Vikings War Of Clans Guide and Secrets

The Vikings war of clans guide will help you to find hidden hints about how to play? Maybe it’s the fastest way to level up and start achieving everything. This is one of the best war games on the internet community.

Technical Information

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Category Strategy/War
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Developed By Plarium LLC
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4.1 and up [Android]
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What’s new?

  • Latest updated town skills
  • Some new changed rewards
  • Latest keys for browsers
  • Icon updation
  • Security factors

Vikings War Of Clans Guide

Prioritize finding resources

When you start a new game, you should always focus on collecting all the possible resources and being able to amass a good amount. The game has a way to accelerate the speed at which you can skip the wait of time and get the resources of one.

If you do not meet the requirements to build something, you can always click on the “Go to” button to go to the building that you have to improve and update before being able to take care of the rest. Continue in this way until you have all the resources and everything will be fine.

Buildings, resources, and recruitment

Virtually nothing else start asking us the farm to supply supplies, needed to increase the population and military units. We have other resource buildings that should not wait long to be built, such as the sawmill, the pit, and the mine.

We see that there are 4 main resources, such as

  1. Food
  2. Wood
  3. Stone
  4. Iron

How to build many farms?

You will need many many troops in this game, and make sure they are always updated and improved. Keep in mind that the more troops you have, the more food they will consume. This means that you have to make sure that they have enough food by building and continuously improving the farms.

A good way to improve food reserves is to send your troops on extended missions so they do not have to eat from home for a while.

Missions & resources + rewards

There are a lot of missions in Vikings: War of Clans and it is a good idea to complete as many as possible to score more gold, recourses and experience. But you do not have to Jaguar the resource reward missions until you really need those resources.

Vikings War Of Clans Guides

Nobody is going to be able to steal your rewards if you leave those reserved quests in your folder, but if you claim the rewards too soon then you will be more powerful enemies with a desire to attack you.

Join an active clan

We cannot insist more on this point but it is very important that you join a clan as soon as possible, especially if it is a clan with many active players.

This will give you enormous rewards and advantages in front of your enemies, especially if you count on your side with trusted players.

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Vikings War Of Clans Guide and Secrets

How to play on Facebook?

Link your account with your Facebook account – this will give you a whole thousand gold coins. If you do not want to use a real profile, you can always create a dummy. In order to be able to play Vikings on multiple devices, communication with Facebook is required.

How to move a city to another kingdom?

The level of the palace reflects the overall level of your city on the global map and determines the extent to which other buildings in the capital can be developed.

As mentioned earlier, when the palace reaches the sixth level, you will lose the opportunity to transfer your city to another kingdom, but you will receive an item to move to any other point on the global map (within the kingdom).

How to gains experience points?

For completing assignments, building/improving buildings,  your Hero gains experience points. Upon reaching each level, they can be spent on the skills of two branches: main and aggressive.

First of all, we advise you to study the skills of “ Construction ” I and II, as well as “ The speed of learning Knowledge ” I and II – they will help significantly reduce the time for appropriate actions.

Join the clan (the “Clan” tab at the bottom of the screen) – do it better as soon as possible, because completing the clan tasks that you receive upon joining will provide your hero with additional experience and resources.

How to save VIP points?

when you first enter the game you will automatically receive VIP status for the whole day. It offers a number of advantages, the benefits of which increase with each new level of this status.

To pump your VIP status, you will need a certain number of VIP points (with each level it will grow). You can get them in several ways: buy for gold in the Bank or for Loyalty points in the clan shop and enter the game every day.

Types of currencies in the Vikings


Food, wood, stone, iron, silver. Necessary for the arrangement of your city (construction and improvement of buildings, training of troops, the study of knowledge, etc.), equipment of the Hero, and the maintenance of the army.

  • Premium: Gold
  • Intra – clan – loyalty and valor

Types of clans

There are two types of clans: open and closed. You can enter into open ones without any restrictions (except for the number of participants), and get into closed ones, you will have to first agree with your superiors – send an application and wait for approval (or refusal).

Try to join an active and powerful enough clan to get the maximum benefit from participating in it. A good indicator of the success of the clan is the ratio of the number of participants and points of Power.

Each clan has a strict hierarchy: leader, elders, generals, warriors, and privates. The first two ranks can purchase (with the help of Valor points) items in a special catalog for the clan’s shop, where other participants are free to buy these items for personal use for Loyalty points.

The main goal of each clan is to capture and hold the so-called Place of Power. This is a special location in the center of each kingdom, the possession of which gives the clan a number of significant advantages such as additional silver, gold, titles (they suggest all sorts of bonuses), reducing construction time, studying Knowledge, and training soldiers.

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