Geometry Dash APK Download Latest VersionGeometry Dash APK Download Latest Version

Geometry Dash APK Download Latest Version

Geometry Dash APK Download Latest Version

GEOMETRY DASH is a very interesting one-touch gameplay that has several levels and you will entertain play for hours. In a rhythm-based Plat-Former, a very dangerous way to jump and fly. If you are new on this game then you should read our best guide for geometry dash.

In GEOMETRY DASH APP push for jump depend on your limit and fly through harmful passages and con obstacles. So you should be prepared for an impossible target.

It mentioned that rhythm-based platform games have several tracks gives in the game. Some of them are Water-flame, DJ Nate and many others.

This makes the game more attractive and enjoyable for customers or best music experiments to advance the phone which entertained the player during the game by using headphones.

Download Geometry Dash APK For Android

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Download Geometry Dash APK For PC/Win 10

Interesting Feature

  • GEOMETRY DASH has several features some of them given below.
  • Several levels with a unique sound of GEOMETRY DASH APP.
  • Develop and share your own level through the Level Editor.
  • By practice, your skill will be build up.
  • Fly Rocket, many more.
  • Lots of gain and reward depend upon your achievement and are well entertained by the customer and attractive.
  • No, any App required in GEOMETRY DASH.
  • Challenge to gain an impossible
  • The user-level can be download by entering an online platform and success game.
  • From the minibar, the pause of starting the game after exiting, the feature will get a start and entertained by it.
  • Column chart minibar is a very interesting feature which plays an important role in-game that is the record keeper of the various platform.
  • GEOMETRY DASH APK has a hidden vault.
  • Unlock advanced icon and color is customize your behavior also the interesting features of this game.
  • practice mode understand the layout of every customer and icon kit gives several options
  • Rhythm, Action platform.


What’s New?

  • Weekly Demon target is interesting which all of the other games.
  • New icons in the GEOMETRY DASH APP is updated which attracts the customer.
  • Every customer gets entertained by it.
  • You can check the Folder and stage
  • Many Bug Fixes and Tweaks.
  • Stage
  • This app is comparison all of your devices.

Technical Information

  • The GEOMETRY DASH APK IS Updated Current Version is 2.111.
  • THE Update Size Of GEOMETRY DASH APK IS 85M.
  • Every Required Android range for the success of this game is 4.0 and up.
  • GEOMETRY DASH APK is updated on 15 November 2017.
  • This game such interested you can take the idea from installation is 1,000,000+ and full of entertainment.
  • This game Offered by Rob Top Games and Content Rating for 3+.

 App Permission

  • These permissions are required to properly start the GEOMETRY DASH Game in your Android Mobile.
  • Read the content of the SD card carefully.
  • Justify in detail about this and canceled SD card content.
  • View Wi-Fi connection clearly otherwise the game will not be downloaded in your Android mobile and download save it in mobile for play.
  • To achieve this first of all verify the current status of your phone and Read phone identity then you will be able to connect.
  • Should be full network access in GEOMETRY DASH.

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