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Are you looking for something that can help you enjoy your free time and refresh your mood? Then there’s a piece of good news for you, Peak games have now introduced an amazing puzzle game named as toy blast for people who love matching games.

The interface if the game is very colorful and eye-catching. Toy blast is a puzzle game in which you are required to match the blocks having the same color.

This game aims to match two or more blocks of the same color for helping a girl named Amy in collecting some of her amazing toys back.

Matching the same block will let you clear the area and when you have collected all the block you will pass the level and move to the next stage.

The Peak Games declared that the game toy blast is not like other typical matching games, many new things will make this game unique from other matching games and would make people love playing it.

In toy blast, you can make use of different powers, boosters and special combos to help you win difficult levels with 3 stars. Let’s have a brief look at toy blast guide tips and cheats to proceed easily and fastly in the game.

The Theme of the Toy Blast

The theme of the toy blast is very attractive due to its amazing colors and toy shapes. It gives the player a very relaxing effect by releasing all-day stress and freshen up the mood due to colors and amazing background music.


Being easily accessible is one of the best things in-game popularity and Toy blast is easily accessible through Pc, Android, Amazon, Facebook, and iPhone so that every user can enjoy the game on the go. You just have to download the game from play store or google play to enjoy it.

Features of Toy Blast

  • Very simple and different game.
  • Is a fun game as well as challenging at the same time
  • Provide you with amazing events like star tournament, level up the challenge.
  • Surprise you with daily surprises from the spin wheel.
  • Provide you with amazing boosters and special combos.

Toy Blast Levels

You must be wondering about how many levels are there in the top blast and at what stage this game will end?

Then you are on the right place toy blast has a total of 1660 levels and there is an increase in difficulty while going up on higher levels as challenges increase and you have to clear more blocks in fewer moves.

Special Combos in Toy Blast

The specials in the toy blast have special abilities that can clear a large area of the chunk as well as the whole line. When the specials start glowing they form a special combo, both when used will clear a large area of the chunk.

To achieve a high rating and complete stage in fewer moves try to match as many combos as you can.


The Benefit of Connecting to Facebook:

Connecting toy blast to facebook makes it handy for you as well as brings you with a lot of other advantages. The biggest advantage is that if you are short of lives you can ask your Facebook friends to give you lives.

Stars Ratings

Star rating of each level makes you go faster and show your progress. Your target must be to achieve the three stars at the end of every level. The three stars at the end of the level show how well you play and how well you helped Amy getting her toys back.

Getting Lives Back in Toy Blast

You can access toy blast on different platforms, but there is a perk if you play your game on android or iPhone. You can easily get your lives back without waiting for long by ever-present time lapse cheat.

In this, all you need to do is change your mobile time from setting to forward. After changing the life you have to get back to the game and you will get your lives immediately.

Toy Blast Boosters

Are you stuck? With fewer moves then this is the right time to get help by choosing the boosters. There are a variety of boosters available according to the levels.

Some are accessible while playing, you can easily use them by pressing the booster on the bottom of the screen. Never waste your boosters on low levels always try to save them for higher levels.

More Coins

The premium currency of toy blast is coins, you can use these coins when you are in need. But earning coins is a difficult task. Want to know an easy way to earn more coins? Then contact your toy blast game with facebook and you will get 25 coins for free.

Toy Blast Color-Changing Blocks

Blocks color is one of the most important things in the game because all you have to do is match the blocks having the same color but some blocks change colors

Unlimited Moves

Moves are very important in toy blast as you have to complete the game in the given number of moves and some stages, you just need one or two extra moves to complete the stage and win toys for Amy.

At that stage you must be thinking how to get unlimited moves on toy blast to win, the answer to this is right in front of your eyes. If you want some extra moves on toy blast then you can go for a variety of different online tools.


Toy Blast Pinwheels

Each pinwheel consists of five blades including colored edges and white centers. The major aim is to clear the white center. This can be done by blasting double blocks which is parallel to one of the uncleared blades.

Once all the colors are cleared, the pinwheel will have vanished.

You can enjoy the amazing game toy blast just by downloading it. Then what are you waiting for go release your stress in no time by just playing the game toy blast with amazing colors?

Download Toy Blast APK


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