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Pocket Casts – Extremely Fabulous Podcast Player [current_date format=’Y’]

Pocket Casts is a podcast player that is actually designed for lovers of online and offline podcasts. This Mobile Application [Pocket Casts] is introduced by the team of Podcast Media LLC Developers.

The performance and visual screen results of the player are much different from other podcast players available in the market.

The current design of Pocket casts is simple, attractive and updated with new features. Pocket casts keep on updating with time to time. Now we will take a look at Pocket Casts APP for the phone device app, one by one and step by step in detail with a new update. The Pocket casts lovers to love this updated app, which is easily downloadable.

Enhanced Audio Quality: The development team of the pocket casts app, sheds a special focus on the enhancement of audio effects of the player. Now you can use the Silence Removal Feature of the player to speed up the player.

Download pocket casts free app update

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Download Pocket Casts APK

Download Pocket Casts APK

Auto-Download Features [current_date format=’Y’]

Finally, the trouble of manual download from podcast has been solved. Now you can download your favorite Pocket casts podcast while you are busy at work or at home.

Look Forward Feature

With the latest up-nest menu, find your favorite series of documentaries and anything else to watch that what is coming next. You can also see the updates and trailers of the upcoming series in pocket casts.


Sync and Backup Mode

Sync and backup feature give you the freedom from the trouble of data loss in pocket casts. Simply sync your devise data from IOS to Android or vice versa to keep trouble-free.

You can make the backup of your mobile device data to the Cloud Drive. It’s really much safe and secure to utilize your data on the device. In simple words, this application is a peace of mind.

Search Filters

By the customization feature of search filters, you can sort the list of your non-watched videos and shows. In a single click, your non-watched television series will be in your approach.

Video Speed

Many videos are required to play in slow motion to collect and understand the facts from it. Especially the university and Investigation Studies’ Students who have to analyze the video assignments in slow motion. You can adjust the video motion speed from 0.5x to 3.0x.

Television Cast

Finally, you are free to play your favorite videos directly on your home TV without any interruption in the pocket casts app.


Select your television shows and serials from pocket casts podcasts. After this, you can save them at your desired location. You can watch them in your free time.

Bug Fixes

  • In previous versions of the pocket casts app, few users complaint about animation issues. In the latest version of Pocket Casts APP, the animation results have been improved.
  • The play and pause button also has been attached to Mini Player.
  • Now it’s possible to overflow the menu. Its meaning is that you can download the same video that you are playing.
  • Grid and Artwork missing problems also have been fixed.
  • Download fixes

Some New Features

Pocket Casts Apk

  • By connecting to the Sonos App, you can troubleshoot the issues that you are facing while using Pocket Casts APK [current_date format=’Y’]
  • It’s time to change the background audio stereo effect by customization of its audio adjustments.
  • Now you can check your podcast on Marketing Promos. It’s an opportunity for you to check your podcasts right now. It’s a really unique app, enjoy it and send us your precious feedback.



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