Download WWE Champions APK for Android-iOS-PCDownload WWE Champions APK for Android-iOS-PC

Download WWE Champions APK for Android/iOS/PC

WWE Champions is a wresting game, famous for its different superstars’ characters and thrill of the game. It is included in the list of most downloaded games, around about more than 10 Million APK Files have been downloaded.

This game offers you the high definition graphics and pixels to feel the adventure of a wrestling ring. You can enjoy the Player vs. Player mode with your friends and family members.

There are also numerous locations are available for wresting ring and the introduction of RPG Mode in the game doubles the adventure of the game. Now it’s time to start a battle with your friend in this game accompanied by your wresting superstar.

Download WWE Champions APK for Android

Download WWE Champions APK for iOS

Download WWE Champions APK for PC/Desktops/Laptops

Updates for WWE Champions

A new version of WWE Champions APK has been released most recently on November 21, 2019. This version bringing many new changings just like, the way to customize your favorite wrestling superstar, the introduction of the superstar’s titles and competition in the Attitude Era Reunion. There are some new features of this updated version are mention.

  • Improvement of the roster by equipping the
  • By equipping the Medals, you can enhance the powers of your wresting superstar.
  • You can start the fighting battles of the old stars again, which have been famous for their conflicts.

Latest Technical Information of WWE Champions APK

Download WWE Champions APK for Android-iOS-PC

  • WWE Champions game lies under the category of free licensed games but after the ending for free trail especially in the updated version, you will have to pay for it.
  • The category of the game is puzzle games.
  • The game is developed by the Scopely Developers and contains with Ads.
  • The presenting language of WWE Champions APK is English.
  • Around about more than 10 Million APK Files have been downloaded by it the community of its 35 million fans.
  • The file size of the APK File is 69 MBs.
  • The review rating for the game is 3.8 Stars and the rating for the Graphics is 3.9 Stars.
  • The WWE Champions game APK is permitted to 12+ Gamers.
  • The particular package name of WWE Champions is SCOPELY.WHIPLASH. You can easily find more information from its package name.


Unique Features of WWE Champions APK

These are some common features of this game are here.

  • A chance to grab the RPG skills to make your skills more strengthen by upgrading your heroes’ powers.
  • You can also customize the verities and moves of your superstars.
  • Create a team of the most experienced heroes or you can invite your friends to participate in your team.
  • It’s a chance to fight in the weekly and daily challenges and take a chance to win the rewards.
  • Choose your favorite wresting like John Cena, Undertaker or Cane.
  • By the adventure of online matches, you can play one vs. one or two vs. two, player mode.
  • To create your team you can take part with an anonymous player.
  • Collect the medals and straps to get unique titles.
  • Customize your wrestler according to your chose with distinctive strengths and moves.

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