that maintain the balance of the world is stolen by some bad guys.

In order to take them back, you need to kill all your vicious enemies. The game was deliberated on 17th February 2017 by Chillyroom for android and IOS. The players have to accomplish the desirable missions available in the game.

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Soul Knight is where players go to investigate prisons loaded with hazardous foes, chests with weapons, minor characters, supervisors, and so forth.

It comprises of different levels that generate randomly and at each level, dangerous enemies are hidden to whom you need to kill to take back that magic stone.

Before starting the game there comes different characters an option will be given to you to chose any of them.

The characters in this game incorporate:

1- Knight

It is by-default and uses two guns for a short duration.

2- Rogue

It rolls forward and dives all the enemy’s bullets. 2000 gems are needed to unlock it.

3- Wizard

It amazes the enemy with a strapping lightning strike and needs 3000 gems to unlock it.

4- Elf

It Aims manually and shoots magic arrows with the extra difficult hit. You need 12000 gems to unlock it.

5- Alchemist

It throws bottles filled with poison jars and requires 5000 gems.

6- Engineer

It musters a gun target to gives free support and needs 1$.

7- Priest

It cast a pact that renews all Allies’ health and requires 12000 gems to get unlocked.

8- Werewolf

It transforms into a werewolf. Lower the health and higher the damage. It requires 2.5$.

9- Vampire

It releases a swarm of bats that attack enemies and increase your health. Only 0.90$ is required to unlock it.

10- Paladin

It occupies all the damage for a brief duration and needs 0.90$.

11- Druid

It summons two wolves to fight for you and needs 1.8$ to get it.

12- Robot

It is a pass to enter the dungeon that can be developed by an unlocking Engineer.

13- Assassin

It charges forward and performs a strong melee attack. 4000 gems are needed for it.

14- Berserker

It accomplishes a fast attack and needs 1.8$ to get unlocked.


How to Play the Game?

Soul Knight Guide
Soul Knight Guide About How To Play?

The game starts in a living room where all the characters are available and you have to choose one out of many. Every character contains a unique ability while Knight’s character is by default.

A few characters can be purchased by the gems while you can get other few with the money.

Now the question arises that How do you get gems in Soul knight? Well, you can acquire the gems by watching the ads that will pop up on your screens or the other way is to plant the gem trees through which you can earn enough gems if you don’t want to purchase them for real.

Once you have chosen your desired character move forward.

The things that will come in your way and will be useful for you include:

1- Fridge

It gives you benefits if you are willing to buy the gems for real. Otherwise, it is not recommendable when you have the option of acquiring the gems for free.

2- Gashapon Machine

It needs 200 gems to get unlocked with which a few items will appear that might be weapons or bombs or unlimited free gems.

3- Mail guy

It is useful for every player as it gives you a daily bonus.

4- Pet Food

The pets in the soul knight never die no matter how much damage has been occurred yet they will stop working and in order to boost up their energy pet food is very useful.

5- Plant

It will help you to acquire additional gems.

How to Pass Dungeons?

In order to pass the dungeon, you need to unlock the Engineer through which you can build the Robot. The question is how to get a robot in Soul knight.

On the right side of the living room, there is a merchant with three racks (you can get explicit things, which are restored once in some timeframe or promptly for 250 pearls).

On the left of the dealer, there is a TV – watch it to get the thing lying inverse the TV. On the privilege of the dealer, there are extra parts this is how you will unlock the engineer.

Now you are ready the enter dungeon. In every room, there are enemîes hidden to attack you for which you should be very careful.

The more you will kill your opponents the forward you will keep on moving. A few boxes will come your way from which you need to escape yourself.

Few of the Boxes include

Blue Box: It can feeze you and your enemy

Red Box: It will create an explosion and will kill you first

Green Box: It makes a lethal haze of the particular shading.

Purple box: It works the same way as the Green box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels are in Soul Knight?

A- There are 15 levels in this game and in order to get back the magic stone you need to pass every possible level.

How to get pets in soul knight?

A- Pets can be changed in the Lobby, before picking the Characters. Opened by giving 1 USD through the Lucky Cat While a cat is given to every player at the start.

How to get batteries in soul knight?

A- You can get the batteries in green chests, the day by day shop, supervisor drops, and horde drops all through the prison. Foes that drop batteries can be found on the ice levels, the knight levels, and the least toxic substance levels.

How to get panda in soul knight?

A- You can get it by donating to the developers


So Soul knight is a platform that will keep you excite and entertained. I hope this Soul knight guide will answer all your questions regarding Soul Knight.

Still, if there is any need to ask something feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to answer them.

Thank You


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