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Pirate tales guide to get the free gold, silver & chest for Android/iOS:

We should get back to the pirates time and start moving beyond the pirate revolt and by means of the worry that you will start getting numerous stories of corsairs in your contraption.  You can play them through amazingly action RPG for pleasure.

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Pirate tales is offered and delivered by Crazy panda Limited.

Overview of pirate tales:

This is about pirate stories, entertainment, and battle for treasure, described in pirate tales guide. It is full of action.

Pirate Tales Guide

Pirate tales guide is for both Android and IOS devices in which you will begin to be the captain of your corsair ship. You can send and go into battles and fights to be the most fearsome corsair ever.

How to play pirate tales?

You will begin to lead your group to triumph and better places where there are numerous fortunes hidden. Prepare yourself to be the most powerful pirate and let you sail the seven seas.

Latest pirate tales guide & tips:

We provide 100% working and beneficial pirate tales guide and tips on apkguides for newbie and pro players.

Pirate tales guide tips:

Pirate Tales Guide and Cheats

Be the captain:

By playing the game pirate tales, you will be the captain of your ship and start to select the boat group. Start to accumulating particular legends and undoubtedly understood characters such as Davy Jones, Francis Drake, dull stubble, Columbus and several other sea holy people and characters.

Exceptional powers of each character:

Each character will have its exceptional limits and as it plays the delight it will have the ability to know session plus fictions them. As you play the game you can use traps corsair stories that influence you to get ready to get most of the characters. By following our pirate tales guide get updates of your characters and you will begin to acquire powers to your characters through overhauling them.

How to improve in pirate tales?

When you play the game and follow our pirate tales guide then you will have the possibility to configure the updates for your heroes. Collection of heroes, crew and the ship will make you more powerful. When you play the game you will be able to get upgradations for your characters, crew, and ships. All that help you to improve in the game pirate tales. You are prepared to fight through different battles.

Look for discovering the world:

Like a pirate with the help of pirate tales guide, you will begin to search the world and navigate to better places far and wide. Find new people and treasures and get many rewards. You will fight against different battles so you will have the ability to obtain many benefits, rewards and much more. When you discover new spaces in the game you will have the possibility to save the best places to hit them again and trade through your business segments.

Catch the errant Dutchman:

Should never have been the head of the unfathomable Dutch wanderer? All thought of you as you can start the bag and start finding and catching the boat to be your captain. You will have the ability to travel the oceans without stops and start to take advantage of your compulsive force against all others.

By using stories of cheats corsairs you will have the possibility to know your place and capture and the value of redirecting with the constant ship at any time set aside a few minutes.

Challenge other captains:

Pirate tales guide will give you tips to get benefits over other captains. You will have the possibility to start challenging distinctive commanders and start fighting against them. The winner will take other cargo booties, watercraft and will also take each of the landscapes through the concern and the extent to which you play. You can fight against your colleagues and various players around the world or you can make a union with them and help others through different oceans around the world.

Feed your pirate:

Make your pirate more powerful. When you start the game you have limited power. So, our pirate tales guide will help you to upgrade your characters, get more power and overcome all levels.

Pirate tales guide: Tips and tricks

Pirate Tales Guide and Hints

Take part in adventures:

Take part in adventures although they are time taking but give you rewards. When you complete adventures you will get nifty rewards which include building supplies, treasure chests and more.

Upgrade your ship:

At the start of the game, the schooner is your starting ship which has only two rooms. They can help you a lot when you invest some upgrades.

Captains cabins increase  BP which you earn from battle and the Orlop increase the health of your heroes. So you have to upgrade them as much as possible.

Pirate tales guide strategy:

Pirate Tales Guide and Strategies

Use tactics wisely:

You should use tactics wisely and in the long run because tactics can change the battle dramatically. Pirate tales is an innovative combination of large-scale strategies with real-time combat tactics. Use smart tactical maneuvers, fight against enemies and also attack other players in real time.

Increase your power with runes and crystals. Gather a team and fight side by side with your clan members.

Watch out for free attacks:

When your hero defeats an enemy, you will get a chance to attack the next enemy for free. This attack does not have a starting time. So keep in mind when you defeat your enemy you will get a chance for free attack.

Final verdict:

Pirate tales guide tell you about how to get success in the game pirate tales. Defeat your enemy with great tactics and get more chance to attack other enemies.

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