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In this article, you can explore the complete war robots secrets, strategies, hints, tips & tricks + best cheats on apkguides.com.


The War Robots, formerly known as Walking War Robots, is a multiplayer shareware game for smartphones based on iOS and Android.

The gameplay in War Robots is divided into two parts:

  1. Direct battles
  2. The management of your robots

The war robots guide and tips will help the novice players not to get lost on the battlefield, as well as tell you what aspects of the gameplay should be given attention in the first place.

WAR ROBOTS is a fantastic action game for Android/iOS with PVP battles, released by the PIXONIC.

In this war robots guide and tricks, you will learn about the main aspects and secrets of the game about how to earn resources correctly & different problems of the game.

You can download War Robots game on your PC and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress.

Just download the emulator[Bluestacks], log in to your Google Play account, install the gamestart to play.


There are 3 resources or currencies in the game:

  1. Silver (Ag) is used to upgrade weapons and robots, as well as the second slot of the hangar.
  2. Gold (Au) is a premium currency that can be purchased for real rubles in real money. Used to accelerate upgrades, buying silver, hangar slots (third, fourth and fifth), as well as equipment and high-end robots.
  3. Workshop Points (WP)/keys – used to purchase equipment and “next generation” robots, i.e. after level 20.

How To Get Game Currency?

You can earn game currencies easily by following our war robots guide and secrets:

How To Get Silver?

Silver, as you might guess, is the easiest to get. You will receive the lion’s share of this currency for your success on the battlefield, namely:

  • For causing maximum damage to enemies.
  • For the greatest number of robots destroyed during the match.
  • For the seizure of lighthouses.
  • for the first three victories in matches (30,000 silver coins every day).
  • An additional 50% silver bonus is relied on for every match victory.

How To Get Gold?

Gold is harder to get. And if even the members of the losing team get the silver, the gold is distributed only between the winners:

  • 5 gold coins are awarded to the player who captured the largest number of lighthouses.
  • 5 gold coins are awarded to the player who won first place in the standings.
  • 3 gold coins are awarded to the player who finished second in the standings.
  • 1 gold coin is awarded to the player who finished third in the standings.

The place in the leaderboard is determined by the amount of damage caused to enemies.

In other words, the kill count does not affect the player’s position at the end of the match.

In addition, the game has a daily task system that consistently allows you to earn 60 gold and several tens of thousands of silver coins per day. Plus, for each earned level you are entitled to 50,000 silver and 50 gold coins.

What To Buy First?

Each pilot starts the game with 100,000 silver (Ag) and 100 gold (Au) coins in his pocket, one hangar compartment, and a Destrier-class chassis (level 1) equipped with Spiral and Molot (both levels 1).

First of all, we advise you to buy two Punisher for your Destrier and upgrade them to the second level.

Always upgrade your weapon before the robots themselves, otherwise, you will be confronted with stronger opponents. By our war robots guide and hints, you can easily update your weapons.

Do not buy another Destrier class chassis at the beginning of the game, because in the very near future other machines will be available.

The next step is to expand the hangar to two slots (5,000 silver coins) to fit the Cossack class chassis.

Put a Punisher Mk2 on it for short range combat.

This will increase your chances of stretching to the end of the battle. Both cars at this point can be improved to the second level.

Pump up the gear of the chassis to level 4, and then buy the third hangar slot for 100 gold. It’s time to get an average robot.

If you decide to purchase a Zodiac class chassis, we advise you to wait until you can install a Thunder on it (level 10).

The second average robot that replaces Destrier can be both the already mentioned Vityaz and Golem.

Thunder, Punisher and Punisher Mk2 will make him an excellent fighter at short distances.

Do not squander gold – you will need it to unlock the fourth slot (1000 gold coins) of the hangar.

For each level you get 50 gold (and 50,000 silver) coins, so by the 20th rank, you must accumulate a cherished thousand.

The fifth hangar slot will cost 5,000 gold – an important acquisition that will help diversify your “garage” even more.


In war, robots guide and cheats you can explore the complete hidden hints about the war robots battles.

In battles, you can use up to five robots (this is the main reason why it is desirable to gain access to all five hangar slots as soon as possible).

Battle Stages

1. Preparation:

You must have robots in the hangar for all occasions. The composition of the perfect hangar:

  • Fast robot to capture control points.
  • Robot for fighting at medium distances.
  • Sniper.

If there are not enough slots, choose between a sniper and a fighter at medium distances.

2. Waiting for a start:

Once you appear on the map, you have to wait until the game loads all the other robots.

war robots guide and tricks
war robots guides and tips & tricks

It is impossible to move in this period (15 seconds), but you can take a closer look at your allies. Identify robots and their weapons.

This will help you to understand which of them is likely to run to the lighthouses and what kind of support is waiting for you during the fight.

At the beginning of the round, the team must capture the two closest to the starting point of the lighthouse.

If your squad consists mainly of lightweight machines, problems with this should arise. Otherwise, you may have to chase the beacon. If you ignore the nearest beacons, you lose.

3. Lighthouses:

There are 5 lighthouses on the map (they are indicated in Latin letters): two on the side of each team and one more in the center. It is for the central point that players are fighting.

Most often at the beginning of the match, this lighthouse is attacked by light robots.

The task of the player who has reached the central point earlier than the others is to keep it until the arrival of slower and armored partners.

If your team is able to hold the central beacon or a fierce battle is fought for it, you can try to capture one of the enemy’s “home” points.

The best for this purpose are suitable fast and lightweight robots, but not always you will have the opportunity to use them in such a situation.

It takes 5 seconds to capture one control point (if it is done by one robot), 10. For the interception, at the end of the match, players will receive 5,000 silver coins for each captured point.

Read: How to get unlimited silver coins?

Each warring party at the beginning of the round has a full “influence” bar, which is displayed at the top of the screen.

The more lighthouses your team (blue) holds at a time, the faster the rival influence rate (red) decreases.

4. Victory conditions:

  • Influence – your team was able to deprive the enemy team of all influence points, retaining the largest number of lighthouses.
  • Military superiority – your team has destroyed all enemy robots.
  • Time limit – if the match does not come to its logical conclusion within 10 minutes, the team that has more points of influence at the time of the match will win.

Battle Tips

  • Cossack class chassis is best suited for capturing beacons, and therefore it is recommended to acquire them as soon as possible.
  • Using lightweight robots, you need to work in a team: unless you are chasing the next lighthouse, let the heavier machines take the hit of the enemy.
  • To destroy a particularly tenacious opponent, do not hesitate to use the help of allies. Massive shelling is the key to victory over powerful rivals.
  • In combat, it is better not to pop out of the shelter (friendly and enemy robots are suitable, among other things, for this category), since many players use homing missiles.
    • For the same reason, we advise you not to move far from the walls.
  • You can get into the enemy even if only your weapon “looks out” because of the angle.
    • In this case, one has to focus only on the sight, which “highlights” the enemies.
  • Because of the inconvenient control over short distances, the best tactic is to circle around the enemy or move in zigzags, making it difficult for the opponent to conduct aimed fire.
    • A similar principle should be used in battle with robots equipped with long-range weapons.
  • If your opponent is stronger than you, run away.
  • Examine the range of different types of weapons and try to keep out of the affected area at least the most powerful of them.
  • Even if your team goes to victory with confidence, do not lose your vigilance: you can lose your earned advantage in a matter of seconds.
    • So look after the influence indicator – it will help you to understand whether you can play against the defense or need to try to recapture the beacons captured by your opponent.


In war robots guide and walkthrough, you are going to explore the game. This guide is best for newbies as well as PRO players.

War robots guide and tips
War robots guide and tips

Basic Knowledge For A Beginner

After created the account, the player will be given 2 robots and 2 slots in the hangar for them.

Also on the game account will be 100,000 silver, 100 gold. Over time, the player must open 5 slots in the hangar.


This car will not serve the player for long. Even well-pumped, it is inferior to its fellows. Therefore, it is worth going through only the first battles to earn silver for other cars.


This robot can last much longer than Destrier. He has good maneuverability. If you put a shield on him, he will be in a battle for a relatively long time.

You will have to fight from the very entrance to the game because you cannot get resources by any other means.


It is a place where the player places unnecessary weapons, not active and old robots (which it is a pity to disassemble or sell), chests.

Parts that are produced in the workshop are also moved to the repository.


The hangar is a garage for robots. In one hangar can be placed 5 robots, respectively, should be open 5 slots for them. The game provides the opportunity to have several hangars at once.

The player puts into the hangar of active robots with whom he goes into battle. If there are several hangars, the player places the cars [there for each] type of battle.

Usually, they have 1 hangar, and if you need to change the composition of robots, then some are removed to the warehouse, others are taken out.

Spending precious gold on opening additional slots is considered by many to be superfluous.

war robots guide and secrets
war robots guide and secrets

A workshop:

It is a place where a player orders parts to create his own robots or weapons. The machines themselves, like weapons, are assembled at the warehouse, after complete collection of parts.


In the game, there is an opportunity to create your own guild. Clan members are given daily assignments and some silver is charged.

With guild members, you can arrange friendly battles to improve the skills of piloting machines, for the development of tactics.


Do not ignore commercials. Clips can be viewed after each battle to increase the reward. Also, for viewing ads, you can open chests on the Black Market without using keys. What Is Video Advertising And What Does It Give?

Black Market

The black market icon is on the left in the center of the screen. All players who reach level 5 get access to this part of the game.

Here you can open reward chests for keys.

Keys can be bought in the store for real money and get in the battle.

There are three types of chests:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

Opening the chests, the player can get valuable bonuses. Thanks for the latest update, players can see the contents of the chests before opening.

Consequently, the developers gave the pilots the opportunity to spend the keys only on the necessary things.

Pilot League

Leagues distribute players close to each other by rating. Leagues become available when the pilot reaches level 5.

As soon as a player passes the qualification, he will be assigned a rating.

The season of the league, according to the results of which the rating is calculated, lasts one month.

To pass to a stronger league than the pilot is at the moment, you must score the corresponding number of points.

The number of points, which is determined by a place in the league, is calculated after each battle conducted by the player. Points are awarded to the winners.

If the player was in the losing team, then only 2 pilots who took 1st and 2nd places will receive plus rating points.

As soon as the player scores enough points to move to a new league, he is given a task. If the pilot performs it, then successfully moves to a new league level. If not, it will remain in the current.

At the end of each month, a qualifying selection of participants takes place.

Why do I need a league?

Being in the league every day brings additional income. The higher the league, the more silver will bring presence in it (chests are given every 20 hours).

If a player is in the Champions League, then he receives a valuable prize every month, which will remain on the pilot’s account. Also, the pilots daily receive from the chests fall parts on the robots, weapons.

The First Steps

You will have to fight from the first entry into the game. Even if the player’s team lost, the pilot will still get experience and silver. For winning, players receive gold, keys, and experience.

At the initial stage, the main task of the player is to live as long as possible. While in battle, you can take only the first two robots.

To go to the game you should click on the inscription: “Start the fight” (located in the upper right corner). Then the player selects the battle mode and transferred to the card.

If desired, you can set the automatic selection of the battle mode. The map is selected randomly. After the screen saver, the player is at the landing point on the map.

It is given 15 seconds to get acquainted with the map and the conditions of the battle (the task will be written in the upper left corner of the screen). At this point, you must select a robot:

  1. Destrier – suitable for battles, runs fast enough and is easy to manage. It can be taken first in the battle mode “Against all”.
  2. Cossack – the robot is great for capturing lighthouses. It is worth taking it to the battle first when the priority task is to capture lighthouses.

After the first robot dies, the second one comes into play. When a player has 5 slots open, he will take 5 cars into battle.

In one of the latest updates have made an edit in the battle: The robot, until he died, you can repair as much as you need, as long as enough resources.

But if the car failed completely, it will not be possible to restore it during the battle.

While there is no

, you should choose a weapon that shoots long distances.

This will give the opportunity to not let the opponents close, will give time to hide. Each robot has several slots (from 2 to 4) for weapons.

It is not recommended to put different weapons, it is better to equip the 2 upper slots with long-range cannons, and the lower 2 cells with weapons for close combat.

How To See The Characteristics Of Robots?

You must enter the vault or hangar, select an empty slot or slot with a robot, then click on it. If the slot is empty, there will be 2 “Select” buttons (from stock) and “Buy” (you can go to the store this way).

If a robot is placed in the slot, the game will offer “Replace” or “Buy.” In the store, you can look through the pictures of the robot, select the one you like, click on it.

A dialog box appears at the bottom of the screen, where the value of the machine and its parameters are written:

  1. Moving speed
  2. Additional skill.
  3. The cost of the robot.

Once again, clicking on the car, you can see the main characteristics. You can also find out the parameters of weapons and modules.

In combat, the strength of the robot is indicated by a painted scale, which is located in the upper left corner.

If a player uses an energy shield, then a blue bar will appear below the level of lives, which will show the strength of the shield.

Battle Modes

In war robots guide and strategies you can explore all battle modes:

Race for the lighthouses:

This is a team battle. Pilots landed in a certain place. But you can be reborn at any point on the map.

When a team captures a beacon (there are 5 of them on any map, the priority is the central beacon), then its territory can be revived, even if opponents try to capture it.

The victory is awarded on the expiration of the time to the team that captured the most beacons or killed all opponents.

Mortal Kombat:

This is a team battle. Players land at a certain point, but can be revived anywhere. The task of the fight is to destroy as many robots as possible in the enemy team.

Each killed robot gives a point to the group. If the pilot changed the car himself, points are awarded to opponents.

If the time of the battle is out, then the victory is awarded according to the number of points earned by the squad.

Private fight:

This mode is designed for sharpening tactics. You can invite friends into it, choose a card yourself and the number of players in a team.

Prizes and points on the results of the bout are not awarded. Machines do not need to be repaired after this fight (the pilot will return to the hangar with whole robots).

You can come up with a special tournament. In this battle, you can learn the features of the cards.

Against all:

This is a battle mode in which pilots fight for themselves. The task is to destroy as many enemy robots as possible.

The winner is the player who killed most of the robots. If in a battle it turns out that 2 participants destroyed an equal number of vehicles, then the victory will be awarded in terms of the damage amount done.


This is a team battle. Players land at a certain point, and in it they are reborn. The goal of the battle is to capture and hold as many lighthouses as possible. The winner is the team, which captured more lighthouses at the time of the end of the battle.

PRO Battle Tips

  1. As soon as it becomes possible to change the first robots, it is better to choose the Griffin robot.
    • He is quite maneuverable, has the skill of jumping. He should pick up a set of weapons that will be available at that moment.
  2. As soon as the player has acquired a good weapon (for silver or gold), it is necessary to pump it. If the robot can be changed in the future, then the weapon will remain.
  3. You must first pump weapons. It is better if the weapon is 2 – 3 levels higher than the machine.
  4. Gold at the start should be spent only on opening slots in the hangar. Then on weapons and robots. It is pointless to spend gold on modification, it can be done for silver.

How Pilots Are Selected For Battle?

Selection of players produces a special balancer, which selects pilots for the average level of machines in the hangar.

Therefore, if you start pumping robots first, it has no tactical use.

If players have 2 – 3 levels of weapons higher than robots, such pilots have a chance to win at the best players of the match and get gold, keys, honor points.

Balancer in the selection does not look at the weapon. This is used by experienced players.

Also, the balancer selects the winners of the best players. The choice affects:

  • The number of lighthouses captured by the pilot.
  • The first 3 places give the players who most destroyed the enemy team robots.
  • The amount of damage done per fight.

The player who came out in the top match receives an increased reward. The reward can be increased if you receive a preview add when you receive it.

Reinforcement Technology

An additional opportunity to increase the power of the hangar, available to all players. The option becomes available when your weapon/robot reaches level 12.

When enhancing technology to class Mk2, its level drops to level 1 of class Mk2.

Level 1 of class Mk2 is 20% stronger than level 1 Mk1.

Gain increases the strength of the robot and increases the damage of the weapon.

Also improves the strength of physical and energy shields. The time and cost of upgrades for Mk2 is the same as for Mk1.


They are temporary improvements that open after level 10 of the hangar. They can be obtained for performing clan tasks or in the store boosters in the hangar.

There are three types of boosters:

  1. Attack
  2. Defense
  3. Supply

Attackers and defenses improve the performance of robots and weapons, and supply boosters increase player income.

  • Attack: increase damage and reduce recharge abilities.
  • Protection: increase the speed, strength of the robot, as well as the strength of physical and energy shields.
  • Supply: more silver, honor points and keys for the fight.

Some boosters give bonuses to clan members in your platoon, for example, a booster for damage increases the player’s damage by 5% and by 2% damage from clan members.

The effect of boosters is summed up: if six players from one clan in one platoon use boosters for damage, each will receive a 15% bonus (5% bonus for each player plus 2 from the other 5 players).

Boosters do not work in Private Fight and Skirmishes.


At the 21st level, a Workshop opens where you can produce parts for robots and weapons.

Not all items are available in the Workshop: these are mainly robots/weapons that are widely used in high-level battles.

Manufacture Of Parts

Weapon/robot parts kits are of two types:

  • A set that takes 1 day to produce;
  • Set, the production of which takes 3 days.

To start production:

  1. Select one of the production cells and click on ‘+’.
  2. Sort parts by type (weapon / robot) and duration (1 day / 3 days).
  3. Select the desired set of parts.
  4. Click Start.

To start the production will require a certain amount of silver. Manufacturing parts will take one day / three days, but this process can always be accelerated for Gold.

As soon as production is over, you will receive a notification. Started production can be canceled: click on the “X” in the upper right corner of the production cell. Return 100% of spent Silver.

Exchange Of Parts

In the Workshop, there is an opportunity to exchange some parts for other parts of the same type.

For example, if you want to get the details of the robot, the details of weapons for the exchange will not work. The exchange of parts takes place instantly for Silver.

When you reach each new level of the Workshop you get a bonus.

At the same time, there are no restrictions on its maximum level.

Important: the latest equipment comes out in the Workshop two months after the appearance in the game.


Robots guide and walkthrough
robots guide and walkthrough cheats hacks

The game has a huge number of various robots. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. To understand and appreciate the robot, you must swing it up to level 8. It is at this level that the potential of the machine is fully revealed.

In order not to be disappointed in the car, it is recommended to first raise the level d0 6 – 8, and then go with him on the battlefield.

In the game, robots are divided into three types:

  1. Lightweight – good for capturing lighthouses, have a high speed of movement.
    • At the start, newcomers are advised to choose Gepard with machine guns, Jessy with Aphid, Gareth with Orkan.
  2. The middle ones are universal robots.
  3. Heavy – machines for ranged, very slow.

Robots For A Successful Start

After the player has accumulated enough gold and opened all the slots in the hangar, it is recommended to buy 5 Griffin robots for silver (movement speed – 32 km / h, Skill – Jump).

This is the most affordable robot at the start of the game. You can buy it for 1.7 million silver.

After buying for the robot should pick up weapons. First, of course, you can put available weapons.

But, over time, having accumulated resources, it is advised to give the machine 2 Orkan and 2 Pinata.

Orkan put in the bottom two slots, Pinata, respectively, in the top two slots.

The second robot can be equipped: top – 2 Magnum, bottom – 2 Taran.

In order to put or change a gun, you should click on the slot, a list will open (you can immediately buy the right one, or choose from what is in stock), you should scroll through it and choose the necessary one.

It is important not to make a hodgepodge of weapons. If there is no money at once for 2 identical guns – then it makes no sense to put one and dilute the gear with anything. 

If there is not enough gold for Orkans, then you can make them in the workshop for silver. 

It will take several days, but the player will get a good weapon with which he will achieve victories. 

Rams and Orkans will be useful in the championship league, so they can be safely improved.

The Third Griffin can arm Aphid. They can be made in the workshop, they can fall out of the chests.

Collecting weapons on the first robots are advised for long-range combat (the firing range is shown at the bottom of the screen when viewing the robot).

You can try to supply the last 2 griffins with a weapon at the discretion of the player.

It is necessary to remember the rule of “solyanka”: if a pilot places a single-slot weapon, then they should be provided with 2 slots.

The remaining 2 slots are recommended to be filled with 2 ranged guns.

If a player chooses a weapon that occupies more than one slot (or put modules in 1 slot), then the slots must be filled with one weapon.

Robots For The Second Stage Of The Game

When the pilot had already accumulated gold, silver, learned how to operate machines well, understood the tactics of battles, it is worth starting to use other robots.

At this stage it is recommended to assemble the following robots:

  1. Griffin with Orkan.
  2. Griffin with rams.
  3. Carnage with shotguns. This is a melee weapon (the closer the target, the more damage it does). Robot parameters: movement speed – 40 km / h, skill – Rush.
  4. Lancelot. It is necessary to put on it a power board, to equip it with Rams.
    • Energy shield will protect the machine from rocket weapons. The robot has a physical shield that will cover the car from a plasma weapon. Lancelot’s parameters: movement speed – 30 km / h, skill – Rush.
  5. Fury MK2 (or take any heavy robot).
    • It is recommended to equip it with Zeus (Zeus), who hit at a distance of 600 meters. The speed of the robot is 33 km / h.

These robots can be pumped up to level 10. Also, at the start of the game, you can take Rogatka robots (in the early stages, a fairly powerful combat vehicle, bought for gold) and Stalker (he has an invisibility skill that helps in capturing beacons).

Below you can discover the list of current robots in the championship league:

  • Haechi MK2
  • Specter MK2
  • Bulgasari MK2

Robot Skills

Jump is an ability that allows the robot to rise to a certain height, quickly fly the required distance, leave the line of fire, take an excellent position, jump onto the enemy from behind cover. The ability is in Cossack, Rogatka, Griffin.

Stealth (cunning) – makes the robot invisible, therefore, invulnerable to opponents for a certain period of time. The skill is in Stalker.

Rush (rush) – increases for a certain time the speed of movement of the robot, which makes it possible to leave the line of fire, reduce the distance to the enemy, make a breakthrough. The skill is in Carnage, Lancelot.

Assault Mode (assault mode) – is the ability of the Rhino, which allows the machine to put a physical shield and increase the speed of movement by 50%.

Cons of the mode – there is no way to turn the turret, move back, use medium guns.

Sentry (guard) – this is the ability of Fujin, which allows the machine to raise the tower (you can choose a good place to ambush or inspect the battlefield), at this time it raises the power board.

Cons – when the skill is activated, the robot does not move.

Bastion (fortress) – this skill is in Raijin, which allows the machine to raise 2 shields, choose a successful position.

Cons – the robot does not move.

Phalanx Mode (phalanx mode) – allows the machine to move the shield from the lateral position to the center, and vice versa.

Cons – decreases the speed of movement by 20%. Have a Gareth, Galahad.

Quick Draw (quick reaction) – allows the machine to instantly change the barrel when the previous weapon runs out of ammo.

The skill is in Jesse, Doc, Butch.

Dash (dash) – the machine can instantly transfer in the specified direction. The skill is in Kumiho, Haechi, Bulgasari.

Descend (descend) – this skill is the Inquisitor, which becomes invisible to opponents, and produces a quick jump. While the robot makes the jump, it remains invisible to the enemy.

After landing, it is active for another 5 seconds.

Glide (slide) – is at Hover, allows you to hover a certain time over the map.

Hold the skill button. You can drive a car while it lands.


They open as the game progresses, give additional skills to the machines on which they are installed. Modules are required to open.

Each robot has slots for the passive module and the active one. Initially, all machines have the Armor Kit (increases the strength of the machine) and the Nuclear Reactor (increases the damage).

Also, the Repair Unit (active module) is installed by default.

Passive modules:

These modules are bought for gold, modified for silver in one line with the rest of the equipment. Modules increase machine parameters. Below you can explore the war robots guide and secrets:

  1. The Heavy Armor Kit and Thermonuclear Reactor are advanced modules that bring improved performance to the robot.
  2. Battle Born (birth in battle) – at the point of disembarkation the car takes less damage (useful in the “Against all” mode).
  3. Last Stand – the machine becomes almost invulnerable for a certain amount of time, after the level of strength of the robot as much as possible decrease.

Active modules:

These modules add new skills to robots. In order for the player to use the modules, you must purchase in the store, get in battle or find in the chests.

  1. Repair Unit – restores the percentage of the strength of the machine.
  2. Lock-Down Ammo (stop ammunition) – allows the robot arms to immobilize the enemy.
  3. Quantum Radar – allows automatic aiming at an opponent who is in sight.


In this war robots guide and walkthrough about arms you can discover the best weapons range.

In the game, weapons can be divided according to the firing range (close combat, long-range combat). According to the level of equipment (light weapons, medium, heavy).

to the level of equipment (light weapons, medium, heavy).

Name Firing range (meters) Recharge time (in seconds) Damage
Orkan 300 23 at level 1 – 910
Pinata 300 15 at level 1 – 760
Taran 350 five at level 1 – 910
Zeus 600 five at level 8 – 5486
Magnum 350 0 at level 1 – 720
Scourge (whip) 600 five at level 8 – 3460
Aphid 350 ten at level 8 – 9840
Thunder (shotgun) 350 five at level 1 – 710
Ember (Flamethrower) 360 15 at level 1 – 920

The weapons listed in the table should be pumped to maximum levels because it is useful for a player in a championship league.

Some of them create an energy shield around the robot, which provides additional protection against missiles.

The interaction between the robot and the weapon that the pilot puts on it is very important. 

Heavy robots need to put ranged weapons because of their awkwardness. But the melee guns (for example, a shotgun) should be put to machines with high speed of movement, or those who have the skill of jumping, levitation, breakthrough.

Any weapon at level 1 is weak. All the power of equipment can be seen at level 10.


In this article of war robots guide and strategies, you can get hidden tactics about WR effective combat.

Control: During the battle, you must constantly monitor the space around the machine.

The pilot must see what is happening around, watch out for opponents. Do not immediately rush into a bunch of enemies. Consider the tactics of battle.

Shelters: Do not hesitate to use the infrastructure of the map. Often, the lack of damage can be compensated by an unexpected appearance due to a house or a stone.

That is, strike when the enemy is least waiting for it. Because of the shelter, you can analyze the situation, recharge, think about the action.

Coolness: Do not rush headlong into the thick of things. It should be played thoughtfully, do not rush. Emotions in battle are not the best helper.

Sometimes it is necessary to retreat, to review the course of the bout. This is most important in the “Against all” mode. Here the situation is changing rapidly. You can quickly turn from a hunter into a victim.

Start the fight: It is important to start the battle well. You can not rush to start with the landing of the robot. If you hurry, then many opponents will be behind your back. It is better to wait a bit, but you should not tighten it either.

Leader: When a player hits a Battlefield 1, he often relaxes and goes to the periphery of the map so that he is not killed.

At this time, the rest of the fighters are fighting, killing each other, earning points. The position may change at any time. Therefore, it is worth observing the course of the battle, to continue the battle, but not to stick out much.

General Tips For Combat

  1. It is necessary to study game cards as well. To do this, created the mode “Private battle“. You can agree with another pilot and jointly study the maps.
  2. It is better to finish off a strong opponent first and leave the weak one for later.
  3. If a strong opponent is running on the car, and the pilot was unable to put a powerful weapon on the robot, it is better to step back and hide.
  4. If in a fight the main task is lighthouses, then take the maneuverable robot into battle.
    • At the start of the game, you can only capture control points.
  5. If you are in a team battle, you should learn to interact with the allies.
  6. You should explore all the pros and cons of weapons and robots.


In war robots guide and hints, you can get information about How to create a clan? Opportunities & How to get out of the clan?

How To Create A Clan?

  • Click on the clan’s icon on the main screen.
  • On the left side of the clan menu, click Create Clan. The creation will cost 1500 Au.
  • Enter the name and clan tag.
  • The creator of the clan becomes its leader.


  • Edit the name, motto and clan tag.
  • Invite and drive out players.
  • Appoint officers (officers can edit the clan’s motto, invite and expel players, and appoint other officers).
  • Dissolve the clan.

Inviting Players To The Clan?

The clan can consist of up to 36 members. You can invite new players:

  • In the clan menu in the “Player Search” tab. Enter the pilot’s name or his ID or select from the list;
  • In the statistics window after the battle.

How To Get Out Of The Clan?

  • In the hangar click on the icon of the clan (blue icon with the image of three men).
  • Select the clan menu.
  • Select “leave clan”.

Activity indicator: In the “My clan” tab opposite the nickname of each player, a new indicator has appeared – this is the sum of clan rating points that the player earned for the clan.

This number carries not only information about the activity, but also allows you to assess how well the players participate in battles.

The number can be both negative and positive. At the end of the season, the indicator is reset.

Clan ranks: Clan ranks open when you join a clan or create a new clan.

Ranks – this is about the same as the personal rating (league) of the player, only for clans.

For each battle, clan members in addition to league points will receive clan points. Their number depends on:

  • Personal rating (league).
  • The number of clan members in battle.
  • Rank clan.

The higher these figures, the more clan points you get or lose in a fight.

Every game of each member of the clan is counted, that is, the rank of the clan is the sum of all clan points earned by you and your clan members.

The higher the rank of the clan, the more clan jobs become available, and the greater the reward you will receive at the end of the season. Rank does not affect the selection of players.

Qualifying Fights

When you create a clan, as well as with the end of the season begins a series of qualifying fights.

On account of this is the battle of every clan member for one match with 6 clans in battle, 6 qualifying fights will be counted immediately.

Tests to go to the new league are held in the same way.

Awards And Seasons

Awards are given at the opening of a new rank, as well as at the end of the season. The higher the rank, the higher the reward.

As the rank rises, more daily clan assignments also open.

The season lasts one calendar month. With its ending, the clan rank is reset and a new qualification is held.

Filter Requests

You can set a minimum rating for applicants to the clan. Click the clan icon in the hangar> clan settings> minimum rating> enter the minimum rating> click OK.

Please note that the filter takes into account only league points, the activity indicator is not taken into account.


War Robots uses a league system – a system of selection of players with an equal level of skill. Each player has a rating score (matchmaking rating or MMR).

Its value reflects the level of skill. Players with about the same rating are in the same league.

The higher the rating, the more prestigious the league. The system evaluates the actions of the pilots in the battles and corrects it. You will advance faster in the leagues if you win more often.

Points Rating

Even in the losing team, the rating of the pilots who took the first two places[increases]. Here is how the points are distributed within the teams (Winners / Losers):

  1. +13 / +7
  2. +10 / +3
  3. +7 / -5
  4. +4 / -11
  5. +3 / -17
  6. +2 / -22

In the mode “Against All” rating points are distributed as follows:

  1. Ten
  2. 7
  3. Five
  4. 3
  5. -ten
  6. -15

Extra rating points are also awarded to 3 players (+3, +2, +1) who:

  • Captured the largest number of lighthouses (in the “Race for the Lighthouses” and “Superiority”)
  • Destroyed most opponents (in the “Mortal Kombat” mode)
  • Dealt the most damage (in “Against All” mode)


How To Accumulate Gold?

If you do not want to spend honestly earned money on a mobile game, then have patience. Save gold will take a long time.

In order to receive the maximum amount of gold in one battle (10 coins), it is necessary, first, to win, and, secondly and thirdly, to capture the most beacons in a team and inflict the most damage to opponents.

This can be achieved in several ways, the main of which is the deception of the matchmaking system.

The fact is that the selection of players in the War Robots is not the level of your profile and technology.

Therefore experienced fighters always keep their cars at low levels, improving only the weapon (and not too much).

How To Change The Name?

  1. Click on the “Menu” button, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Click “Change Name”.
  3. In the text entry field, change the default name to the desired one. Make sure it is not busy.
  4. Confirm the renaming by clicking on the “Change Name” button again.

Note: only the first renaming is free. Each subsequent will cost 500 Au.

How To Buy A Robot For In-Game Currency? To purchase a robot:

  • Go to the hangar.
  • Select the slot in which you want to install a new robot.
  • Click on the “Change Robot” button at the bottom of the screen (or “Buy a robot” if the robot is not in the open slot).
  • Click “Store” at the top of the screen.
  • Select your interested robot.
  • Click the “Buy” button at the bottom of the screen.

How To Buy Weapons Using In-Game Currency? To buy weapons:

  • Go to the hangar.
  • Choose a robot and click on “Equip”.
  • Choose a point of suspension.
  • Click “Store” at the top of the screen.
  • Select the weapon you are interested in.
  • Click the “Buy” button at the bottom of the screen.

How To Sell An Item?

Have you ever had the feeling that you have too many robots and weapons in your inventory? If yes, then we are happy to provide you with a simple instruction where you will learn how to sell things that you do not need.

How to sell a robot?

  • Go to the hangar.
  • Click “Change Robot”;
  • Choose the robot you want to sell.
  • Press the sale button.
  • Look at the sale price and confirm the action in the window that appears.

How to sell weapons?

  • Go to the hangar.
  • Choose a robot with a suspension point for the weapon you want to sell, and click “Equip”.
  • Select the desired point of suspension.
  • Choose the weapon you want to sell.
  • Press the sale button.
  • Look at the sale price and confirm the action in the window that appears.

Note: Only robots and weapons in stock are available for sale. 

For the sale of weapons robots in the hangar must be fully equipped. Robots and weapons can only be sold for Ag (silver).

Why Do Always Play Blue?

You can explore all the hidden answers by following the war robots guide and hints.

The fact is that the “red” and “blue” color of the team is a conditional marker that allows players to understand who their ally and who is the enemy.

Your allies will always appear blue for you and red for the enemy. So do not worry, every time you go into battle, you are a member of both the blue and red teams at the same time.

Why Did My Team Lose?

There were more players remaining on your team and/or more lighthouses were blue, but did you still lose?

Let’s see why this could happen.

At the moment, victory in a match can be achieved in one of three ways:

  1. Battle Victory: Your team has destroyed all enemy robots and no one else to fight.
  2. Victory on points of influence: The points of influence of an enemy team have dropped to zero due to the retention of your command of a large number of lighthouses for a long period.
  3. Ending time: each match lasts no more than 10 minutes. If, after the expiration of this period, none of the teams could win a Combat Victory or Victory on points of influence.
    • A victory is awarded to a team with a large number of influence points.

How To Play With A Friend In A Platoon?

We are very glad that you decided to try playing War Robots with friends – this is really very entertaining.

Below we provide war robots guide and wiki/instructions for creating a platoon. Please note that group combat is available for players of the same platform (iOS or Android) who have reached level 10 and above.

  1. Start the game and select “Fight by the group”.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you will see three options: Clan, Battle History and Friends.
    • In order to add friends, you just need to log into the game and re-connect your game account to Facebook with the corresponding button.
    • After completing the connection procedure, you will see a notification in which our game will request access to the data on your Facebook friends.
    • Confirm granting access to be able to invite your friends from Facebook to a platoon.
  3. Select the players you want to invite to the platoon and click on the “+”.
  4. Invited players will receive a notification. You must accept it, and the player’s status will change to Ready.
  5. To start a battle, the platoon leader must click “Start Battle”.
War robots guide and hacks
War robots guide and hack cheats

The tasks open at level 5 and give players currency and other rewards. The task icon can be found on the left side of the hangar. There are 3 types of tasks: daily, bonus and clan.

Daily tasks are the seizure or release of lighthouses, causing damage, victories in battles, etc.

A player receives 2 new tasks every day, but it is impossible to have more than 5 tasks at a time.

For example, if you have 4 unfinished tasks, you will receive only one new instead of two.

Bonus tasks – with the exception of tasks related to Facebook, these are usually temporary missions that are available during special events. Task type and reward depend on the event.

Clan tasks open after creating or joining a clan and take into account the progress of all clan members. On the day, you can replace two clan tasks for free.

What Is The Coloring And How To Apply It To My Robot?

The game has some robots, the appearance of which can be changed by purchasing colors for them. To apply to color to your robot, you need to do the following war robots guide and tips:

  • Choose a robot.
  • Click “equip”.
  • Select “painting” in the lower right corner of the screen. Please note that if there are no colors for the selected robot, then you will only see the option “3D inspection”.
  • Choose the color you like and click “buy color”.

Remember that the coloring can only be used with the robot for which it was acquired, it is impossible to use it with another robot. 

When the robot is sold, the color acquired for it disappears.

How Does A Gold Miner Work? 

If you are reading this war robots guide and walkthrough, then most likely you are already the proud owner of our gold miner drone, with which we are happy to congratulate you.

After purchasing this special offer, the player immediately receives 1,600,000 silver.

In addition, over the next 30 days, the player will receive 60 gold each day.  As a result, in 30 days drone gold miner can collect 1800 gold.

In order to get 60 gold collected by the drone gold miner for the past day, you need to use the corresponding button on the left side of the Angar window.

Using this button you can also find out after what time the next opportunity to get 60 gold will be available.

If a player did not enter the game within a few days, collecting gold for the days that were missed will not work.

What is Premium And How To Get It? What Gives Premium?

  • 50% more silver (Ag) for battles.
  • 50% more experience for fights.
  • 2x speed improvements.
  • Lower cost instant improvements.

The premium can be purchased for 10 or 30 days. Follow these simple steps if you want to purchase Premium:

  1. Click on the “Premium” button on the main menu.
  2. Select the desired period for which you want to purchase it.
  3. Confirm the purchase.

I Cannot Make A Purchase?

If you cannot make an in-app purchase for any reason, please contact support, describing the details of the problem in detail and providing a screenshot of the error, if any.

Errors when making a purchase, as a rule, occur due to malfunctions of the Google Play Store. To eliminate them, follow these steps:

  1. Clear the cache and data from the Google Play Store: Settings> Applications> Play Store> “Stop”> Memory> “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”;
  2. Clear the cache of Google Play services: Settings> Applications> Google Play Services> Stop> Memory> Clear Cache;
  3. Make sure that you are using the updated version of the Play Store: Play Store> Menu> Settings> “Play Store Version”:
  4. Restart the device and try to complete the purchase again.

Usually, these actions should be enough to fix the error. If the error continues to occur, proceed to the following steps.

You will need to remove your Google account from the list of accounts connected to the device.

Keep in mind that it will automatically exit from all Google applications. Before proceeding, make sure that you remember the password for your account.

  1. Open the device settings menu.
  2. Find “Accounts”, then select “Google”.
  3. Select the account you would like to remove from the list.
  4. Click the button in the upper right corner and click “Delete Account”.
  5. Restart the device and add the same account back.
  6. Try to make a purchase.

If the provided instruction did not help, please contact the support service, describing in detail the details of the problem and providing a screenshot of the error, if any.

How To Avoid Random Purchases?

To avoid accidental in-game purchases, you need to adjust the settings of the Google Play Store.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Google Play Store.
  2. Enter the “Settings” menu.
  3. Find the “Personal” section and select “Use password to block purchases”.
  4. Enter your password and click “Confirm”.
  5. As soon as you change the settings, the password will be required for any next purchase in the game.

Remember: After entering your password, you have 30 minutes to shop on Google Play. Then you will have to enter the password again.

If Android 4.2 or later is installed on your device, and someone constantly uses it with you, you will most likely be able to create a separate user account (however, not all devices support this feature).

To do this, go to “Settings”> “Users”> “Add” and follow the instructions.

Paid order did not come – AppStore:

In most cases, paid purchases to come into play within a few minutes. However, sometimes there may be a delay in order processing.

We recommend that you restart the game, and also exit and re-enter your iTunes account.

If your purchase was not credited after 24 hours, please contact Apple technical support – all cash transactions go through their system. You can do this by clicking here.

Paid order did not come – Google Play:

In most cases, paid purchases to come into play within a few minutes. However, sometimes there may be a delay in order processing.

If your purchase was not credited after 24 hours, please contact support by attaching a screenshot of your receipt and specifying the transaction ID (example: GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345).

Please copy the order number and paste it into appeal The screenshot should also show the transaction ID.

What Is Video Advertising And What Does It Give? 

Video ads are short commercials that are available to all players on iOS and Android. One fight gives one viewing. Viewing can be spent on one of several bonuses:

  • One free bronze chest on the black market.
  • Accelerate the upgrade for 20 minutes.
  • Progress of the daily task.
  • 50% increase in the reward for battle. (bonus appears randomly). The bonus for advertising is added to the bonus received for the premium.
  • Reduce waiting for the next delivery by 30 minutes.

The number of views per day is unlimited, but it is impossible to simultaneously have more than 5 views. On iPad 2 and iPad mini, video ads are not available.

How To Count The Winning Percentage?

In calculating the winning percentage, the last 50 battles are taken into account. If 50 battles back you had the same result as in your last match, the winning percentage remains the same.

If the result of the last battle does not coincide with the fact that there were 50 battles back, the percentage either increases (in case of victory) or decreases (in case of defeat) by 2%.

Why Does My Robot Take Stealth Damage?

The function of the invisibility mode is to make the robot invisible to the enemy’s aiming systems, i.e. obstruct the seizure of the target.

When the mode is activated, instead of the player’s nickname, a symbol appears in the form of a crossed eye.

However, stealth mode does not make the robot invulnerable. You can still do damage using a weapon without automatic guidance.

If both robots are approximately at the same level, the possibility of manual targeting remains.

The most effective under such conditions will be fragmental damage from rockets (for example, Pin or Orkan), as well as the use of weapons with a large dispersion of striking particles (Thunder, Gust, etc.).

Where Can I Find More Information About The Characteristics Of Equipment And Robots?

The knowledge base with all the characteristics on our site is temporarily unavailable. Now all the data you can find in this document: https://wr.app/numbers-support.

We recommend opening it via PC. Due to a large amount of information, the document can be inconvenient to use on mobile devices.

How To Change The Language Of The Game?

Currently, the following languages ​​are supported in War Robots: English, Vietnamese, Dutch, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, French, Japanese. The language in the game depends on the selected language on your device.

On the iOS device:

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Open the “Basic” section.
  • Select “Language and Region”.

On an Android device:

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Open the “Language and Input”.
  • Choose language”.

On an Amazon device:

  • Go to the settings of your device.
  • Open the “Language and Dictionaries” section.
  • Choose language”.

How To Complain About A Dishonest Player?

Fortunately, dishonest players are not a frequent occurrence in our game. However, if you are sure that you have encountered one of them, be sure to send the following to the support service:

  • Screenshot or video confirming unfair play.
  • A description of what you think is dishonest in the player’s actions.
  • Gaming ID of the suspect (can be found in the post-match statistics by clicking on the question mark of the required player).

How To Complain About The Provocative OR Obscene Nickname Of Another Player?

We do not accept the use of profanity, as well as provocative nicknames. If you met one of them, please contact support by clicking on the “contact us” button and provide the ID of the player whose nickname you want to complain about.

How To Win In War Robots?

If you want to win war robots Apk then you should read our complete war robots guide and walkthrough about how to win easily.

If you played World of Tanks and similar session MMO shooters, then in War Robots you will immediately find you quite familiar.

However, to win you need to have some skills. Therefore, if you are a beginner, then this war robots guide and cheats are quite capable of helping to win several victories.

Let’s start with the simplest. For your combat achievements, you will receive the same as in many other similar games, namely such resources as silver, gold, and experience. There is also a currency called “Influence”, but we will not consider it as part of this guide.

It is better to separate your robots and give each of them the armament of a single class so that each of them has certain advantages in certain situations.

Don’t make a mess out of everything at once. It will only expose you more often and just distract.

War Robots allows you to improve both the robots themselves and their weapons. Of course, both are necessary to improve performance, but first of all, try to improve weapons.

It will provide an opportunity to overcome higher-ranking robots, whose pilots prefer to play with stock tools.

Final verdict:

In this article, you are exploring the premium war robots guide and tips about how to play? how to get resources? how to win? and much more.


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