Winning Eleven 2010 APK Download for Android (Konami)Winning Eleven 2010 APK Download for Android (Konami)

Among mobile games, the first-ever successful series is Winning Eleven, also known as PES in Europe. It presents the world’s most famous sport, i.e., Football or Soccer, on all smartphones, PCs, and PlayStation, etc. It was started in 1995 by Konami, a Japanese company, and since then, eighteen installments have come to the day. But today, our focus is Winning Eleven 2010 for Android phones & tablets. Have a thorough analysis of this game.

WE are superior to all other football games as it is committed to providing a next-level experience related to graphics & gameplay. This version was released in late 2009 and brought many new refinements to the previous version. In its cover photo, Lionel Messi & Fernando Torres got much attention from the fans. It added many new players, along with two of these. Above all, the whole theme is based on real-life events, including players, fields, commentators, etc.

Features of Winning Eleven 2010

This version brought stunning changes due to the advancement of technology. A few of these are mentioned here.

Master League

UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League included under the umbrella of Master League. Yet, Europa League is not available for Androids but other devices.


You get the taste just like the real soccer matches. The goalkeepers are multi-skilled, having better control over the ball. Also, they revised the accuracy like penalties, etc.

Visuals & Anime

A better view of the ground, players’ expressions & movements, and animations are more open in this file. Moreover, the skills of footballers with their versatile & stylish kicks are all new & enhanced.

Artificial Intelligence

The modern tech has made it more realistic after adding the responses of the referees. They show a balanced reaction to stop the cheating from any player.

Better Online Experience

The developers assure an enhanced & tweak online experience in terms of downloading and updating the content.

Strategy Controls

Now, you have more plans regarding strategic controls. For instance, set the pass frequency and width of play in alternative ways.


The atmosphere is eye-catching & fast responding whether day or night matches. The actions & moves are attractive too.

360-degree Controls

This feature is enjoyable on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 3. It means double enjoyments on the big screens.


The most updated version of the WE 2010 contains new international kits & squads for some teams except Argentina, Brazil, Germany & Netherlands.


If you don’t understand the English Language, then other options are available, including French, German, Spanish, etc.

Popular Leagues

It has the license of various leagues, like Liga Sagres, EFL League, Greek Superleague, and others.

Secondary Qualities Include:

  • A free game for different devices, mainly Android
  • Real experience
  • Best game series on Soccer
  • National & international teams, football players
  • Same as Winning Eleven 2012 APK.
  • Simple UI avoids any complexity
  • User editing options on various occasions

Last Words

If you are a real fan of Soccer/Football and want to experience it on your smartphone, download the Winning Eleven 2010 for Android sets. The variety of controls & choices is impressive. To conclude, Konami has taken superiority after introducing this series over all the other soccer games. So, be a part of an excellent platform to fulfill your desires.

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