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In township guides, walkthrough, secrets, and strategies on you can explore the best hints about how to play? how to get everything? how to win?


With our township guide, you will have no problem moving along the levels of the game.

Township is a great APK mobile game in which you have to manage the construction of your own city.

You can easily unlock new elements such as zoos or train stations.

CREDITED BY: Township is offered and developed by Playrix.

In the beginning, you will have only a very small town. In this small town, growth methods are to grow and sell seeds and create plants and factories that process the elements and allow you to sell them for more money.

If you have played a little bit of the game it may seem really easy.

Those of us who have dedicated so many hours will realize how the incredibly complex township can become without much effort.

In this township guide, we tell you how to get the most out of this game.

We remind you that you have the game available for both Android and iPhone.


In township cheats and hints, you can get hidden tricks of the game:

Focus On The Farm

The moment you start to grow as a city you will be tempted to take your riches out of more modern technologies.

Your city is mainly based on the seeds and products of the farm.

As you progress through the game, the whole system will unlock seeds and plants that will benefit you more than others.

Make sure there is a good difference between the cost of buying the seed and what you get when selling the plant.

Keep An Eye on Order List

One of the best seeds in wheat since they will ask for it many times and it always gives very good benefits.

Always select a land area large enough to buy wheat. As you plant and conserve, keep an eye on the list of orders to not leave anything behind.

Expand The City With Good Materials

The construction materials appear completely random, so they are enormously valuable. You should always choose those that fit your way of construction.

The materials are brought by the trains and you can also send wagons to return with these valuable resources. Getting the right materials is complicated because of its randomness index, but we hope that does not discourage you.

This also applies to expand the city. As you grow, you will run out of space. You can expand the city at the beginning in a very simple way.

The new grounds give you access to materials and decorations, as well as a good amount of components really fast. Be thrifty with construction materials and gold if you do not want to see yourself stuck in the future.

Get Easy Money

Complete the missions and orders to get coins easily enough.

Click on the buttons of the helicopter to see the missions and orders and to complete them yourself or assign someone to fulfill the orders for you.

Some missions really are not worthwhile but others have great rewards waiting for you and full of juicy prizes.

You can eliminate the missions that you have left by clicking on the garbage can.


township game guide and tips
township game guide and tips to win the game

Township game is a casual game in which you should build the city and do farm work by following our best township guides and wiki.

In this township guide, you will get many tips, the money will be an anti plus, which means the more money you spent, the more money you will get.

Use Money Wisely

Use money wisely by reading our latest township guide. You can use the money to buy coins, or shorten the building time. Money increases when it is spent!

Focus On Agriculture And Construction

Our township game guide and cheats tell you that township game is a unique mix of city construction and agriculture.

Build the city of your dreams! Harvest crops on the farms, process them on your premises and sell products to develop your city.


Read township guide and get fantastic tips. Trade with exotic countries.

Open restaurants, cinemas, and other community buildings to give a special flavor to life in your city.

Get Resources

If you want to get resources without spending a single penny then explore the mine to find resources and get ancient artifacts.

Collect animals from all around the world and run your own zoo.

By following the latest township guide get ready to become a farmer and city manager to build your dream.

Let’s start with our legit township guide and enjoy the game.


  • Different buildings and decorations that you can use to create the city of your dreams.
  • Several crops to grow and then process them in your factories.
  • Funny and charismatic people with orders that you must complete.
  • The mine of your city full of ancient artifacts to discover and collect.
  • Lovely animals to care for.
  • Focus on farming aspects to manage and expand your farm.
  • A zoo to build where you can even raise animals.
  • Flags of famous countries and monuments that you can use to decorate your cities, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and many more.
  • You can make new friends in the gaming community and create your own clans!


By reading township guide you will get complete information about how to play the township game. The main motive of the township game guide is to grow your own city.

In the township APK, you can easily do crops harvesting, extract the important resource, and enlarge your city.

You always have control over your own city & change your city the way you want.

Grow Your Farm And City

The ultimate aim of township Apk is to grow your farming city into a flourishing agricultural kingdom.

Prosper Your City

The profit you get from the town of your farming empire invest/use different resources like gold coins, crops, the gems and buildings maps.

This includes homes for residents, cinemas, cafes, factories, and various other famous sights.


On the Facebook platform, you also get the opportunity to invite your friends to view your down. You can also view the city of your friends.

When using cheaters, don’t worry about your account being flagged or something like that.


township game guide about level up
township game guide about level up

Township is a free game, although some game items can also be

purchased for real money. This is a freemium game. The purpose of

the township guide is to help you to develop your own city with great ease.


How You Can Earn Cash In Township Game?

You can get township cash by different ways.

  • By visiting your town regularly.
  • Sign in the game regularly more than our days, then you will get a chance to earn one unit of township cash.
  • By construction of new buildings in your town.
  • By exchanging gifts with your friends.
  • By earning achievements, play part in weekly regattas and assembling a collection of artifacts.

How Do You Get More Coins In Township Game?

  1. Play the game daily and get coins as daily bonuses.
  2. Fill orders of people at the helicopter pad.
  3. Explore the mines to find hidden coins.
  4. Win coins as prizes to play at the house of luck.
  5. You can get coins to load and send airplanes.
  6. Get unlimited coins by opening chests, helping your friends, sell items and building materials.

How To Update Township Game?

  • Open the play store on your device
  • Go to menu setting then tap on update.
  • You can also set at auto update.

How To Recover Township Game?

You can recover township game if you are connected to one of the social networks supported by Township.

Open the game with your social network account then select your old town in the pop-up window and download it.

In the end, type CONFIRM and start playing your game.

Final verdict:

In township guide, cheats, wiki and walkthrough are were learn about how to get free resources? how to login game easily? and much more.

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  1. I absolutely love this game! Although I have not been able to place the items that are required for the water,such as the lighthouse and others, I have moved the peices all over and I can’t seem to get it in the proper place. Please help me figure out how to advance in the game, thank you for your help.

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