In this article, you are going to explore SuperCity tips and walkthrough + wiki about buildings and decor, how to unblocked? how to mind control easily? etc.


The SUPERCITY is an Android/iOS game from the company PlayKot. In the article, you will learn all the supercity strategies and secrets + tricks about how to develop correctly.



To buy a building, tap the Store icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Buildings are divided into categories. Select a category and click to see the list of available buildings.

You can scroll left and right to access all the buildings in the category.

Some of them may be blocked until certain conditions are reached, such as reaching a certain level or increasing the population.

To position a building in your city, click the green button below it. If you have enough coins to build it, the shop window will close and your building will appear on the screen in Edit mode.

Edit mode allows you to Move and Rotate a building before you place it in your city.

While in this mode, click the circular arrow to rotate the building, or click the building itself and move to move it.

When done, click the checkmark to apply the changes.

Some buildings are built in several stages.

Moving, Turning & Storing Buildings

When you place a building, you can freely move and rotate it in Edit mode. To return to this mode, click on the building and hold your finger for a second.

You will see three buttons above your building: put in storage, rotate and apply changes. To move the building in this mode, click on it and move, without lifting your finger, wherever you want.

Click Rotate to change the orientation of the building in space.

Click Accept to save the changes.

If you click the Store button, your building will be moved to the Warehouse.

To open the Warehouse, press the middle of the buttons in the lower-left corner of the screen.

For convenience, the buildings in the warehouse are divided into categories. Some categories may be gray.

This means that you do not have buildings in this category.

Click on a category to see your buildings of these categories. To place a building, click on it.

How Does Business Work?

Business buildings in the city need to be filled with materials so that they start working. You can see how many materials you have at the top of the screen.

Click on the Business building with the Zzz icon to select it, and click again to fill it with materials.

A running business will bring you coins when its work ends. Click on a running business to see how long it will take.

Note: You can finish production instantly with the help of superbucks by clicking on the round green button. For further information on how to get money from Business buildings, read “Gathering Profits”.

Work With The Inventory

Inventory stores all your items that may be needed for tasks or the production of certain buildings.

You can enter the Inventory by clicking the first button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Items are divided into categories, click on a category to see what items you have. If a category is shown in gray, then there are no items in it.

You can use some items, such as Energy, directly from the inventory. Click on an item to use it.

However, it is impossible to directly use items for tasks from the Inventory, as they are either used automatically or to use them you must click “Use” in the corresponding task.

For more information about using items in various tasks, see “Performing Tasks.”

Execution Of Tasks

Click the Task List on the left to open your current task list. You can view various tasks by clicking the icons on the left. Each task has a number of conditions that must be met in order to be credited.

For example: To build a specific building, collect profits from a business building a certain number of times, collect and use certain objects, etc.

Tasks are very beneficial in terms of obtaining money, materials, and experience.

It is recommended to perform them in order to advance through the game. Some tasks have a limited execution time, and they must be completed before this time expires.

Such tasks can usually be started a new if you didn’t meet the deadline, but you have to start over, that is, items that you have already used will disappear.

Connect Via Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you can connect it to SuperCity to add friends to neighbors from there, and also be able to restore your city on another device.

  • Click the Settings button on the left.
  • Click Login.
  • You will be redirected to the Facebook page. If you are not logged in there, you will need to enter your account details to log in. Enter your email/phone number, password and click Login.
  • When you log into your account, you will receive a request to confirm your decision. Click Continue and you will be redirected to the game.

Acquisition Superbug

Superbugs are used to instantly complete production, purchase certain items and skip unnecessary parts of quests. There are several ways to purchase them:

  1. You get superbugs for every level you reach.
  2. You can get free superbugs as a bonus for 5 days if you log into the game for 5 days in a row.
  3. Some buildings, such as the House of Good Luck and the Mayor’s Residence, produce superbugs.
  4. You can win superbugs like Bingo and Wheel of Fortune prizes.
  5. You get superbugs for filling out a sticker page in your City Journal.
  6. You can purchase superbugs directly from the game for real money by clicking the “+” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Fire Fighting

As soon as you build the Water Tower and the Fire Station, fires will start to appear in your city. When you’re in the game, you can see the fire icon at the bottom of the screen.

Click on it to find out where the fire started.

Click on the burning building to put out the fire.

Each extinguished fire gives you a small amount of money and 2 energy points. To put out the fire, you need 1 unit of water.

You can get water in the Water Tower.

How To Collect The Profit?

Residents of houses regularly pay for rent, and business buildings are profitable if materials are delivered to them.

The coin icon above the building means that you can collect the profit it brought.

Click on the building to collect coins.

Please note that collecting profits from the building removes 1 point of energy from you. Production buildings produce materials instead of coins.

They can be collected as well as coins.

Some buildings also bring other items, such as stars, cups, materials for assignments and even energy.

Wheel Of Fortune

Once you reach level 11, the Wheel of Fortune becomes available to you (located in the Store in the Attractions tab).

Complete the tasks to build it, get Fortune Coupons, spin the Wheel and get a lot of gifts.

How To Get Coupons Of Fortune?

It can be obtained as follows:

  • Help your friends (randomly generated)
  • Watch the ad (click “Get” to view)

I Cannot Train Specialists

You can train:

  • 10 architects.
  • 10 engineers.
  • 10 constructors.
  • 20 designers.
  • 20 builders.
  • 20 Mechanics.

Once you reach the limit, the function of training specialists will become inaccessible.

To find out how many specialists you have trained, click the “Inventory” icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and then click the “Experts” icon.

Why It Is Impossible To Build 2 Identical Business Buildings Nearby (Purple Zone)?

Business buildings of the same type cannot be built next to each other.

Here, everything is the same as in real life: if the same stores in the city are too close, they are ineffective in terms of profits.

That is why business buildings (business, non-residential, and non-production) cannot be installed nearby.

Purple zone shows what territory is needed for one business building for effective functioning. Another business building of the same type in this area cannot be built.

Daily Bonus

The game has a daily bonus system. By entering the game every day, you get the opportunity to win great prizes.

  1. By entering the game on the first day, you get 100 coins.
  2. Going into the game for the second day in a row, you get 250 coins, 10 stars of experience and 3 units of energy.
  3. By entering the game on the third day, you get 500 coins, 30 goods and 5 units of energy.
  4. By entering on the fourth day, you receive 1000 coins, 10 units of energy and one item needed for some current quest.
  5. On the fifth day of uninterrupted play, you get the opportunity to choose a prize: 10 super-packs or a double.

If you collect 4 doubloons (green doubloon, red doubloon, cool doubloon & super-doubloon), you can build in your city the House of Good Luck, which will bring you one superbug every 20 hours.

On the sixth day, the daily bonus system is reset and you start again from the first day.

To receive the bonus of the fifth day, you need to enter the game every day, without missing a single day.


In supercity guide and walkthrough, you can explore the best resources and superbugs.

Have I Lost Coins, Materials Or Items?

If you have lost materials, college/university specialists, goods or coins, then the following reasons are likely:

1. These materials were used in the assignment:

If a task requires “to spend” materials, goods, coins, or specialists, this means that after pressing the “send” button, they will leave for the execution of the task. The action “spend” cannot be reversed.

2. These materials were spent on the production of something:

The most frequent problems arise with the Cargo Port and College graduates.

For example, the Cargo port produces Boards, but Boards are used in the manufacture of Wooden beams.

This means that in the production of wooden beams three boards are spent. Likewise with college graduates.

For example, you can train a Designer at the College, but if you decide to train an Engineer at the University, 1 Designer will be used, which means he will disappear from your inventory, as well as 1 Mechanic.

3. These materials were used to smother the fire:

This only applies to Water. In 99% of the reasons described above, explain the disappearance of objects, goods or coins from inventory.

If you are completely sure that an error has occurred, or if you need confirmation from the support team, contact it.

I Accidentally Spent Superbugs, What Can I Do?

We recommend players not to rush into clicks, this often causes random spending. If the game is frozen, then you should not click several times in a row, you just need to refresh the page with the game.

If you spent superbugs, by accidentally clicking on something in the game, then you have the opportunity to return the amount spent – for this you can contact support.

However, remember that it is possible to make no more than 3 returns.

How To Get An Extract From A Super-Account”?

A new service has been launched, which allows SuperCity players to independently receive a report on the super-pack movement over the past week.

The report can be generated no more than twice a day. If you have lost superbugs, open the page with the game and go down to where your player ID is displayed.

Now there, under your ID, there is a button “Game currency report”.

Click on this button, and your browser will automatically download the report on spending and receiving superbugs for the last week.

Your browser can automatically download and upload the file to the default folder.

Usually, the Downloads folder or the browser will prompt you to choose the place where the PDF file will be placed with the report:

If you do not know where the file was downloaded, just try to open the download history in your browser:

Items, coins or goods are missing:

In most cases, when a player is missing some items, coins or goods, it turns out that they were simply spent in a task or used as ingredients for production. The things that are “lost” most often are presented below:

Coins, goods and any items:

If the task requires to accumulate a certain amount of coins, goods or objects, then by pressing the “Use” button they will be deducted from your game.

Boards, Bricks and Armature

These items from the Cargo Port are also used in many tasks, but they are also written off when other items are produced in the Cargo Port.

Mechanics, Builders, and Designers

These graduates of the College will disappear when they start training relevant specialists at the University:

For example, if you run an Architect’s training, then one Builder and one Mechanic will disappear from your inventory.

Water: One drop of water is written off each time you extinguish a fire in the city. If the task is to collect water, we recommend temporarily avoid fires.

Do not worry, with burning buildings, nothing will happen, as residents themselves are able to put out the fire.

How To Get Energy?

Energy grows gradually and is fully restored with each increase in level. Putting out fires gives you 5 energy units, and helping neighbors in their cities – 1 energy point for each neighbor.

As soon as you have 0 energy available, you can ask your neighbors for a bottle of +3 energy. You can also win energy bottles in the Super Bingo mini-game.

You can also send a reminder – a wake-up call to sleeping neighbors, and if they return within 5 days, you will receive a bottle with +45 energy for each neighbor who returned to the game.

Some buildings produce energy. Pay attention to the new quest buildings, as in most cases they also release energy with the rest of the profits.

Below are listed only those items that you can get in the store (see. List below)


  1. School.
  2. Museum.
  3. Kindergarten.
  4. Town Hall.
  5. Police station.
  6. Press center.
  7. Hospital.
  8. Theater.
  9. Courthouse.
  10. Library.

Residential buildings

  1. Cottage.
  2. Premium Cottage.
  3. Cozy cottage.
  4. German house.
  5. Country house.
  6. Colonial House.
  7. Family home.
  8. Summer mansion.
  9. Luxury apartment.
  10. Mansions
  11. American House.
  12. House with a pond.
  13. Japanese apartments.
  14. House with a mill.
  15. East House.


  1. Supermarket.
  2. A toy shop.
  3. Hawaiian restaurant.
  4. Attraction “Rocket”.
  5. Room of fear.
  6. Attraction “Engine”.
  7. Roller coaster.
  8. Ferris wheel.
  9. Yacht.

City Attractions

  1. Wish Tree.
  2. Votre Dame de Paris.
  3. Tournament.
  4. Park dating.
  5. House of the Astrologer.
  6. Russian Cathedral.
  7. Coliseum.
  8. Pyramid.
  9. Japanese castle.
  10. Neuschwanstein Castle.
  11. Beijing cube
  12. Tokyo Tower
  13. Heavenly Tree.
  14. Swedish skyscraper.
  15. Indian Palace.
  16. Dracula’s Castle.

National park

  1. Lemur cage.
  2. Cage with saber-toothed tigers.
  3. Penguin Cage
  4. Cage with seals.
  5. Cage with arctic wolves.
  6. Aviary with sable.
  7. Aviary with an owl.
  8. Aviary with a polar bear.
  9. Aviary with a snow leopard.

How To Get Superbugs For Free?

Superbugs can be purchased at any time for real money by clicking the “+” button in the upper right corner of the screen, however, there are other ways to get them:

1. You get superbugs for each new level achieved. Perform tasks and collect profits from buildings to get experience points. When you collect enough points, your level will increase.

2. You can get free superbugs as a fifth-day bonus if you enter the game for 5 days in a row.

3. Some buildings, such as the Casino, the House of the Astrologer and the House of the Mayor, produce superbugs.

The casino can be obtained by collecting 4 chips – you can get every chip on the fifth day in a daily bonus, instead of superbugs.

In this way, you will lose instant profit but invest in a long-term one, since the Casino brings 1 superbug every three days. You can have up to seven Casinos in the city.

House of the Astrologer can be built only after making any purchase in the application. The House of the Mayor also produces superbugs, but they drop out not every time they collect profits, but randomly.

4. If you’re lucky, you can win up to 100 superbugs by playing Super Bingo.

5. Some temporary quests have superbugs as prizes. In order not to miss such quests, subscribe to the official group of developers.


In the latest supercity tips and cheats, you can get information about game buildings and some decors.

How To Get The House Good Luck?

You can get the House of Good Luck by collecting four doubloons for a daily bonus: on the fifth day, you can get one double instead of free superbugs.

As soon as you collect all four doubloons, you can get the House of Good Luck in the window of the daily bonus.

If you cannot find the House of Good Luck after you have received it, it will automatically appear in your Inventory.

Good Luck House gives you 1 supermax every 20 hours (more often if your neighbors help you). You can have a maximum of 5 Good Luck Houses in the city.

I Cannot Move to the Warehouse?

Some of the buildings cannot be moved or taken to inventory. Among them:

  • Bus station.
  • Aquapark.
  • Ski resort.
  • Railroad station.
  • Airport.
  • Station rental.
  • Lighthouse.
  • Seaport.
  • The bus station in the Valley.
  • Railway station in the Valley.

How To Get A Casino?

Collect four chips (green, red, cool and super chip) to get a casino. The chip can be obtained by entering the game once a day for five days – on the fifth day you will be asked to choose between 7 superbugs and a chip.

Click “Pick Up”, as shown below, to get one of four chips:

As soon as you collect 4 chips, you can pick up the Casino from the daily bonus window.

In one city you can have no more than 7 Casinos. After collecting all 7, you will no longer be offered chips in the daily bonus.

If you accidentally lost the Casino after it was taken from the daily bonus window, it should automatically appear in your warehouse in the “Business” section.

How To Build A Railway Crossing?

Open the “Roads and Decorations” tab of the store, select the regular Road and hover the cursor on or near the section of the railway until the Road transforms into an underpass.

Consider that in order to accommodate the crossing, you should have built the Railway Station and the Airport.

And also the territory on both sides of the railway should be acquired and cleared of obstacles.

Why I Lost The Building?

If you have lost a house or decor, use the object search function, which is located on the bottom panel, next to the city name:

By clicking on the search icon for buildings, you will find yourself in the search menu, where you need to enter the name of the object you are looking for.

The game will provide you with information about how many houses of this type you have in the game, and where they are located:

Click on the line with the desired house, and then click on “show” if you want the game to take you to these houses.

Use the left and right arrows to scroll through all the houses.

How To Turn The Fence?

The fence rotates automatically if you place the second section of the fence next to it.

This site is far from the rest of the fence:

When it was placed between other parts of the fence, its orientation changed automatically:

How To Turn Sights?

Unfortunately, some of the attractions in the Super City simply cannot be turned around.


I Already Have A City On Facebook – I Want To Build It Here

Synchronizing mobile and web games – social network doesn’t matter – is technically impossible due to different game balance.

The fact is that these are different games, even if they are very similar: SuperCity Mobile is not a mobile version of SuperCity, but an independent game with somewhat different quests, waiting time, etc.

You can create a completely new city or equip two at once cities.

I Want To Continue My Game Using Another Device

If you want to continue the game on another device, first of all, connect the game to your Facebook account.

Opening the app on another device, you just need to reconnect it, that’s all.

If a new city begins, simply complete the initial guide on, then go to the application settings and log in to the same Facebook account you use for your game.

After this, the application should ask you whether you want to continue with the old city or with the new one. Choose your old city.

If the application does not ask you about it, close the game and open it again, this should help.

How To Build A Road?

To get started, install the first stretch of road at the selected location and click the arrow.

Small pluses will appear around this area – press them to stretch the road in the right direction, changing the direction if necessary.

After you achieve the desired result, click the green checkmark.

How To Buy An Extension Of The Land?

Some land extensions are closed to you until certain conditions are met.

Among them:

  • Extensions on the side of the Railway Station: you need to build a Railway Station.
  • Extensions to the right of the Railway: you need to build an Airport.
  • Extensions beyond the Bridge: you need to buy both extensions on both sides of the river next to the bridge.
  • Other extensions: you need to reach the required level.

There Are No Cars On The Roads

Cars will start driving along the roads as soon as you finish the Super Sill task and build the Bus Station.

There Are No Fires In My City

There are some conditions for a fire:

  1. Water Tower must be fully built.
  2. Your city should have a Fire Station.
  3. The task of the Water Tower must be completed.
  4. Fire Station should not be in the process of improvement.

Remember that fires occur randomly throughout the day, and you may have to wait until the fire starts. If this does not help, force the application to close and re-open it, and then wait a couple of minutes.

If fires still do not appear, close the application and open it later.

Remember that fires do not occur when the application is turned off and your device is in sleep mode.

How To Increase The Population Limit?

To increase the population limit, you need to build Infrastructure buildings and complete super-events (Flying Plate, Superzilla, Liner Supertanyk, etc.).

After that, you will be able to build more Houses and attract new residents to your city.

How to increase the population limit? In order to raise the population limit, it is necessary to build infrastructure buildings and to pass super-events (Super Sill, Flying Saucer, Genie, etc.).

After that, the construction of new homes will attract new residents to your city.

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How To Add Neighbors?

There are several ways to add neighbors. Neighbors can be found directly in the application.

Just press a special button in the lower-left corner (it shows a man and a woman) and open the tab “Search for neighbors”.

On this tab you will see:

  • 4 potential neighbors offered by the game every day, as well as applications from mayors who would like to become good neighbors with you (if any).
  • The button “Call a friend”, with which you can send a special link to your real friends – after passing through it, your friend will receive an invitation to become neighbors in the game (the link is sent via social networks or email).

How To Delete Neighbors?

Click on the button with the portrait of a woman and a man in the lower-left corner, and then open the first tab called My Neighbors.

Next, to the neighbor’s name, you will see a blue cross or a Facebook sign.

To remove the neighbors proposed by the game, just click on the blue cross next to their name.

To remove neighbors with a Facebook sign, you need to go to the Facebook application and remove unwanted neighbors from your friend’s list, and then restart the SuperCity game.

How To Help The Neighbors?

Click the “neighbors” button in the lower left corner of the screen to view the list of friends. Then tap the neighbor image.

If there is a violet lightning badge in the corner, it means that you can help this neighbor in your city.

Once you find yourself in their city, click on any building that has a coin or timer icon over it to help with this building.

You can help a neighbor up to five times a day. The lightning bolts in the upper right corner show how many times you can help this friend today.

When a neighbor helps you, you will see their image above one of your buildings.

Click on it to accept their help.

How To Ask Neighbors For Help?

Click on the “Ask a neighbor” button in the quest window and you will automatically be offered a list of neighbors.

To ask for help from specific neighbors, you need to click on their photos.

Then click the “Ask” button in the lower right corner, in brackets you will see the number of neighbors who are sent a request for help.

If you want to ask all neighbors for help right away, just click the “Select All” checkbox in the lower-left corner. Please note that one neighbor can only help you once a day.

Just one building can be helped by 400 people per day if you timely withdraw assistance from it.

On one building can hang at the same time 5 unaccepted help from neighbors. To help this building further, you need to remove this assistance.

Any unwelcome assistance disappears after 5 days.

If you want to invite your neighbors to a party, concert or sporting event (to get more stars, cups or hearts), you need to click the “Invite” button in the appropriate window; You can invite a maximum of 4 people.

How To Ask For Energy From The Neighbors?

If you are out of energy, please click on the + icon next to the energy level in the upper left corner. At first, you will be asked to watch a video for getting +5 units of energy.

After viewing all the available videos, the “Ask” button will appear.

Click on the “Ask” button, and you will be presented with a list of neighbors. Select neighbors from the list provided and click on the “Ask” button in the bottom right corner.

To ask for energy from all the proposed neighbors, it is enough to tick the “Select all” in the lower-left corner.

All selected neighbors will be sent a request with a request to send you + 3 units of energy.

Why Are Some Neighbors Highlighted In Yellow, Others In Blue, And Some Are Marked As Sleeping?

A yellow background means that a neighbor has recently (no more than 5 days ago) accelerated buildings in your city or collected profits from them.

The “yellow” neighbors are the first to go on the list so that you can immediately see who is helping you.

As soon as you, in turn, help your “yellow” neighbor, his background will turn blue.

The blue background means that the neighbor is actively playing SuperCity, but for the last 5 days, you have not accelerated buildings in your city and have not collected any profit from them.

A dark background means that your neighbor has not visited SuperSity for more than 5 days. It’s impossible to look at such a neighbor, you can only call him back into the game.

If he returns to the game within 5 days, you will both receive gifts. To wake up all the “sleeping” friends at once, click the “Call All” button.



Seasonal currency can be purchased for money, win in mini-games and special events, or obtained from certain buildings.

This currency changes every season:

  • Spring (March-May): Daffodils.
  • Summer (June – August): Pearls.
  • Autumn (September – November): Candy.
  • Winter (December – February): Christmas balls.

When the season changes, the remaining currency of the players is converted to the next type.

However, the exchange rate of the seasonal currency: 5 to 1 – so manage to spend it before the new season of the year has come.

Current Seasonal Currency Is Pearl: Buildings that bring pearls with profit (the list will be supplemented as the game updates):

  • House “Sentinel Building” (quest) – 2-3 Pearls every 20 hours.
  • Wroclaw Town Hall (Chests, May) – 3-5 Pearls every 24 hours.
  • Skyscraper “American Radiator” (sale) 4-6 Pearls every 24 hours.
  • Science Museum of Lodz (promotional building) – 3-5 Pearls every 24 hours.
  • Hotel Atlantis Palm (promotional building) 3-6 Pearls every 24 hours.
  • Lighthouse (mapobject, Central location) – 1-2 Pearls every 24 hours.

Buildings That Neighbors Can’t Speed Up

Neighbors can speed up your buildings by visiting your city. However, there are some exceptions.

Below is a list of buildings that neighbors cannot accelerate:

  • Aquapark
  • Stargazer House
  • Australian Opera
  • Cargo Port
  • Christmas tree
  • Club and Supper Club
  • College
  • Concert hall
  • Set
  • Furniture factory
  • Hawaiian Restaurant
  • Hydrocele Rental Station.]
  • Reality show “Love”
  • Ski Resort
  • Sports Town
  • Stadium and Super Stadium
  • Surf Station
  • Studio
  • Tennis Playground
  • University
  • Volleyball Court
  • Matrimonial Palace
  • Yacht
  • And other new buildings

Mobile Version Of SuperCity

There is a SuperCity mobile app that you can download to your phone or tablet. However, it is different from the web version of the game.

This means that the game cannot be transferred from the social network to a mobile device and vice versa – in the mobile version you will have to start the game from the beginning.

Mobile version of SuperCity is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Helper Buildings

Some of the buildings in the game are informally called “helper buildings.” When collecting these buildings, in addition to the usual profit, they give one item that is currently needed.

How do these buildings work:

1. Building assistants give the item randomly;

2. building assistants do not issue:

  • Items that are needed to create products in manufacturing (for example, the Pillow for the production of the Couch at the Furniture Factory).
  • Items that you need to ask friends.
  • Items that are made in quests (example – Lemonade Plant).

3. You can get from buildings:

  • Items required in active quests, including random quests.
  • Subjects for Academy of Magic.
  • +3 energy, if you do not need items in active quests or for the Academy.
  • Keys during the promotion with chests.

At present, the helper buildings include:

  • Dracula’s Castle
  • Indian Palace
  • Art Gallery
  • House on the Tree (Jane’s House).


If we are talking about a task from among the Super-stories (old quests), make sure that the task is included in this list, since not all old quests are available in the form of Super-stories.

A list of these tasks can be found in the discussions in the official game group.

All tasks in the Super City also have a level limit. Make sure that you meet the requirements of the task that you want to start.

Some tasks are blocked until you complete the previous task in the quest chain.

Timers and Tasks

Types of timers in tasks: If the task needs to be completed within a certain time, a timer countdown will take place in the task window.

These timers are of two types:

  • Yellow timer means that in case of non-fulfillment of the task it can be restarted for free.
  • A red timer means that in the same case, you will not be able to restart the task, but you can complete it for super boxes.

When Does The Countdown Start In a New Event? This is important: the time event starts counting when the game starts, not when you start collecting items for the task.

The Difference Between the Event Timer and The Job Timer: Almost all new events in the game have a time limit for their execution, but the tasks themselves in some of these events also sometimes have their own timers.

This means that at the same time there will be two timers in the event: one common for the whole event and separate timers for each task within the event.

Do not confuse these two timers: the general timer for the event is usually displayed on the right side of the screen, under the event icon, and the task timers are displayed in the task window.


Cargo Port

  • Board = Bar + 50 coins.
  • Brick = Sand + 5 products.
  • Wooden beam = Timber + Board.
  • Armature = Wire + Sheet Metal.
  • Concrete slab = Brick + 2 Sand batches.
  • Steel beam = Armature + Sheet metal.

Materials for these items can be obtained from the Building Materials Factory:

  • The bar falls out at the production of the Parquet
  • Sand falls in the production of building mixture
  • Wire falls in the production of cable
  • Sheet metal falls in the production of roofing

Note! Boards, Bricks and Armature are produced in the Cargo Port, but also are ingredients for other industries. 

Therefore, for example, if you need both Boards and Wooden beams in the task, do not be surprised that one Board will be charged for each new Beam production.


  • Builder = 3 Pens + 1 Tutorial.
  • Mechanic = 1 Diploma + 1 Textbook.
  • Designer = 1 Diploma + 5 Pens.

Materials required for training these specialists:

  • Pens fall out of the Stationery Stores.
  • Textbooks fall out of the Bookstore.
  • Diplomas drop out of school.

Note! Teaching specialists in the College, the items spent on training will be written off!

Furniture Factory

You can make:

  • Leather sofa = 2 beams + 2 tubes of glue.
  • Coffee table = 3 boards + 5 tubes of glue.
  • Wicker chair = 5 balls of wool + Bamboo stalk.
  • Dressing table = Coffee table + Designer.

The following product becomes available only when you perform the task in which it is needed:

  • Chaise lounge = Wicker chair + Cushion.

Materials for manufacturing can be obtained from:

  • Bruce falls in the production of Parquet in the Factory of building materials
  • A tube of glue falls out of a shoe store
  • The board is made in the Cargo Port
  • Ball of wool fall in the production of wool to weaving mills
  • The designer is studying at the College.
  • Pillow falls out of a wooden house

Note! When making furniture, the corresponding ingredients will be written off!


You can make:

  • Shirt = 2 Sewing machines + 5 Buttons.
  • Dress = Color Fan + Mannequin.

The following products become available only when you are performing a task in which they are needed:

  • Jacket = Shirt + 10 thousand coins.
  • T-shirt = Shirt + Garden shears.
  • Bow Tie = Necktie + Sewing Machine.

Materials for manufacturing can be obtained from:

  • Sewing machine falls in the manufacture of jeans in a weaving factory
  • Button drops out of a colonial house
  • Color Fan Falls Out of Ranch
  • The mannequin can ask friends.
  • Garden shears can be asked from friends.
  • Tie falls in the manufacture of silk in a weaving factory

Note! When making clothes, the corresponding ingredients will be written off!


  • Engineer = Builder + Designer.
  • Architect = Builder + Mechanic.
  • Constructor = Mechanic + Designer.

Builders, Designers, and Mechanics can be trained at the College.

Note! When teaching specialists at the University, the appropriate graduates of the College will be written off.



Welcome to the Bay! The bay is available to all players from level 23, provided that you have restored the Supertunic liner.

Your first task is to build a wooden pier:

As soon as you add a wooden jetty to your to-do list, you will receive your first special promotional task with the main prize in the form of the House of Captain:

You will have 15 days to upgrade your hotel to 3 stars and receive prizes for this achievement: Captain’s House and 25 Superbugs.

The captain’s house is a unique building, it can be placed in any location, while it is not accelerated by friends. Its size is 3 * 3, every 6 hours brings 200 piastres and 1900 coins.

If you do not complete an assignment within 15 days, you will not receive either the Captain’s House or 25 superbugs.

Mini-quest for the construction of a wooden pier “Wind of Change” (part of the quest for the House of Captain):

Wind of change 1

  • Distribute 35 brochures (German house, family house, colonial house, improved colonial house, improved German house)
  • Collect 25 newspapers (metro station, improved metro station)
  • Collect 12 microphones (pub, improved pub)

Wind of change 2

  • Collect 10 wooden beams (cargo port)
  • Collect 8 Tool Sets (Shopping Center)
  • Collect 5 strong ropes (kindergarten)

Wind of change 3

  • Collect 5 seals (administration)
  • Collect 12 brackets (electronics factory, and production)
  • Collect 11 airbrushes (Auto Repair)

After you have built a wooden pier, you get access to the bay:

Here you have to update some old buildings. Your first task is to restore the workshop:

After the restoration of the workshop you can make in it items that you will need in the bay:

However, some ingredients for these items will not be immediately available to you – you will need to get them from the ship.

The ship works as follows: You collect various items to send the ship and in return receive the ingredients for the bay upon returning the ship. Materials are issued on the ship at random every time.

A few seconds after sending the goods, the ship brings you resources:

After you have accepted the delivery, the vessel returns after 8 hours. As soon as you have the necessary materials, you can start production in the workshop:

In the beginning, you have 2 slots in the production queue. You can immediately start with the first recipe and prepare the production of the second product, which will be launched sequentially. You can buy more slots with superbugs. In the workshop only 5 slots.

To receive gifts for a special task at the Captain’s House, you must return the hotel to its former glory and raise its status to 3 stars.

Before you start improving the hotel, you will need to restore the restaurant:

To restore the restaurant, you need to complete several tasks.

After this, the restaurant will start working in the same way as the workshop. Here you can prepare food for tourists, using items made in the workshop and goods delivered by ship:

After restoring the restaurant to level 1, you can start working on the hotel, improve it and earn stars

The first task is to restore the destroyed hotel (after the first restoration your hotel will still have zero stars):

After completing the first task, you can change the name of your hotel:

As a reward, you will receive a portion of important resources for production in the Bay. After that, you will see tourists on the beach.

Now you can fulfill the orders of tourists on the beach and collect the necessary things for the party.

  • 1 order = 1 party item

To prepare for each party, you will need to complete 1-4 or more orders, while tourists may need several products at the same time within the same order.

And the requested goods can be repeated and simultaneously required in other parallel tasks of the Bay:

After all the orders of your tourists are completed, the party begins at the hotel.

Tourists give piastres, the new currency of the Cove.

You always get the exact number of piastres for each party, regardless of whether you take all the piastres from your tourists at the very end of the party, or if you click the mouse on the tourists many times during the party.

No piaster will be lost.

You can always check your Piastres balance under the seasonal currency window:

The higher the level of the hotel, the higher its rating in the stars and the more piastres you get for parties. To raise the level of the hotel by one star, you need to perform a number of tasks:

Before you can begin to further improve your hotel, you will need to upgrade the restaurant to level 2. The restaurant also needs improvements.

Just follow the upgrade chain below, and move according to this plan step by step. Do not forget that you will have, among other things, to pay piastres for almost every improvement.

This is a plan for improving the Bay facilities:

  1. Pier → Workshop 1 → Restaurant 1 → Hotel 1 (0 ★) → The appearance of tourists on the beach → Hotel 2 (1 ★) →
  2. Ship 2 → Workshop 2 → Restaurant 2 → Hotel 3 (2 ★) →
  3. Ship 3 → Workshop 3 → There are 1 level beds (2 pieces) and Restaurant 3 → Hotel 4 (3 ★) →
  4. Ship 4 → Workshop 4 → Garden beds 2 levels (3 pcs) and Restaurant 4 → Dodo Nest → Pool 1 → Hotel 5 (4 ★) →
  5. Ship 5 → Workshop 5 → Garden beds 3 levels (4 pcs) and Restaurant 5 → Pool 2 → SPA 1 → Hotel 6 (5 ★) →
  6. Ship 6 → Workshop 6 → Garden beds 4 levels (5 pcs) and Restaurant 6 → Pool 3 → SPA 2 → Hotel 7 (6 ★) → Workshop 7 → Garden beds 5 levels (6 pcs) and Restaurant 7 → Pool 4 → SPA 3 → Hotel 8 (7 ★)

On the main island of the Bay can not be placed buildings. To unlock the land on the other side, where you can place almost all the buildings, you must complete the quest “Tropical Bridge” (unlimited time).

Bridge To The Tropics

Stage 1

  • Builder – 5 people. (studying at the College)
  • Trowel – 32 pcs. (Metro Station, Improved Metro Station)
  • Helmet – 9 pcs. (Hat Shop)

Stage 2

  • Armature – 8 pcs. (Cargo port)
  • Scotch tape – 15 pcs. (Car service)
  • Nail – 20 pcs. (falls in cities of friends)

Stage 3

  • Smoothies – 36 pcs. (Minimarket, Improved Minimarket)
  • A piece of bacon – 12 pcs. (Family restaurant)
  • Salad bush – 28 pcs. (Wok Cafe, Superior Wok Cafe)

Stage 4

  • Slide – 15 pcs. (Cinema)
  • Lens – 20 pcs. (Electronics factory any production)
  • Tripod – 50 pcs. (Ranch, Improved Ranch, for collection can be obtained from 1 to 5 pcs.)

5 stage

  • Protective cream – 17 pcs. (Cosmetics boutique)
  • Baseball cap – 36 pcs. (Weaving mill in the production of Wool, falls not at every collection)
  • Compass – 14 pcs. (ask friends)

After completing this quest, you will be able to buy new extensions for piastres.

In this process you will have to clear them of obstacles, spending energy on it, and receiving in return coins and experience, as usual.

Dodo’s Nest – The Feathery Thief Quest

We need to build a nest for the Dodo bird (the quest is added to the to-do list). Each stage has a timer, and the stages can be restarted for free.

Requirements: you must first improve the restaurant to level 4.

Feathered Thief 1 (24 hrs)

  • Mango – 15 pcs. (grown in tropical beds)
  • Flip-flop – 11 pcs. (available from the Beach Shop)
  • Straw hat – 40 pcs. (available from Family House)

Feathered Thief 2 (24 hrs)

  • Vegetable Dish – 15 pcs. (grown in tropical beds)
  • Ceramics – 1 pc. (produced in the workshop)
  • Corolla – 32 pcs. (available from the Mansion)

Feathered Thief 3 (24 hrs)

  • Cookware – 1 pc. (produced in the workshop)
  • Red-orange – 15 pcs. (grown in tropical beds)
  • Solar decorations – 12 pcs. (ask friends)

Feathered Thief 4 (36 h)

  • Police badge – 3 pcs. (available from the Police Station, the Valley Police Station)
  • Rope – 38 pcs. (can be obtained from the Weaving Mill at ANY production)
  • Magnifier – 12 pcs. (available from Dentistry)

Feathered Thief 5 (24 hours)

  • Fabric – 1 pc. (produced in the workshop)
  • Figs – 15 pcs. (grown in tropical beds)
  • Strong rope – 3 pcs. (available from Kindergarten)

Feathered Thief 6 (24 hrs)

  • Boots – 36 pcs. (available from Shoe Store, Improved Shoe Store)
  • Bottle of water – 28 pcs. (available from Wok Cafe, Superior Wok Cafe) Moped – 15 pcs. (available from Pizzeria)

Feathered Thief 7 (24 hrs)

  • Pencil – 36 pcs. (available from the Stationery Store, Improved Stationery Store)
  • Protractor – 14 pcs. (available from Car Service)
  • Drawing – 12 pcs. (ask friends)

Feathered Thief 8 (24 hrs)

  • Willow Vine – 4 pcs. (available from Gin’s Palace)
  • Eucalyptus Leaf – 10 pcs. (available from Sushi Bar)
  • Rosemary sprig – 21 pcs. (can be obtained from the vegetable shop)

Reward: The Dodo Nest increases its population and brings 1300 coins, 1300 piastres and 2-4 energy every 12 hours.

Secret Door

Access to the quest appears after upgrading the Hotel to 2 stars, without timers. This is a story quest, as a reward, you will receive coins, piastres, and experience.

Stage 1

  • Cleaner – 45 pcs. (available from the Petrol Station, Enhanced Petrol Station)
  • Coffee table – 10 pcs. (can be made in the Furniture Factory)
  • Dust broom – 54 pcs. (available from Shoe Store, Improved Shoe Store)

Stage 2

  • Ceramics – 1 pc. (produced in the workshop)
  • Saucepan – 20 pcs. (available from Dorm, Superior Dorm)
  • Broccoli – 24 pcs. (can be obtained from the vegetable shop)

Stage 3

  • Magnifier – 10 pcs. (available from Dentistry)
  • Sconce – 14 pcs. (can be obtained from the billiard room, improved billiard room)
  • Blankets – 10 pcs. (ask friends)

Stage 4

  • Wooden beam – 12 pcs. (produced at the Cargo Port)
  • Jack – 19 pcs. (available from Car Service)
  • Nails 25 pcs. (can be obtained in cities with friends)

5 stage

  • Helmet – 10 pcs. (available from the Hat Shop)
  • Chainsaw – 24 pcs. (available from Ranch, Superior Ranch)
  • A pair of sports gloves – 35 pcs. (available from the Weaving Mill in Flax Production)

6 stage

  • Cookware – 1 pc. (produced in the workshop)
  • Reference grower – 7 pcs. (available from Bookstore)
  • Flowerpot – 20 pcs. (can be obtained from the shopping center).

Traces Of Civilization

It opens after upgrading the Hotel to 4 stars, without timers. This is a story quest, as a reward, you will receive coins, piastres, and experience.

Stage 1

  • Binoculars – 36 pcs. (Dorm, Superior Dorm)
  • Down vest – 20 pcs. (Premium Cottage)
  • Compass – 10 pcs. (Ask friends)

Stage 2

  • Mango – 10 pcs. (Tropical beds)
  • Cookware – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Willow Vine – 5 pcs. (Gina’s Palace)

Stage 3

  • Ceramics – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Vegetables – 10 pcs. (Rows of the Cove)
  • Red-orange – 10 pcs. (Tropical beds)

Stage 4

  • Rubber boots – 15 pcs. (Elite House)
  • Strong rope – 5 pcs. (Kindergarten)
  • Starry sky map – 36 pcs. (Stationery store, Superior Stationery store)

5 stage

  • Figs – 10 pcs. (Tropical beds)
  • Vegetable cocktail – 1 pc. (Pool)
  • Lifeboat – 12 pcs. (Ask friends)

6 stage

  • Fabric – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Pillow – 18 pcs. (Wooden house)
  • UV flashlight – 9 pcs. (Bowling)

Ancient Legends

It opens after upgrading the pool to level 2. This is a story quest, as a reward, you will receive coins, piastres, and experience.

Stage 1

  • Refined ceramics – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Mango – 10 lv. (Tropical beds)
  • Baguette – 14 pcs. (Improved Bakery)

Stage 2

  • Ceramics – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Vegetables – 10 lv. (Tropical beds)
  • Coffee beans – 20 pcs. (Coffee Shop, Improved Coffee Shop)

Stage 3

  • Cookware – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Butterfly – 18 pcs. (from Banana harvest at Fruit Farm)
  • Orchid – 20 pcs. (Superior Flower Shop)

Stage 4

  • Pearl shell – 15 pcs. (Jewelry store)
  • Towel – 36 pcs. (Holiday Cottage, Superior Holiday Cottage)
  • Chaise lounge – 12 pcs. (ask friends)

5 stage

  • Fabric – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Orange – 10 lv. (Tropical beds)
  • Cookware – 1 pc. (Workshop)

6 stage

  • Columns – 19 pcs. (Cinema)
  • Folding notepad – 4 pcs. (Press Room)
  • Sensor – 12 pcs. (Improved Water Tower)

Stage 7

  • Fabric – 1 pc. (Workshop)
  • Tourist’s Breakfast – 1 pc. (A restaurant)
  • Marzipan cookies – 20 pcs. (Family restaurant)

8 stage

  • Eggs – 15 pcs. (Wooden house)
  • Tomato – 18 pcs. (Pizzeria)
  • Potato – 32 lv. (Farm)

Stage 9

  • Kabuki mask – 12 pcs. (Floristry salon)
  • Bamboo umbrella – 10 pcs. (School, School of the Valley, 2-4 pieces for collection)
  • Sunglasses – 12 pcs. (ask friends).

Natives Village

Requirements: level 90+, built Lighthouse on the edge of the cliff.

The construction of the village of natives consists of two quest chains: “Unhappiness in spite of”, “Meeting through time”

Tasks can be restarted for free.

After completing the 1st stage of the quest for the construction of a wooden bridge, you can be given the quest “House on the Tree” (Jane’s House) (see below)

The Construction Of A Wooden Bridge

Rewards: Wooden bridge (1200 coins, 1200 Piastres every 24 hours; increases the population limit by 1000) + the subject of the Map of the Territory

Unhappiness contrary to I (24 h)

  • Ax – 35 pcs. (Superior Colonial House)
  • Wooden beam – 10 pcs. (Cargo port)
  • Strong rope – 3 pcs. (Kindergarten)

Unhappiness Contrary II (24 hrs)

  • Vegetable cocktail – 3 pcs. (Pool)
  • Dishes – 15 pcs. (Workshop)
  • Fig – 10 ur. (Flower bed)

Unhappiness Contrary III (24 hrs)

  • Sea glass – 10 pcs. (Superior Holiday Cottage)
  • Chopsticks – 10 pcs. (Seafood store)
  • Shrimp – 27 pcs. (Bungalow, Superior Bungalow)

Unhappiness contrary to IV (12 h)

  • Radio – 14 pcs. (Shopping center)
  • Tourist Card – 14 pcs. (Improved Scooter Rental)
  • Binoculars – 33 pcs. (Dorm, Superior Hostel)

Unhappiness v (24 hours)

  • Swimming goggles – 16 pcs. (Elite House)
  • Rope – 35 pcs. (Weaving factory any production, Improved Weaving Factory – Wool, Felt, Cashmere)
  • Swimming circle – 15 pcs. (ask friends)

Unhappiness contrary to VI (24 h)

  • Latte cup – 18 pcs. (Improved Coffee Shop)
  • First Aid Kit – 15 pcs. (Pharmacy)
  • Spyglass – 45 pcs. (Villa, Villa with a pool; 1-5 pieces for a fee)

Unhappiness contrary to VII (24 h)

  • Pillow – 16 pcs. (Wooden house)
  • Cashmere – 13 desks. (Improved Weaving Factory)
  • Plush koala – 15 pcs. (Resort Villa)

Unhappiness contrary to VIII (12 h)

  • Tourist dinner – 3 pcs. (A restaurant)
  • Fruit snack – 2 pcs. (Pool)
  • Ice cream in a waffle cone – 15 pcs. (Superior Bungalow)

Unhappiness Contrary IX (24 hrs)

  • Logs – 10 pcs. (Improved Ranch)
  • Heater – 9 desks. (Improved Factory of Building Materials)
  • Hot chocolate -10 pcs. (Cafe “Samantha”)

Unhappiness contrary to X (12 h)

  • Helmet – 10 pcs. (Hat Shop)
  • Jack – 18 pcs. (Car service)
  • Nails – 20 pcs. (cities of friends).

NOTE: You can skip the unnecessary task of any quest for free.

Final verdict

In this article, you can get hidden secrets with complete game guide and walkthrough for mobile devices and PC versions.


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