World Conqueror 3 Guide, General Tips & Walkthrough

World conqueror 3 guide: how to upgrade cities?

World Conqueror 3 is the perfect game that will appeal to those who love the war and strategy style.

Commander! The war is about to begin. Take your army and conquer the world!

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World conqueror 3 is developed and offered by EasyTech.

What to do in world conqueror 3? Overview

Your aim is to destroy the military units of the enemy countries by destroying the military units you have. Hundreds of military battles await you in 50 different countries, world-famous generals will come to life again at your fingertips … Graphics are 2D and sound quality is good. The controls can be provided with one finger. World conqueror 3 guides will give you the tips to win the game.

World conqueror 3 guide:

World Conqueror 3 guide

 Mobile strategy game.

There are 2 game types in this game. We will touch each of them one by one. You can play your game with the information I will give you in world conqueror 3 guide. The game is played with a round-trip system. So if you pass your own tour, you expect other players to pass the rounds. When they pass, the line comes back to you and the game turns.

 First, let’s talk about Military Career. This type has Campaign, Mission, and Wonder sections.

Military career:

  • 32 Historical campaigns (3 levels of difficulty) and 150 Military tasks
  • 5 Challenge of modalities to demonstrate your abilities command and 45 Challenges in total
  • You can promote your generals, World conqueror guide will help you to learn new skills. You can also hire more generals for your army from prestigious military academies
  • all over the world
  • Trade with merchants in ports by completing assigned tasks in cities.
  • You can explore the world with world conqueror 3 guide and build various wonders of the world.

What you can do in the campaign section?

In the Campaign section, you can upgrade your HQ level by playing the parts that the game has designed for you. You can play as Axis and Allies. To finish the game you are moving to the next section, taking the cities you want the game to take from you. In order to earn stars, you must not exceed the number of rounds desired. For each episode, the game gives you cities, and you end up with the appropriate strategy by removing soldiers from these cities. In addition, you can also play in the education departments or special departments.

What you can do in the mission section?

In the Mission section, you can buy your own commander from various big cities. You can use these commanders in Conquer World, the second type of game. Of course, you’re not just buying the commander. You can train the commanders you get in this section with various skills and you can increase their rank. To raise commanders’ rankings, you must raise your HQ level by playing matches in the Campaign section.

There are traders in the Mission section. In these traders, you can get various resources for the commander’s score. If you successfully complete the encounter by assigning the commander to various operational style encounters, the commander comes to your score. Top action games Apk guides

What you can do in wonder section?

In the Wonder Section, you can open Wonder matches by successfully assigning a commander from the Mission section.

 Now let’s come to our second part, Conquer World.

World Conqueror 3 guide and hints

Conquer the world: How to unlock 1950?

  • 4 scripts of different ages: Conquer 1939, Conquer 1943, Conquer 1950, Conquer 1960
  • World pattern changes over Choose any country to join the war.
  • Choose different sides and countries to win different prizes.

There are no sections in this type. You can play with the state you want from the year in the original world map. Axis vs. 1939 and 1943. The 1950s and 1960s, Nato vs. Allies. This type of commanders pass. You can make them stronger by assigning commanders to the troops you will remove from the cities.

In the game, you have to play the game for years to jump, so if you leave the game open at night before going to bed in the morning it will be 3-4 years past. The more you finish the game by taking the powerless state, the more commander you get the score and the HQ experience.

My suggestion is to take Finland in 1939. With Finland, first of all, Russia is in possession of Leningrad. I didn’t play much in 1943, but I wouldn’t recommend Germany if you play, because this year Germany made it very large, so the countries around Germany are stronger and more difficult to play.

My suggestion for the year 1950, I’m playing in Poland this year and I’m conquering America right now. There are not only cities and soldiers in conquer world.

Defensive weapons:

There are various defensive weapons, such as Bunker, Coastal Artillery, Land Fort and Land Mine, which you can produce on your own land. You can improve these from the HQ section to your level.

Main resources of conqueror world 3:

  • Gold

The gold you get in the game is very important. You can use this gold to produce units and bombs.

  • Iron

You can use iron in the production of defensive tools and unit removal.

  • Oil

Oil is also one of the basic needs for you in the game. You use oil to move ships and motor vehicles.

Features of world conqueror 3:

  • The game in real time: you will experience World War II, the Cold War, and Modern Warfare
  • 50 countries and 200 Famous Generals will join this World War
  • 148 Available military units and 35 Special general skills
  • Many awesome technologies, including conventional weapons, Naval, Air Force, missiles, Nuclear weapons, Space weapons and etc.
  • World map without problems and zoom in & out.

Final verdict:

In this world conqueror 3 guide, I give you the states and various tricks about the game. World Conqueror 3 is free and popular. Become a powerful leader by following this wonderful guide.  So, the war is about to begin. Lead your army and conqueror the world.

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