Terminator Resistance Guide and IdeasTerminator Resistance Guide and Ideas

Terminator Resistance Guide and Ideas

Terminator: Resistance Guide/Secrets/Walkthrough and Ideas: 

At its surprise announcement, we wondered what this Terminator: Resistance would be worth. Indeed, the last time we saw a video game from the film franchise was in 2007 and the bad Terminator: Renaissance, the video game from the eponymous film.

The app has therefore been officially available on PC, PS4, and One since November 15 and further developed by Teyon which you can download from lisanilssonart. The Polish studio had previously horrified us with the mediocre Rambo: The Video Game. This is what to worry about. But that said, the game surprises by trying a lot of things, maybe too many.

Jacob Rivers, Skynet Target

Without going four ways either, Terminator: Resistance has an oddly captivating narrative. You take control of Jacob Rivers, a member of the Resistance Pacific Division. His entire team is decimated at the start of the game, and our hero will have to find Commander Baron. But what he does not know yet is that he is marked for extermination by Skynet for totally unknown reasons and that our protagonist will have to find out.

Without too much spoiler on the red thread of Terminator: Resistance, it is clear that it is ultimately a prequel to Terminator 1 & 2. This means that the app simply ignores the other Terminator movies released to date. Even if, however, we remain relatively spellbound by its not-so-unpleasant history, we may be disappointed to see that most of the twists and turns are seen miles away from the start, and that we inevitably know how it will all end as long as the players have already seen James Cameron’s first two Terminator.

Teyon’s title also has dialogue choices. Via the characters that you will meet as you progress, you will have the possibility of discussing with them, or sometimes of choosing dialogue choices that the protagonists in question will like or not. We have here a relationship system a bit like in a Fallout finally, with also choices with consequences. Indeed, the end kinematics will change more or less depending on our choices. We will therefore have a lot of variations, which ultimately accentuates the replayability.

In short, this game mechanic seems the most mastered on the part of Teyon, who knows what he’s doing and where he’s going. We can say that the developers have made monster progress on this aspect, and also pays a tribute to the background of Terminator, ultra faithful from start to finish. We will be immersed in post-apocalyptic settings, but which will however lack a bit of variety and personality, to our chagrin. On the other hand, we will appreciate the flawless fidelity to the perfect modeling of these good old T-800s, the trademark of Terminator films.

Terminator: Resistance and its banal and old-fashioned mechanics

We must admit that Teyon tries a lot of game mechanics in Terminator: Resistance, starting with its FPS side. This is the first time that the Polish studio has attempted to make a first-person shooter as a second game, with mixed results. We find soft movements, a little rigid, and not finished animations on the slides. In addition, gunfights are far too soft to enjoy them and to make matters worse, the feel of the guns is similar to a paintball gun.

This means that the shooting sensations are ultimately not very powerful, which remains a problem for an FPS released in 2019. That said, the title remains playable, and we can console ourselves at least with the official sound effects of plasma weapons, that is, is already taken. We see that the developers still lack the experience to code an FPS, and even manage to miss its part infiltration.

Effectively, via an extermination knife that you can craft multiple times, you can kill a T-800 in one shot from behind. Only here, you will quickly take your plasma weapon and knock it out to go faster. Because let’s face it, these plasma blasters will be much more effective, and this infiltration side will happen all too occasionally. And in addition, the AI ​​of robotic enemies is on the verge of disaster. Indeed, either they spot you too quickly, or can sometimes stand still without doing anything.

Teyon also had the idea of ​​offering us, RPG mechanics. At your disposal, you will have three skill trees, divided into science, combat, and survival. This will allow you to improve in hacking, weapons, add an additional line to your inventory – which also fills up much too quickly and which should have been based on weight – and so on. In itself, this system is a good idea, even if we feel that this skill tree is ultimately ultra-limited, lacks depth, and remains too commonplace to say the least.

Terminator: Resistance also tries its hand at crafting, which works quite well. By killing robots, you can collect various resources that you will use to craft various equipment like first aid kit, ammunition – even if you collect a lot of it while playing anyway -, extermination knife, grenade, and much more. Clearly, this system is well oiled like the shop in the various hideouts of the software, which allow you to rebuild your health level weapons, ammunition or even hooks through exchangeable resources that you find while exploring the areas.

Basically, although these components are lambda, it does the job. You can also assign Skynet chips to your plasma weapons to make them more powerful. It will generally be a question of assigning compatible chips at symbol level, providing you with slightly more advanced stats on the rate of fire, stability or even magazine and damage. It is good overall, but it still shows its limits, because we would have seen ourselves improved in more detail firearms like plasma.

Moreover, it is incomprehensible that we can only upgrade plasma blasters and not fire ones… Note that there will also be the possibility of hooking doors via a Fallout mini-game, and this will be the same for hack sequences. However, these mini-games quickly become tiring and redundant for picking locks or hacking turrets.

Not so foolish technically, and rather short

Far from being a visual disaster either if we compare it to Rambo: The Video GameTerminator: Resistance is not that pretty either. If the night settings are passable, we can quickly be disappointed by the graphic quality of the daytime software. The textures are simply not very detailed, pixelated to death, and the cinematics like the phases a little more linear and oriented action are destroyed by a staging worthy of a 2007 game.

Suffice to say that the software 10 years behind in terms of graphics, but manages to get by offering a convincing model of the T-800. For the rest, apart from facial models that are barely correct, the animations in the form of rigor mortis are not at the top. There are also light effects that are sometimes too intense for less optimal readability of the action. In short, the game is very average graphically, and still happy that the game is fluid …

As for the lifespan, it is starving for a title that offers semi-open areas. You will complete Terminator: Resistance in 7 hours of normal play. To extend the lifespan, you can restart the game and discover the choices leading to concrete variations on the end kinematics – as an illustration in passing. For a title that wants to mix a linear FPS and with semi zones. -open is limited, especially for a game sold at € 39.99 …

However, we can end on a good note, with the sound design of Terminator: Resistance, not that ridiculous. Honestly, we are even surprised that the game is once again faithful to the movies. Indeed, in addition to finding a sound atmosphere that pays homage to the films, we find for our good pleasure the main mythical theme of the license.

Pure happiness for the ears in short, like other musical themes, which are casually varied. Regarding the dubbing, it will be in English and subtitled in French, for a relatively correct result in the acting, nothing more. We obviously suspect that the studio’s budget should be limited so as not to offer a French version. On the other hand, the whole is marred by a sound mix which would have deserved a little better.

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