Toy defense 2 guideToy defense 2 guide

Toy Defense 2 Guide & Strategy:

Toy defense 2 guide gives you tips, tricks and cheats to defeat your enemies in the battlefield. Get free gold coins and stars. Toy defense 2 guide is for both beginners and professional players.

Toy Defense 2 is an awesome game. It has completely redesigned the game with high-quality graphics and many other improvements to the game.

Credited by:

Toy Defense 2: Tower defense is offered and developed by Melsoft Games.

Overview of toy defense 2:

This newly remastered version of toy defense 2 game mixes the fast tower defense as the memories of playing with soldiers as a child.

It has an easy to learn gameplay with updated toy defense 2 guides. It will give you hours of fun.

The game receives new maps and the ability to make our units and commanders level up.

Toy defense 2 has 240 missions where we will have to learn to use the units with their new improvements to survive in this adventure.

In this game, you will be inspired by historical events, with battles where you will face armies of England, Russia or Germany.

Toy Defense 2 Guide Features
Toy Defense 2 Guide Features

Toy defense 2 guide: Strategy and tips:


Toy defense 2 is a multiplayer mode with the inclusion of tournaments and a ranking system to find the battles with other players made to suit you.

Free game with payment elements:

Toy Defense 2 is a free game for Android and iOS with payment elements. You can see the new graphics of the game.


With toy defense 2 guides and hints you will get many hints to defeat your enemies.

In toy defense 2 you have to protect your base while fighting your enemies. Do not let your enemies get your base.

Players can place toy units to defend their places and base from enemies soldiers, tanks and other units.

Toy defense 2 guide: tricks and cheats

Toy defense 2 tips and cheats
Toy defense 2 tips and cheats

The currency of toy defense 2:

Read toy defense 2 guide for getting complete information about the currency of the game.

There are two types of currency within game toy defense 2.

  • Stars:

Earning of stars depends on the performance of players during the game. If you perform well you will get more stars. You will get stars on all levels.

You can use these coins to purchase the upgrades for units. Coins can also be used to buy slots for hero units.

You can get coins by defeating units and selling already deployed units.

  • Tokens or coins:

Tokens or coins are the most important and premium currency of the game. Tokens are much harder to get as compared to coins.

You can get coins or tokens as achievements rewards during different levels and by destroying a hundred units. Tokens are used to buy arsenals.

You can also purchase extra stars and tokens with real money.

Units in toy defense 2:

There are four different types of units in the game. You will find the weaknesses and strengths of each unit in our best and latest toy defense 2 guides.


Riflemen are fast but there range and firepower are the weakest.


The firepower of interceptors is mediocre but have a wide range of attacks.


Artillery is slow in reloading but very good for heavy damage.

Ack- acks:

Ack-acks can only use for flying enemies and good for heavy damage.

When you are playing you can select the unit according to your need.

How to upgrade units?

Read this toy defense 2 guide to upgrade units. You can upgrade units by using stars which you earn through different tasks during the game.

When you upgrade your units, they will boost up and acquire special abilities such as increasing damage, area damage and many more. Upgrades are specific to each unit.

The unit can also be upgraded by giving them special abilities in combat.

When enemies attack your units. You must spend coins t heal them. If you did not heal them they will start depleting and lose their health.

Otherwise, units can no longer be used unless they are revived.

Hero units:

Hero units are simply units like others. you would want to take them with you. These units are being deployed at the start of the stage and ready for promotion.


Arsenals are boosters or special power-ups that will give you extra advantages.

Abilities of arsenals:

Have the ability to slow down troops for some time.

launch a powerful attack around your base.

Can repair damaged units.

Arsenals have the ability to turn battle in your favor.

The FAQS of toy defense 2:

How to earn training points in toy defense 2?

You will training points by completing each mission successfully in the game toy defense 2.

How to earn coins in toy defense 2?

You can get coins by selling units, by killing many enemies or completing specific tasks in the game.

What is the best strategy for toy defense 2?

You have to manage your resources in the best way. Choose the best unit for you and spend coins and stars wisely.

How to use commanders?

Here you can get information about how to use commanders in toy defense 2 games including planks their tanks in the first wave. First, you must put a rifleman for earning some money. For full toy defense guide for commanders complete the given video:

Final verdict:

Play the toy defense 2 by following our 100 % updated and legit toy defense 2 guide and defeat your enemies. Get gold, gems and token to upgrade your troops.


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