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VPN Proxy Master is a free and unlimited app to use to bypass Blocked Websites. It’s also an effective tool to protect your device by exposing your privacy or browsing history.

The stealing of private information has become a serious issue in the age of Hi-Tech technology. Absolutely we do not like to share our privacy with any website or application.

To get rid of this problem VPN Proxy Master is the best option for you. It will remain your browsing information hidden from social websites as well as from Mobile or PC applications to expose.

It will also make your location unshared and protect your device’s security. In this way your Device Security will enhance by itself, safe from the Cyber Criminals. 

How does VPN Proxy Master APK [current_date format=’Y’] Works?

I think we should not beat about the bushes and come to the point now. A suitable example for this VPN Proxy Master’s operation phenomenon is that Sometimes we use a pipe to pass and keep a wire safe from external elements. By this, we are able to protect this wire and also hide this wire by external elements.

That is the same phenomenon that works in the case of VPN Master’s Security. VPN Master bypasses the network connection and website to keep your data secure from website observation. VPN Master also has other advantages, which are given below.

High-Speed Application

This VPN will offer you a high-speed browsing experience approximately without any interruption. Its speed also depends upon your network connection and operating device. In its high-speed experience, you can enjoy the following advantages.

  • No Bandwidth Restriction
  • Server Switching Mode
  • More than 100,000 IP Addresses


Web Security

There will be considerable web security for your device, to protect your Network Connection. You will enjoy the following,

  • No logs History
  • Multiple VPN’s
  • Strong Grade Encryption

Secure Your Browsing History

To keep our browsing history unexposed, it’s also a big problem for us. But you don’t need to worry about it more. Because VPN Proxy Master is offering you:

  • The Network Connection Protection to avoid your history recording.
  • To protect your IP Address, so that no can would identify your current location.


Some Unique Features in VPN Proxy Master APK

There some unique features of VPN Proxy Master have been discussed.


  • Provide you a high speed encrypted VPN connection on your smart devices.
  • Bypass your favorite websites without the need for any Proxy Website. It’s a more safe, secure and easy tool to unlock the Blocked Websites.
  • VPN Proxy Master gives you access to Unlimited IP Addresses to experience the fine browsing, either you are not in your country.
  • It can easily bypass your Wi-Fi Connection at any time at any place, so you can use your Public or College Wi-Fi connection without being exposed.
  • By using its New Private Window feature, you would pause the browsing history from being recorded in Incognito Mode.
  • Enhance your personal as well as your device security with multiple IP Addresses.
  • Now Data Encryption is also possible with APN Proxy Master.
  • It’s unlimited, widely compatible with updated as well as previous versions of Android OS.
  • It’s easy to use, unlimited, advanced and fast to run.
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