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Summertime Saga Guide To Get Money:

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Summertime Saga Guide [Updated] – All romances: Top 11 tips

Summertime Saga Guide

1. Debbie:

You’ll have to beat Debbie doing a few chores around the house and the garden, like mowing the lawn or fixing the sink. But it’s the woman you live with, and although the story is a bit long you’ll get a few endings.

Summertime Saga Debbie – Step by step guide:

We explain how to unlock all the scenes or finals of Summertime Saga Debbie, the woman you live with and to whom you will have to help in housework.

In order to reach the end of the story with Debbie, you need to have the charisma to the fullest. For the rest, it will be enough for you to follow our indications. And to start with the story you have to go to the kitchen after day 1 to talk to her.

Summertime Saga Debbie – Cut the grass

The first thing you will need is the fuel can (red) of the Consum R store, it costs 100. Then go to your garage and use it with the lawnmower. When you’re finished you’ll talk to Jenny, then go down to the basement so Debbie will wash your clothes.

The next day they will come to ask you for money, go talk to Debbie in the kitchen. After getting up the next day you will have an encounter with Mrs. Johnson, go back to sleep to continue advancing.

Summertime Saga Debbie – Fix sink

After a few days, you will have a scene down the stairs and Debbie will ask you to fix the sink. Go up, go to the bathroom, and Jenny will ask you the same. So go down to the basement and click on the pipe next to the refrigerator to turn off the tap. If you go back to the bathroom you will see that no water comes out, but still needs repair. So go to Consum R for a wrench, worth 50. With it go to the bathroom and repair.

The next day when you wake up and go through the hall you can spy on Debbie in the shower. You will have to go to sleep, you will see the man who asked for money, and sleep once more.

Summertime Saga Debbie – Housework

The next day you will see Debbie aspiring down, help him. After a day or two, you’ll see her scrubbing in the kitchen, help her. The following will be seen with the laundry in the basement, you must also help.

When finishing the tasks, he will ask you for a bedroom lotion, look in the drawers. Then go to the basement and apply the lotion on your legs. The next day he will ask you to accompany him to the mall, say yes. There he will tell you to go to the Cupid store, to look for a gift.

Summertime Saga Debbie – Fix car

Go down and talk to Debbie, she’ll ask you to fix her car. You will see that the engine is broken, so go back to the kitchen and unlock the car workshop.

Go to the workshop during the week (closed on Saturdays and Sundays) and at the reception try to convince the girl or pay her 9,000. When returning to the house a mechanic will have fixed the car. Get in the car with her, then go to sleep and go to her room. Take your underwear again and use it on the bed. But this time tell him that you can not avoid it and that you like it, it will let you finish. Then go to sleep

Summertime Saga Debbie – Shower:

Go down the stairs and the men who demanded money will end up hitting you. Go to the shower and Debbie will mess with you.

The next day Debbie will invite you to sleep with her, and at first, you can only sleep.

Summertime Saga Debbie – Dinner:

Come home at night and you will see Debbie talking to Diane about your relationship. The next day go to the kitchen to talk to her and she will ask you for sea trout. This will unlock the new dock. Before going you will have to go to his room to see what he will wear that night.

At the dock, buy the trout for 100 from the window man and bring it to Debbie. You will have dinner and when you want to go to sleep Debbie will invite you to another movie. Then go to sleep

Summertime Saga Debbie – Final:

The next time you try to sleep you will wake up and you will have to go down to the pool. Dianne will take Debbie’s clothes, so take the bath towel and give it to her. Go first to the kitchen and then to the dining room.

The next time Debbie will see you at night you can unlock the scene. The next day goes to the kitchen to unlock the scene, and then to the laundry to unlock new scenes.

Finally, after sleeping once again you will have a note on your computer. You will have to take the laundry from your bedroom to the basement and there you will finish unlocking all the scenes.

2. Summertime Saga Guide – Diane:

It’s your neighbor, so you’re close too. And it will also be your turn to help her with her garden, or rather her garden, as well as her milk production. This story is faster, although somewhat twisted and keeps surprising scenes. This is the 2nd romance in summertime saga guide.

Summertime Saga Diane – Step by step guide:

We show you how to get all the scenes of Summertime Saga Diane, your farm aunt whom you will have to help with your farm work.

The first day Debbie will propose you to earn extra money doing a job for Diane. So start with your garden and we guide you through romance. Of course, you will need strength and also enough charisma.

Summertime Saga Diane – Garden:

Go to the purple house and click on the garden. To start you will need a shovel, but you have one in your garage. And when you start the minigame, just leave the carrots, the aubergines, the corn, and the cucumbers. Go to sleep and go back to work in the garden.

After several days will ask you to move a wheelbarrow with garbage. So if you do not have enough strength, train to move forward. The next thing is to take the pump out of the shed (it’s on the left), take it to Diane and ask her about the objects in the shed, which will tell you they are for milking.

Clean the garden once more and the next day will ask you to take milk from the shed to the school cafeteria, although you will have to do it during the week. And when you arrive you will see that you need a permit that will be given to you in Mrs. Smith’s office.

Talk to Diane again, she’s in her bedroom, upstairs. Then go to the garden and accept the milk it will offer you.

Summertime Saga Diane – Alcohol:

Go back to work in the garden until he tells you he is infected, and go to Consum R for a pesticide. You must buy the one with the green cap for 100, so explain to him that the bugs have pincers. With the pesticide, clean the entire garden and tell Diane.

Come back the next day to talk to her and you’ll find her in the kitchen with a cucumber. Go and sleep. Next time you will be drinking and will ask you to apply sunscreen.

Come back the next day, apologize and clean the garden. Sleep, come back and make a drink, but choose to add more alcohol. The next day you will advance a little with the scenes, and one day later go to look for him in the kitchen to ask him about his milk business.

Summertime Saga Diane – Milk:

Buy the stainless jar in Consum R and take a book about breastfeeding from the library. Give both of you Diane and she will talk about getting pregnant to produce more milk. You will appear outside the house, come back inside to talk to her and choose to have fun. Then he will invite you to his milking machines but go to sleep.

The next day, when I ask for your bull, say “you”. This will invite you to your milk production at night. Sleep and go to the shed the next night. Although it will ask you to pick up a pack of Pink in the mall. You will have to sleep once more to be able to go for the package returns with Diane and you can unlock all the scenes.

3. Summertime Saga Guide – Jenny:

Your other housemate, maybe your sister, is Jenny. Another story of the long ones, like Debbie’s. But it also has many endings. In this case, you will have to please her with gifts, almost all erotic toys.

Summertime Saga Jenny – Step by step guide:

We show you all the history of Summertime Saga Jenny. You will have to buy some toys, but we will explain it in detail so you can unlock all the scenes.

Summertime Saga Jenny – Panties:

Go to the gym, talk to the old man and take Muay Thai classes in exchange for some panties. They are in Jenny’s room (between your room and the bathroom), by the drawers, but you will be caught while you search. You will end up charging 100 dollars, but you will be able to train and improve your dexterity skill.

Train every day and move forward in your relationship with Debbie (Jenny’s mother) to move forward with this relationship. You will have to arrive at a scene where you will catch her in her bed and a dialogue option will appear in which you can choose “Debbie needs you”

4. Summertime Saga Guide – Johnson

She is the lady of Erik’s house, with whom you can have a romance based on doing yoga exercises. Of course, there will come a time when you will have to make decisions, and depending on your choice you can get a romance with her or with other characters.

5. Summertime Saga Guide – June:

Although you will know her long before you can only have an affair with her depending on what you decide to do with Mrs. Johnson. In fact, I was going to be Erik’s girlfriend, so you decide if you want to know the ending, which incidentally has a curious cosplay.

6. Summertime Saga Guide – Mia:

It is the closest thing to a girlfriend that you will find in the game. Although of course, this goes for romances, so you can also have a story with your mother. To conquer Mia you will have to start by studying with her, and then you will have to get her family back together.

7. Guide Summertime Saga – Helen

It’s Mia’s mother, so if you have an affair with her, you’ll block her daughter’s. Although Helen does not really see it as an affair, she thinks you are purifying her.

8. Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Bissette:

It’s a French class. So you will have to find a dictionary, look for some food books in the library, read a poem, pass the exam and help Roxxy to also pass. In the end, you will pass the class and you will know a little more about the teacher.

9. Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Ross:

It’s the art class. So get ready to find materials, famous magazines and all the ingredients, paints and colors you’ll need to be able to paint. When you have it all you will win a contest and an economic prize, in addition to the romance with Miss Ross.

10. Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Okita:

It’s a science class. So you’ll have to get some glasses, a motor, the ingredients for a mental potion and some serums. This way you will be able to pass the science class and unlock the scenes with Miss Okita.

11. Summertime Saga Guide – Miss Dewitt

It’s a music class. You will have to win a music contest, for it will be your turn to make a flute, recruit a band, and whatever it takes to have happy the teacher Miss Dewitt.


How do you get Aqua in Summertime Saga?

You can get the Aqua in summertime saga by going on a route on a treasure hunt. While completing it you need specific areas to be unlocked that are

Forest, church, achieve golden key, get a rod for fishing and unlock clinic.

After this, you will get the golden compass. Giving the golden compass to captain terry will make you achieve lure in return and then you will get the aqua in summertime saga.

How Do you Get the Golden Compass Saga in the Summertime?

Golden compass can be achieved by the following steps:

Step 1:

Go to Pier and he will let you know that the oldest resident can help you. The oldest resident id Roz, who is at the hospital receptionist.

Land in the hospital and go to Roz on the reception. She will ask you to transport some boxes on the second floor. When you will be done, she will hand over your inventory.

Step 2:

You need to move to Diane’s garden near which you will find a crack in the fence. Go into the crack to find Ben Dover’s cemetery. If you are doing find the grave you need to find the big bell present in the town that is present in the church. To unlock the church by using Kai’s route or Class of Miss ross.

After that reach to church and you will see a door that leads to stairs at the upper left corner. Go to the stairs and reach the bell and examine it.

On examining you will find different engraving on it that includes a tree with a hole that can be found in raven go to the raven hill and see the old scroll and inventory that will lead you to picture of a moon.

Step 3:

Now the moon portrays forest and to unlock forest you need to adopt either Johnson’s path or Miss Okita science class. Go to the forest at midnight and examine the stone present in the middle of the forest to get started with a mini-game puzzle.

In the puzzle, you require stones to match the picture of the moon. On completion, you will get an old map.

Step 4:

Go to the library and search for a book named Derpy Answers. Then go to the park search for the fountain. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a coin that looks different. Take it out. After this get the golden key by finding out the robber’s stolen loot. After this head over to the beach and click on the island.

To dig click on the unusual statue. Grab the shovel from your garage. On digging you will finally find the treasure but the sad moment that it’s locked. To unlock it use the book and coin or just use the following combination

Octopus – Mermaid – Octopus – Anchor.

On unlocking the golden compass is yours.

How do you get to the Cemetery in the Summertime Saga?

You can get the cemetery in summertime saga by following steps

  • Reach her house backyard
  • At the right side of the shed, there is a hole
  • Click at the hole to get the cemetery.

how to Download Summertime Saga Latest Version?

  • Summertime saga latest version can be easily downloaded in the following steps:
  • Go to settings in your phone
  • Select the General option from the list and select the security tab.
  • Enable the option” enable unknown sources” by selecting it
  • And then save the changes by pressing okay
  • Go back to the home and open the browser
  • In the browser search the summertime saga
  • In the top corner, you will see an android option to select it.
  • Then press on the download now option and the download will start.
  • After the downloading process completes press on install tab
  • After the installation process completes press on the open tab that can be seen on the right corner at the bottom of the screen.
  • You have successfully downloaded the latest summertime saga apk and you can enjoy it easily.

What is the Combination for the Chest in Summertime Saga?

In the summertime saga, the chest combination is unique. It is Octopus – Mermaid – Octopus – Anchor.

What is the Combination of the Treasure in Summertime Saga?

The combination that opens the treasure in summertime saga is Octopus – Mermaid – Octopus – Anchor.

Final verdict:

We hope you love this summertime saga guide, walkthrough, and cheats for all romances.

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