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 Quick Gold, Skills, and More:

We bring you the best warspear online guide and tricks, so you do not miss these strategies of the game.

We have compiled the best tricks of warspear online guide and we bring it to you in this mini-guide full of tips and secrets so that you do not stay in the first phases of the game.

Warspear Online is an MMORPG for mobile that you have available in your App store and in your Playstore in the case of playing with an iPhone.

Credited by: Warspear online is developed and offered by AIGRIND.


In Warspear online you will have to create your own hero, face multiple enemies, defeat them and conquer the castle of Ayvondil. In addition, it has a sand mode of 2vs2 and friendly duels, professions that you can develop and even personal achievements. If you just started in warspear online, this is your article.

 Warspear online guide/help/secrets + (Tips & Tricks)

Warspear online guide and secrets

We bring you a collection of tips from warspear online to help you in each game.

Create a hero:

– 4 races and 2 alliances: firstborn and chosen against mountain clans and helpless.

– Blade dancer, tidy, druid, paladin, priest, mage, barbarian, thief, shaman, warlock, necromancer, and death knight, seeker, director, charmer, hunter.

– 100 expert skills for personal builds.

– You can add effects to basic skills by 100 relics.

– Personalization of characters: costumes, decorative objects, haircuts, hair colors (n) – 9 craft professions to create unique armor, weapons, and accessories.

– 150 personal achievements with unique rewards, excellent rating 1000, share on Facebook.

– Loyal minions to help you in combat (#).

Fight with enemies:

– Combat zones for PVP-battles free, friendly duels

– 2х2, 3×3, and 5×5 arenas

– Great battles for the territories between alliances  that fought regularly

– You will fight with hundreds of dangerous bosses and thousands of monsters

 Explore an immense world:

– 8 large islands

– Dozens of dungeons with treasures

– 1500 original quests and hundreds of daily newspapers (n) – Monthly updates: new quests, territories, dungeons, skills, achievements, decorative items

How to start warspear online?

The first thing we have to do when starting a new game is to choose a server. Immediately we will have to choose a side. We have a guide with a history of each of the factions in each of them so we will not go into detail with this story. However, we must be very careful when raising the skills of the classes.

Each one depends enormously. You can put up to five skills. In the case of Bladedancer, we will have to maximize the attack (the first skill we have). Aggression is to draw the attention of enemies (not worth giving points). The third ability we must upload it only to 2. Snap (the fourth ability) we raise it to 3 to lower the attack of the enemies. Finally, Hamstring is a stun that deals damage per second and we recommend uploading it to the maximum.

Skills of the archer and the druid:

The archer has a lot of attacks. His basic attack already really does a lot of damage and we have to raise it to the maximum. Scatter Scot, we must raise it to the 5 or the 4 because it manages to separate the enemies of short reach. Raise evasion to 2, and fourth and fifth ability only to 2 also because they consume too much mana for the regeneration of your archer.

The druid can be played attack and support. There are two magic: the moon and the astral (which heals and also applies to the paladin and the priest). If you want to make the druid a healer you have to go up Dark skin and Heal to 5. Entangling Roots that we have it to 2 or 3 comes to us, like Insect Swarm. With this, you can make yourselves the bosses without help.

Attack druid skills:

The attack druid forces us to have the obliging bolt to 5, entangling root to 3, Darkskin to 4 to protect us, and Insect Swarm to 3. The second ability you will not need too much. Put a moon crystal to get an attack boost with this character.

 The Paladin has to be a tank. Purifying has to be at 5, Fetters of Justice is to catch the enemies and they do not move and we must raise it to 4, Light Aura we raise it to 3, and Heavenly Light also to 3. What we have to do is throw away the aura and launch the Heavenly Light. One out of three times will give you a cure critic.

Support paladin skills and magicians

It is also viable to make the paladin support increasing Persuasion to 2, we go up heavenly light to 5 and light aura also to 5 and fetters of justice we raise it to 3. With this, we will cure almost as much as a druid, but always if we wear astral paladin clothes.

The magician uses sun damage. We raise the fireball to the maximum. The second ability we raised to 3, the third ability we uploaded to 3, the fourth ability we uploaded to 2, and the last to five. The magician is perfect against shamans. Be careful against tanks, because it will not be viable.

Cure Skills:

The priests heal you for a second with Healing Dew. We raise Healing Touch to 5, holy shield blocks 100% of all the attacks it receives.

Play equipment with your friends:

– Unite guilds and groups

– Participate in tournaments, events, and parties

– Communicate in conversations, trade goods, and exchange

What is legion in warspear online?

The charmer. Able to handle magic weapons, canvas armor, clubs, shields, and heavy equipment. Can call the Dark Wolf.

The hunter. The first class in the Legion category to handle bows and crossbows.

 What are sentinels warspear online?

The questor. Can become invisible. Love two-handed weapons and daggers.

The Guardian. Particularly good at survival, with excellent offensive abilities.

Biggest update:

One of the biggest updates so far! Travel to a vast mysterious Labyrinth with new monsters, a dungeon called “Belly Kronos” and a very powerful boss raid. Immerse yourself in a new and epic story and battle with the giant dragon Kronus, you must also stand against the army of ferocious Boreans, always dangerous bosses, and oppose the fighters of the alliance. It will be one of your toughest challenges and if you succeed, you will save from ruin and get the best rewards ever.

Final verdict:

Explore the huge world and fight against your enemies for the glory of your Alliance and Brotherhood. With this warspear online guide learn new skills and professions! Play different contests and find new friends from millions of players around the world.

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