What is a Side Quest in Almost a HeroWhat is a Side Quest in Almost a Hero

A common question on Almost a Hero Hub or other social sites of the fans is that what is a Side Quest in Almost a Hero? Mostly this question is raised by the beginners of Almost a Hero. Here we will unveil the secrets of information related to Side Quest.

What is a Side Quest in Almost a Hero
What is a Side Quest in Almost a Hero?

A Side Quest is a Challenge in Almost a Hero and on its completion, you can grab Free Aeon in the return. But you will have to avail of some requirements and progression in Almost a Hero, finally, get a Side Quest.

Ho to Unlock a Side Quest?

You can unlock a Side Quest on stage 465 but you must be fallen in Adventure Mode. In adventure mode, you can find it on Achievement Tab. You can complete all of the Side Quests in Adventure Mode but some of them will be available on the Gates of GOG Mode or Time Challenges Mode.

After the completion of one Side Quest, you would be able to get another Side Quest in 8 Hours, which is the Cool-Down Time of a side quest.

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Top Side Quests & Rewards

Name Essentials Powers Reward
Catch Dragons Side Quest 20 Taps on Twenty Dragons 140 Aeon
Stun Enemies Side Quest 1000 Stuns 1k Enemies 130 Aeon
250 Passes 250 Stages 130 Aeon
Use Unlimited Side Quest 90 Utilize your Unlimited Skills for 90 Times 130 Aeon
Kill Enemies Side Quest 1800 You can kill approximately 1800 Enemies 120 Aeon
Heal Wendle’s Wounds Side Quest 90 This Side Quest Heals the Wounds of Wendle for Ninety Times 105 Aeon
Cast Spells With Wendle 150 Casts the spell by Wendle for 150 Times 100 Aeon

Some Seasonal Side Quests

On the contrary side, a player would avail of other side quests only during the gameplay. These side quests show after a particular time period.

The Seasonal Side Quests are a little bit different from the defined side quests. Some seasonal side quests are more powerful and more reward giving than the defined one.

How to Skip a Seasonal Side Quest?

To skip a seasonal side quest you will have to spend a minimum of 15 Gems per skipping. And the cost of the skipping gems will be kept on increasing by 5 Gems per skip. After skipping a side quest you can get the next new side quest.

A player can skip the maximum 30 side quest at the same time. But when you will complete a Side Quest, the limit for the skipping will be reset.


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