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Game of thrones conquest guide:

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Game of thrones conquest is offered and developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

Game of thrones conquest guide, tips, and tricks

Welcome to the 100% legit GOTC guide and tricks.

Overview of the game of thrones conquest

In the game of thrones conquest guide, you will get information about hidden facts of the game.

– Become the lord of Westeros: create your great house, invent your own coat of arms and join the battle for the crown.

– Capture more than 120 famous thrones, including Winterfell, Black Castle, Dragon Stone, and Royal Harbor.

– Survive in the face of brutal political confrontation with the help of a unique system of alliances. It will help you realize your dream to conquer the Iron Throne and win the great war for power.

– Lead your home to prosperity and expand your tenure to increase your political influence.

– Build up military power by reading our game of thrones conquest guide, challenge hostile lords and conquer famous thrones.

– Protect your fortresses, because each throne provides you with military and economic advantages.

-Joint new lands to your possessions, fight enemies and spread your influence.

-Make an innovative social system: recruit standard-bearers, fight side by side with your allies and realize your dream of dominion over the Seven Kingdoms

What are the7 kingdoms of Game of Thrones?
What are the7 kingdoms of Game of Thrones?

-The Iron Throne is waiting! In the changing world of politics, you are free to change allies and win their favor by tricks or loyalty.

-Collect your own small advice and offer your loyal allies titles such as the king’s right hand or the master of the coin.

Game of thrones conquest guide: Tips and hints

 What buildings to build in a game of thrones conquest?

 In the game of thrones conquest guide, we tell you that it is very important to have food and wood always available.

So we recommend that you improve both the farms and the sawmills, and for this, the best thing is to do the missions that we see on the list to improve these constructions.

 When construct buildings, we will need a multitude of resources, so have your troops pick up food and other resources.

When we see the option to pick them up on the Map, then choose August clothes and send them there.

Join other game of thrones conquest players

 In the game, you can form alliances with other players.  and just for the simple fact of joining, we will get gold in return.

It will also help us to ask for help when we need it or also logically go to help when our allies are in trouble.

  How to attack in a game of thrones conquest?

 Get tricks about how to attack by reading game of throns conquest guide.

At the beginning of the game, we have a shield that will prevent us from being attacked for a period of time while we get used to the operation of the game.

Therefore do not attack any other kingdom because in that case, you will lose the protection of this shield which will mean that they attack you without any doubt and you lose your resources.

Learn the function of each of your units to be more effective in combat. So the infantry is very good in defense, while the cavalry is very good at attacking.


Then there are the remote attack units that are very fragile but can do a lot of damage.

Remember that before attacking an enemy kingdom you can observe its constructions and decide whether to attack or not. 

Game of thrones conquest strategies

 Fulfill Basic needs

From the beginning of the game, you must be attentive to the needs of your people and your troops so as not to encounter an unexpected rebellion.

You need to provide a constant supply of food and timber to keep the population and troops strong and active, not to mention the other basic amenities you need to offer.

Around your base, you have areas of the land where you must build farms, sawmills, shops and medical areas. At the beginning it creates several farms and sawmills, they are fundamental.


Once you have built farms, medical areas, stables or sawmills, you have to focus on creating soldiers. To do this, access the rudder icon in the area to the right of the screen to train your troops and leave them all active so they can multiply.

You will get new units to unlock, more traps and advantages.

Just follow the game of thrones conquest guide. Try to have a great variety of weapons and soldiers at your disposal.

Build a Maester tower on level 3

As soon as you have level 3 you can build the Maester tower that will open a multitude of new options for your troops.

At first, you can only order your troops to attack a point on the map, but by unlocking this tower you multiply the options. In this building, you will also be able to create new economic policies and improve your troops.

Firstly improve your strength

You will improve your strength with the game of throne conquest guide. It is possible to improve your strength in the first hour of departure if you are fast and efficient.

The only peculiarity is that the program only lets you improve one element at the same time, so you must always have clear what to improve every minute.

You have special objects to spend less time to build buildings and improving troops, and you can get free at certain times.

Let the troops work

When they have reached a good rhythm of training then use the troops to discover new areas of the map that can provide resources.

You must be quick before other users get ahead of you.

It is not recommended that you go to attack other users in the first hours of the game.

At the start, they will easily end your troops, but you can find level 1 or 2 enemies that are close on the map to finish them.

Get rewards and increase the level of your soldiers.

Of course, do not forget to always leave a handful of allies and troops in your base to avoid exposing yourself to the attack of other enemies or players during this process.

Game of thrones conquest secrets

Read full game of thrones guide to win gold in the game.

Get unlimited free gold coins

Do not miss the daily logins:

Game of thrones conquest has daily login rewards. Follow our game of thrones conquest guide to get unlimited free rewards.

When you log in to the game for the first time on a new day, you will receive a nice gift.

It’s usually a resource or something, but it all helps, right?

If you manage to log into the game every day at least once a week, the game will reward you with gold.

However, be careful: daily logins should be consecutive and you can not miss a day.

If you lose a day, your log-in streak will be reset to day 1, so try to make it a habit to open the game at least once a day.

Join an alliance

In the game of thrones conquest guide, you will get tips to get free gold. As soon as you have the option to join an alliance, anyone will do it. Do not worry, you will not have to stay if you do not want to. The main point is that you automatically earn a whopping 200 dollars to join your first loyalty.

Use gold wisely

You can do a lot with that gold and considering how easy it is to get it. With the game of thrones conquest guide, you should take advantage of that opportunity as fast as you can!

Of course, we strongly recommend finding a populated loyalty, as your fellow members of the alliance can come to your aid at the time of the crisis.

Investigate gold prospecting

This updated game of thrones conquest guide tells you that in the Maester Tower, there is a specific research project in the Economy tab that helps you with gold.

Once you have reached a high enough level, the mines in your realm will be available and you will be able to extract precious minerals.

Gold mines

Get unlimited gold in the mine by reading game of thrones conquest guide.

Occasionally, you may also find gold in the mines, but your miners collect it at a much slower rate than ordinary iron.

Gold Prospecting research allows you to accelerate this process, granting you more gold in the long term.

This research project is in the middle of the tree, and there is even an improved version at the end of the tree.

FAQS of the game of thrones conquest

Can you play a game of thrones conquest on PC?

Yes. You can play a game of thrones conquest on a PC or laptop. Just download it and install on your PC or laptop.

When did a game of thrones conquest come out?

Game of thrones conquest come out on 19 October and developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises.

 When did Aegon conquer Westeros?

Aegon conquers the sixth kingdom and builds the Iron Throne. Aegon conquered most of the Westeros.

How to get dragon lore in the game of thrones conquest?

Dragon lore is extremely scared and you need it much to level up your pet. You can get it by completing daily quests. You will get a list of tasks to do.

When you finish all tasks you will reward by chests which includes many items such as dragon lore.

How to get bricks in the game of thrones conquest?

Bricks are rare materials and you need it to construct your buildings. You can get bricks with your gold coins or by event participation. You can also purchase it from real money if you want.

How to get steel in the game of thrones conquest?

Steel is advanced resources of the game. You can get it by event participation or by gathering resources in rich amount.

Final verdict:

Connect with key characters and capture the famous castles from the cult television series from HBO.

By reading our full game of thrones conquest guide, defeat your enemies with a unique system of alliances.

Recruit friends as standard-bearers and spread your influence, approaching the cherished goal – the Iron Throne.

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