CSR Racing 2 APK MOD Download Latest Version v2.11.0CSR Racing 2 APK MOD Download Latest Version v2.11.0

On Apkguides, you can explore CSR Racing 2 tips and tricks, cheats, and strategies/hints (for Android and iOS) about how to play and win easily.

CSR Racing 2 APK MOD Download Latest Version v2.11.0 2020

Season after season, we gain and share knowledge with our Crew members, and this is one of the reasons for our success.

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Each person who picks up this game should be aware of a basic set of knowledge. That is something we thought the CSR 2 community might be interested in! It applies to all types of players, whether they are beginners or advanced. CSR Racing 2 information may be shared by anyone.

CSR Racing 2 Tips, Tricks, & Strategies [current_date format=’Y’]

  • In the path of impatience, you make lame cars elite instead of waiting for truly epic cars to be given the 10% discount.
  • In the rush to get started, you’re simply locking in inferior cars rather than waiting until the event is ready to begin.
  • It’s odd to spend a lot of money and resources on upgrading subpar PC cars, only to never use the cars after the PC is upgraded.
  • A limited-time offer where you can purchase a cool car is not available to you because you wasted thousands of gold on upgrades for your cars.
  • In this game, many decisions aren’t reversible once you’ve submitted them, so once you make the decision you can’t turn back. There have been so many times when I’ve seen players regret overextending their resources or not using patience.


  • Whenever you have 10 gold keys, save them (don’t spend them immediately).
  • Bronze: Maximize good and fast cars by using them at special events.
  • Silver: Earn 10% every time you participate in a special event with your cars.
  • Gold: With them, you can snag 20% off for cars during special events.


  • Keep racing all daily challenges and events with a GOLD award.
  • For live races during WC, only use GOLD for extra gas.
  • Don’t deliver cars/upgrades using GOLD.
  • Avoid using GOLD unless it is a last-minute situation to complete trails/cups.
  • It’s just a matter of waiting or watching videos.


  • Always save them (you don’t know when you will need them)
  • The S6 is only available in the full version if it is a fast car.
  • To finish the gold cups, use fusions on prestige/gold cars.
  • You will have to wait until the time to beat and the shift pattern is posted
  • Be aware that some fusions/S6 may lose connection during the event.


rare cars in csr 2 racing

  • All your cars will not be upgraded for close to a decade!
  • If the system is fast, upgrade when your system has all S6.
  • If you want to introduce better cars, you need the Fusion, the money, or the S6.
  • It’s like a project, building one car at a time.
  • Some cars can just collect dust, so do not upgrade them.

CSR Racing 2 Cheats & Pro Hints


By tuning your car, you can maximize the results of all your improvements. When you upgrade to Stage 6 and want to maximize your Evo points, make sure you optimize the tire pressure, the final drive, and the nitrous.


If you check back every four hours at Donna’s, you can earn money as well as a free upgrade of infusion parts. At this rare imports store, they have the best items.

You should always consider all your existing items whenever you get new items.


There are a lot of things you can improve in this game besides your driving skills. As soon as possible, get your car upgraded so that you can win tougher races.

Upgrades improve the appearance, performance, reliability, and performance of your car. Improved performance is the result of improving these aspects. Wins are more likely to come from better performance.

Connect your Facebook Account to your Game

Are there any benefits to adding Facebook functionality to your game? Taking into account it also saves your progress when you log in via Google Play, although you can also use this method to keep your progress. It might even be better to share pips with your friends if they play the game too, so you’re less likely to shell out gold for gas. 

Get Free Gas By Watching Videos

 The wait for a gas pump can be exhausting after about a dozen minutes, whenever you are given the option to watch an advertisement, you should. Two pips of gas are awarded for each video. 

We said in our guide for earning more gold and keys not to spend gold on gas, but keep watching videos until CSR 2 has some things to serve up or until you are full. It’s not worthwhile because gold is useful for buying more cars, as well as other important things. 

Four hours each day you should open your free crate 

Donna Banks, who handles rare imports, will appear during certain points in the game. Your girlfriend will offer you a crate for free, which is usually packed with fusion parts to upgrade your car. The parts they contain will be good for making your car very powerful.

Benefits to Join a Crew

You should join a crew to get free boosts and content & easily win the entire crew.

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