War Machines Game GuideWar Machines Game Guide

War Machines Game Guide

Introduction of war machines: Free multiplayer tank shooting game

Have a moment full of strong feelings! Destroy all the tanks that will cross your path. This free tank game, developed by Fun Games For Free, is full of action.

What are the requirements to play a war machines game?

To play this unique game, you need at least the following configuration. Your mobile must have 85MB of free and must be equipped with Android version 4.1 and up. Thanks to this game, make fun to blow up tanks of war!

What to do in war machines? An exclusive game?

This thrilling shooter will make you vibrate as no other game has ever done. Are you ready for a new adventure full of action? To progress in the game, you must shoot as many Tanks as you can in 3 minutes.

Protecting your country is the motto of the game. To safeguard the honor of your homeland against enemies, you will have to fight. Fight against players from different countries. The United States, Russia, Japan, and China will be present, so defend yours. Read best action games guide

What are two explosive modes of war machines?

Choose between two explosive modes to win victories.

1) General scrum (individual mode)

2) Deathmatch (team mode).

To beat your enemies, select your tank from the range of powerful tanks.’

War Machines Game Guides ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

War Machines Game Guide and Cheats

Choose the right frame according to your strategy:

For each strategy choose your mount from a range of Tanks to select. Indeed, each proposed tank has different advantages and disadvantages. It will depend on the type of game you want to adopt. If you want to spy on enemy territory, choose a lighter tank. This will help you move faster. Help your team beat the enemy to advance in battle. You can also take the most massive tanks and the most devastating of all. War machines game guides will give you a chance to make your enemies pay what they deserve.

How to upgrade tanks in war machines game?

Optimize your firepower and speed by improving your tank. Create strategic decisions and determine which part of the tank you will upgrade. Show your enemy your courage and your power. Customize your tanks with decorations such as patterns or decals. There are different battlegrounds to test. You will have to control each of them to fight your enemies by detonating their tanks.

What are common power-ups in war machines?

If you equip a power-up before entering a battle, it gives you special abilities or enhances existing skills. By tapping on the slots before entering a battle, you can get information about each power-up. In crates, you can find power-ups.

How do you activate power-ups in war machines?

You can access the power-up slots by opening the Battle menu. The power-ups in your inventory can be selected up to three times. The power-ups you have selected will be displayed in a small panel next to the shot button (the triangle icon).

How do you join clan war in war machines?

Clan Wars contain crates and trophies that clans can fight for. By marking a checkbox on the Clan War banner, a clan can opt-in and participate. Clans can only sign up for battle on Mondays and Thursdays through their clan commanders and vice commanders.

How to master the terrain war machines game?

In the war machines game guide, there are different combat rentals. You can choose from industrial areas or European cities. You can also opt for no man’s land. However, you must explore the battlefields. This will allow you to master the terrain. So you will be able to determine how to attack and defeat the enemy. When you already know the battlefield, you have an advantage over your enemies.

War machines, A game in pay to win…

War Machines Game Guide and Cheat

It must, therefore, be well known. This game is free to play so to play you do not need to pay. However, if you want to progress much faster, know that this game is in Pay To Win. This means that you will have to pay with money for less money.

The paying player is much better off than those who play for free. In the normal process, the amount of coins and diamonds that are won is very small. The developers of the game did it on purpose. This forces players to spend money. If you buy premium or bundled sales, you will have more resources. However, you have to pay … and for that it is expensive!

What are Global Tech points in war machines?

Tank technologies can be upgraded with Global Points. It is only possible to use Tech Points for certain tanks. For each tank you use in battle, you receive Tech Points. Silver stars are displayed under the Technology tab for those points.

War machines game guide: What resources can purchase?

As we have seen above, war Machines are a pay to win game. This means that different types of resources can be bought directly in the shop. In this war machines game guide, I will list those resources that can be rewarded or paid for. But also, what can be done with it.

How to get coins and superior combat rewards?

The coins are the official motto of War Machine Tank War. They are then useful for many things. You will earn them as a reward for the game, depending on your score after a fight.

How to purchase coins in the war machines game?

By cons do not be excited because the number of coins won in combat is not very encouraging. However, it is possible to buy them. In the game, there are different offers. 2.19 € for 40 000 pieces up to 6 000 000 pieces for the damn sum of 109.99 €.

What to do with coins in war machines?

  • Upgrade the different parts of your tanks:

Coins will help you to upgrade the different parts of your tank. Such as improving turret, barrel, chassis, engine, and tracks. Thanks to these improvements you will reinforce the armor of your tank and its power of the attack. But also you will improve the reload time of the shots. For crazy speed, the movement or at least the speed of the tank on the ground can also be increased.

  • Buy new tanks:

This game offers a wide range of tanks to buy. In all, there are 15. Beware because the price of tanks can be exorbitant. When you start the game you will have the Chaffee. This level 1 tank has a power of 445. The most powerful tank is the Tiger.

How to get diamonds war machines game?

Diamonds are therefore the most valuable resources in the game. You will earn much less at rewards. They are more expensive than coins and have different functions.

How to purchase diamonds war machines game?

In the shop, there are several types of packs. For 2.19 € you will have 40 diamonds. The max of diamonds that you can buy is 3300. However, be careful because of its spades a little-seen the high price which is 109.99 €. These diamonds, unlike coins then have a different utility.

How you can use diamonds in war machines:

  • Customize your tank by buying patterns:

Note that depending on the reasons this can improve the attack strength and the power of the shots. For the attack, you will increase your strength from 20 to 75%. For shooting the power can increase from 15 to 40%. Each motif at a different price. The price of the patterns varies and can, therefore, cost hundreds of diamonds.

  • Customize your tank by buying decals:

Customize your tank by buying decals. Unlike the reasons. The decals are used to improve the armor and movements of your tank. The armor can be improved from 20 to 75%. The movement, however, can be improved by 20 to 35%. Decals can then cost up to 50 diamonds.

  • Respawn:

During a fight, if your tank is destroyed. You will have to wait 10 seconds before reappearing. By spending diamonds, you can respawn instantly.

  • Accelerate the delivery time:

Accelerate the delivery time of your parts. When you do upgrades. You have to wait a while before you can equip your new parts. To get them instantly, you can spend diamonds to speed delivery. So you can equip them without having to wait.

War Machines Game Tips & Tricks ([current_date format=’Y’] Updated)

If you want to win every war machine game then follow our war machines tips and tricks in [current_date format=’Y’]:

  • Get your bearings by using the Tutorial Battle.
  • The turret and chassis are the main areas to focus on.
  • Get the best performance from patterns and decals.
  • Monitor your map position.
  • You should regularly upgrade your tanks.
  • Shoot from behind if you can.
  • Get exclusive rewards when you join a clan.
  • Get free diamonds by completing daily missions.

Final verdict:

With our latest war machines game guide, you will get the complete scenario of the game. By following this guide you can easily win the game. Shoot a hectic battle of armored vehicles on War Machines – Tank War. Compete against players from all over the world in 3-minute fights.

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