The Fantastic Game Changer RobotsThe Fantastic Game Changer Robots

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: The Fantastic Game Changer Robots

Are you looking for a war game-changer robot [current_date format=’Y’]? Absolutely you are at the right place to get information about them. We will introduce you to the game-changer robots who have great abilities to change the map of the battlefield.

Either this is Spectre who would push the enemy back from the battlefield or Mercury that will give you a view of the battlefield to determine your next strategy to destroy the enemy in its home silently.

It’s all been placed in this article. So let’s start our journey to the world of fighting robots.


The mercury lies in the higher ranks of automatons in 2019 with a distinctive rating of 16.1 % of game users who chose it to get victory in the battlefield.

When it is activated it can jump into the air to provide you an overview of battlefield ground. It can also attain stealth ability in the air and by this, it would not be targeted.


Except that it can fire panic missiles attacks on the enemy to cause severe damage to them.

Distinctive Features

  • High Jumping Power
  • Stealth Technology
  • Damage Carrier on Landing


This robot also has the ability to jump into air and crash on land anywhere to have sudden damage on land. The damage to land is depended on your robot’s level, higher the lever bigger the damage.

The helldive would also entertain you by stealth technology so that the enemy would not target it in the air even after 5 seconds you land on the ground.

Helldive’s damage can break down the protective shields of the robots fighting in front of you. Really it’s a game-changer automate.

Distinctive Features

  • High Jumping Power
  • Landing Damage
  • Stealth Technology
  • Shields Destroyer


After mercury and Helldive, a spectre is a most demanding robot with 15.8% users’ choice which can make enemies so panic till destruction. It can fly and keep in sky stealthily but does not take any damage on its landing.


The drawback of this robot is that it’s not a long-lasting automate like water bubbles. For these reasons, many gamers do not take it as the first choice through your enemy into hell.

Distinctive Features

  • Long-Lasting Stealth Technology


Many new gamers utilize it as the first choice that is a big mistake because they overestimate its power and don’t know how to make this robot useful automate.

The uniqueness is that he can maintain his HP (Health Power) 100% at the speed of 120km just for 5 seconds and then blast
which causes a situation of hellfire on the battlefield.

For that reason, it is known as hell burner which can cause severe damage to the enemy in a 75m radius. The other drawback of it is that when it is overloaded its stability lows down by 12.5 %.

Distinctive Features

  • 100% HP Carrier
  • 120km Speed in 5 Seconds
  • Damaging Range 75m


It has a fantastic firing power which can destroy enemies’ protection shields and protection walls. You may be deceived in first look at leech and underestimate its power because it looks tenuous but it has remarkable protection safety system designed by EviLife Engineers.


Other its uniqueness is its damage absorbing power. By absorbing the damage it can return it towards enemies’ castles.

These shock waves cause serious destruction to enemies’ security unites. Leech detects the enemy in your territory and generates a connection with it, after that it returns back the damage-causing by it. It’s really a game-changer of your age in the current century.

Distinctive Features

  • High Tech protection System
  • Shock Wave Absorbing Power
  • Damage Returning Power


Really called high tech and upgraded robot known as diversionist. No one should underestimate its power because it’s unique in its upgraded weapons. This robot is developed by Icarus Cooperation. The remarkable quality of this robot is teleportation with dematerialization.

Phantom is supper fast inactivation without any delay and creates resistance against all kinds of damages. Transport robots from one place to another.  In this way, we can label it as a war machinery carrier.

Distinctive Features

  • Quick Activation
  • Teleportation
  • Damage Blocker


The behemoth is equipped with heavy weapon fire, a roundabout can fire four different weapons at once.

Actually only a few automates have this technology, it’s no. 1 according to this uniqueness because firing attack by multi-weapons would cause your enemy not stable on the battlefield. This robot is developed by DSC Cooperation. This is actually called magnificent automate.

Distinctive Features

  • Siege Mode
  • Multi-Weapon Activation


This robot has strong protection modes to switch between mobility needs and battlefield situations. In both situations this robot performs effectively and fights in multi-functional mode, by this, you would utilize this automaton death machine as your first choice to be a game-changer.

It can also make an obstacle to stop 50% damage coming from all around.

Distinctive Features

  • Aegis Shield
  • Mobility Mode
  • Combat Mode
  • Well Protected


This robot would be called as medical assistance and fighting machine because this automaton due to fast speed can repair your other fighting robots.

This robot also has the capability to switch between two different modes, first supportive mode and second is assault mode. In its assault mode, it can enhance its defensive capability itself.

Distinctive Features

  • Supportive Mode with extra speed
  • Assault Mode with Increased Firepower
  • Defensive Shield


The distinctive strength of this robot is invisibility, but this invisibility attained on the cost of its firepower. By invisibility, Loki can make severe damage by penetrating enemy’ lines. It can also switch between two different modes, first is recon mode and second is attack mode.

In recon mode, it can achieve unlimited stealth by deactivating all its weapons. In attack mode, it will be more destructive for the enemy by activating all its weapons.

Distinctive Features

  • Stealth or Recon Mode
  • Activation or Attack Mode

Ao Jun

Really a dragon-like robot to fly with stealth technology and burn your enemy with its fire attack with huge damage. Its flamethrower is a fully automatic and fire attack on the chosen target.

This robot actually deserves the title of hell-dive and hell-burner. Equipped with multi-role actions it’s a game-changer automaton.

Distinctive Features

  • Dragon-like Flamethrower
  • Stealth Technology
  • Automatic Target Selection

Ao Guang

The Ao Guang uniqueness is its build-in missile launcher system to cause big damage to the enemy’s defense system and automatons. Its Second uniqueness is its fast speed and dragon-like flight in the air.

And by these strategic capabilities, it can fall a panic attack on the enemy by utilizing its all weapons at one time. It’s a strong choice for the air defense system.

Distinctive Features

  • Build-in Missile Launcher
  • Dragon Flight
  • Automatic Target Selection

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