Tacticool guide and walkthroughTacticool guide and walkthrough

Tacticool Guide, Tips, Cheats & Walkthrough

In this Tacticool guide & hints, you can explore the complete game tips about how to play, how to get the best weapons and how to defeat your competitors.

Tacticool 5v5 shooter intro

The tacticool – 5v5 shooter game, released on for Android/iOS platforms by the Panzerdog. In this tacticool guide, you will learn not only the basics of the game but also the tactics of victory, even in hopeless battles.

We will tell you how to pump and equip a squad, who to take into battle, and who not. This Tacticool – 5v5 shooter guides collected promotional codes that give good gifts in the game, so necessary in the initial stages.

It is better to download Tacticool to a computer (PC). For this you can download through Android emulators like BlueStacks and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress.

Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears.

Promotional codes

In this Tacticool guide and walkthrough, you can get the best promotional codes to get many rewards [silver, more prizes].

How to enter a promotional code? 

In the upper left corner, there is a tab “Shop” (indicated by three bars).

It should be opened and select the menu “Control Settings”.

Here you need to scroll to the right menu to the tab “Developer – version of the game.”

Here the items scroll down to the “Support Code” line.

The line is active, you need to click on it, after which a dialog box appears in which you must enter the code. Then, confirm the operation.

Tacticool promotional codes

Promo code What will the player get
340-0512e9665d8 Money
944-ea6ae67193e Free Purchases
BL-AAFV-MDEQ 45,000 silver
DQ-ACHZ-JYFM 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJA-UUKE 40,000 silver
BQ-ACSB-CQEQ 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJC-ZMDB 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJC-MFEE 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJE-TZYH 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJF-LQCJ 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJG-NLZU 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJH-UZVM 40,000 silver
BQ-ACJM-PAWA 40,000 silver
ALFABRAVO 20,000 silver
VKPROFIT Random Prizes
FBPROFIT Random Prizes
TWPROFIT Random Prizes
OKPROFIT Random Prizes
INSTAPROFIT 20,000 silver

Tacticool guide & tips for beginners

The game is a double-sided shooter from the company Panzerdog, battles take place in teams of 5 to 5. In the game, there are several cards that run and kill each other player’s team and opponent’s team. Fights last for 4 minutes.

In Tacticool there is a player level by which an account is ranked in one of the ranks in the game.

At the start of the match, the system selects players by rank. The dynamics of the game, even some cards, resemble the good old Counter-Strike. In Tacticool there is a mass of weapons and 22 characters.

The rules of battle

The team with the most points gets the victory. For each kill, 1 point is given. Also, the winner will be the team that scores 100 points.

In addition, you must find and hold the bag. For every 5 seconds to hold the bag, the squad is awarded 1 point.

On the map, you can take 3 characters/heroes, which can be changed if necessary. After the kill, the player is resurrected within 5 seconds and again runs to kill.

The game is not difficult to learn, management is understandable even to a beginner who has not played such games before.

You need to get used to the camera, but this is not the main difficulty. Since the game has appeared recently, developers often make changes, make corrections, correct mistakes and add something new.

Most importantly, the game was created for any smartphones Android/iPhones. In it, you can put the quality of graphics that will pull without straining a mobile device.


This is one of the good game modes in Tacticool guide and walkthrough.

There are several game modes in the game, but the essence of the fight is the same. The game differs from similar shooters in the presence of life situations (physics).

For example, if a brick falls on a player, he can actually kill or injure a hero.

You can kill anything and how you like. Almost on every map, there are cars that you can drive and crush enemies.

You can crush your allies too. There are on the cards and additional weaponsa machine gun.

It also shoots at all indiscriminately.

Falling under the line of fire, both their own and other people’s heroes perish.

You can rush by car and shoot a machine gun.

The player may not be afraid that he will run out of ammunition during the battle.

They are endless, but the capacity of the store has not been canceled. Therefore it is necessary to reload the weapon as soon as possible.

Health points are restored on their own, after a short respite.

If the player sees a red veil on the screen, you should move away from the enemy and wait a bit until the health scale rises.

If a player is killed, then after 5 seconds he will be resurrected at the point of appearance on the map. Fights are dynamic, it will be interesting to play.

The shooter from 3 persons, but the character itself is too far from the camera, which is not very convenient to control.

Also worth to get the hang of aiming. As such, there is no sight, there are marks that you need to adjust.

Shooting is done automatically when the enemy gets into the “sight”.

Basic cards

From the first release of the game, the developers constantly add new maps for the bouts, but there are maps that exist from the very beginning. They often fall to the players.

Map Tlensk:

Destroyed city since World War 2. A lot of obstacles, destroyed buildings. In order to take the bag, you must blow up the door of the building in the center of the map.

Enough 1 grenade. Here you can drive by car only on the right side because the remaining parts of the map are fragments of houses – do not drive.

Better position for snipers – the roofs of houses with a great overview. Equipment – rifle, and detonator.

Old depot:

Large map with open space, you can move freely on the machine with a machine gun.

An interesting feature is a train, it travels in a few seconds, it has a name – Thomas.

If the players are sowed, can transfer the gender of the team.

The best positions – should be located in buildings near the train. Well proved to be on the map – a machine gun and a detonator.

Zone 39:

The map is more like a horror movie, because zombies are moving here and they need to be killed, otherwise they will kill the players.

The card is open, you can drive a car with a machine gun, crush the undead or enemies.

You can crush their own, so you need to be careful. On one of the buildings in the center of the map, there is a machine gun on the roof.

It is worth taking this place and controlling the approaches of the enemy to your team. He is zealously guarded by zombies.

It is better to go by car, transfer the ghouls and pick up the bag.

Excellent map for fans of machine guns and sniper rifles.


Heroes in the game have a name – operatives. In one battle, 3 heroes are taken, which can be changed during the battle. There are several types of operatives.


It has 1 slot for special weapons, health from 2000 units.

They also have additional minor characteristics (for example, 20% of the running speed).

The most interesting character from this series is Thor.

He has a feature-reduced scatter of bullets.

He shoots more accurately from a weapon with a large spread of bullets (for example, automatic). If a character kneels, the spread decreases even more.


They have 1 slot for special weapons, health from 2500 units. They also have added significant features (for example, 35% of attack speed).


They have 2 slots for special weapons, health from 3500 units. They also have additional very significant characteristics (for example, – 50% of the damage taken).

Ethical – there are only three of them:

  1. Snack – 4250 points of health, 30% of the running speed, 10% of the viewing range, 2 slots for special weapons. Special weapons – Airstrike (these are the weapons with which these heroes go).
  2. Angry – 4500 points of health, – 70% of the damage received in the vicinity, insensitivity to gas, 2 slots for special weapons. Special weapons – A-232.
  3. Dutch – 4100 points of health, 35% – the rate of fire, 35% – the capacity of the store, slots for special weapons. Special weapon – RTFM.

Operatives are going from puzzles. For each hero should collect 25 cards. Regular characters fall out more often than others. With the help of puzzles, you can increase the level of champions.

Operatives for the battle to choose the parameters of the weapon. 

For example, a shotgun shoots almost point-blank, so a hero who runs with him should have a lot of health and characteristics that reduce damage. 

If a machine gun is taken into battle, then it is better to take an operative who has a parameter that gives less variation to the bullets.


After the end of the match, the winning team receives awards: a special chest from which resources or character cards can fall out.

Also, the winners are given the opportunity to scroll “wheel award”.

If the arrow hits the indicated prize, the player receives this bonus. You can re-spin the “drum” for watching the commercial.

Daily assignments:

In Tacticool guides, there are daily tasks, after which the player receives a chest with resources and puzzles of operatives.

Tasks can be viewed from the main menu. The player also receives bonuses in the form of chests with bonuses. Chests can be obtained after a certain time (from 3 to 24 hours).

Tacticool arms guide

Tacticool arms guides and walkthrough
Tacticool arms guide, cheats, walkthrough

All weapons in the game are very balanced. In Tacticool a lot of different weapons.

Between themselves, it differs in firing range, in the range of bullets, in the speed of the character’s run (when the barrel is in the hands).

The main difference is the damage inflicted by one bullet. The most powerful weapon you can buy for real money in a game store.

Types of equipment

  1. The main thing is those trunks with which the player constantly plays on the cards. It has several types that differ in their characteristics.
  2. Auxiliary – it pistols and knives, which are removed if necessary.
  3. Special weapons – a variety of grenades, mines, explosives (SI4) and much more.

Main weapon

PP (pistol – machine gun):

Beats at very short distances, almost at close range, has a good rate of fire.

The scatter, due to the short distance of the lesion, is small.

Good for finishing off the enemy.

You can give operatives who have a lot of health points and have the ability to reduce damage.


They have great destructive power from 1 shot.

For greater effect, you need to beat the enemy at close range. The scatter is small.

Almost all bullets reach the goal.

There is little return. Should recharge more often.

Suitable for players who love to be in the thick of things.

Should give operatives with good health.


They have an average shooting distance, a large range of bullets.

There are recoil and a slight delay between the shot and hitting the target.

If you kneel, you can reduce the spread.

From this position, less shakes the sight.

Suitable operatives with the ability to reduce the spread of bullets.

It is better to shoot at the feet of the enemy.

You can cover the departure of your team to a new position or protect the character with the bag.

Machine guns:

The distance is slightly longer than that of the machine gun; they have a large spread of bullets and good returns.

It is very inconvenient to run with such a barrel, it is better to take a comfortable position and throw everyone on the way to the character.

The very high rate of fire, which can be increased by taking an operative with the appropriate skill.


The longest flight of a bullet. It is worth remembering that the projectile flies a few fractions of a second, during which time the enemy may shift.

It is better to beat on the chest.

Of course, getting into the head will immediately send the opponent to the spawn point, but the head leaves the sight faster than the torso of a person.

The trunks for those players who can and are able to choose comfortable positions have patience and quickness of reaction (if you close the enemy, you need to instantly switch to a gun or a knife).

Rifles need operatives with skills: the range of sight, aiming.

Players should be aware that rifles and machine guns have time to aim, but they are beating very far. 

If a player runs with a PP or shotgun, then try to get in the forehead to the machine gunner and to the sniper is not worth it. 

The “rabbit hare” tactic works here, when a player runs from side to side, jumps, falls, does everything in one word to bring down the opponent’s sight.

It is worth choosing a weapon by preference, who loves what, with what can run.

If someone has not played such games before, you should try each type of weapon in turn, and then select and pump the one you like the most.

The rule of choice of weapons:

In principle, in the game, you can take any weapon which you like. But, if a player chooses, for example, a machine gun for equipment, he will not be able to take a machine gun to the second two guys.

According to the rules of the game, 3 operatives go to battle, with which 3 sets of equipment are selected.

Each set must contain different types of weapons. For example, 1 any rifle, 1 any automatic and 1 machine gun.

Equipment sets:

In the set, you can take 1 type of primary weapon, 1 type of auxiliary weapon and a special weapon.

The epic and rare fighters each have two special weapon slots, that is, you can map a grenade and a mine.

Before the battle, you can change the contents of the kit and pick up an operative for it.

At the start of the game you should not buy everything, you can choose a class of trunks and develop it.

Recommendations for pumping the main weapon

Recommendations for pumping the main weapon
Recommendations for pumping the main weapon in Tacticool guide

Each type of weapon has 6 modifications. The modifications can be improved from 1 to 15 level.

But experienced players are not advised to immediately improve the trunks.

This is due to the fact that they recommend buying the trunk of the next model, rather than spending resources on improvements.

For example, the MK-1 level 15 will have characteristics lower than the MK-2 level 1.

Meanwhile, a lot of silver is spent on raising parameters than to buy a new model.

But you will have to buy all the models if the player wants to purchase the MK-6.

The next model will be available for purchase after the previous one has been purchased.

Also, until the player opens the barrel, he will not be able to see the characteristics and cost of the next model.

Until the player acquires 6 weapon modifications (MK-6, from the example), there is no point in improving intermediate models. 

Parameters should be increased only in the latest class model. 

It is better to improve the skills of warriors, and a little undermining to buy the next model of the trunk.

There are trunks that can be purchased for gold. If a player can allow real money to be poured into Tacticool, then he can buy a barrel with enhanced characteristics at the start of the game.

But, if the player does not use the donate (real money), then the purchase of weapons for gold should be postponed to a later period of the game.

Tacticool resource guide and cheats

The game has two types of resources:


It is the most popular gaming currency for which most operatives and weapons can be purchased and improved.

Also, silver can be spent on improving the skills of operatives and on the gates to the weapon.

You can get silver from daily gifts, for daily tasks, for winning matches. In Tacticool guide and cheats, you can easily earn free silver and other resources.


The gold is the most valuable resource in the game. You can get for the entrance to the game (during the shares), for some days and clan jobs. Also, gold can be bought for real money.

What gold can be spent on

  1. It is not recommended to buy silver since silver can always be earned.
  2. For the purchase and modernization of weapons. This is a good investment, but in the early stages of the game, it makes no sense to do this.
  3. To purchase a set of the fighter. About him worth talking in detail.

Fighter set

The kit can be purchased at the store. Going to the store menu, you should open a tab with puzzles.

There will be 2 sets from which a player can get puzzles to assemble and improve operatives.

“Gift Set” can be purchased for silver, it can, if possible, be purchased at will.

The second set – “fighter set”, is very necessary for getting epic heroes.

Epic heroes can only be obtained from the “fighter set”; nowhere else can you get them. 

Therefore, gold should be saved and spent only on the purchase of this set until you collect 3 gold characters (with them the player will play more efficiently).

“Fighter Set” is worth 500 gold. What player will get for the set:

  • 1 epic card.
  • 6 cards of a violet rare fighter.
  • 8 cards for blue unusual operatives

That is, buying this set, the player, in any case, will remain in the black.

It is worth noting that all puzzles fall out not only by color, but also by the name of the characters. 

You should not think that by purchasing 25 sets, the player will collect 1 epic warrior. 

For each operative has its own puzzles. In total, you need to collect 25 cards to build 1 hero.

Also in this tab, you can buy puzzles for gold to raise the level of epic and rare operatives.

This is a very useful option since the cards are bought directly on a specific fighter.

Do not have to re-randomly open the chests. Only 3 warriors are taken to the map, so pumping them purposefully for gold will not be difficult.

Shares of developers: It is necessary to monitor the periodic actions, which are satisfied with the administration of the game.

Shares can be timed to the holidays, or simply at the request of the developers.

At this time, several gold coins are given for entering the game, and several cards of unusual and rare operatives.

Tacticool secrets and strategies

Many will ask, what can be the tricks of the game in a regular shooter?

But if a player intends to play for a long time and develop productively, then some knowledge will be necessary for him.

Using the latest Tacticool guide and some tricks, you can pull the battle, even with inexperienced players in the team.

Knowledge card

There are several cards in the game, but it will not be difficult to remember them. For what? Tacticool is a very dynamic game that requires constant movement in a battle.

In 4 minutes you can take a few kills.

Knowing the map will help you choose the right point of fire if the player is running for a sniper or machine gunner.

Map features:

It is also important to know where the means of movement are located (in one of the cards you can drive a tank, which is very advantageous tactically).

The map will help the player to hide in a shelter when a powerful enemy approaches, or to retreat to reload weapons and restore lives.

It is important to know which piece of the wall can be fired so that it collapses and buries the floor of the enemy’s team.


On the “Old Depot” map, it is important to know the schedule of the train on which you can move, firing from enemies.

With the help of the train, you can transfer several opponents. How to do it? If the player knows the time of arrival, he can lure his rivals to the rails (this Tacticool guide and hint can be done only with beginners) and not let them off.

Thomas easily deals with the enemy for the player.

A bag:

The first few seconds of the battle goes to find and grab the bag.

Those who first take possession of the subject can count on additional points, which, quite possibly, will be decisive when calculating points for the victory.

Knowledge of weapons

It is very important to know what kind of weapon the player gave to his character. Each type of weapon in the game is unique. Should learn to play them.

Thanks to the thought-out physics in the game, the weapon has almost the same basic parameters as in life.

PP and shotgun:

The main task of the player with these weapons in their hands is to run fast and hide well.

But seriously, choosing that weapon requires skill, knowledge of each stone on the map in order to move in time.

The weapon operates almost at close range, therefore it is important to maneuver, use jumps.

There are no definite positions for weapons with a short combat distance; there are no maps on them.

In other words, characters play the role of tanks that take most of the damage on themselves.

Here it is necessary to recharge frequently. It is important to move in time to restore health points.


The most favorite weapon of many gamers. The machine gun has good stopping power, but it suffers from a wide range of bullets.

Here it is necessary to learn how to beat from the knee. The player who took the machine must have a high rate of fire.

Although machine gunners cannot climb straight into the support, they are still on the line of battle.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to maneuver, run, hide.

Here you can learn to use pistols and knives. Running up close to the enemy, it is better to shoot him with a pistol.

Rifles and machine guns

This is the most lethal weapon, but it is also necessary to be able to shoot from it.

Contrary to many young bloggers who say that a character should have a decrease in scatter, this parameter is not important for a sniper.

The rifle is not a machine gun, shoots single ammunition.

With proper possession of a sniper, the player can kill the enemy with 1 bullet.

But if the player runs with a machine gun, then the spread is better to reduce.

In both cases, shoot better from the knee.

The choice of the position should be based on a good overview of the map.

It is better to use the roofs of buildings and structures.

Very well, if the team is friendly, then comrades with shotguns and machine guns will cover the long-range comrade.

Here, as well as machine gunners, learn how to quickly change weapons.

Tactics to put mine under itself and activate it, if the enemy came close, is not good either.

It is better to put mines at the approaches to the shelter of a sniper or machine gunner.

In this case, and long-range will be alive and the enemy will not come close.

Team match

Often, in these games, gamers do not feel the support of allies. They run into one, not paying attention to friends in the squad. Often fights are lost because chaos and mutual misunderstanding are happening on the map.

Tacticool is a team game where every fighter is fighting not alone, not for himself. 

Therefore, you should communicate between team players, choose active guilds with which you can build and negotiate battle tactics before the match. The team always wins.

If a player collects a team, then the main character for the battle should always be one. Why? If the team agrees on battle tactics in advance, for example, 1 sniper, 1 machine gunner, the rest – cover and noses.

That, changing the character, the weapon accordingly changes. Other players do not count on such a maneuver.

But if the team has agreed that part of the match is played in defense, and the second part of the match is offensive. In this case, the hero is recommended to change.

Basic tips for effective team combat

Basic tips for effective team combat in tacticool guide secrets
Basic tips for effective team combat in tacticool guide secrets hints tricks


During the battle, you should constantly monitor the space around the character.

The player must see what is happening around, watch out for opponents and his team. Do not immediately rush into a bunch of rivals, you should wait until the other players of the squad come closer.

If the character dies, the ally will be able to finish off the opponent and bring a point to the team.


Do not hesitate to use the infrastructure of the map.

Often, the lack of damage can be compensated by an unexpected appearance from behind a house or a pile of rubbish.

Shelling from a locomotive will be very unexpected.

It is necessary to pick up the moment and strike when the enemy is least waiting for it.

Because of the shelter, you can analyze the situation, recharge, think about actions, heal.


Do not rush headlong into the thick of things. It should be played thoughtfully, do not rush.

Emotions in battle are not the best helper. Sometimes it is necessary to retreat, to review the course of the bout.

Tacticool is a very dynamic game, but it’s still worth analyzing the actions.

Otherwise, you can always instantly turn from a hunter into a victim.

Naturally, in the later stages of the game, when many will have epic heroes when the weapon is maximized, you will not have to think much.

A machine:

This is not just an additional decor on the map, but a very powerful assistant for the team.

Players who have taken possession of the truck automatically become the leaders of the battle.

It is better to use the car together: the first player is the driver who will crush the enemy, the second is the machine gunner.

This formidable weapon brings down all indiscriminately, demolishes parts of houses, roofs, carries garbage.

Using a machine gun, it is worth taking note of these moments.

If the enemies are hidden, but if the player knows that, having collapsed the floor of the wall.

He will sleep the opponents to death, it is better to use this advantage, and not to wait for hello from an enemy sniper.

Some of the best Tacticool guide and these tips will suit those players who are accustomed to control the situation themselves, not paying attention to the team. There are individual recommendations.

How to win in a fight?

If you want to win in a fight easily then follow our complete Tacticool guide, tips, and cheats.


Even if the character does not run out of ammo in the store after a fight with the enemy, you should recharge after each kill.

It will not be very good if the store becomes empty at the wrong time. It should be recharged often and constantly.

A waste of resources:

A very important point. Resources at the start of the game should be spent only on the purchase of a new modification of the weapon, on pumping the skills of the character and to raise the level of the character.

The rest is necessary. It is necessary for the first stages to choose 3 heroes, which he will improve, and pick up the appropriate weapons for each.

Special weapons:

Many people forget to use it. But the grenade, thrown to the pile of nearby opponents, will produce more killings than the attack from a machine gun (and the time will be less).

Should learn to lay mines and explosives. This is best done on the main lanes, which the enemy often runs on.

In order to play better, to win on the cards and reach the TOP of players (the rating affects the content of the daily “snacks” and tasks), you need to practice, master the weapon you like, not sprayed on the purchase and improvement of weak trunks.

Final Verdict:

In this Tacticool guide and walkthrough, you can explore the full guide about how to play this game with examples. You can get info about how to win, how to get everything.


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