Dragon City Breeding Guide and StrategiesDragon City Breeding Guide and Strategies

What is Dragon City

Dragon City is an online free to play a game that was originated in 2012 by Social Point for Facebook and later it was started playing on Ios. In 2014 the developer made this game available on Android too.

It targeted the children of above 14 age and can be played without the Internet connection once it is installed on PCs or mobile devices.

In Dragon City, the players build their own dragons and create a dragon city on an island. There are also some exciting prizes in Dragon City which can be won by giving defeat to their enemies in a Dragon league.

What is Breeding in Dragon City Game?

There are a number of dragons in a Dragon city that you can breed. Dragon breeding is a part of the game of Dragon city that excites the players even more. It’s not easy to understand the Breeding Dragon in the first instance but this article will surely help you if you are a newbie.

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Dragon City Breeding Guide

The game comprises of different levels and in order to start breeding dragons, you need to level up at least to Level 4. Firstly build a Habitat, cover it with mountains and trees then you will decide which dragon you want to breed.

Note: If you are new/beginner then read the complete Dragon City Guide & Secrets

If you are a newbie then start the game from Generation 1 and try to breed High Generation Dragons.

Dragon Breeding is a procedure where two dragons meet or breed to produce a new Dragon egg that combines both the parent dragons’ element but remember that it might take a time to produce an egg and more eggs indeed take more time.

There is no formula for breeding the dragons it all done randomly and with experience.

Types of Dragons in Dragon City

dragon city breeding guide
dragon city breeding guide and walkthrough

Out of many dragons, few of them incorporates:

Elemental Dragon

Elemental Dragon can be produced by breeding 2 same Elemental Dragons or it can likewise be produced by breeding two-hybrid dragons.

Few of the Elemental Dragons that fall in this category include:

  • Terra Dragon

Tera is an elemental Dragon whose hatch cost and selling price are 50 while it takes only 15 seconds to hatch and breed. It also falls into Generation 1.


The list of Terra Dragon combination includes

Terra breed Flame = Flaming rock or Volcano

Terra breed sea = Waterfall or Mud

Terra breed nature = Tropical or Cactus

Terra breed Electric = Star and Chameleon

Terra breed ice = Snowflake or Alpine

Terra breed dark = Hedgehog or Venom

  • Flame Dragon

The flame is an elemental Dragon whose hatch cost is 50 while selling price is 100 while it takes only 30 seconds to hatch and breed. It also falls into Generation 1.

The list of Flame Dragon combination include:

Flame breed Terra = Flamming rock or Volcano

Flame breed sea = Cloud or Blizard

Flame breed Nature = Firebird or Spicy

Flame breed Electric = Hot Metal or Laser

Flame breed Metal = Medieval or Steampunk

Flame breed Dark = Vampire or Dark fire

  • Sea Dragon

Sea is an elemental Dragon whose hatch cost is 250 while selling price is 175 while it takes only 30 seconds to hatch and breed. It also falls into Generation 1.

The list of Sea Dragon combination include:

Sea breed Terra = Mud or Waterfall

Sea breed Flame = Cloud or Blizard

Sea breed ice = Ice cube or Ice cream

Sea breed Metal = Seashell or Mercury

Sea breed dark = Petroleum or Pirate

  • Nature Dragon

Nature is an elemental Dragon whose hatch cost is 1000 while selling price is 250 while it takes 20 minutes to hatch and breed. It also falls into Generation 1.

The list of Nature Dragon combination include:

Nature breed Terra = Tropical or Cactus

Nature breed Flame = Spicy or Firebird

Nature breed ice = Dandelion or Mojito

Nature breed Metal = Dragonfly or jade

  • Electric Dragon

Electric is an elemental Dragon whose hatch cost is 5000 while selling price is 2500 while it takes 30 minutes to hatch and breed. It also falls into Generation 1.

The list of Electric Dragon combination include:

Electric breed Terra = Star or Chameleon

Electric breed Flame = Laser or Hot metal

Electric breed Metal = Battery or Gold

Electric breed Dark = Neon

  • Ice Dragon

Ice is an elemental Dragon whose hatch cost is 5000 while selling price is 7500 while it takes 15 hours to hatch and 9 hours to breed. It also falls into Generation 1.

The list of Ice Dragon combination include:

Ice breed Terra = Snowflake or Alpine

Ice breed Sea = Ice cube or Icecream

Ice breed Nature = Dandelion or Mojito

Ice breed Metal = Platinum or pearl

Ice breed Dark = Penguin

Metal Dragon

Metal is an elemental Dragon whose hatch cost is 10000 while selling price is 30000 while it takes 13 hours to hatch and 7 hours to breed. It also falls into Generation 1.

The list of Metal Dragon combination include:

Metal breed Flame = Medieval or Steampunk

Metal breed Sea = Mercury or Sea Shell

Metal breed Nature = Jade or Dragonfly

Metal breed Electric = Battery or gold

Metal breed ice = Platinum or pearl

Metal breed dark = Zombie

Hybrid Dragons

The Hybrid Dragons are produced by breeding 2 Elemental Dragons of a different kind as I have mentioned above.

There is a term used Rare Hybrid that falls in the 2nd Generation category and as the word defines itself that it is rare to produce the rare Hybrid yet you can try to produce it at each level.

Legendary Dragons

They are considered to be the most powerful dragons used for the battle in Dragon city. They fall into the third generation category.

Does a question arise that how to get a legendary dragon in dragon city by breeding? well, you can produce the Legendary dragon by breeding 2 rare Hybrids. The best endeavor to get them is to breed real dragons in the middle.

Soccer Dragon

Soccer dragon is an important dragon as you can make a legendary dragon out of 2 soccer dragons as legendary dragon produces a lot of gold with which you can purchase a lot of food for your dragons.

How to get a soccer dragon city in dragon city by breeding?

A few recommended combinations for this include

Volcano Dragon and Alpine Dragon

Blizard dragon and Icecube dragon

By breeding these dragons with each other you can hopefully produce a soccer dragon.

FAQ About Dragon City Breeding?

How to Get a Poo Dragon in Dragon City by Breeding?

It is the funniest element of the dragon city that is a three-element dragon and is the only dragon with 3 elements including Dark Dragon, Sea Dragon, and Terra Dragon.

If you want to get this dragon then you need to breed wind dragon with Pirate Dragon. There are many other combinations too but this one is most helpful.

How to Get the Gummy Dragon in Dragon City by Breeding?

Gummy dragon is an electric-based dragon. Few of the combinations with which you can get dummy dragon includes:

Neon dragon + Nenufar dragon

Lantern fish + Rattlesnake

Laser + Dandelion

Jade + Star

Plant + Star

Tropical or Cactus + Electric dragon

Final Verdict

So Dragon city is a platform that will keep you excite and entertained and it’s a treat for those who love to play online games.

Hope this article will answer all your questions regarding Dragon city and Dragon city breeding. Still, if there is any need to ask something feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to answer them.

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