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The WORLD OF KINGS is an Android/iOS game from the company Zloong. In this world of kings guide, you will find all the secrets, tips and tricks of the game, how to develop, how to play?

World of Kings Gift Codes

This is the best guide of the world of kings to get updated gift cords.

Where To Enter Gift Codes?

The code is entered in the System Settings menu (the gear icon is in the lower right corner of the screen) in the main tab, the Gift Code button. Codes are for beginners and can be entered 1 time on 1 account.

If there are several characters on the account, then the code should be selected for one of them. Developers periodically delight their players with Gift Codes, by entering which you can get good game items.

Gift codes can be found on the official website of the game:

Gift Codes:

ADVDRAZ – 300,000 coins, 50 [highlight]diamonds[/highlight], a small bag with gifts.

AEXBUFD – 20 diamonds, 200,000 coins, a box with a gift for a beginner, 10 purchased books.

ABQXHJA – 1 platinum gift, 50 diamonds, 300,000 coins, 1 small bag with fragments.

AGKZGDY – 1 box with a gift for adventure, 1 purchased gift, 200,000 coins, 10 purchased books.

AMJQLJH – 1 medium bag with fragments, 300,000 coins, 50 diamonds.

AGRYFVY – 150,000 coins, 100 diamonds, 10 purchased books.

ACQBCKC – 200,000 coins, 50 diamonds, 1 great gift.

ADPTCBN – 1 epic weapon (randomly dropped), 50 diamonds.

AEEKDMX – 1 large gift box.

AFJQVKU – 200 diamonds.

AJFJZUF – 1 dungeon key, 10 acquired books, 50 diamonds.

AHZGSKG – 200,000 coins, 50 diamonds, a small bag with gifts.

world of kings guide
How to get gift codes in the world of kings?

World of Kings Class Guide

There are 4 races in the game:

  1. Elves
  2. People
  3. Gnomes
  4. Orcs

Races do not affect the characteristics of the characters/heroes. The only thing is that there are 4 main capitals, distributed by race, in which new heroes appear.

The choice of gender affects only the appearance of the hero. The main focus on the characteristics of the developers focused on the classes. There are 9 classes in the World of Kings.

At level 40, all players have the opportunity to choose a profession. Each class has 3 specializations. After choosing a profession, the main parameters of the class are strengthened and new indicators are added and the hero receives additional skills.

Choosing a hero, it is recommended to rely on the future profession, which can radically affect the ability of the hero. For example, a warrior has a profession that allows you to inflict great damage, but at the same time your defense and health will decrease.

Classes and Professions

In this world of kings guide and secrets, we will tell our readers a little about which classes exist and what professions they have. More details about each class can be found below.



Warrior (Warrior) – in other words, all familiar tank. It has a lot of health and protection, but it does little damage. Has to control over opponents. Close combat. Vanguard – has a lot of health and protection. He showed himself well in any group (PvP and PvE).
Guardian (Guardian) – has a lot of health and armor. More for PvE, but also feels good in PvP.
Gladiator – has an increased attack. Good for PvP.
Rogue (Rogue) – a ranged character with a good attack, there is control. It works at the farthest distances from the target, there are massive attacks. Distant battle. Sword Master (Blade Master) – focused more on PvE battle.
Enchanted Blade (Spellblade) – Good in PvE and PvP.
Shadow Dancer – focuses more on PvP battles.
The fighter is a melee class, but unlike the Warrior, it has all the average characteristics. Close combat. Berserker (Berserker) – can control the enemy, a good attack. More suitable for PvP.
Weapon Master – has an increased attack for a melee fighter. Good in both PvE and PvP.
Archon (Archon) – a good helper and doctor. Can pick up fallen comrades. Good in both PvE and PvP.
Wizard is a very powerful attack class but has few lives. They should be put on the backline of the battle. A lot of massive attacks. Distant battle. Fire Wizard (FireFrost Wizard) – the largest number of mass spells. He feels well during the fight in one goal. For PvE.
Ice wizard (Frostwhisper) – there are control skills, can turn into a block of ice. For PvP.
Flaming Singer (Flame Singer) – can impose positive effects on allies. Good in both PvE and PvP.
Mag (Mag) – have massive spells, good attack, and control. But you need to learn how to use them because each branch has its own combination of spells. In order for the spell to deal maximum damage, it is necessary to cast some spells in turn. These guys are already for experienced players. Distant battle. Battlemage is a combination of a warrior and a mage, that is, a ranged fighter with a high attack and at the same time has a lot of protection. Good in both PvE and PvP.
Scientist sorcerer (Arcane Scholar) – attack, control, impose positive skills on the team. Good in both PvE and PvP.
Moderator of crystals (Crystal Shaper) – pure damage + imposes skills to increase damage. For PvE.
Dark Sage (Necromancer) – an interesting class, unexpectedly for the dark side can heal allies. It has good damage and control. Distant battle. Chaos Warlock – oriented to PvP, so it has a good attack and a lot of control.
Necromancer (Necromancer) – oriented to PvP, so it has a good attack and a lot of control.
Vampire (Vampire) – heals itself and allies, has a lot of control over the enemy. For PvP and PvE.
Cleric (Healer) – a support class, has many spells that heal allies and give them protection, increase the characteristics of the team.

They have less damage than other support classes, few mass attacks, but they can restore the health of a warrior in 1 skill. Distant battle.

Bishop (Exarch) – a profession that heals and cripples. Dealing with damage to an enemy can heal allies at the same time. Has to control over opponents. For PvP and PvE.
The Saint is a 100% healer, even after death, remains faithful to duty and for 20 seconds keeps a unit of healing. For PvE.
Carrier of Light (Lightbringer) – has control over opponents, puts his armor and heals them. For PvP and PvE.
Paladin (Paladin) – the class, for the most part, is focused on the attack, but at the same time perfectly raises his health and defense with the help of skills. It has effective mass attacks.

A class for those who like good damage, but be protected. The middle line of the battle.

Templar – Almost all skills for a mass attack. Has the ability to resist control. For PvP and PvE.
Inquisitor (Inquisitor) – can turn into a Deity, increasing the attack. It has control and many mass abilities.For PvP and PvE.
Dragon Rider (Dragon Rider) – 2 skills can cause the Dragon, which also attacks the enemy. Can restore Seba mana and energy. For PvP.
Archer (Archer) – is considered the best doctor in the game, due to massive attacks. It has the largest range and works great as a doctor for ranged fighters. Has a decent attack rate. The farthest battle line. Bard – can beat opponents, can not beat, but heal allies. It has massive healing and damage (on which the healing depends).

Resurrects fallen comrades. For PvP and PvE.

Sharpshooter (Marksman) – puts marks on opponents, on which the team hits harder than usual. Has a high chance of critical damage. For PvP and PvE.
Demon Hunter – A good ranged fighter, all abilities are focused on increasing damage and reducing the cost of casting spells. For PvE.

Which Class to Choose?

Are you familiar with the mechanics of games on a mobile device?

Let’s sort it out in order:

Experienced players: If you are already an experienced player and have been playing such games for a long time, then you better start playing for the character with the technique that is closest to you.

Surely for many years of the game, you have priorities. Only here it is necessary to consider that some classes are not at all the same as in other role-playing toys.

Beginners: If this is your first time to play this game, then you better start with the melee classes. These are the easiest classes to learn.

They are very fat and they will not be killed right away, so you will have time to orient yourself and fend off the blows. The main task of these heroes is to keep opponents on themselves and prevent fragile characters from falling under enemy attacks.

Over time, you should learn to use a control (spells that inflict negative effects on opponents).

Playing for the doctors is a big responsibility because everyone in the squad is waiting for him to receive timely treatment, a block.

If team members die, it’s entirely the doctor’s fault. If you don’t want to take on this responsibility, try playing for another class.

Heroes with a powerful attack: You need to be careful with them. As a rule, these are various kinds of magicians. Playing for them is not very difficult, but these are heroes with a very low health indicator.

Therefore, they must be protected from the main batches and keep them a little apart. Due to the good battle distance, you can beat enemies without coming close to them.

Lukari: These are ambiguous heroes who have many positive aspects. You can even begin to play for them. But they, like magicians, have few lives and are considered ranged fighters.

Do not let them in the mess. They can treat and beat from a great distance.

Which Class is Better?

It is worth noting that in the game all classes are balanced. Each character has its own weaknesses and certain disadvantages. But in general, all classes are interesting and deserve the attention of players.

The outcome of the battle will ultimately be determined by the amount of Combat Power of the hero and the hand of the character (or rather, his brain).

Warriors and healers are those classes that will always be in demand in the game, which will always be needed in a team. In 50% of cases (judging by the conversations of the players in the chat) they will look for the right doctor. 

And in 75% of a straight-armed tank (warrior), which will be able to collect monsters (boss) and keep them so that the monsters do not go to ranged combatants.

How to Change the Class?

Prior to the release of the new update, it was impossible to change the class. I had to download a new character. With the release of the new update, it became possible to change the class. But that was so easy to do. Now everything is in order.

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How to Reset Skills?

The Reset Skill button has appeared in the Skill Upgrade section. By clicking on it you can reset all skills (if the player decided that he made a mistake when pumping abilities).

All resources spent on improving the ability to return to inventory. With their help, you can re-pump skills. But this is for intraclass use only.

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Experienced players quickly orientated themselves and now instead of buying 3 professions of the same class at the same time, they simply started pumping and experimenting with skills. It is inexpensive, but there is a lot of benefit. 

If you have not decided on the choice of a profession at level 40, then you can acquire 3 at the same time, but do not pump skills, and run a little like that. When you decide who you are comfortable playing with, then you can pump one branch of skills.

World of Kings Warrior Guide

Warrior class – has good life indicators, protection has control skills.

It is better to dress the class completely for protection and health. All additional skills and talents should be selected precisely for these parameters.

It is recommended to study talents on health, accuracy (so that damage constantly passes over the enemy, it is important to keep the enemy on yourself and not let him run away).

You can put warriors on the block (the damage will pass minimal or not at all). It is recommended to study or dress (in the additional characteristics of the item) the hero for running speed (if the enemy breaks, you need to have time to run to him).

Class Skills

  1. Normal attack – read instantly. Acts at a distance of 2 meters (or less). Deals 45% damage from attack power and restores a streak of anger.
  2. Strong blow – rollback time 3 seconds. Consumes 30 anger. Deals 32% damage from attack power and 27 points of physical damage to the target, and to everyone who is nearby.
  3. Shield strike – rollback time 6 seconds. The hero uses the shield to deal 276% damage from attack power and 47 points of physical damage to the enemy, interrupting his spell castes.
  4. Earth strike – 40 seconds cooldown. Deals 315% damage from attack power and 56 points of physical damage to the target. In this case, the enemy will be disoriented for 4 seconds. If more than 3 enemies are hit, the cooldown is reduced by 20 seconds.
  5. Trampling into the ground – rollback time – 12 seconds. Deals 150% damage from attack power and 30 points of physical damage to enemies in a radius of 7 meters, draws them to itself and the ground for 10 seconds.
  6. Pounce – rollback time – 20 seconds. Breaks into a crowd of opponents. Removes all restrictions on movement and deals 154% damage from attack power and 21 points of physical damage, stunning the enemy for 2 seconds.
  7. Shield barrier – rollback time 6 seconds. Consumes 60 anger. Imposes a Shield that can absorb 90% of 421% of damage taken. The effect of the barrier does not add up.

1. Vanguard

Sometimes the hero is called the Iron Guard. One of the most popular classes.

Advantages – has high levels of protection and lives, has massive control.

Vanguard Skills:

  1. A terrible roar – a rollback time of 30 seconds. Activated when enemies are within a radius of 8 meters. Deals 105% damage from attack power and 21 Physical damage to enemies, causing them to attack Vanguard.
  2. Blade Barrier – Consumes 200 units of energy. The blades do 88% damage from attack power to all enemies around every second for 12 seconds. Increases the chance to fend off an attack by 50%.
  3. Bloody battle (passive skill) – all damage taken is reduced by 10%. The chance of a counterattack is increased by 10%.

2. Guardian

Advantages – has the highest rate of health and armor. He has the ability to heal himself. One of the most popular classes.

Guardian Skills:

  1. Hammer Throw – Cooldown of 15 seconds. The hero throws a hammer from a distance of 15 meters. Deals 405% damage from attack power and 81 Physical damage to an enemy.
  2. Petrification – the hero turns into a stone statue, increasing armor and resistance by 100%. The effect lasts 12 seconds.
  3. Defensive counterattack (passive skill) – incoming damage reduced by 10%, evasion + 10%. Increases the chance to parry an attack. Damage absorbed by the protective barrier is increased by 25% when the hero parries or dodges.

3. Gladiator

Advantages – has good indicators of protection, health, and parry.

Gladiator Skills:

  1. Blade of Chaos – 30-second cooldown. The distance to the target is 21 meters. Throws a chain with a hook at the enemy, which deals 510% damage from attack power and 102 points of physical damage.
  2. Anger – rollback time 6 seconds. Consumes 60 anger. Deals 126% damage from attack power and 24 Physical damage to all enemies in the area. Increases running speed by 50%.
  3. Mortal Strike – Activated when the opponent’s health is below 20%. A killing blow that deals 610% damage from attack power and 121 physical damage.
  4. Awesome roar – consumes 200 units of energy. Throws fear at enemies within 4 yards for 8 seconds.
  5. Bloody fever – when a Gladiator is hit, he gains 2% of his stats for a few seconds. At this time, opponents do not see him.

World of Kings Fighter Guide

In the world of kings guide and walkthrough, you are going to explore hidden hints/skills about class fighters.

Class Fighter – has all the average indicators.

Here it is necessary to combine several indicators that are more suitable for the specific needs of the player. You can develop a class as an attacker. You can orient him to protection.

Class Skills:

  1. A normal hit is a rollback time of 2 seconds. Deals 45% damage from attack power and restores a streak of anger.
  2. Strong blow – rollback time 6 seconds. Consumes 20 anger. Deals 340% damage from attack power and 40 points of physical damage to the target. Reduces enemy healing by 30%.
  3. Circle Attack – Consumes 20 Wrath. Deals 159% damage from attack power and 24 Physical damage to enemies. Maximum damage inflicted on 6 objects.
  4. Berserker hit – 4.5% rollback time. Deals 270% damage from attack power and 48 points of physical damage to the target.
  5. Blade strike – rollback time 20 seconds. Deals 302% damage from attack power and 60 points of physical damage, increases its damage by 8 seconds.
  6. Leap – rollback time 20 seconds. Impact distance up to 15 meters. There is no control on the Jump Fighter. Landing, the hero deals 146% damage from attack power and 20 points of physical damage to the target.
  7. Mortal Strike – Consumes 20 Wrath. It is activated when the opponent’s health is below 20%. Deals 610% damage from attack power and 121 Physical damage to an enemy.
  8. Boxing – rollback time 12 seconds. Interrupts the target’s spell cast.

1. Archon

Advantages – It has maximum protection and evasion indicators. Imposes positive effects on allies and heals himself and his squad. One of the most popular classes.

Archon Skills:

  1. Scourge – rollback time 1 second. Strikes from a distance of up to 15 meters. Deals 405% attack damage and 81 Physical damage to the target. Stuns the enemy for 5 seconds.
  2. Crane wing – rollback time 12 seconds. Deals 305% of attack power and 38 Physical damage to an enemy.
  3. Throw Shield – Deals 160% damage from attack power and 26 Physical damage to an opponent. If the enemy has few lives, then the enemy deals 911% damage from attack power and 114 points of physical damage at a distance of 15 meters.
  4. The first hit is a 40-second cooldown. Throws an ax at an enemy, inflicting 352% damage from attack power and 60 points of physical damage, puts a mark on the target. Damage to a target with a mark for the entire unit increases by 135%.
  5. Fighting banner – rollback time of 20 seconds. Consumes 20 anger. Places a banner that raises attack power to allies by 39% in a radius of 5 meters.
  6. Circular charge – the hero jumps to the target, causing 405% damage from attack power and 81 points of physical damage. Stuns the enemy for 5 seconds.
  7. Exciting wave – the hero screams and cries inspires the allies, increasing the health reserve of the entire detachment, restoring life, all the time, for several seconds.
  8. War Horn – Consumes 200 Energy. Imposes a positive effect on oneself, which increases running speed and attack power by 35%.
  9. Immortal – the skill is activated when one of the allies dies. The hero resurrects the dead and restores him 35% health.

2. Weapon Master

Advantages – has good attack indicators.

Weapon Master skills:

  1. Concentration – consumes 20 anger. Deals 216% damage from attack power and 38 Physical damage to an enemy. There is a chance to increase the attack by 15% for 2 seconds.
  2. Split – rollback time of 20 seconds. Deals 302% damage from attack power and 60 points of physical damage. Increases damage for 8 seconds.
  3. Dance of Death – 6-meter attack radius. Deals 469% damage from attack power and 65 points of physical damage to all enemies in the area of ​​effect.
  4. Steel whirlwind – consumes 200 energy. Attacks target 12 times in 6 seconds. Deals 240% attack damage per hit.
  5. Master of tactics (passive skill) – increases the chance to fend off an attack. Every time a hero spends 20 anger, there is a chance to reduce skill reload by 1 second.

3. Berserker

Advantages – has the highest attack and evasion rates. One of the most popular classes.

Berserker Skills:

  1. Wolf bite – rollback time 3 seconds. Attacks with 2 axes, which deal 220% damage from attack power and 25 points of physical damage, slows the target for 10 seconds. Critical attack chance + 15%, the effect stacks up to 6 times until critical damage passes.
  2. Harvest – consumes 80 anger. It beats several times, dealing 528% damage from attack power and 105 points of physical damage.
  3. The roar of anger – creates a wave with a radius of 5 meters. Deals 229% damage from attack power and 31 points of physical damage. Attacks up to 10 targets and knocks them down for 1 second.
  4. Landslide – consumes 200 energy. Deals 766% damage from attack power and stuns up to 12 enemies for 3 seconds.
  5. Bloody Steel (Passive) – Reduces your armor by 10%, but significantly increases your attack.

World of Kings Rogue Guide

The Rogue class (Assassin) – has the highest dodge and attack indicators, uses 2 blades in battle.

It is recommended that you dress and pump the class fully for attack and evasion. Talents are best learned to attack, to reduce the time spells cast, to evade.

Class Skills:

  1. Normal attack – deals 45% damage from attack power on the target.
  2. Accurate punch – consumes 40 energy. Deals 270% damage from attack power and 32 Physical damage. When using this skill in invisibility, there is a chance to deal 50% more damage.
  3. Penetration Kick – Consumes 1 killer point. Deals 138% damage from attack power and 21 points of physical damage to the target. You can use up to 5 killer points.
  4. Cursed sword – rollback time 20 seconds. Consumes 1 killer point. Deals 101% damage from attack power and 18% physical damage to the target.
  5. Phantom dance with a sword – consumes 35 energy. The hero throws daggers, dealing 136% damage from attack power and 27 points of physical damage to the enemy.
  6. Invisibility – rollback time 40 seconds. The hero goes into invisibility, while increasing his speed by 10%. The ability lasts 60 seconds.
  7. Unity with the shadow – rollback time 40 seconds. The skill is activated after entering invisibility. The hero moves behind the target, stuns it for 1 second.
    • At the same time, it inflicts 324% damage from attack power and 64 units of physical damage to the enemy, causing bleeding on the target.

1. Blade Master

Advantages – has maximum attack and evasion rates.

Skills of the Sword Master:

  1. New Moon – consumes 55 energy. The hero beats with 2 swords, dealing 278% damage from attack power and 33 points of physical damage. The character gets 2 killer points.
  2. Phantom Strike – 20 second cool-down. Consumes 1 killer point. Deals 110% Physical Attack Damage and 19 Physical Damage. Stuns the enemy for 1 second. Causes the enemy to bleed.
  3. Poisonous soul – rollback time of 1.5 seconds. The skill is activated when the hero’s health drops below 60%. Increases dodge chance by 150%. Increases resistance to negative effects and increases speed by 35%.
  4. Sneaky blow – consumes 200 energy. Attacks 9 times in 4.5 seconds. Each attack deals 120% damage from attack power. The hero is immune to control effects during a strike.
  5. Smoke bomb – works if the hero’s health is below 50%. Blows up a smoke bomb to confuse opponents. Smoke lasts 5 seconds. The hero completely leaves the battle, removing all goals from himself. Increases attack speed and running speed.
  6. First class (passive skill) – increases the strip of combat energy by 120%, and the hero gets an additional chance to fend off the attack. Each attack has a 10% chance of inflicting 1036 Physical damage to the target.

2. Shadow Dancer

Advantages – It has the same indicators as the Enchanted Blade, but has less control.

Shadow Dancer Skills:

  1. Deadly Throw – Consumes 35 Energy. Deals 105% damage from attack power and 21 points of physical damage to 6 enemies within 4 meters. Restores 1 killer point, 6 units of energy. Invisibility Damage + 200%.
  2. Shadow Kill – Consumes 5 killer points. Attacks the enemy, dealing 114% damage from attack power and 15 points of physical damage.
  3. Night wanderer – consumes 200 energy. Resets all cool-downs of skills. The next hit will not consume energy points.
  4. Shadow Strength (Passive) – With normal attacks and kills, energy is restored faster.

World of Kings Book Guide

In this World of Kings guide and secrets, you are going to discover book coordinates.

Books are in the Collection – Book menu. Books are in the Journal tab & open on quests. Of the remaining tabs, books are scattered across all locations.

Books can be found by coordinates. Some books fall out of Dungeons (with a low probability). There are books that are not yet open territories (in future updates, developers will expand the world).

How to Use The Table?

If you need a specific book from any tab. You should go to the table below (it contains all the coordinates of the folios). Then you need to find the name of the tab.

Then you need to open the location map in the game, click on the search (magnifying glass icon), drive in the coordinates and press Go.

The hero himself will reach the necessary place. The collected book is automatically displayed in the collection.

Book Locations

Tab – The Skies (sky)

Title of the book Coordinates
Hero’s Song. 1833 – 1801.
Fallen Knight’s Song (Song of the Fallen Knight). 1217 – 2717.
TBD Quest.
The Ancient War. Quest.
Starlight to You. Quest. 1826 – 1607
Frozen Tears (Frozen Tears). 1141 – 3448.
Lonely Travels 1244 – 1352.
Love and Peace. 1586 – 1850.

Tab – Anecdote

Title of the book Coordinates
The Legendary Mage. Quest.
Dragon’s Soul. After completing a specific task.
Sword of the Plains (Sword of the Plains). 1799 – 1677.
The Radiant Path. 1357 – 2194.
King’s Son. To be in a non-open location.
Wind’s Song. To be in a non-open location.
Inventor’s Tale (inventor’s tale). To be in a non-open location.
Legend of Thunder (legend of thunder). Quest. The area of ​​the central swamp (1042 – 2242).
Life and the Light. To be in a non-open location.

Tab – Fantastic

Title of the book Coordinates
Dreams-cape (Fantastic landscape). 1057 – 757.
Shadow Life. 1433 – 1431.
An-jinn 883 – 1803.
TBD Dungeon Drop – Falls in the dungeons.
The Talking Pig. 1128 – 2199.
SN600 1486 – 2908.
Flower Girl (flower girl). 1563 – 1639.
Dreamland Defender. 1497 – 3149 – In the tower.
The Rose of the Capital (Pink Capital). 1876 ​​- 1623.
Orphan of the Capital (capital of Loneliness). 1478-2744.

Tab – History

Title of the book Coordinates
The Twilight Canon (Twilight Law). Quest.
Red stone’s Fall. Awarded for completing the Twilight Dungeon.
The Cold Moon. 1826 – 1623.
Black tide (black tide). 1519 – 3251.
Journey to Fog Village (travel to the village of Fog). 820 – 2424.
TBD Quest.

Tab – Surviving Scrolls

Title of the book Coordinates
The Origin of Fate. 1866 – 1593.
Uprising (rebellion). 891 – 2736.
World of Kings. Quest.
Dragon bloodline (Dragon bloodline). Quest.
Darkness Attacks (Dark Attack). Quest.
Dawn has Come. Quest.
World of Chaos. 755 – 2855.
The King’s Order (order of the king). 1163 – 3196. The book in the inventory displays “Wizard of Legend: Chap 8” – “Legendary Wizard: Chapter 8” (it can also be obtained in the Ancient Fire-forge from elite monsters).
A New Journey. 1467 – 2621. You should talk to the statue.
Drastic Changes (extension dimension). Quest.
Winter is Coming (winter is approaching). Quest.
Dance of Black Dragons (Dance of the Black Dragons). Quest.
Twist of Fate (Irony of Fate). Quest.
New Discovery Quest.
The Final Battle (final battle). Quest.
Sudden Inspiration Quest.
Dragon Forest Dream Quest.
Ritual of Awakening (Awakening Ritual). To be in a non-open location.
Unresolved secrets 728 – 3054. The coordinates of the Black Castle. You should use the stairs and climb to the top floor. Next you need to go into the room. Here the player should receive instructions (secret path). You should stand near the lamp with fire.
Traveling Back in Time. Quest.
Journey Again. Quest.

To get scrolls, you first need to talk with zoologist Connors. Then you need to pay him 5 thousand crowns. Then talk to Kat (next to him).

Next, you need to find a turtle and talk to her. Then you should carefully read all the world of kings guide and hints and follow the “hidden secret” task.


Locations Coordinates
The Dawn Glades (Blooming Glade). 1571 – 2172.
1414 – 2227.
1673 – 2264.
Iron Plain 1459 – 1917.
1548 – 1613.
1691 – 1589.
1738 – 1761 – You should wait until the ship approaches (not the wedding ship). It is necessary to sit on it, wait until the passenger – bot appears. When the ship returns to port, you should talk with this passenger.
Dark-wood 1179.1366
Sunset Wild. 909 – 999.
1129 – 1675.
929 – 1831.
Swamp of Mist (Fog in the Swamp). 1005 – 2259.
756 – 2396.
1138 – 2161.
Boreas Iceland. 1403-2750. 1117-2890

. 1232-2630

Dusk Highland (Twilight Highlands). 1424 – 2921.
1468 – 2990.
Winter Snow-land (winter in Snow-land). 1198 – 3554.
1088 – 3159.
943 – 3215.
Frost Hill (Frozen Hill). 754 – 2856.
749 – 2955.
649 – 2727.

To manually enter the coordinates, open the mini-map and click on the search icon in the lower right corner.

How to raise BM (Combat Power)?

  1. Body kit (equipment, weapons, artifacts) – items give the most BM. Equipment can be obtained from Dungeons, from bosses. You can buy in the game store or for real money. Sometimes equipment is given as a reward for completing a mission. The higher the level of adventure, the cooler items fall out of it.
  2. Legendary weapon – players get it for free after completing a mission at level 60. A choice of 2 to 3 weapons per profession. They are not much different, so it is recommended to choose the one on which the running speed is increased. To raise the level of weapons, you need shards. They fall from World quests. 5 unnecessary shards can be exchanged for 1 necessary. You can buy for 1000 gold.
  3. Skills – you need to pump their level. Up to level 4 they are easy to pump. And from 5 and above you have to spend money (the necessary shards can only be bought at auction).
  4. Mastery is a separate passive skill that is given to the hero class. It works very often. It sways with books that you can buy at the guild’s store or get a reward for the quest.
  5. Talents – many of them give an increase to BM, as they directly increase the characteristics of the hero. Swing in accordance with their class. If a player cannot navigate in talents, you can go into the rating of players of a certain class and look at the TOP players.
  6. Dragon Force – Unlocks after level 60 of a character. It is pumped with the help of experience (it comes from all activities that give the character an ordinary experience). For each level of Dragon Power give 1 point to the characteristics. 1 point = 1 BM.
  7. Titles – give them for many missions, for achievements and much more. Legendary can be bought at the store for real money. All of them give different characteristics and a different amount of BM.
  8. Costumes are clothing for appearance (as other players will see the hero, not to be confused with combat gear). Costumes give a small increase to the characteristics. They can be collected. The more costumes the hero has, the greater the increase in BM.
  9. Pets – given for the passage of the Underground, for temporary events (events), you can get it from the chests. Pets vary in rarity. The steeper the little animal, the more BM.
  10. Artifacts – open as you progress. Ideally, they are recommended to pump them all. They are pumped using the energy that is needed on the PVP island. Artifacts give a lot of useful characteristics, including an increase in BM.
  11. Reforging is an Artifact mode that allows a player with a negligible chance to forge the necessary parameters. There are 2 passive skills and 3 talent bonuses to choose from. These skills have a level (1 to 15). Ideally, a player needs to forge 1 desired skill and a bonus to the desired talent (level 15 hairstyle).
  12. Stones – each item in the equipment has 3 slots for stones. They increase the characteristics, respectively BM.
  13. Cleansing – when the player chooses things at level 60, he may notice that they have letters from C to SSS. It looks like a grade of stuff. Using the Force Stone, the player can increase the grade of the item, thereby increasing the characteristics and BM.
  14. Sharpening – after choosing a profession, the player will be able to make sharpening scrolls. Different professions can make different scrolls for different pieces of equipment. Sharpening increases the parameters of things and BM.
  15. Mounted animals – the same principle works here as with Costumes. The more horses, the higher the BM.
  16. Books – give an increase to the characteristics. They are scattered around the world of the game (the coordinates of the books are written above). There are currently 47 books. In total, a good increase in BM is obtained.
  17. Landscapes – you need to fly around the world, talk with people (bots, NPS) with yellow bubbles above your head. They will show a piece of location. It works the same as with books. It is recommended to collect all parts of the world and get a good increase in BM.
  18. Arena Rank – Fighting in the Arena or PvP Island, the player can increase the rank. It improves performance for PvP and BM.

How to Sell Gear?

This can be done in the inventory, the button of which is located on the right side in the center of the screen. Icon in the form of a backpack. So you need to go into the Parcel, then select a thing or several things and click on the “Sell” button.

If the item is on a hero, it must first be removed. To do this, click on a thing, select the Unload button, and then sell it. In the same way, you can clean your inventory.

After the Auction becomes available & you can put an item at a more suitable price.

How to Remove the Auto Aim?

The most interesting thing is that many beautiful little animals on the map can not be attacked. They are not active. In the game, you can attack monsters only in the Dungeons.

Therefore, the mechanics of the game does not provide for the option of “auto target”. He is not there. Players have to do everything manually.

At first, the enemy stands out, then it can be fixed (if necessary), but the hero will not automatically run down monsters.

How to Remove a Character (Hero)?

No way. You can create a lot of accounts, you can score an account with the heroes to the limit, but it is not possible to remove the hero – the game does not have such a function. Maybe, over time, the developers will introduce such an opportunity, but so far it is not available.

Final Verdict

In this world of kings guide and walkthrough you can easily explore the complete world of kings game secrets, hints and tips about how to play? how to get quest? and much more.


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