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(The Fun with Dare)

Do you think that you are much brave and have courage, right? Let’s test your courage and accept the dare, given by Surgeon Simulator APK [surgeon games] new version. This is really threatening and something more than a horror game.

This game presents before you the scary scenes of Operation Theater. If you wanted to become a surgeon but due to some reasons you could not then it’s time to fulfill your desire to become a surgeon.

Mostly it’s a common practice to operate any surgery operation with multi-surgeons, to minimize the risk. But in the Surgeon Simulator app for android, you will have to operate individually because it’s the purpose of the game to give to unlimited freedom to test your courage.

Now you can also do something different with your patients. So, test your courage.

Game-play Mechanism

First of all, you will have you familiar with the game to enhance the success rate of your play. According to the game tutorial, you get a successful

operation when you remove the heart without any risk. But it’s also very risky because mostly player could not able to find the table and props to put the heart into it. So, first of all, you should be familiar with your operation theater.

Another difficulty is that players are not familiar with the use of props.

Most players like to play Surgeon Simulator APK for android on their mobile phones. Mobile phone screens make it difficult to find the surgeon’s tools to start operation. But you can make it easy by continuous practice of this game. As you will play this game, more curiosity will be started to develop.

The second important thing is how the player will start the operation and from where? Don’t worry it’s very simple. The player just will have to follow the instructions, given by the Surgeon Simulator [surgery simulator] for android APK’s Guide.

When you hear the sound of the motor, after that sound you will have to start the operation. The guide will also guide you to select the relevant instrument.


Game Strategy and Tips [current_date format=’Y’]

The most important and difficult the challenge to learn about the use of some additional surgeon instruments, bed adjustment, heart rater controller and chest shocker.

These are some other instruments to make your critical operations, successful. If your patient’s heart rate is going to high, then you should use the green injection, placed near to your table.

Sometimes during the heart operation, your patient’s heartbeat starts to low, then you should be aware of the use of the heart rate controller. It was all about to deal with the Surgeon Simulator Application for android.

Why you should play Surgeon Simulator Android APPs?

There are around about three million Surgeon Simulator APK’s Files [android obb] that have been downloaded.

  • It’s a BAFTA Technology consisted, a simulation game.
  • Surgeon Simulator [for android updated] has got, Best Entertainment Awards 2014 for its unique design.
  • 2013 Best IP, Develop Awards.

Unique Features

Surgeon Simulator APK

  • For the lovers of Surgery, new operations such as Heart’s Surgery, Kidney and Liver Transplant has been introduced.
  • Two other new surgeries, Dental Surgery and Optical Surgery have been developed for these gamers [games] who are not interested in many bloody operations.
  • It’s freaky but real that you can leave the operation theater and go outside when you are feeling tired. It’s really funny.
  • There are around about 50 achievements are waiting for you to unlock and enjoy your dare.

Advanced Features

  • Operations with new tables.
  • Interesting Props and instruments.
  • In the new version, Mobile Mode is also activated.
  • Some additional instruments, such as heartbeat controller, shocker and bed adjustment.

How to install Surgeon Simulator APK? [android obb] updated version?

  • Directly download APK files from Google or Samsung Store.
  • The automatic installation process will be started, if not! Then locate its APK file in your File Manager.
  • Tap on APK and Surgeon Simulator is ready to play.

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