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What is the Game Stick War?

Stick war is one of the most fun playing, entertaining and challenging online games that will keep you entertained throughout. It comprises of different levels which need to be accomplished.

This game was liberated on 25th March 2010 and today is played all over the world. Platforms used for this game incorporate PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

It has quietly become the best free to play the game on PC and mobiles. The players have to accomplish the desirable missions available in the game.

How to Play Stick War?

There are different levels of the game which you need to pass. With each victory, you will be moved to the next level of the game and with each passing level, you need to be more cautious.

Remember that once you are failed at your any level you will get the chance to restart the level unless you get a victory.

Stick War Guide & Walkthrough

The different levels in this game incorporate:

List and secrets of game levels:

  • Level 1

The goal of level 1 is to unlock ‘Archidon’. Once you have unlocked it you will be moved to the next level. In Level 1 you need to mine more and more money unless you are able to buy maximum swordwraths.

The swordwraths can be bought when you have gold which will come by mining and mining is done by the Miners.

Once you have enough swordwraths press the attack button and kill your enemies. To win the level you need to destroy the statue of the enemy.

  • Level 2

In Level 2 you need to fail the ambush on their mission of breaking your statue for which you need to mine more and more gold to collect as many swordwrath.

More the swordworth more you are able to kill all the ambush. Once they are failing in their mission you will proceed to the next level of the game.

  • Level 3

As usual mine as many golds as you can to buy the swordwrath. once you have enough of them start moving towards the enemy statue because your ultimate goal is to destroy it.

You will get many miners there to try to kill all of them. Remember that keep on mining the gold so that you can purchase more and more swordwrath.

  • Level 4

In Level 4 a number of Speartons will come your way to attack which you have to defeat with your cleverness.

Remember that it’s not easy to kill them so enhance your swordwrath team as much as possible as you can to have a big fight with them.

  • Level 5

With each passing step, you will find more difficulties. In this level, you won’t be attacked until sunset so invest your gold early into miners rather than military units.

Get as many swordwraths as you can to fight with your enemies. You have to survive the Swordwrath counter-attack.

If you will succeed in defeating vast hordes of Swordwrath then you will move towards the next level.


  • Level 6

In Level 6 you have to fight with Migikill. Magikill land is ruled by wizards in order to pass this level you need to destroy the Magikill Statue with the help of a number of swordwrath.

  • Level 7

Fight with the ruthless leaders of Portland to rescue a few innocent citizens by destroying the Archidon statue. A number of enemies will come your way and you will have to face the difficulty to smash the statue but you will.

  • Level 8

It’s time to free the innocent citizens of Westwind from Archidon and Speartons by destroying their statue. A number of speartons will come your way and you have to kill them in order to win this level.

Stick War Guides and Secrets
Stick War Game Guides and Secrets

After getting victory in this level you must travel a dangerous path that is hidden in Level 9.

  • Level 9

Now it’s time to save the people of No Man’s Land from the enemy that is the giants level.  A giant will come your way which you have to kill if you want to destroy the enemy statue. Giants are slow to attack try to run a unit behind the Giant.

  • Level 10

At this level, you can use your own giant. Get the approx ten swordwrath, then find miner, and work these two to death trying to get 1400 gold for your very first giant. Get as many swordwrath as you can and destroy the enemy statue.

  • Level 11

Congratulations you have reached the second last level of your game where you can get as many giants as you can by mining a lot of gold.

A lot of swordwrath, archidon, magikill and giants will come to your way whom you need to destroy to smash the enemy statue.

  • Level 12

Here is the last level of this game after which you will be called the Champion of the game. Kill all the random units that get in your way, and also when you have 1400 gold buy a giant so that he can take on the statue.

New Version of Stick War+-

1App Name = Stick War: Legacy Mod

2APK size = 63.2 MB

3Version = v1.11.77

4Supported on = Android 4.4 and above

5Last Updated = 13th September 2019

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So Stick War is an online game that will keep you excite and entertained and it’s a treat for those who love action games. I hope this article will answer all your questions regarding the Stick war guide. Still, if there is any need to ask something feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to answer them.

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