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What is Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider is a first-person free to play online game that is composed of different modes and missions that you need to achieve in order to become a Champion of traffic rider.

It has taken the racing genre to another level with its advanced features and motion-based controls.

The game was deliberated in August 2015 by Traffic racer and today is being played all over the world.

One of the best things about this game is that it boosts your challenging side and make you enthusiastic about passing all the levels of the game that results in unlimited prices.

Traffic Rider Guide [current_date format=’Y’]

Are you a newbie? and trying hard to become a champion of this game? then yes, you are at the right place as this article will surely give you a detailed review of this fun-filled game that is a must-try.

How to play Traffic Rider?

Have you ever tried racing on a high way with a speed of above 100 km and overtaking all the vehicles that come your way? of course No because this is something that u surely can’t do for real but what about experiencing this thrilling scenario?

Traffic Rider surely gives you a lifetime experience that is especially for bike lovers. Whether you are sitting at a bus area waiting for your bus or sitting in a room waiting for a call interview or in a restaurant waiting for your friend to come, you can play this game anywhere without having the internet connection once you have downloaded.

Traffic Rider Modes

The game is based on different modes that you need to play. It consists of 4 modes out of which 2 modes need to be concerned. The modes incorporate:

1– Career Mode

2– Endless Mode

3– Time Trial Mode

4– Free Ride Mode


Career Mode

Career Mode is the first mode that you need to play and pass. You can win unlimited cash, experience and gold in this mode by riding safely.

Bypassing the first level of this mode only then you can proceed to Endless Mode. Once you have passed all the levels of this game you will be awarded unlimited cash and an XP that will let you get more cash and gold.

It permits you to buy a new motorcycle with the money that you have won throughout the game but doesn’t be in a hurry buying new motorcycles unless it really demands to.

Endless Mode

It comprises of ‘One way‘ and ‘Two way‘. One way is unlocked when you have passed the first level of the Career model while two way demands level 20 to get unlocked.

This mode can give you more experience than the Career mode. In order to get more experience try to play Two way and overhaul cars on the opposing lane in the combo.

Combo gives you more experience every time. If you want to earn real quick then play Endless Mode Night Map where you will be given an extra 30% cash.

How to Win the Game?

Traffic Rider is a simple game that is wrapped in breathtaking graphics and alluring features. In order to win this exciting game just follow the steps below:

Traffic Rider Guide
Traffic Rider Guide & Tips

1– You need to have complete knowledge about the controls that are important in riding a motorbike. You should know that when, where and how to apply the brake and should be aware of the directions. Of course, you will be familiar with it after having enough experience in the game.

2– Time is very important in this game if you will have enough time left your chances of victory will be higher because you will get time to complete the particular mission for which ride the bike as fast as you can and by crossing the checkpoints you will automatically get extra time.


3– Try to earn money and gold as much as you can. Now the question arises that How to get money in Traffic rider well the answer is simple you can get money at the end of every round that you will win and for earning gold watch the advertisement videos or like them on Facebook.

Current Version of Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider has just come with its new version that has additional features and advanced performance. Some of its Key features incorporate

Current Version: Varies with Device

Size: Varies with device

Offered by: Soner Kara

Interactive Elements: Digital Purchase

Installations: 100,000,000+

Download Latest Version

Features of Traffic Rider

1– It gives you a thrilling experience of riding a bike in a high way with a speed of more than 100 km.

2– It is composed of delightful and engaging graphics.

3– You may select the bike of your own choice

4– The sound of the motorbike is real and is taken from real bikes

5– It consists of different modes and missions that you need to achieve

6– Unlimited bonuses, prize, cash, and golds are available in the game

7– It is a Challenging game that will excite you throughout.

8– It supports almost 19 languages

9– It doesn’t require an internet connection to play, you can play anywhere you want to once you have downloaded it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Traffic Rider

What is Combo in Traffic Rider?

The combo gives you unlimited cash, gold, and experience. Suppose if there is a mission to reach 8 Max Combo in 40 seconds it means that you have to overtake 8 bikes that will come your way without getting hit. Once you overhaul 8 bikes you will be awarded unlimited gifts.

What is an Overtake in Traffic Rider?

In Traffic rider game, you need to overtake bikes in a few missions that mean to leave behind all the bikes that will come your way.

How to Unlock all Bikes in Traffic Rider?

You need to buy the unlocked bikes with earned cash.


So Traffic rider is a platform that will keep you excite and entertained and it’s a treat for those who love motorbikes. I hope this traffic rider guide will answer all your questions regarding Traffic rider.

Still, if there is any need to ask something feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to answer them.

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